The Grand Test

(rated PG) This is the grand test. If you, like me and like all those to whom I minister, and my brothers and sisters on this journey) are here to support the birth of a new world…..things are getting INTENSE!  If we thought it has been rough before…..hang on to your hats!  This, as they … Read moreThe Grand Test

When All You Want to do is Cry

For 53 years, the last 26 especially, I have waved the banner of peace, love and joy; truly believing that our world could be a better place and we might actually have a role to play in making it a better place. Not only did I believe we had a role to play, but that … Read moreWhen All You Want to do is Cry

Feminine Rage

Yesterday while sharing on Facebook the cavalcade of emotions that have been running through my body of late (anxiety, panic, deep grief, depression, paralysis, irritability, all-out rage), it seems I hit a nerve.  An outpouring of women responded with similar feelings.  Yes, all who responded are empathic and sensitive to the energies of the world, … Read moreFeminine Rage

Mission Accomplished – a message of hope and love

My dear, beloved, brothers and sisters. As we enter into this new year and this new era…we have finally arrived at the purpose for which all that has past will prove helpful. We came to this planet to be light. Through struggle and hardship, we have found our light. By moving through societal conditioning, and … Read moreMission Accomplished – a message of hope and love

Our Children Need Our Help!

Yesterday I fielded a slew of phone calls, text messages and Facebook notifications from parents concerned for their children. An “unconfirmed threat” (News story HERE) was leveled against the local high schools and the school district responded by closing the schools, insuring our children’s safety while the proper authorities researched the threat and resolved the … Read moreOur Children Need Our Help!

Resting in the Unknown

December 26, 2016, and we are at a powerful place of transition as a culture, as a species, as a world. 2016 is drawing to a close (THANK GOD!), and a new year, a new age, a new world is dawning. We just don’t yet know what that new world will look like. We can … Read moreResting in the Unknown

Blessed Are You Who Believed

As a child, I was granted a vision. The vision was the herald of “the end of the world,” along with the promise that this ending was not set in stone, but could be thwarted, or rather, re-directed through the accomplishment of one simple task.  The task, however, proved not to be so simple.  In … Read moreBlessed Are You Who Believed

Nothing Good to Say

I wish I had something good to say about the events that are unfolding in our world, but I don’t. The military and law-enforcement response to the peaceful protest at Standing Rock is beyond repulsive.  The team that our  president-elect is gathering around him, quite frankly, frightens me.  The ongoing violence in Syria, the millions … Read moreNothing Good to Say

Millennials and Generation Z – Lying in Wait

As part of his recent address to youth in honor of World Youth Day, Pope Francis “issued a rousing and impassioned call to action… saying our unsettled times require them to get off the couch and ‘set out on new and uncharted paths.’( National Catholic Reporter, July 30, 2016)” Whereas the Pope’s address went on … Read moreMillennials and Generation Z – Lying in Wait

Building the New World Part 2: Preparation

Building the New World Part 2 – Preparation We are currently in the extreme phase of preparation for our missions of building the new world. In order to build the new world, much of what has been will be dismantled and be made new.  The same is true for us.  In order to be vessels … Read moreBuilding the New World Part 2: Preparation

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