A Prayer to the Magdalene

Prayer to the Magdalene

Portrait of the Magdalene by Dana Lumby
Portrait of the Magdalene by Dana Lumby

Mary, called Magdalene,

Great Tower of Faith,

Beloved of Christ:

We humbly come before you in search of your intercession.

We ask for your eyes that we may see,

Your ears that we may hear,

Your wisdom that we may know,

Your heart that we may love,

Your feet that we may walk the pathways of truth,

Your hands that we may serve.

Grant us this request-

That we, like you may become fully self-actualized,

Realizing the fulfillment of our Soul’s purpose in this life:

To know love.

To be love.

To serve on behalf of love;

And if it be ordained as such,

That we serve this love, as you did,

In the company of our Beloved.

We ask this in your name

And in the name of your own Beloved,

Jesus, the Christ.


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