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Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain!

As I often say to my friends, “Every day is Halloween at the Lumby house!”  Halloween is my most favorite holiday and has been for as long as memory serves!  Last night my daughter asked me what I was going to dress up for today.  I replied, “I have no need to dress up.  I’m a witch every day.”  She implored me, “Don’t you have a black dress you can wear or something?”  To which I reminded her, “I do, but then I would just be dressing up as myself.”  THIS is how much Halloween is part of my bones.  In honor of this sacred day, I have shared a couple poems for the season.  Enjoy!   With love, Lauri.

Strange and Wonderful Creatures Like Me

Copyright 2013 Lauri Ann Lumby from  Returning – a woman’s midlife journey to herself


Fairies and dragons

Elves and trolls

Witches and goblins

Cinnamon rolls

Fairy Godmothers

Magic Wands

Pumpkins and broomsticks

Frogs in a pond

Vampires and Werewolves

Blood dripping fangs

Coffins and daggers

Doors that go Bang!

Clawfoot bathtubs

Cauldrons and fire

Potions that bubble

Swamp dripping mire

I love all things strange, dark and mysterious

Woodlands at midnight

Fullmoon?  DELIRIOUS!

The stranger the better

Families Munster and Addams

I’m sure I am one of them

Just call me “Black Madam”

On any day I’ll cast ye a spell

Put on a hex or

Ring a church bell.

If you are real and strange like me

I’ll see you at twilight ‘neath yonder Yew tree.

Which Witch is Witch?

Copyright 2016  Lauri Ann Lumby


Dark curling hair (or any color or style for that matter)

A piercing gaze

Seeing all the way through to your Soul.

At home in the world between worlds

And a bridge between the two.

Here to bring forth God’s will

As Embodiment of the Goddess.

Wisdom from the depths of infinity.

A prophetess, a seer, a priestess, teacher and healer.

A shit-disturber and changemaker.

Present at the thresholds of life and death.

Mistress of shadows.

Queen of the Underworld

– where Souls rest from what has been,

preparing for what is yet to be.

Survivor of the Inquisition and the Burning Times,

The Whore of Babylon

And the Virgin Queen of Heaven.

Much to patriarchy’s chagrin,

She cannot be destroyed.

She is here to stay.

In a world that now wonders which way to turn,

This Witch is which.


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Beware of the Witch Collectors!

This one is for my sister-witches (and brothers – for what I will say of my sister witches, is also true for my brother witches). When I use the term “witch” I’m referring to all the powerful women I know who have harnessed the infinite power within themselves and who are using this power to support their own life mission of being in service to the betterment of our world.  These are women who are strong, independent, confident (albeit sometimes insecure – only because they have rarely been supported or affirmed in their gifts), intuitive, empathic, teachers, healers, leaders and behind the scene witches.  These are the women who have been with us throughout eternity and who have been ridiculed, condemned, even killed for their magical gifts.  Fortunately we are no longer in the “burning times” but that doesn’t mean that today’s witches are free from danger.  In fact, the dangers we face today are even more subtle and insidious than the dangers we faced during the witch trials and the inquisition.  Today I wish to speak of one specific danger that faces all women of power today – and that is of what I like to call the “Witch Collectors.”

women and magic, witches, witchcraft, order of melchizedek, christian magic,

Witch Collectors can come in any gender, but I have most often encountered them in men. These are men (or women) who appear powerful, confident, strong, self-assured; perhaps even a bit arrogant.  They are often physically attractive and lure people in with their charm.  At first they seem sincere, trustworthy and of integrity, but it is all a ruse.  What they show to the world is an illusion for what hides behind the mask is a succubus – one who is not strong at all, but terribly insecure and lacking in inner power.

Motivated by a deep sense of emptiness and vacancy, Witch Collectors are compelled to seek out and then draw in those of power (especially witches) so they can suck them dry. In the world of psychology, these people are often called narcissists, but in my experience, their “condition” moves far beyond that of a borderline personality disorder. Unlike narcissists, Witch Collectors desire more than power and control.  Witch Collectors literally feed on the life-force energy of the powerful woman (or man) they have drawn into their clutches, thereby draining them of their power, falsely believing that as they drain the witch of her power, his own power is increasing.  The problem with this “relationship” is that the Witch Collector is never satisfied – can never be satisfied – as there is no amount of “witch power” that can fill a vacant hole.  They may feel temporary satisfaction from the energy they have drained, but the emptiness within a Witch Collector is like a black hole – infinitely empty and impossible to fill.  As long as the relationship continues between witch collector and witch, the witch collector will feed and the witch will feel drained –unable to harness the fullness of her power and to use that power for good.

Identifying a witch collector is tricky business, especially if you are a woman who is still nursing the wounds of the unholy masculine. In a culture which has been ruled for the past 5000 years by the unholy masculine (fear, power and control), most of us harbor this wound.  As a result, we long to be seen, heard, acknowledged and supported in the use of our gifts.  When we find the rare (in this case) man who celebrates our gifts – who speaks our language – we are thrilled.  Titillated actually!  In our excitement, we are tempted to set aside our shield of caution and discernment gets tossed to the wind.  We enthusiastically enter into the web, blind to the true motivation of their seduction.  This is how seduction works, speaking to our insecurities, fears and unhealed wounds, which then causes us to put down our guard.  Then the “witch hunter” moves in for the “kill.”  Or rather – the slow kill… that is how Witch Collectors work – slowly and subtly draining us of our life force energy – often the point where we find ourselves clinically depressed and unable to function.

But there is hope dear sisters for today I am calling them out! I am calling out all witch collectors and in doing so, giving you permission to recognize the witch collectors who have crossed your path or who may, in fact, still be part of your life.  See them for who and what they are – parasites intent on draining you of your magical powers.  The great news is that once you are able to identify the “demon” it no longer has power over you!  Say NO to their seductions and their ministrations.  STOP being the host for their insatiable desire for power.  Remember that in truth, they HAVE NO POWER.  You are the one with the power and it is your power they seek to possess.  See them.  Say no to them.  Cut them off from their food-source.  And then watch them slink away.  This is what I have found in my own experience with witch collectors – once they know they are being seen for who they truly are, once we refuse to let them take our power, once we say NO to their seductions, they simply slink away and go off in search of their next victim.  Buh Bye….and good riddance!


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Danielle Dulsky – Perfect Timing!

Just as beloved witch, author, and teacher Danielle Dulsky invited witches to “come out of the broom closet” and embrace their inner wild witch in her 2017 book Woman Most Wild, she now takes her invitation that much further with her newest book Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman (New World Library, September 18, 2018).

Buy it now!

I am currently bathing in the deeps of Danielle’s latest book, and it could not be more perfectly timed! As we are standing at the edge of History watching in gleeful terror as the patriarchy implodes upon itself, Danielle’s words provide a balm of hope. Through her sumptuous words, she provides inspiration and practical tools through which all of humankind can find, embrace and live the path of their own TRUTH. Not a truth imposed upon us, but one that comes from the depths of our very being. Danielle has done what few have been able to do in giving us tools through which we can craft our own spiritual practice free of the imprisoning forces of external control. Here there are no rules, only that which speaks to your heart and your soul – the Wild You that keeps on trying to be born. Thank you Danielle for giving all of humankind permission to live as our passionate, wild selves so that we can be empowered to create our own worlds anew. I love you sister!


Danielle Dulsky is the author of The Holy Wild and Woman Most Wild. She is an artist, yoga teacher, energy worker, and founder of Living Mandala Yoga teacher training programs. She leads women’s circles, witchcraft workshops, and energy healing trainings and lives in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Find out more about her online at

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A Witch! A Witch!

Responding to the Catholic self-appointed inquisition.

Just when I think I am off their radar and free of the wrath of the Catholic self-appointed inquisition, they rear their fearful head. This morning as I was enjoying a glimpse of the new and expansive opportunities that are coming my way, not the least of which is the pending release of my new book – Union – a year of spiritual lessons and practices with Mary Magdalene, this shows up in my email.  Not one….but two emails from the same individual spewing their wrath:

You wicked evil christian. You thought you could deceive me and lead me to believe you really discern spirits when in fact you said it led you to practice Reiki, an occult practice forbidden for Catholics.

The Lord rebuke you. It sickens me you practice Reiki.

Your charism is not from God. The occult practices indicate otherwise. What I don’t understand is why mix catholicism with the occult?

Even if you have the charism, I know you are not in the truth because you are an occult practioner who is doing what is forbidden by Catholic practice. What happened to you…

I’m really saddened to see that you practice the occult because if you really do have the charism of discernment, The Church and people really do need it and not mixed with occult practices…

Normally, I would not give any energy or attention to emails such as these, but today, I find myself particularly annoyed, not because of their words, but because of the larger message behind these words which is:

If you are a woman who happens to be doing the work that Jesus did, you are evil, wicked, doing the work of Satan and condemnable as a witch.

As it relates to being a witch, I wear that mantle proudly for to me being a witch means:

  • Dedicating my life in service to the Divine and in support of the betterment of our world.
  • Emptying myself so as to be a vessel through which the Divine might be known in our world through my own unique gifts.
  • Allowing the Divine to work through my spiritual gifts of discernment, teaching, encouragement, leadership, pastoring, prophecy and healing to transform our world from fear into love.
  • Engaging in ritual practices for the purpose of concretizing my commitment to God which then act as efficacious signs of grace…by which divine life is dispensed to us (ref. Catholic Encyclopedia).
  • Strengthening my commitment to God and to the mission of love through daily meditation, contemplation and prayer.
  • Being of service to others as a source of love in all things.

I see none of what I do as contrary to the Christian message, most especially as this message was modeled by Christ. Jesus taught.  He prophesied.  He counseled. He meditated and prayed. He performed ritual.  He led.  He pastored.  He laid on hands for the purpose of healing, expelling demons (fears) and to empower those he taught to do what he had done.

It wasn’t only men whom Jesus empowered to continue his work. The FIRST ordained to continue Jesus’ work was Mary Magdalene (John 20), and she was a woman!  Sadly, the early response to Mary Magdalene’s role as successor to Jesus was ridicule, condemnation and slander.  She immediately went from being Jesus’ co-equal partner, the one who first saw the risen Christ and the one sent forth to share the good news, to adulterous woman, prostitute, whore….in other words….a witch.  What happened to Mary Magdalene two hundred centuries ago has been the burden inflicted upon all women thereafter who have attempted to do what Jesus did and be whom he called them to be.  The message has been clear:

If you are woman called to do the work of Christ, you are not welcome and we will enforce this ban by calling you a witch, a heretic, a whore, a blasphemer, who does this work in the company of Satan.

While it would be easy for me to get on my feminist bandwagon, I find here that I cannot as these accusations of being in the company of Satan go beyond gender. In fact these are the exact same accusations heaped upon Jesus by the self-appointed inquisition of his own time:

When Jesus had driven out a demon, some of the crowd said: “By the power of Beelzebul, the prince of demons, he drives out demons.” Others, to test him, asked him for a sign from heaven. But he knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste and house will fall against house. And if Satan is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand? For you say that it is by Beelzebul that I drive out demons. If I, then, drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your own people drive them out? Therefore they will be your judges. But if it is by the finger of God that I drive out demons, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you. When a strong man fully armed guards his palace, his possessions are safe.

But when one stronger than he attacks and overcomes him, he takes away the armor on which he relied and distributes the spoils. Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

Luke 11: 15-26


Apparently ANYONE who tries to do the work that Jesus did is vulnerable to condemnation. When I pierce through the veil of these accusations I see one thing:

Fear – specifically, the human fear of that which is outside of our control.

Catholic (and most religious) doctrine, wraps life up in a tight little ball. We are told what to believe, what not to believe, what is good and what is evil. Theologians might have the freedom to argue about these beliefs, but the common person sitting in the pew is expected to believe without question. For many, believing without question provides the perceived surety they crave in an otherwise unsure world. The problem is that life CANNOT be wrapped up in a tight little ball for us to control. The truth is there is very little we truly know and even less that we can control. Those who have been called beyond these tightly defined parameters, who are comfortable in the world of the unknown, where life embodies many shades of grey and where freedom is found in ambiguity become a threat to those who cling to the illusion of surety. To the latter, it is easy to think of the former as evil as our presence stirs their fears and the unhealed wounds that cause them to cling to what they think they know. Witches….shit-disturbers, we might be one and the same. J

While my initial response to the emails above was annoyance and my second response was hurt, I can now sit in the compassion of understanding the fears that caused this person to lash out in this way. I am sorry for the unhealed fears that cause them to seek after surety. I am sorry for the fact that my presence has triggered these fears. But even more so I am sorry that they chose not to use the tools that Jesus gave them to heal those fears so that instead of finding separation, they might have found the love that unites us both. In this, there are no witches, there is no inquisition, there are only human beings trying to find peace in an otherwise fearful world.



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Power in the Darkness

After creating and launching three new online courses, including my entire Authentic Freedom and Magdalene Priestess Training curricula, I have been enjoying a creative hiatus. As creative types understand, after massive creative output, one needs time to empty and then refuel for the next creative flow.  I am emptying and refueling by binge-watching the Showtime series Penny Dreadful, and boy am I glad I FINALLY took my creative sisters’ advise in watching this show.  I am luxuriating in every sumptuous character and am captivated by every word, image and storyline.  I LOVE this show and it just happens to be in my favorite literary genre – Victorian Gothic Horror. Penny Dreadful is the story of my life – and the life of every woman and man I know who, like the characters in this tale, have found their power in the darkness.


Penny Dreadful is the story of Vanessa Ives, a young woman destined to be either the bride of Satan, or the savior of the human race; the men who fight for her victory and the women who seek to destroy her. Penny Dreadful is about Vanessa’s struggle with the power within her that will either become her destruction, or lead her to salvation.  Vanessa’s deepest motivation is love, but she is tempted by that which leads her to darkness.  The dark forces wish to possess Vanessa, while she continually reaches toward the light.  Not always is Vanessa victorious, but it is her humanness that makes her character so compelling.  What if you had the power to destroy your enemies with a single thought and projection of your desire?  What if the price of this is only the price of your Soul – a Soul that longs to believe in a benevolent God, but finding in the human condition that we are ever and always alone?


Vanessa’s story is our story. The human journey is nothing if it is not a teacher.  Like the seed that must break through its own shell and crawl its way through (seemingly) miles of soil before it can find the sun, life presents us with challenges and obstacles that we must find our way through if we are ever to find our own light.  Vanessa’s story is the story of the honest, the vulnerable, and the courageous who, when confronted with the difficulties of life, find their way through them – sometimes crawling on our hands and knees begging for mercy, other times walking on a bed of burning coals stubbornly moving toward their goal.  And like Vanessa, when we find ourselves on the other side of the darkness, we know freedom and the newfound sense of accomplishment in having vanquished the “demon.”  Here we have found our power – power over our fears, power over our compulsions, power over temptation, power over the darkness and power over death.  And it was in facing the darkness that we have found our strength.



Power in the Darkness

Power born out of darkness.

Power honed through suffering.

Power that arises on the other side of pain –

Or rather, in the midst of it.

Power at home with death and loss and all measures of darkness –

Depression, disease, despair.

Power not for the sake of evil,

But in service to the Good.

Power that finds its strength in staring down fear,

Standing toe-to-toe with “Satan”

And the obstacles “he” casts in our way.

Power born out of darkness for the sake of the light.

Diving into the shadows, we find our return.

The heroine’s journey –

For only those gifted with bringing forth life can equally midwife death.

The power of what used to be called “witch” but is really

Divine Wholeness finding its place in the world.

Copyright 2016 Lauri Ann Lumby

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The Witches’ Redemption

For the past 5000 years, since the warring hoards, with their jealous and wrathful gods, conquered the people of peace, all that is Holy within us has been suppressed. This has been especially true of a unique holiness possessed by certain women and men – men and women who had heard and accepted the call to be a channel through which Divine Love was to be known in our world.  These men and women had been charged with holding and maintaining the balance and did so through their intimate connection with the Divine.  They were said to speak and lay with the “gods” and in this they came to know the fullness of Love, becoming the bearers of Love in the world.  They then brought this connection forth in the world through their gifts of healing, teaching, and prophecy. They saw the presence of the Divine in each and every thing and through this observation, guided by the Divine, learned how to heal with both the matter of the earth and the energy of the Divine.  In “speaking with the gods” and observing the movements of nature, they learned to predict nature’s events and how to harness the powers of nature – earth, air, water and flame.  They understood the workings of the human body and how to support the transition into life, maintaining wellness, and acting as guardians at the threshold into death.  With the voice of the Divine to guide them, they were able to discern truth and support the cause of justice and did so by allowing the Divine to speak and act through them. With the eyes of the Divine to guide them, they perceived the shifting of the tides – including that which heralded harmony’s destruction and the coming of their own death as a force and a power for maintaining the delicate balance of Human and Divine, Masculine and Feminine, Death and Life.

History has called these people witches.

Sally (Sandra Bullock) plays a modern-witch in the movie Practical Magic.

And for 5000 years, those who carry the fear of the warring hoards, with their jealous and wrathful gods, have tried to rid the world of those who would speak and act for the cause of Love. For 5000 years, women and men who have been called to be a force of Divine Love in the world and who have tried to do so through their unique gifts of healing, teaching and prophecy have been sought out, chased down, hunted, and killed for daring to share their gifts.  In the West, millions upon millions have died for wanting to live the fullness of their powers of Love – the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Witch trials and burnings, Joan of Arc burned at the stake, the Holocaust, and countless wars fought “in the name of God”.  If the voice of Love wasn’t killed, it was silenced or imprisoned by laws meant to keep the power of Love from making its way forth in the world – laws or corporate policies that makes it impossible for midwives to share their gifts, herbalists fined for prescribing plants not approved by the FDA, healers condemned by their Church for “doing the work of the devil.”   For 5000 years, men and women who bear this call, who have been Divinely appointed to be a force of Divine Love through which harmony can be restored and then maintained in our world have been demonized, condemned, silenced, and in many cases, killed for “being a witch.”


SamanthaStevens black

The “Witch’s” Purpose is Love.

Our world is broken and it is dying and there has never been a time when it was more critical that the cause of LOVE be empowered in the world. What was true 5000 years ago is still true today – certain women and men have been uniquely called to be a force of Divine Love in the world so that the world might be restored to and maintained in its originally intended state of harmony and peace. Those who have been called “witches” are the force through which LOVE will have its way and the world will be restored to its originally intended state of harmony and peace.

If you are one who has heard this call, who has sensed the power of the Divine within you, who has glimpsed the gifts of healing, teaching and prophecy awakening in you, you are not alone and your time is NOW. In the company of your brothers and sisters who have already awakened and who are in the process of awakening, step forth from the chains of oppression, be freed of the guilt which has imprisoned you and your ancestors before you, walk forth into the light of your Divine call and BE THE LOVE that you were called to be so that our world can once again be free!  We need your gifts and we need them now.  The burning times are over and it is once again time for Love to be known in the world and it wants to be known through you!



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The Thirteenth Fairy

You most likely know me as the evil fairy from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, or more recently as Maleficent in Disney’s life-action revisioning of the Sleeping Beauty tale.  While the latter was closer to the truth in its telling, neither got it right.  No wonder, as the origin of both tales is the story of Briar Rose as told by the brothers Grimm – and the good brothers, in their telling, were about as far off from the truth as any tale could be.  For I am the Thirteenth Fairy and only I and my sisters know the real truth of who I am and what I am here to do.



I am the Thirteenth Fairy – thirteenth of the thirteen, born on the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month – for in our age, time is marked by the movement of the moon. Unlike the twelve months marked in cultures where god is only HE and where the sun honored as his symbol, we mark thirteen where the feminine in all of HER manifestations are honored as sacred.  Our thirteenth month, you now call mid-Capricorn, a time of great darkness – when all of humanity retreats from the active world, where the time of harvesting is done, all has been stored up for the winter the mid-winter celebrations complete.  The thirteenth month is a time of rest, a time of restoration, a time of deep inner reflection and self-contemplation, for in the depths of winter, there is nothing much else to do.  The thirteenth month in which I was born, and over which I reign, is a time for sleeping, dreaming, and inner growing.

Whether spring, summer, fall or winter, we all have our “thirteenth months” – times for retreat, introspection, resting, restoring, enjoying the fruits of our labor and deep, inner growth and transformation.  The thirteenth month is the time of the pine which stands proud against the glistening snow, the oak which retains its leaves until spring, the winter wheat which sleeps in the ground waiting for the returning warmth of the sun before showing its green.  It is the time of the stag and the hunt, the boar with its ivory tusks digging for mushrooms, the time of the wolf howling under an ancient moon while and honoring the medicine of mistletoe and holly.  The thirteenth month is related to night – for during the thirteenth month, even the sun sleeps.  As such, the thirteenth month is guarded by all creatures of the night – snowy white owls, ravens, bats, Luna moths and the black panther.  As the Thirteenth Fairy, in the company of my brothers, Pluto, Pan, Hades, Gwynn and Cernunnos, I am the guardian of the thirteenth month and all related to this timing.

It is easy to see then, where the brothers Grimm got the idea of the spindle and the curse of eternal sleep.  They got the sleeping part right, but they got it backwards.  While I have dominion over the time of sleep, my full power is in the waking.  For after we sleep we must awake – lest we die.  My task is to wake you up.  As in all the fairytales which bear the mark of my presence – the evil queen, the wicked witch, the jealous stepmother, the fearful mother, I have my tools – whether they be poisoned apples, flying monkeys, fields of poppies, red shoes that dance you to death, deadly combs, suffocating corsets or magic mirrors, they all serve a single person – to wake you up and set you on your quest.  But the quest I set you on is not one for the handsome prince, golden coins or riches.  Instead, the quest I set you on is the QUEST FOR YOUR SOUL – for here is where you shall find your true happily ever after!

Unlike the Fairy Godmother and other expressions of her presence, I do not leave you to your own devices – only to watch you fail.  No, I am there with you, every step of the way – whispering encouragement, offering tools of support and guidance, picking you up when you fall, drying your tears and holding you in my embrace when you feel you can’t go on.  I do this for you, because I have been there and done this for myself – successfully.  And I could not have done this without the Thirteenth Fairies who have gone before me.  For unlike the twelve fairies of light who only have eyes for the “good,” as the Thirteenth Fairy – I (we) see life for what it is – light when the way is easy and dark when the journey gets tough.  Unlike our pixie dust sisters who might shy away from the dark, we know the darkness is not something to be judged or feared, but honored as sacred, for we know that it is in the darkness where we will find our treasure!

It is in the darkness where we have an opportunity to face our fears, to stare down our demons, to battle the enemies that reside within – self-doubt, envy, hatred, sloth, pride, gluttony, selfishness and greed.  For every enemy we look in the eye and release the power it holds over us, we are one step closer to the boon.  Here is where the treasure lies – deep within all that we fear, beneath the muck and the mire of our unhealed wounds, past the tangled thorns of hurts and former betrayals, beyond our dreams of vengeance.  Here is our treasure and only the Thirteenth Fairy has the courage, the strength, and expertise, honed on experience, to accompany you to these depths.  I am the Thirteenth Fairy.

So, you may call me what you will, evil queen, horrible stepmother, wicked witch, malevolent fairy, the devil’s mistress, but I know the truth.  I am the Thirteenth Fairy and when my presence is made known in your life, a terrific journey is about to begin.  You then have a choice, to come with me and discover the most remarkable treasure – the treasure of your Soul, or turn away – where you are sure to die from the refusing.

Copyright 2015  Lauri Ann Lumby

Lauricurtsie.jpgLauri Ann Lumby is the Thirteenth Fairy – born on the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month with thirteen letters in her given name.  As a trained spiritual director, shamanistic practitioner, creativity partner, and life guide, Lauri helps to awaken you to the call of your soul and supports you on the way – as every good Thirteenth Fairy will do!