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Word Play/Word Pray

Today’s blog explores the way in which individual words can serve as a source of insight, wisdom, healing, comfort and support and offers a specific meditation/prayer practice using words as the tool.

Word Play

The other day as I was looking for an answer to a specific life-path quandary, I turned to a deck of inspirational cards that I own that focuses on specific words.  The cards are intended to provide a source of focus, reflection and meditation and for me, the word that “showed up” was a surprise.  The word was tending.  Tending?  What the heck does that mean?  Since I didn’t receive an answer right away, I decided to apply a writer’s tool to this word.  I put my pen to paper, and just starting writing about “tending.”  I was shocked and amazed at what came through and it definitely provided for me a greater sense of direction – the thing I had been looking for.  Below, you will find the results of my writing exercise.  But before I bore you with my own drivel, I will invite you to enter into your own Word Play/Word Pray

Word Pray

1) Choose an Action Word.  (Here’s a list to get you started):  Standing  Holding  Energizing  Co-Creating Nurturing Inhabiting Changing Connecting Creating Engaging Focusing Keeping Learning Loving Listening Opening Optimizing Playing Reflecting Releasing Seeing Serving Sharing Tending Waiting Opening Allowing

2) Write to or about the word. Put your pen to paper and just start writing.  Don’t stop writing.  Don’t censor.  Just write write write about the word until there is nothing left to write.

3) Read and Reflect Read what you wrote.  What new insights might have surfaced?  What is this word now saying to you?  How are you being invited to respond?

Now for the drivel:


Tending my soul.  Tending myself.  Attentive focus on ME!  BE HERE NOW.  What do I need?  What does my heart want?  Are my feet planted firmly on the ground?  Can I feel the earth beneath my feet?

Tending.  Tending me.  Preparing the soil.  What do I need to feel safe and secure?  What is it that allows me to breathe?  Some sunshine and water.  Something for nourishment.  Seeds planted. taking root, germinating, growing.  bearing fruit.  A fence to keep out the weeds and the pests.

Tending me with music, melodies, vibrations and sounds that grab my heart.  Songs of praise.  Chants of devotion.  Compositions that confront, challenge, wring us dry, leave us breathless, inspire movement and change.  Arias that make me weep.

Tending me.  Paper and pen.  Lots of paper, bound in leather.  Indigo ink ONLY.  Soul friends with which to share my life, my hopes, dreams, tragedies and triumphs.  And to share theirs in return.

Tending me.  To teach.  To share.  To encourage.  To support.  To love with understanding and compassion.  To allow. To forgive.  Honoring when “yes means yes” and “no means no.”  Allowing myself to be loved, to be held, to be comforted, to be listened to and to be heard.  To be supported.  To be treated with kindness and honored with fidelity.  To be adored and respected and understood.  To be loved for WHO I AM.

Tending me.  Quiet.  Quiet so I can hear.  Quiet so I can see.  Quiet so I can take the time to feel.  Quiet to make sense of it all.  Quiet so I can breathe.

Tending.  Tend.  Tender.  Tenderness.  Tenderly.  Tendency. Attend.  Attending.  Attendance.  Attentive.  Attentiveness.  Attention.  Intention.  Intentional.  Intend.  Intending.  Intended.

Now it’s your turn!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Listening to our Soul

Within each of us resides the voice of truth…the voice of “God,” the voice of the “Higher Self,” whatever you want to call it.  It is the voice that leads us to our truth, our destiny, to expansiveness and love.  It is the Voice of the Soul

Switching Gears

I has been a busy week at the Lumby house.  Clients.  Preparation for the January birth.  And, my kids have been here for 8 straight days, going on 11 as their father enjoys a week of retreat after a busy art season.  (Their father is a really talented artist…check out his site:  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being busy, making preparations and I especially love soaking up the presence of my children (even when they are fighting over the lamp that is causing a glare in Wil’s tv vision. )   And, I suddenly realized this morning that my Extrovert is spent and my inner Introvert is SCREAMING for attention, nurturing and pampering.  Not only that, but the truest voice of my soul – my writer, poet and artist is moaning out of sheer neglect.  As I listen to the voices of my soul, I hear a clear command:  “Time to switch gears.”  So, instead of indulging my normal Thursday morning ritual of sharing mass with the amazing retired nuns at the local Franciscan convent, I will be tending my soul.  I will drag out my Sarah McLaughlin CD’s and by myself, allow her angelic voice carry my soul to where it needs to be to muse, be inspired, create and write.  My introvert will be happy as will my inner muse.  YAY!

An Invitation

My invitation for you today is to do the same.  What is your SOUL saying to you?  How have your nurtured or neglected the voice within that speaks from your heart and speaks to your heart? The voice that leads you to inspiration, comfort, expansiveness, indulgence?  What is your soul asking of you?  Time?  Attention?  To simply be heard?  The good news is that the first step is an easy one…and that is to simply listen.  Pause for a moment and REALLY listen.  What does your heart want?  What does your joy want?  What does your comfort want?  What does your soul LONG for?  And the second step….DO IT!

And if that isn’t enough, listen to this song and watch the video and if that doesn’t inspire you…call me and we’ll set up an appointment for some emergency intervention for your soul!!!!!

Have an A-Musing day!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries