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Thank You For Participating in This Miracle

Today’s blog offers gratitude for miracles and for a newly claimed lens of wonder and invites you to participate in this miracle! 

Experimenting with Miracles

For the past month, I have been participating in a miracle experiment.  Of course, like upon a star and birthday candle wishes, I cannot divulge the exact nature of the miracle experiment, lest it not come true.  Let me just say that I made a special wish and for the past four weeks, the wish continues to come true.  What this little experiment has done for me is deepened and broadened the lens of WONDER and AWE that I decided to embrace last month.  And everytime something shows up in reflection of this miracle experiment, I do a little celebration dance and shout in glee, “THANK YOU FOR THIS MIRACLE!”

Mentors and Miracles

This morning through my emails, I received affirmation, validation and a possible explanation for this sudden manifestation of miracles.  Lauren Gorgo is one of my favorite writers and has become a great teacher and guide as we move through these strange changing times.  While some might find her blog a little “new-agey,”  I LOVE IT!  It is filled to the top with all the magic wands, angels, stardust and celestial events that this Aquarian Age girl loves.  Besides, as I have discovered, there is really NOTHING “New” about “New Age.”  Anyway…..Lauren shared with her subscribers (thereby me), that this IS the age of miracles and that WE DO have the power to make magic happen in our lives…….We just need to see it, believe it and be it.  “I do believe in fairies…I do…I do…I do believe in fairies…I do….I do….”  (PS This is the line that saved Tinkerbell from death in Peter Pan… case you didn’t know that.)

Won’t you Join Me in the Miracle?

In light of this little miracle experiment, and all the other miracles that are currently sparking up all over my life, I am offering to myself and to you a MANTRA and an INVITATION.  First, the invitation.  Starting today, I invite YOU to participate in the Miracle Experiment.  Set down your lens of woe, worry, fear, disbelief and confusion.  Then, Pick up the lens of WONDER.  Starting today, begin to look at the world through the lens of wonder:  Where is God in this?  How is this a miracle?  What is amazing, wonderful, fabulous in this?  What is the gift here?  etc. etc. etc.   EXPECT EVERYTHING to be a miracle…to be magical.  Look for the fairies and the pumpkin turned coach, pick up your magic wand, your fairy dust, your pixie stick and MAKE EVERYTHING a miracle.  Then, with everything you receive and to everyone that is part of your miracle say:

Thank you for participating in this miracle!

Everything around us is magic……do we have the eyes to see it and the faith to believe?

I do believe in magic, I do I do!

Lauri Lumby

Believer in Magic!

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From Woe to Wonder

Today’s blog explores the journey of the perfectionist and how the Enneagram can be a tool to help us change our perception from woe to wonder.  (PS  Thank you to Stevie Nicks for being my inspiration for WONDER!)


The Enneagram is one of the tools that I use with clients and students to help them identify their own unique temperment, their soul’s purpose and to help them find healing of certain compulsive behaviors or means of perception.  To learn more about the Enneagram, go to:

Confessions of a Perfectionist

I cannot share the Enneagram with others if I haven’t and don’t continue to use this tool for my own journey of transformation….and boy have I!  According to the Enneagram philosophy, I am a PERFECTIONIST.  As a perfectionist (point 1 on the Enneagram), I see the world through the lens of “What is wrong here?”  While this lens has its gifts in its ability to identify where improvements or changes can be made in a certain situation or experience, it can also be a curse, especially when the “what is wrong here?” is something that I do not have the power to change or when I turn that question on myself, “What is wrong with me?” or “What did I do wrong or what could I have done better or differently.”  Again, there is a gift as it is through this perception that I have been driven to personal growth and transformation.  The curse, however, is when the drive to personal growth becomes self-loathing.

If you are interested in learning more about the Enneagram and how it might help you in your journey, contact Lauri at (920) 230-1313 or

From Perfectionist to Martyr

The Enneagram has helped me to understand that when I am in a place of extreme stress or anxiety, my perfectionism turns on itself and I move toward my point of disintegration – The Martyr (point 4 on the Enneagram).  The martyr is all about self-loathing, woe is me, victimhood.  The martyr feels misunderstood, alone, rejected, abandoned, unloved.  “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some worms.”  When my perfectionist turns on itself and I become the martyr, I dress in black, wear kohl colored eye shadow and liner, mope around the house, lick my wounds, write dark and dreadful poetry, listen to Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson and spend a lot of time moaning and feeling sorry for myself.  I really don’t like my martyr too much…but she doesn’t really like me either…so there!

If you are interested in learning more about the Enneagram and how it might help you in your journey, contact Lauri at (920) 230-1313 or

From Martyr to Enthusiast

The Enneagram has also taught me that in order to heal my perfectionist and her tendency to martyrdom, I am invited to move toward my point of integration – Point Seven or The Enthusiast.  The Enthusiast is the person that sees the silver lining in every cloud, looks at the world through the lens of “what is good here?” and is able to see through the challenges of life to the good that can come out of it.  The Enthusiast moves through life with a graceful ease.  They are joyful and optimistic about the world and their place in it.  They trust the movement of life and are able to yield to the Divine that is carrying them toward their hopeful future.  The Enthusiast in its higher state is the exact opposite of the Martyr.

If you are interested in learning more about the Enneagram and how it might help you in your journey, contact Lauri at (920) 230-1313 or

Moving from Woe to Wonder

I recently had an opportunity to experience this journey from perfectionist to martyr to enthusiast first hand.  After getting “dumped” (that’s my martyr talking) by my boyfriend of 10 months, I plunged headfirst into the downward spiral of perfectionist to martyr.  There is nothing like a heartbreak to plunge us into the depths of our fears, anxieties, unhealed wounds and COMPULSIONS. “What did I do wrong?  What could I have done better?  How could he not love me?  What is wrong with me that he can’t love me?  Maybe no one will ever love me?  Maybe I’m not deserving of love.  Is love even real?  How did I get that wrong?  How did I miss the signs?  Why did I ignore the signs?  What is wrong with me?”   BLAH BLAH BLAH.  But this past week, I suddenly understood what I have spent nearly twenty years avoiding.  There is a remedy to the darkness of martyrdom….and that is to shift my perspective from WOE to WONDER.  Instead of being taken into the dark swirling mass of martyrdom, I am invited to move toward Point 7 – the Enthusiast.  Here, I am invited to look at the relationship and the breakup for:  What is good here?  What are the gifts that came out of the experience?  What are the healings that took place?  How did I grow?  What did I learn? And moving past the relationship:  What are the new opportunities I get to experience?  What are the different choices I can choose to make next time?  How might the next time be even better than the last?  Instead of looking at the relationship and the breakup through the lens of doom, I can look at it through the lens of hope.  Now I get it!  I’m not saying that my martyr is totally done feeling sorry for herself, but at least I understand that when I am tempted to plunge into the black, all I have to do is flick my magic wand and look at life through the lens of wonder.  In the meantime, I continue my intentions of forgiveness  (of other and of self) while enjoying the freedom to more diligently pursue my personal and professional dreams, which by the way are filled with mystery, magic, wonder and a sprinkle of fairydust.  🙂

If you are interested in learning more about the Enneagram and how it might help you in your journey, contact Lauri at (920) 230-1313 or 

Through what lens do you look at the world?

How are you being invited to look at the world through the lens of wonder?

Lauri Lumby

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Miracles, Signs and Manifestation

Yesterday I received an unexpected gift from a dear friend – a Girlie from artist, Kelly Rae Roberts did my friend realize the depth of meaning to this gift.  In today’s blog, I explore the truth of miracles, signs and the magic of manifestation.

As most of my readers are aware by now, I am currently going through a divorce.  While this process is mostly amicable, there is of course grief, fear, trepidation and whole lot of having to trust trust trust that the god’s that initiated this process know what the heck they are doing!!!  In the midst of this process, I have had to cling to this trust with every ounce of my being, looking for the signs of where to go and how to proceed, along with the little (and sometimes HUGE) miracles that show up along the way as a form of affirmation and validation that I am indeed on the right path.  Yesterday’s gift showed up as one of those miracles, a sign along the way and evidence that we are indeed vehicles through which the highest good is made real in the world.

As I mentioned in the prelude above, I received a gift yesterday from a dear friend in the form of a Girlie from artist Kelly Rae Roberts.  Now…..I have to tell you the story of why this gift is a miracle and a sign that I am indeed on the right path.  But first, I have to tell you my history with Kelly Rae Roberts.

As some of you know, one of the spiritual practices I have embraced is the art of collage.  When I feel really stuck spiritually, I find that collage helps me to get unstuck.  I have created several pieces and have shown them locally.  One day, my mom sent me a link to an artist that she had discovered who she thought I would like because of her seemless integration of whimsy and collage.  The artist was, Kelly Rae Roberts.  I immediately fell in love with her art and have been coveting her pieces ever since.  While Kelly’s art is extremely reasonably priced, I just never allowed myself the gift of one of her pieces.

But then came the process of divorce.   While this is a process long in its unfolding, the end result will eventually be that I will have my own home to play with and decorate – completely in my own taste (along with the taste of our children).  As I have been dreaming and imagining my new home, Kelly Rae Roberts’ art keeps showing up.  Unfortunately, her online shop has been closed as she awaits the birth of her child.  NOTE:  THE SHOP IS NOW OPEN!!!!! In the days since her shop has re-opened, I have been perusing her virtual shelves for the perfect pieces for my new home.  I knew I wanted to start with the Girlies, but wasn’t sure where I would display them.  Ok….so here is the fun part.  YESTERDAY morning during my yoga meditation, the exact Girlie presented herself and the place that she wanted to call home.  “Listen to your Life” showed herself and told me that she wanted to sit atop my upright piano that will be displayed front and center in the front room of my new home.

So….who should show up yesterday afternoon in the form of an unexpected gift???   YOU GOT IT!!!!  “LISTEN TO YOUR LIFE!”  As I shared my surprise, joy and wonder with my friend, all we could do was stand in awestruck wonder at the miracle that presented itself right before our eyes.  Now here is the real irony, my friend had NO IDEA that I loved Kelly’s art.  In fact, she and I had never discussed my artistic taste.  AND….she did not purchase this piece online….she found it in a giftshop some 60 miles away.  Ok…..all you statisticians out there… tell me the odds of this….Getting a Kelly Rae Roberts piece from a friend who had no idea that I liked Kelly’s work let alone that it was the “Listen to your Life” Girlie I had been coveting…and that she should present me with this gift on the afternoon of the very day that the piece showed up in my meditation and told me where she wanted to be displayed.  Come…I dare you!  I’m guessing this is like  a one in a zillion chance.  So….considering the odds…..I officially declare this an honest to God-ness MIRACLE!  MIRACLE MIRACLE MIRACLE!   I do believe in miracles, I do, I do!

So today, I give a heart-felt thanks to my friend who somehow acted as a vessel through which God could offer me validation and assurance of a rightly chosen path.  And I thank Kelly Rae Roberts for being not only a fantastic artist, but a source of inspiration for me as I embark upon the journey of embracing my own artistic life.  This is the other part of the miracle… I have been open to this period of transition, I have been longing to more deeply claim my creative self and embrace the life of a writer, author, artist and musician.  Receiving one of Kelly’s Girlies seems like a little nod of affirmation from the Divine and a nudge in that direction.  So, again I thank Kelly for being a source of inspiration and for being a resource for those of us to wish to more fully embrace ALL of our Divine gifts!

And one final thought…..and is this an example of how we, ourselves, can be vehicles through which God’s miracles can be made manifest in our own lives?  Did God send me the Girlie, or did I draw her to myself?????  The world may never know!

All images copyright Kelly Rae Roberts.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries