Support for Your Spiritual Practice

WOW…..I finally figured out how to make samples of my weekly subscription newsletter more accessible.  So……here is a sample of a recently released issue of Agape’ News.  If you are looking for support in your spiritual practice, subscribe today!    Now…here is a sample:

Into the Arms of the Beloved

Love, relationships, desire, passion….all things that drive the human experience.  How do we stay grounded in wholeness and not get thrown out into the ethers as we try to cultivate healthy, intimate, loving relationships?  I certainly don’t have the answers….but I do know of a spiritual practice that does help us in our quest for … Read moreInto the Arms of the Beloved

YHWH had a Wife

I had to come out of hiatus to share this fantastic article on Asherah, the Divine wife, consort of YHWH, and worshiped along side Him as the feminine aspect of the Divine.  Read on: Comments? Lauri Lumby Authentic Freedom Ministries

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