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Why “Thinking and Doing” Don’t Work

In this week’s Superhero report, we explore the Superpower of Manifestation.  Here we learn that Superheroes can ONLY create from a knowing in our heart and why thinking and doing do not work for us.

Superhero Report Monday, August 25, 2014


The Superpower of Manifesting – how we are super-powered to make things happen.  This has been an especially touchy area for many Superheroes as we have tried and failed to manifest using the tools presented through popular culture, and even through supposed “spiritual” books and training seminars, and God-inspired teachers, on how to “get what you want.”  Last week, I found out why these tools (“The Secret,” “Ask and it is Given,” “Thinking your way to abundance,” “Affirmations,” “Write it down and make it happen,” “Work hard and be rewarded…””God loves you so much….”) don’t work for us.

One of my teachers, Lauren Gorgo, specifically addressed this topic in her 5D  Report last week: )

In short: Superheroes can’t use their thoughts or minds to manifest.  For Superheroes, the power of manifesting lies within our hearts….more specifically, within our heart’s knowing.  It is our heart that carries the knowledge of our Soul’s imprint – the ways in which we are uniquely gifted to find meaning, purpose and fulfillment in our lives and how we are called to serve the betterment of the world.  Within that knowledge is also the knowledge of what we need to accomplish these tasks while having all of our needs met.  The challenge is that all the ways that this knowledge and the fulfillment of needs have been traditionally accomplished in this world (through thinking and doing) DO NOT WORK FOR US!  Thinking and Doing might work for others….but not for the Superheroes.  In fact, the harder we try to “think and do” our way to happiness and abundance, the more we get our ASSES KICKED!

While other people might be content in a life without meaning or purpose, and can therefore manifest through thinking and doing, Superheroes are not and cannot.  When we try to live this way, either we fail, or we are miserable in the trying. We have no choice (it seems) but to live our purpose, as such, in order to manifest, we need to know our heart and allow it to guide us.  Superheroes, therefore, can only manifest through KNOWING and ALLOWING.

KNOWING – is not about thinking, neither is it about the brain.  KNOWING is related to the heart and the imprint of our soul carried there.  KNOWING is about being quiet enough for listening, open enough for hearing and having faith enough to BELIEVE what our heart wants us to know.

ALLOWING is not about doing, but sometimes doing is involved.  More than doing, allowing is about getting the hell out of the way so that heaven can work through us in the way and in the time that is perfect for the Soul’s unfolding.  Allowing requires PATIENCE and TRUST and the ability to SEE the God-given, soul-driven, and heart-guided instructions for DOING when they do arrive, and then DOING them without question – in spite of how crazy it might appear to ourselves, and especially to others.  ALLOWING often requires a LEAP OF FAITH….and a bullet-proof heart for all the dispersions that might be hurled our way as we allow the path of our hearts to manifest.

Let me offer the clearest example of how I have seen this work in my own life.  This example is related to the home in which I am currently living.  Many years ago, as divorce became more and more imminent, a vision of my new home began to materialize.  This was a home I knew in my mind, but more clearly, I knew this home in my heart.  It wasn’t the house itself, but a feeling of what the home would feel like and a few of the key features (office on the first floor, formal dining room, minimum of three bedrooms and two baths).  As divorce proceedings began, so did the house search.  I had a specific budget in mind, and looked and looked and looked at homes within that budget.  NONE of them had the FEELING of the home in my heart.  I continued to look until a home became available.  It was a “fixer-upper” but a handyman became available that would make this house a possibility.  I made an offer, which was countered, I accepted the counter….so the house should have been mine.  But….the house was suddenly, suspiciously and potentially illegally sold to someone else.  I was devastated.  THIS was supposed to be my house….or so I thought.  (What I didn’t know at the time is that the Universe/God intervenes when something is out of alignment with our hearts…..yes, we can force the issue, but in the end we pay for deviating from the path of our Soul.)

So, I continued to look, sad to have lost this house, but undaunted in the vision and feeling of the house that was supposed to be mine.  I looked for another 6 months, never finding the home I knew in my heart.  Everyone said I was crazy and should just pick one that fit my budget.  My realtor said I would never find the home I was looking for in my budget.  I couldn’t explain it….I just KNEW this house in my heart would show up and it would happen in a very magical and miraculous way…..and that it might just fall into my lap.  9 months after beginning the search for the home in my heart, a miracle happened…the house in my heart literally fell into my lap.  A dear friend announced her engagement and that she would be moving into her future husband’s home.  Her home was now available.  HERE was the home in my heart – not at all within my budget, but I KNEW in the deepest part of my Soul that this was the LEAP OF FAITH I had to take.  The home perfectly aligned with the home in my heart…and then some….and the timing and process were miraculous, just as I KNEW they would be.  I immediately called her and asked if she would be interested in renting with the future possibility of selling.  Of course she said yes, and her former home has been my home ever since.  AND…..this home is even better than what my mind could imagine for myself and meets my needs in ways I never thought possible, and somehow, the means have always been there to pay rent, utilities, etc.


This is just one example, but I can think of several others where miraculous things happened in alignment with my heart along with the opposite – where things were literally torn from my grasp because they were not in alignment with my heart (relationships, jobs, etc.).   The moral of the story, for Superheroes anyway, is to take the time to KNOW our hearts….to know what it wants for us… trust it is in alignment with our Soul and our highest good and that the Universe conspires to keep us on the path of our Soul….even if our response is kicking and screaming.  🙂

Reflection Exercise:

In order to facilitate the above practice, it is helpful to remember a past experience where we received something completely in alignment with our hearts, using that as a touchstone for future exercises in manifesting:

  • Bring to mind an experience you have had in your life where you received something in a miraculous or wonderous way that proved to be in alignment with your heart’s greatest knowing – and proved to be something life-giving, reflective of your gifts and which gave you a sense of meaning and purpose. Perhaps it was a job, a group you became a part of, a particular course of study, a relationship.
  • Recall how that experience came to occur in your life.
  • Remember the FEELING of knowing this was RIGHT for you. Rest in that feeling of knowing.
  • Use this FEELING as the gauge with which you measure future opportunities. Be willing to be uncompromising in only allowing things into your life which reflect this feeling…especially the important things – jobs, relationships, schooling, housing, etc.
  • Trust that as you turn to your heart for guidance, it will never steer your wrongly. Believe that what is in alignment with your Soul will SHOW UP at the perfect time in the perfect way. KNOW that you do not need to push or force any of this to happen…..and in fact, when you do, manifesting your heart’s desire will only be thwarted.




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Living by a Different Set of Rules


Living by a Different Set of Rules

When we know, trust, and heed the Light and Love of God that dwells within us and seeks to be made known in the world through us, we soon learn that our life takes on a quality of ease and effortlessness that defies the so-called rules of Western culture.  As my soul-brother Jared observed, “The rules that seem to apply to everyone else do not apply to me.  I seem to be living by a different set of rules.”  Amen brother, amen!


To those continuing to choose the status quo and the “regular” world, the way that our lives seem to unfold might look like magic.  Alternatively, the choices we make and the way things seems to magically happen in our lives will confound, frighten, maybe even tick them off.  The truth is that while it might look like magic, it is not magic in the sense of how it has been presented in the “law of attraction,” neither is it the result of manipulating the elements or casting a spell.  Instead, the magic that unfolds in our lives is the simple consequence of choosing love over fear.

The Magic Formula

The formula is simple:

1) Sit down, shut up and LISTEN to how God is calling you to live your life.

2) Seek the peacefulness, expansiveness, joy, fulfillment and love WITHIN that are the hallmarks of God’s divine plan for you.

3) Do what God tells you.

4) When fear, temptation, resistance, doubt, arise (or when others tell you you are crazy), bring your attention to the light and love of God within you.  Return to God’s peace and allow this peace to encourage you through the fear.  Return to God’s plan for you.

KISS – Keep it simple silly!

That’s pretty much it.  When we take time to listen to God and do what God’s love tells us to do, EVERYTHING we need simply falls into our laps (sometimes by the skin of our teeth…..but it is there! This is where trust and surrender become critical).  We can get off the hamster wheel of ceaseless striving that is favored in our Western society and simply ALLOW our lives to unfold and flow effortlessly.  In making God the center of our life, and allowing God to be our guide, our teacher, our helper, we are choosing love over fear.  It is only in fear that our lives become anxious, fretful, worrisome, constricted, stressful.  As Paul once said, “In perfect love there is no fear.” This is the truth we are attempting to embrace and the love we are attempting to embody so that God’s magic can live in and through us….and then we really are able to enjoy a magical, miraculous life and participate in the magic that God wants to unfold in our world.



Sehme Aniyahkah Sehme Oniyahkah

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The Spiritual Practice of Endurance

Today’s blog explores the spiritual practice of endurance and the virtue of faith – what to do when our life takes an unexpected and undesired turn.

Unexpected Turns

Sometimes live throws us an unexpected curveball, throwing us not only off our game, but sometimes out of the game entirely.  When this happens, we have no choice but to JUST KEEP WALKING, trusting there is a reason to what might seem like madness.  As I was contemplating today’s blog, the following quote showed up in my email inbox and I thought it couldn’t have shown up at a better time:

Failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy to finishing the only work that mattered to me. Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might never have found the determination to succeed in the one area where I truly belonged. I was set free, because my greatest fear had been realized, and I was still alive, and I still had a daughter whom I adored, and I had an old typewriter, and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.
—J. K. Rowling, Harvard commencement address, 2008

WOW!  When everything she had known and come to rely on was stripped from her life, JK Rowling scrutinized her life to uncover what really mattered to her – her daughter and her story (for those who might not know, Harry Potter!).  She did the only thing she could do….she showed up every day to her daughter and to her story.  She endured and she trusted. I bet she wondered on days if she were crazy for pursing a big idea in a pond of a million other big ideas and if anyone would give a damn about HER big idea.  But, in spite of these wonderings, she showed up.  She kept writing. The good news is that someone did give a damn about her big idea and now the rest is herstory!  😉

We’re not all JK Rowling

No, we are not all here to pen the next best selling novel.  But…..each of us are uniquely gifted to reveal love, peace, compassion, justice, mercy, forgiveness, beauty, creative expression, nurturing, service in the world in some way.  God seeks to be known in the world through each and every one of us….and sometimes we have to GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY in order for God to break through and be made known.  When the world that we have known collapses around our ears, as it did for JK Rowling, we can believe that something amazing is trying to be born.  When everything we have thought ourselves to be falls away, when every hope, dream, vision disappears in a puff of smoke, when we find ourselves on our knees begging for mercy because the world we have been living in has been pulled out from beneath our feet, we can expect that God wants to be made known through us in ways that perhaps we had never before imagined.  The challenge for us, however, is that while we cling to surety and find perceived security in knowing the plan and the outcome, this is not how it works – as JK Rowling can attest.  Instead, we have to stand there naked, stripped of everything we have known and TRUST that something is happening.

What to Do in the Meantime

The good news is that there is something we can do while we are standing there naked and working really hard at hoping and trusting.   The one thing we can do is ENDURE.  In other words….show up and keep walking.  JK Rowling had a typewriter, an idea and a coffee shop where she could write her idea.  What is the universe giving you?  Perhaps it is a job to show up to each day.  Perhaps it is a paintbrush and canvas.  Maybe it is a child to hold and friends to support you.  Maybe it is a big idea.  Whatever it is….SHOW UP to that….no matter how hard that might seem on some days.  Show up…show up….show up….and keep showing up.  Breathe.  Pray.  Get mad if you need to, grieve what you have lost…then show up again.  And like a seed that in the darkness mysteriously blossoms, you will find that your own seed too will blossom in time.

Lauri Lumby

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God Has a Sick Sense of Humor!

Today’s blog explores the inexplicable nature of God and the sometimes illogical path of our highest good.

God is Weird!

Just had to get that off my chest.  As I continue this journey of allowing the Universe (aka G0d) to help me to understand what the heck I am supposed to do when I grow up (about time I figured this out….I am 47 for God’s sake!)  I have been watching doors closing, while waiting to see what (if any) doors the Universe does want me to step through and in the midst of this wondering “Where is the money coming from?”   Yesterday was one of those days where three very specific doors were opened and I willingly stepped into two of them and the third I am in the midst of discerning.  The first door was facilitating a meditation workshop at a local community center.  The second was facilitating the Contemplative Sunday service that I offer weekly at a local wellness center.  Between the two, I shared roughly four hours of my time, not including prep and made $14.00.  This is what makes me laugh.  I was 100% sure that I was supposed to say yes to both of these opportunities and I did so with no attachment to the money.  And the small return on my investment (of time, talent, education, training, experience) makes me laugh at God’s sick sense of humor.  Apparently, these are not the areas from which the money will be coming – but I’m still supposed to be doing this.  (not only that, but I am feeling called to offer a second weekly service – again, knowing this will not be a significant source of income.)  Ha Ha…very funny God! 

The Bigger Picture

When I look through the money situation through a small lens, it would strike fear and terror in my soul (as I imagine would be true of most people).  But since last spring when I had my “fear of money” meltdown I have for the most part felt a strange sense of peace around the issue of money.  Admittedly, it could just be cold, hard denial….but somehow, someway, what I really need to survive is there.  What I have been learning through all of this is the TRUST IN GOD… trust that my needs and the needs of my family will be met – possibly in strange and unexpected ways.  And to LIVE IN THE MOMENT….to not get taken off task by those darn nagging money worries and to simply take ONE STEP AT A TIME trusting that each step is leading me SOMEWHERE.

Enter the Unexpected

So, here’s the other “God is weird and has a really strange sense of humor” part.  Last night at 9:30 pm, I received a phone call on my office line.  I can’t even tell you the details of this phone call because I am still discerning my response.  Suffice it to say that the call was an offer to receive, allow and say yes to something that I would NEVER even consider asking of for myself.  It is an offer that is at once humbling and overwhelming in its scope and its potential impact.  When I have completed my time of discernment around this offer and if I decide to say yes, I will then share with you how REALLY humbling this opportunity is.  Suffice it to say that in accepting this offer, I (and the world along with me) will be the recipients of God’s weird sense of humor!  Oh yeah, and the answer to the “where is the money coming from” question is “Wherever it is right now.” 

Where do you struggle with fears around money, abundance, security, etc.?

How are you being invited to LIVE IN THE MOMENT…..TRUST…..?

What tools do you use in discerning where God is calling you to share your gifts?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Saying Yes To What God Gives Me, Again

Today’s blog explores the topic of discernment – the process through which we determine God’s direction for our life – the direction that is in our highest good.

Now What?  Part 3

As I continue this process of discernment – trying to determine God’s direction for my life, I am reminded of a powerful mantra given to me by my Spiritual Director about this exact time last year.  The mantra is:

Say Yes To What God Gives Me

I have found this mantra to be a powerful tool of discernment, as well as acceptance and surrender.  As I sit in the gap following professional challenges and observe that certain professional doors may be closing and not yet knowing what the doors are that will be (or already are) opening, this mantra has become especially helpful and important.  In the past several weeks, God has given me:

  • Time away from professional obligations
  • Time to heal
  • Time to take a personal retreat and professional sabbatical
  • A place to retreat to and a friend to retreat with
  • Loving and supportive family and friends
  • The financial resources to be able to take this time away
  • Generous parents

As I slowly move out of the cave of retreat and make a gentle re-entry into the professional world, I am grateful for the things that God is now giving me:

  • A 12 week teaching contract facilitated by enthusiastic and supportive students.
  • A smattering of paying clients
  • Subscribers to Agape’
  • An enthusiastic editor
  • A terrific graphic designer
  • An offer from a client to design the interior of my next book
  • A trade client who is also a magnificent portrait artist who is hard at work on the portrait that will be the cover of my next book.
  • Time to write

As I gaze over the spectrum of what the Universe is giving me, the answer to “Ok, Now What?”  seems pretty clear:  FINISH THAT NOVEL!  You have the time, the resources, etc.  Of course the part of me that craves financial security is totally freaking out about this, but the direction seems pretty obvious….and the invitation is to TRUST, forge ahead and GET ER DONE!  So, I take a deep breath, say yes to what the Universe is giving me and step into the abyss of the unknown to write, edit, write some more and hand my novel over to the designers that will make it beautiful and the publishing vehicle that will make it available to the world.  YAY!


So, just a little preview:  The book is about Mary Magdalene (duh!) and her personal experience with Jesus (duh again!).

Putting it into practice

If you are facing a period of “Now what?” in your own life, or are simply restless and seeking new direction, this little discernment tool and mantra might prove to be helpful.

  • Ask the questions (now what?  Who do you want me to be?  What do you want me to do?)
  • Observe those things in your life that are no longer life-giving and be willing to let them go.
  • Watch for the things that do give you life.
  • Be attentive to the things the Universe seems to simply drop into your lap (even if you don’t initially think you want them… for me, three weeks with no paying clients)
  • Say yes to what the Universe gives you – again even if you don’t initially think you want them (like a closed or closing door)
  • TRUST that the Universe only has your highest good in mind
  • Surrender to what is
  • TRUST that the Universe will provide for your needs as you say yes to what you are being given.
  • ALLOW yourself to be carried into your new life…..if it is God-directed, excruciating effort will not be necessary.  (another thing to watch for as validation of your God-directed path).

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Magic, Miracles and the Truth of Abundance

Today’s blog explores the truth of an abundant Universe and the magic and miracles that happen when we believe this to be true.

The First Spiritual Fear

In my book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy, I reveal the Seven Spiritual Fears that prevent us from living a life of contentment and joy.  The first fear that I reveal is the fear that there is not enough. This fear arises out of our survival needs for food, clothing and shelter, but becomes distorted and irrational, causing us to constantly live in a state of anxiety over money, food, clothing, time, material possessions, money, money, money.  The truth that is the remedy to this fear and also revealed in my book is that the Divine meets all of our needs in abundance.  For most of us, it is a significant leap of faith to even consider the possibility that there is a Divine Source, let alone one who cares enough about us to make sure our needs are being met.  Then when faced with the reality of unemployment, a declining economy, world hunger and poverty, we really doubt this truth.  What we learn, however, is at the highest and deepest levels, this truth ultimately has nothing to do with our material world and has everything to do with our inner terrain.  Our original nature is peaceful and content and that inner state of peacefulness is independent of our external life circumstances.  In other words, even if we are dying of starvation and exposure in a Nazi prison camp, we can still know peace.  A tough pill to swallow to be sure, but this is the peace that God invites us into, invites us to remember and cultivate.  And, it is this deep well of inner peace that will give us comfort no matter what life throws at us.

Practicing What I Preach

Two years ago when it became obvious that divorce was inevitable, one of my teachers prophetically stated, “Well, now you will have an opportunity to practice what you preach.  You will be living the words written in your book.”  As the past 24 months unfolded, I can tell you there were many times I wish I had never written this dang book as I found myself choking on my own words.  Every fear that I teach about in Authentic Freedom came to bite me in the butt and I had to return again and again and again to what I had written.  The fear there is not enough was most certainly the most frequent visitor….and I still struggle with that fear from time to time and sometimes on a daily basis.  I guess the adage is true that we teach what we need to learn!

Proof in the Pudding

I do have to say, however, that everything I wrote in my book proved to be true.  In the face of all of my fears, through adherence to the principles of Authentic Freedom and engagement of the spiritual practices outlined in my book, I have found abundance, my own unique giftedness, empowerment, love, the freedom to generously share my gifts, insight and direction and most importantly the peace of remembering my Oneness with God and with all the Universe.  Specific to the fear there is not enough, the past week has been a glorious reminder of how truly abundant our God is and how our needs are abundantly met when we have faith and believe.  I want to share with you a few examples:

  • When I began this journey 24 months ago, a vision of a house appeared in my prayers – the house that would meet all the needs of myself and my children and my fledgling business.  I found what I thought was “the house” and lost it in a bidding war.  Later, I had a dream of a friend “giving” me a house.  This served as a reminder that the house that was in our highest good would come in some magical and miraculous way.  A month or so later, this is exactly what happened.  My children and I now live in a magical, amazing home that also houses my business and I am head over heels in love with this house!
  • When struggling with the fear there is not enough  last week, I brought it to prayer and in my prayer, I saw a vision of two fish and five loaves of bread.  Duh…..loaves and fishes.  God was giving me a message.  I was smart enough to hear the message and believe it.  I then paid my bills and found I had more than enough money to cover the bills and may have even discovered a $300 error, in my favor, in my bank account.  (still waiting for verification of that error)
  • I have a suggested fee that is in the reach of many of my clients, but out of the reach for some.  My commitment to God has been to offer my gifts without regard to people’s ability (or lack thereof) to pay.  As a result, I have worked out discounts, trades and barters with several clients.  One of my standing “jokes” around my trade and bartering is “Now I just need to find a farmer who will give me food in exchange for Reiki.”  Yesterday it showed up in an even bigger package than what I had asked for.  One client brought produce from her own garden and venison that her husband had hunted.  Another client brought a bag of organic groceries from my favorite Co-op in Madison.  When it rains it pours!
  • In an effort to meet my client goal for the week, I posted a message on Facebook, inviting past and current clients and friends to send people my way.  That very day, I got three new clients….completely unrelated to the Facebook request.

So, I guess the moral of the story is that God really does meet our needs when we have faith and believe.  And in those moments when I find I am unable to believe or trust in an abundant God, this is the prayer that gives me comfort:

Lord, Help me in my unbelief.

Because I have also found that all the praying in the world sometimes doesn’t calm our fears….and in those moments I know that only God can help me to believe.

Where do you struggle with the fear “there is not enough?”

What tools do you have for moving through that fear into belief in abundance?

Where do you turn to God for help when you are afraid?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Love Letters from God

Yesterday, I gave the following spiritual exercise to a client who is working on trust issues: trusting themselves, trusting others, trusting God.  I have found this exercise to be a powerful tool for opening the heart to love and to the truth of Divine love.  God is loving, kind, gracious….the very essence of love itself…and God loves us beyond what we could ever possibly imagine!  The trick is, can we really, truly, honestly believe in the abundantly flowing love of God?


A Spiritual Exercise:

In this exercise, you are invited to read through the scripture passage below.  Then, going back, replace “Jacob” and “Israel” with your own name, then re-read the passage below as if it is a love letter from God written directly to you.  Read through it several times, reflect and meditate on what you read and if you feel called to do so, record your thoughts in a notebook or journal.

But now, thus says the Lord,

who created you, O Jacob, and formed you, O Israel:

Fear not for I have redeemed you;

I have called you by name, you are mine.

When you pass through water, I will be with you;

In rivers you shall not drown.

When you walk through fire, you shall not be burned;

The flames shall not consume you.

For I am the Lord your God,

the Holy One of Israel, your savior.

I give Egypt as your ransom,

Ethiopia and Seba in return for you.

Because you are precious in my eyes

And glorious

And because I love you.

Isaiah 43: 1-4a

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Saying Yes to What God Gives Me

On the path of spiritual growth and enlightenment, we are called to move away from resistance and toward a receptive posture of surrender.  How can we look at the things we would otherwise consider challenging, or something we would choose to reject and instead offer a heart-felt YES!?  We might be surprised at how this simple word can change our lives. 

Words from Nowhere

Last Thursday I had a session with my Spiritual Director who just so happens to also be a Healing Touch Therapy practitioner.  The beauty of this is that not only do I get the gift of Spiritual Direction, but I get to follow it up with a nurturing and healing session of Healing Touch.  YUMMY!  Before starting the Healing Touch session, my Spiritual Director always asks, “What is your intention for this healing?”  Usually my answer is “Openness” or “Surrender” – something that has some sort of action to it.  She asked me the question and before I even had a chance to think I heard the answer coming out of my mouth, “YES.”  My Spiritual Director and I looked at each other with startled looks on our faces,  “Yes?”  What the heck does that mean?  But who are we to question words that come out of nowhere, so we decided to go with it.

A Basket of Fortune Cookie Wisdom

After a relaxing and rejuvenating hour of Healing Touch, my Spiritual Director always closes the session with the Basket of Fortune Cookie Wisdom.  Inside the basket are hundreds of little pieces of paper folded up with inspirational messages inside.  I reached my hand into the basket….and this is what I drew:

Let me have new energy.  Let me have a new sense of purpose.  Let me know that I am on this earth to serve.  Let me not feel guilty about the expression of my power.  Let me no longer play small, regardless of other people’s reactions to me when I play big.

– Marianne Williamson

After reading this words, a big spark of celebration rose up within me and I did a little “YES” dance….YES YES YES YES YES….I say YES to all of this.  So perhaps this is what the “Yes” that preceded the Healing Touch meant.  Ha….I should know better than to think that would be all.  Too easy.  Too simple.  Too direct.

The Words that Haunt Me

This all started on a Thursday and while I thought it might just be a simply yes to Marianne Williamson’s words, God had the last word.  The invitation to “YES” would not leave me alone.  It haunted my waking and sleeping hours.  I accompanied me to my daughter’s choir performance, it joined me at the grocery store.  “ALRIGHT ALREADY….WHAT DO YOU WANT?”  I asked that darn yes.  The reply?

Say YES to what God gives you.

Then I fell to my knees.  As allowed myself to HEAR these words, I felt their energy pierce the crown of my head and shoot all the way through my body, bringing me (figuratively) to my knees.  I felt humbled, awestruck and overwhelmed by the enormity of this invitation.  Say yes to what God gives me.  AND THAT MEANS EVERYTHING!!!!!!

What a difference a shift makes

Everything!  Say yes to EVERYTHING God gives me.  Say yes to a failed marriage.  Say yes to grieving children.  Say yes to kids fighting their heads off.  Say yes to my bitchy moods when my kids are at each others’ throats.  Say yes to loss.  Say yes to death.  Say yes to disease.  Say yes to depression, anxiety, panic attacks.  Say yes to not having a regular paycheck.  Say yes to having to trust in God to provide.  Say yes to the failure of capitalism, the Church, government, corporate power and greed, (ok, these are kinda easy to say yes to.)  Say yes to co-dependency (ARGH!).  Etc. etc. etc.   It is easy to say yes to the “good” things in life, but is God really asking me to say “Yes” to the things I want to reject, purge from my body, work toward healing and ridding myself of.  It seems the answer is “YES.”  SIGH!

Yes as a posture of surrender and trust

“Yes” doesn’t mean we lay here like a victim and allow the world to trample us.  It is really more about accepting a posture of radical surrender and trust.  Can I greet the things in life that I would normally resist with an attitude and posture of welcome?  Can I look at my depression and anxiety when they show up and say, “Welcome, I know you are here as something that will ultimately prove to work toward my highest good.  I will not reject you, but hold you in a space of quiet acceptance and trust.  Also knowing, this too shall pass.”  What a difference this tiny shift in perception can make.  Can we greet a diagnosis, a loss and betrayal with the same kind of acceptance?   While we don’t have to like the diagnosis, can we hold it in a place of silent trusting….that something larger is at work….something that will ultimately serve as a vehicle of growth and transformation?  While we instinctively want to say, “HELL NO,” it seems that we are being invited to explore the possibility of “YES” and see how it might transform our lives.  I’m going to try it on for awhile and see what happens.

What are the things in your life that are easy to say yes to?

What are the things you like to reject, resist, would like to say “no” to?

How are you being invited to try on “Yes” for awhile?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Exiting the Desert

Today’s blog explores the desert stage of the spiritual journey and the process through which we are invited to exit the desert and enter into a new life.

Desert Time

I’m back…..or so it seems!  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers of support as I tended to my parents during and post-surgery.  (my father had both kidneys removed on April 19th).  Even before taking this medical hiatus, I had been invited into the spiritual desert.  I had moved out of the home I had shared with my husband (soon to be ex) and children for the past 13 years and into a friend’s basement.  My business came to a screeching halt.  My book was put on what seemed like eternal hold.  I was forced to enter into the desert where I would be forced to let go of everything I thought I knew about myself, about my life path, about my hopes, dreams, desires, professional aspirations, etc.  I was forced into the desert seemingly without financial resources or security, etc.  and had nothing to hang onto except my faith in God and trust in the loving support of family and friends.  I knew the desert was where I was being sent when in frustration I shook my fist at God and said, “Ok, now what am I supposed to do?  And the answer I received, “Forty days in the desert.”

Desert Lessons

So, here is what I learned in the desert:

  • Be wary of temptation – temptation to indulge my compulsions, my fears, my ego.  In the desert (as Jesus discovered)….is where temptation lives.  I came face to face with all my unhealed wounds, fears, false-perceptions, attachments….even those I thought were good attachments, like the desire to buy a house and to stay in Oshkosh for the rest of my life.  HHHMMM
  • Live in the moment – in the desert, you have NO CHOICE but to live ONE MOMENT at a time!  No plans, no agenda, no itinerary, no schedules allowed in the desert.  In this way, we are forced to listen to our inner guide and make choices in the moment.
  • All needs will be met….in abundance.  I know, crazy, right?  But true.  During my time in the desert, I saw very few clients, taught no classes.  All my regular sources of income had dried up to close to nothing.  But what happened?  Money came to me literally out of NOWHERE!  An unexpected royalty for a class I developed that was being taught by a colleague and an unexpected tax refund.  In the end, God provides!
  • Be open to surprises.  In the desert, God startles us out of our complacency, our personal agendas and hidden plans and changes all the rules.  God’s startling revelations, I find, are WAY better than anything I could ever have imagined myself!

Exiting the Desert

As my fortieth day in the desert approached (which was ironically, Easter Sunday), an awareness settled upon me that my time in the desert had been served and that the road out was now set before me.  I’m still not sure where this new road will be leading, but I am trusting, waiting and watching….and most importantly, not stepping until I am sure it is time to step….not speaking until I’m sure I’m called to speak, not sharing until I’m sure I’m called to share.  What I do know is that the road out seems to be leading to a new life….a life unexpected….a new direction but one that feels VERY VERY familiar.  And, when I know exactly what that is….you will be the first to know!

Where have you experienced the spiritual desert in your own life?

What were your lessons in the desert?

What was the new life that you found on the other side of the desert?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Radical Trust

As we move along the path of spiritual growth, awakening and enlightenment, we are invited into a posture of radical trust – setting aside all we think we know about how things happen and how dreams are made manifest.  YIKES!

O Lord, hear my prayer and let my cry come to you.

Hide not your face from me in the day of my distress.

Incline your ear to me;

in the day that I call, answer me speedily.

Psalm 102


The invitation

Working with one of my spiritual teachers yesterday, I was extended an invitation to embrace radical trust. This is not a new invitation, but apparently one about which I needed a gentle reminder.  Radical trust is this: believing that the universe is benevolent and is at work guiding and leading us toward and actually manifesting what is in our highest good each and every day!  In embracing radical trust there is nothing we have to do but wait, observe and be open to seeing, receiving and believing.  In a world that is all about to-do lists, goals, actions and reactions, radical trust presents  a scary alternative.  Our to-do lists, 5-year and 10-year goals, action plans, strategies, etc. give us a sense of surety and security so the idea of leaving these behind and surrendering to “wait, observe, see, receive,” might feel like a threat to our very existence.


What hasn’t worked

So, let’s take a look at how well our Western, pragmatic, goal-oriented approach has worked.  Our government is on the verge of collapse, corporate America is in a state of ready decline, our economy is in the pits, the institutions that have defined our culture – church, education, medicine, are all on the verge of imploding from within. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.  The US dollar continues to decline.   Global warming.  Melting of the polar caps.  Earthquakes.  Devastating weather patterns.  HHHMMMMM   Seems like the “to do” model isn’t working so well. 


Daring something different

So, what would happen if we tried something else?  What would happen if we dropped our to-do lists, quit strategizing, planning, manipulating, manifesting and took the time to SIMPLY BE!  What would happen if we took the time to BE QUIET….to LISTEN….to WAIT….to OBSERVE……most importantly…..TO TRUST????   What would happen if we believed the universe/God, had our highest good in mind and is doing the work of leading us toward it?  What if we set aside our own plans and let the universe plan it for us, lead us to it and helped us to receive it?  We might just find that what the universe draws us to and actually brings forth in our lives might be more magnificent than what we ever could have imagined for ourselves.  Cool!


The Resistance Dance

I know, I know….even as I put forth this proposal, every ounce of our beings are doing a little, “No, no, no” dance…a spiritual temper tantrum if you will.  We don’t want to give up our plans, our to-do lists, our own ideas of what is best for us.  We want to drive the boat and control the outcome.  But…..if we really want a life of peace, joy and compassion, we have to step out of our drive to control and let the benevolent universe/God be in charge.  AND….in order to do this what do we need?    TRUST  Radical Trust!


An experiment

So, I’m not asking you to give up all control immediately.  I acknowledge that this might put you (ahem…me!) into shock.  But, what if you just tried it on for a bit?  Just for today, set aside your plans, your to-do list, your strategies, your list of goals and take a day to simply Be.  Spend time in quiet.  Observe the movement of your life.  Watch for surprises, the unexpected, coincidences and synchronicities.  See what shows up and follow its thread.  You might be surprised at where you are being led.


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries