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Teacher, Teach Thyself. Lessons about Money

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Teacher Teach Thyself!

I’m going in a little bit different direction with this week’s empowerment newsletter. Instead, I stand before you naked and vulnerable and confess to you a lesson that I learned (and am apparently still learning) TODAY through this week’s gospel reading. The lesson for me is about money and the first of the seven spiritual fears as outlined in Authentic Freedom – the fear that there is not enough.

A little background. Since stepping out on my own, beyond the Institutional Church into the secular world – offering what the Church traditionally offers….or rather what they SHOULD be offering – I have offered a sliding fee scale. I have set a suggested fee for my programs and services and asked people to “pay what they are able.” I have done this because I believe this is what Jesus would have done. (Actually, Jesus seemed to offer what he did freely…..but in this culture, I’m not sure this is possible. I do need to eat, pay rent, put clothes on my children’s backs). I have offered this sliding fee scale believing that if I provide for others, God would provide for me. Admittedly, the results have been mixed. I have always had what I needed to survive, AND I have had to be very creative with finances and trusted on the generosity of family and friends to make this all work (and believe me, “making this work” is a subjective measurement!). For me personally, this has been a rollercoaster journey of trying to trust, being afraid, feeling as if I am being supported and shaking my fist at God when finances look grim….which they often do.


From the client and student side of this kind of arrangement, again, the response has been mixed. Many, who are financially able, are happy to pay my full fees, because they value themselves, they value the work we do together and they are willing to do the work. The majority are not able to pay my full fees, but do pay what they are able and are happy to do so…again, because they value themselves, the work, etc. With these folks, a) and b), I am humbled and honored to work. I am grateful for their ability to pay because I know they are being honest and sincere in their part of the exchange….AND I know they are truly paying what they are able….perhaps even making sacrifices elsewhere so that they can pay to support themselves.

Then there are the freeloaders. Those who ask for a reduced fee, when they don’t really need it. Those who I know have the funds, and who then offer me a ridiculously low exchange – as if they believe I should be doing this work for free or that they are entitled in some way to special treatment. Those who beg for a lower fee, or ask to be given a “scholarship” and then tell me about all the other ways they are spending their money on things that are not a necessity. To my ego, this is maddening, disappointing and insulting. And to the part of me who worries about how she is going to pay the bills, this is terrifying.

So what to do? Some have told me to “get a real job.” Others have suggested I dilute my time and energies with part time work to supplement my pay. Whoo whoo people have told me to “think the right thoughts and the money will be there.” Others have suggested I get tough around my money policies – again, setting higher fees, boundaries around payment, etc. All of this geared toward “success” and “reward” in the material world. Believe me, I have tried all of the above and every time I do, I fall FLAT on my face. I try to set boundaries and instead end up putting my own foot in my mouth by going after the wrong person. The “real jobs” elude me – even those for which I am perfectly qualified and know all the right people. I couldn’t think any more “right thoughts” if my life depended on it. I’ve tried the part-time thing and what I discovered is that after doing the soul-sucking part time work, I have nothing left to give to my clients, classes, writing, etc. and my business ends up drying up and floating away into nothing. Again, all of these efforts, as it turns out, are geared toward “securing” success and reward as they are defined in the material world.


Jesus taught something different:

“When you hold a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind; blessed indeed will you be because of their inability to repay you. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”  Luke 14: 14

The answer to my quandary about what do to, is to DO NOTHING. All this time, I’ve been looking for the “fair exchange” in the material realm. In this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus reminds us, it is not in “this world” where we shall have our reward. Instead, it is in the other world that is not defined by human measures – the “kingdom of God” that Jesus taught was within.

I don’t exactly have that all figured out yet, what that means, or how I might experience this, but my sense is that it has something to do with:

  • Offering my services freely and openly to those who need them.
  • Gratefully accepting whatever is offered in the way of payment.
  • Checking my ego at the door when my fears are triggered by money (or lack thereof).
  • No longer defining my value in monetary terms or in worldly measures of “success” (like whether or not I got a big-house publishing contract or have an email mailing list of 30,000).
  • No longer believing it is my job to set an example for others about money and self-value (especially if money has nothing to do with our value….it is just another lie we’ve been telling ourselves).
  • Simply letting go of the money thing as the central focus of my life and turning my attention instead to the Divine within, trusting I (the Big I) will take care of me. (YIKES!)

This is scary stuff! Trusting that all my needs will be met as I turn my attention inward, in connection with that which some might call God? Trusting that all my needs will be met as I minister to all those who are in need of and who might benefit from my services? Trusting all my needs will be met no matter who or how people are able to pay? Trusting all my needs will be met when the reward is not outside of me but is within? Again, this is scary stuff. And when I face this fear (more than any of the other Authentic Freedom fears), I ask myself, “Why did I write that dang book?” Because now I have to LIVE IT! YIKES!


As I have said, and learned a million times, “Authentic Freedom” is not for the faint of heart! But if I’m going to teach this material, I’d dang well better live it!

So, there you have it! I’ll keep you posted as to how this all turns out. In the meantime, I invite you to reflect on this fear and its place in your own life? Where are you fearful that there won’t be enough? How central of a role do thoughts about money play in your life? How are you measuring success in material terms? How is your own sense of value defined by money? This is deep and tough stuff….especially in a culture whose refrain has become “Show me the money.” Let me know how you work this thing out!

Humbly yours,


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The Rest of the Secret

Yesterday’s blog on manifestation – inviting us to move beyond “the Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” as methods of accomplishing our Soul’s purpose, was a huge success.  Apparently we are all tired of being told that it is our fault (because we did not think the right thoughts) for having the life of the Kardashians (not that we want that life…but you get my drift).  After posting the blog, I realized one critical piece was missing …  so without further ado…here is the rest of the Soul’s truth about manifestation and how we will bring our Soul’s purpose into its fulfillment as we move into the new world:

Addendum to “Beyond The Secret and The Law of Attraction”:

In the new world, faith and belief are one.  There will be no separation between our Soul’s knowing and our thoughts.  Faith and belief will be one!  All that we are and all that we do will unfold naturally from the place of our Soul, unhindered by the thoughts which might arise out of the false perception of separation and fear.


Amen!  Amen!  Halleluiah!


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Beyond “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction”

The Law of Attraction is OUT!

Since the release of The Secret, and other books and videos of a similar vein, the magic formula for manifesting has been credited to the Law of Attraction – giving our thoughts credit for manifesting what we want:  “Think the right thoughts and you will get what you want.”  Even though I will ruffle the feathers of many, especially those who are attached to the law of attraction as the proven method for getting what they want, (or who have made their millions selling books, videos and products predicated on this belief) I must boldly go where no woman has gone before me.  As we evolve to the next stage of our spiritual evolution, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IS OUT – if it ever was in at all. Here’s why:


3D Duality-based perceptions

The Law of Attraction arose out of a 3D (duality based) construct – emerging out of the separation between faith and belief.  Faith is a natural and effortless outpouring of the Soul’s knowing of what we need in our life while effortlessly leading us toward it and drawing it toward us.  The voice of the Soul, which arises out of faith, provides the inspiration we need and the energy and motivation required when action is called for.  Faith is effortless…it is a deep inner knowing of our truest nature and the path of our Soul.  Faith is constant, persistent, grounded, sure and unwavering.  Belief, on the other hand, is of the mind and requires effort.  Belief is inconsistent, ungrounded, unsure and wavering as it is driven by the fearful nature of the human condition.  We might think of the distinction between belief and faith, as the difference between knowing in the mind and knowing in the heart.

Three grave falsehoods

In 3D where duality exists and fear reigns, the Law of Attraction may have proven to be effective for some (though maybe they simply mistook the voice of the Soul for thought).  It is important to acknowledge, however, that the Law of Attraction – the idea that “thinking the right thoughts will get us what we want”, is founded on three grave falsehoods:

  1. That what we want is in our highest good.
  2. That thoughts guide manifestation.
  3. That we have control over our thoughts.


Beginning with number three:

Thoughts, in and of themselves, are a function of our lower self – and are mostly based on past experiences and future fantasies, never arising out of a state of pure being.  Thoughts are rooted in fears that arise out of our false perception of separation (from ourselves, God, the universe), and are therefore illusory.  Thoughts arise of their own volition and while we can still them and quiet them through mindfulness based, creativity and movement practices, mostly the movement of our thoughts is beyond our control.  We can, however, distinguish thought from faith.  Faith is the voice of the Soul which speaks to us through insight, inspiration, true knowledge, deep knowing, and understanding.  All of these arise out of a state of pure being – those states of consciousness where thought has ceased – where we are one within ourselves,  one with God, one with all of creation.  The mind is still and here the Soul can speak.


#2 Contrary to what is believed, taught, and sold by many, thoughts do not guide manifestation.  Instead, it is the guidance of the Soul that empowers manifestation – when we allow it to speak – when we accept its guidance, when we still the thoughts (usually fearful or anxiety-ridden) that tell us all the reasons we should not follow the Soul’s guidance, and then take action where appropriate (if action is needed).

#1 What we want is not always in our highest good.   Want arises out of the ego and out of our false perception of separation.  Want arises out of fear, especially out of our egoic perception of lack.  The mind (the origin of want) does not know what is in our highest good…it only knows what it wants.  The voice of the Soul, in contrast. does not speak in the language of want. The Soul knows what is in our highest good and what we need to fulfill our life’s purpose.  What we need arises effortlessly out of an unconditionally loving Source of support who has only our highest good in mind.  When we operate out of the place of faith (Soul), we want for nothing because we understand that wherever we are at this place in our lives is exactly where we need to be for the sake of our Soul’s unfolding. When we function out of a duality based set of perceptions, no matter what we have, it is never enough.

As we evolve and grow as a species and work together to usher in a new world rooted in love instead of fear, the Law of Attraction is one idea that we are being invited to set aside.  In its place is the pure knowledge of Faith – Faith that is the effortless and unbidden guidance of the Soul – if we would only take the time to quiet the mind (and its thoughts) so that we might hear it speak.

In short:

The Law of Attraction requires that we DO something (think the right thoughts).

In the world of Faith – we need only BE.  Our Soul will “do” the rest.

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