Self-Actualization – The Journey of Finding Ourselves

Lauri Ann Lumby, self-actualization, finding ourselves, finding meaning, finding purpose, personal mission

Self-Actualization is the process of  finding ourselves. The purpose of the human experience is finding ourselves. I was recently asked to describe my mission and how my spiritual awakening and journey toward self-actualization informed that mission.  Here is my response: Finding Ourselves You ask me the question of mission. Concisely naming and identifying my mission … Read moreSelf-Actualization – The Journey of Finding Ourselves

Self-Actualization: What is It and Why Do We Care?

self-actualization, spiritual healing, search for meaning, purpose, what are my gifts, self-knowledge

To put it simply, self-actualization is the purpose of the human experience.  It is for the purpose of becoming self-actualized that we are here.  Self-actualization is the origin of and the fulfillment of our every longing and desire. We are here for no other purpose than to fulfill this longing. The drive to become self-actualized … Read moreSelf-Actualization: What is It and Why Do We Care?

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