Lauri’s clients have said the following about her programs and services:

My wife Shannon and I have been working with Lauri for the past several years.  We have been taking her classes as well as taking individual sessions with her.  With Lauri’s help, Shannon and I have learned who we truly are.  Lauri has helped us uncover wounds that we covered up without ever healing.  These wounds, we’ve found, were holding us back from living to our fullest, and once we realized we were still carrying them around, we were able to heal and move on, or continue to understand ourselves more fully.  When we came to grips with understanding our true nature, our gifts were made stronger.  This created and overflow of gratefulness and confidence in our abilities, which in turn led us both to opening our own businesses.  Both businesses have become extremely successful, and we now live in our dream home, have lots of family time, and love what we do.  We don’t have jobs, we’ve created a career, and a life that gives life to others.  Thank you Lauri!  In fact, Lauri may not realize it, but because she followed her heart, we followed ours, and hundreds if not thousands of lives have been changed by our businesses.  She is a blessing to us and is blessed herself.  We would HIGHLY recommend that anyone wanting to find peace, and find their true nature seek Lauri’s guidance.
Derek and Shannon Toshner, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Lauri helped to free me from past shame and gave me the courage to step out of some of my fears.                                       

PM  Oshkosh

Lauri  helped me heal my image of the Divine. She helped me see that God is good and loving all the time and that this universe is safe. She gave me tools to explore God on my own. 

She offered many opportunities to cultivate clarity in making difficult decisions.  She helped me really ,really ,really understand that MY TRUTH sets me free and that this truth guides me to the decisions that are in my best  and  highest good. 

LS  Oshkosh

I had been to counselors on and off for 10 years and Lauri hit the bulls eye during our first session; after our second session, the grief that plagued me for over 10 years was gone, as it was my soul that needed recognition and healing – prior counselors only addressed the “mind”; Lauri helped me holistically.  As a result, I am me again.  I am whole, and I embrace life.    

                                                KU  Oshkosh

Lauri helped me to trust the voice of God within me.                                                    

MA, Ontario

Lauri has helped me realize that I am loved and not alone.

Lauri has helped me realize that I do have a “higher power” who cares about me and who is there for me.

Lauri has helped me realize that my feelings are real and deserve validation.

Lauri has taught me that I have a “truth”, and that I owe it to myself to find my “truth” and to live my “truth”.

TA Oshkosh


Lauri helped me bring balance and awareness into my life.                        

RD,  Turkey

My spiritual vision improved through my contacts with Lauri. 

MM  Oshkosh

I have had the pleasure of attending all of Lauri’s classes as well as receiving personal spiritual direction/counseling.  Her ability to actively listen, assist you in plumbing the depths of your own heart and mine the gold that is deep inside of you allows you to find your own path to healing.  Lauri doesn’t tell you how to feel or think, but allows you to savor your own truth!

Linda S.  Oshkosh


“Authentic Freedom helps me everyday to overcome my fears and doubts and to move forward.  Lauri is wonderful at helping me think through my insecurities.  I do things more now from my own intuition rather than what “everyone else” does or tells me to do.   I am more at peace because I have less struggle with the ego and know that the Divine is always there to take care of me.  I just need to listen.”

Debbie S.  Neenah


 “I am so thankful to Lauri for allowing me the time and space to open my mind and heart to the truths of this life.  Her classes and open meditation time make me a better person.”

Janet S.  Oshkosh 

Lauri’s knowledge of scripture and her facilitation techniques have provided me a space to achieve a greater and more profound personal understanding and connection with scripture.

CS  Oshkosh

I was in a point in my life where I was at a cross roads. I had an idea of what to do but still questioned the answer and myself, Lauri helped me to find clarity and make an effective decision.

MS  Oshkosh

Lauri affirmed for me that her spiritual direction is nondenominational, compassionate, and life-giving.

CD  Neenah

With Lauri’s insightful guidance, I was able to understand my motivations better, and work towards replacing old, habitual and destructive thoughts and behaviors with new, life-giving ones that better revealed my authentic nature.

MS  Fond du Lac

“In The Spirit, Lauri guided me to my authentic freedom.”

SM Oshkosh

Lauri’s gentle and direct guidance helps me sort through my own thoughts, feelings and beliefs and make sense of life’s challenges and issues…and she makes me laugh.

MH  Oshkosh

Lauri was my guiding light through some very trying personal losses.

PG  Oshkosh

Lauri has helped me learn how to face my fears head on and work through them to find freedom.

DS  Neenah

I have searched for years and years for a prophet or guru or someone to show me the way, but I have never found that person.  I’ve met lots of charlatans along the way and never cease to be amazed at the number of followers they have.
What I have found though is Lauri’s website and the teachings have shown me that I don’t need to follow anyone, everything I need is within me. 

MH  United Kingdom


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