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How I Know I’m Not From Here

This is for my brothers and sisters who also know they are not from here.  The key is to find a home within ourselves, and to seek out the company and support of others who are also not from here.  But first, the dream:

Standing under a sunlit sky, a star-filled cloud, similar in content and form to the Milky Way Galaxy, hangs low in the sky.  With destination and purpose, it floats over and past me, the stars hanging from the cloud twinkling in silver light, tinged in midnight blue.  Suddenly, the stars begin falling from the cloud, tumbling toward me, circling and enfolding me in their light.  Out of the stars comes a voice, speaking my true name: “Aniyakah, in my native tongue, then in my human tongue, “Starfire.”  Surrounded in a double-helix of dancing stars, a being clothed in light appears handing me a drink, a deep blue liquid, sparkling with silver stars, “liquid starlight.”  I obediently swallow the drink – medicine to make me whole and return me to my original nature – “Starfire.” 


A Stranger in a Strange Land

For as long as I can remember, I have felt like I was not from here.  Even as a young child, when enjoying innocent play and singing and dancing on fireplace hearth in our home in Sacramento, CA (where I lived as a young child), I remember the feeling of being more an observer of the human condition than a participant.  Perhaps this is the nature of being an introvert, but I often feel there is more to it than this.  I was truly content in this quiet place of observation while sheltered in the arms of my parent’s loving embrace.  But eventually, the truth of the human condition began rearing its ugly head and in these revelations, I realized I was different.  These experiences felt strange and foreign – many beyond my comprehension.  I also realized certain abilities within myself that other human beings did not seem to possess.  I felt strange, out of place.  And when others noticed my strangeness, the reaction was often fear, quickly followed by outright rejection.  The fear and the rejection, especially, boggled my mind.  What had I done to cause them to act in that way, other than being myself?  In this, I have spent much of my life confused.  Fortunately, there have been many who have loved and honored my “strangeness,” and in their company, I have found wings.  But even so, the strangeness of the human condition remains, such that I have come to believe that quite simply, I’m not from here.  Here’s what causes me to believe this to be true (and which might resonate as true for you as well).

Only Love

If I could sum it up with one sentiment – I have to say it is ultimately about love.  Love, is really all I understand.  Never in my life have I understood anything that is not a reflection of love.  War, conflict, discrimination, racism, sexism, nationalism, etc. etc. etc. have NEVER made any sense to me.  Why can’t we all get along?  The God I know is only a God of love and in spite of the religion I grew up with that wanted to present a God that might sacrifice, judge or punish, I knew only a God of love, and all I wanted to do was please this God – not for fear of punishment, but for the sake of love.  The same is true for my fellow human beings – all I ever wanted to do was act in ways that are loving and kind.  Yes, I have felt anger, resentment, even hatred, but only out of a place of feeling hurt and rejected, or in the face of human injustice.  Perhaps I have been tempted by thoughts of karmic revenge, but ultimately, I wish only love and always seek to be healed of my own hurt so that forgiveness may arise.  I never understood “mean girls.”  I was shocked and offended by violence of any kind against human beings.  I was sickened by any of the isms that humans use to separate one from the other – privileging one and condemning the other.  I just don’t get it….and hopefully, I never will.  Somewhere deep, deep inside me, in the place that feels I’m not from here, I know there is another way – and this other (and for me only) way is LOVE.  I often feel that it is for the sake of this love that I am here – and other ones like me.


Gifts for the Purpose of Love

In service, perhaps, to this purpose of love, I have been given certain gifts – gifts that until I learned how to use them, often caused me trouble.

1) Inner Truth Barometer – I have an uncanny ability to read people – in particular, their ability to be of integrity or not.  I can tell when someone is lying or lying to themselves – pretending to be someone other than their true self.  As you can imagine, this ability can cause a lot of problems – especially in those attached to their deceit.

2) Awakener – somewhat related to the first, I have also learned that in my presence, people wake up – specifically to their truth.  Here is where it gets tricky, not everyone can handle the truth.  As such, those in my presence either run away in fear, or stay, feeling loved and supported, enjoying the process of growing into the fullness of their truth. This is where I must also acknowledge my gift of healing.

3) Empath – This one has been especially tricky.  My energy field is like a radar, picking up the emotions and feelings of people and places.  Until I knew better, I took these feelings (especially the negative ones) into my own body – subconsciously believing it was my job to take them on and my job to fix them.  In many cases, I also took responsibility for these feelings – thinking they were somehow my fault, instead of the reflection they are of the other person’s fear.  This left me mostly feeling stressed out, sick, anxious and tired.  Eventually, I learned this empathic ability is simply so I can become aware of places and persons in need of love, so I can offer them up for God to be healed and to heal the places in me where similar wounds might be harbored.  I am quite simply a radar, taking note of where healing is needed and allowing God to do the rest.

From Fear into Love

In these experiences, I can’t help but wonder if I’m quite simply not from here.  At the same time, I find I am here – in this place and in this time.  I also acknowledge there must be a reason and a purpose for these feelings of strangeness – for the marked contrast between the conflict, war, discrimination, hatred, etc. I see in the human condition and the unconditional love that I know is REAL and POSSIBLE.  If I (and many others I know) believe that there is another way – that we can enjoy the experiences of the human condition from a place of love instead of fear – than perhaps this is WHY we are here.  Not from here – but here nonetheless, for the sole purpose of LOVE – to help turn a world of fear into a world of LOVE.

Who is with me?



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Superheroes and Our Relationship with Authority – July 21, 2014 Report

Superheroes and Our Relationship with Authority

Superheroes Report:  Monday, July 21, 2014



Those who possess the Superhero call (for more on the Superhero call, click HERE) are often accused of having trouble with authority.  I have found that this could not be farther from the truth. In our gathering of Superheroes this week, we discovered that Superheroes have no problem with people who are in positions of authority and that Superheroes will treat those in positions of authority with tremendous honor and respect and will even look to them for guidance and support and as an example of how one might want to live one’s life.  That is only true, however, under one very important condition – when the Superhero has identified the person in authority as one of honesty and integrity.


The reason that Superheroes are accused of having trouble with authority is that sadly, many in positions of authority do not meet these critical criteria and believe that honor and respect is due them simply by nature of their position. Unfortunately for those in positions of authority – if they are NOT a person of honesty and integrity, a Superhero will intuitively and immediately know this to be the case. One of the roles of a Superhero is to reveal and work for truth. The person in authority will know (mostly unconsciously) that they have been seen for who they really are. This triggers a series of reactions that usually lead to conflict (which I will speak about later in this post).


The Superhero’s “problem with authority,” ultimately points to one of their Superpowers, specifically, the ability to hear the truth beyond the words and see the truth beyond the illusion. As mentioned above, one of the critical tasks of today’s Superheroes is to reveal and work for truth.  In support of this task, Superheroes have been given the gift of an extremely powerful, TRUTH BAROMETER.  It is this truth barometer that allows them to detect the honesty and integrity of another or the lack thereof.  Once this barometer is read, the Superhero knows how to proceed…if, that is, they believe their truth barometer.  One of the primary learning tasks for a Superhero is to learn how to read their truth barometer (which requires discernment) and then, to BELIEVE IT!


Once the truth barometer is read and then believed, how is the Superhero to proceed?  Well, that depends on the situation.  If the person in authority is learned to be of integrity, obviously the Superhero can confidently enter into a harmonious working relationship with that person.  If the person in authority is not of integrity, then the Superhero has a decision to make.  One obvious decision is to rebel – but that never goes well (ask any Superhero how that has worked for them).  Another decision is to stay in the relationship – and that is a decision that will require a lot of work.  This is where discernment (distinguishing the voice of our inner truth vs. the voice of our ego) is critical.  So too is the awareness that as a Superhero, all we are, is a mirror.  As we stand in awareness of truth, the person who is not of truth standing before us feels their truth (rather, lack thereof) being reflected back to them along with the unconscious shame they carry for not being a person of truth.  Typically, their unconscious response is to project this shame and untruth back on us, thereby making us the enemy.  If we are not clear in our truth, our own unhealed fears will be triggered which typically results in an avalanche of conflict.  The remedy to this (if we decide to stay in the relationship – or if we have not choice in the matter), is instead of reacting in fear, to surround the other in LOVE.  As we hold the other person in love, they can’t help but be healed of the inner fears that cause them to be one lacking in integrity and we, along with them, are healed of our woundedness.  Of course, holding them in love might in turn piss them off….but it is ultimately for the purpose of LOVE that Superheroes are here in the first place.  So when all else fails…..SEND LOVE.



If you are in the Oshkosh area, please join us for our weekly Superhero gathering


Mondays 4:30 – 6:00 pm

(please note: starting August 11th, Superhero time will be moved to 6:30 – 8:30pm!)

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