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Earth Changes – Hang on to your Hat!

  • Are you feeling a profound intensity in the world right now?
  • Are you observing an increase in stress, irritability, pressure?
  • Are you or your loved ones feeling ornery, snipping and snarking at each other?
  • Is time feeling rushed, compressed?
  • Do the things around you seem to be GRINDING TO A HALT, falling completely away or significantly changing in form?
  • Are you finding yourself longing to STAY HOME and in direct contrast, wanting to GO OUT, but only with people and in places that feel “safe” to you?
  • Have you had trouble sleeping or if you are sleeping, finding your sleep filled with intense and sometimes anxious dreams, leaving you tired and worn out in the morning?
  • Are you wanting to nap, nap, nap?
  • Are you worried about or at least wondering about the chaotic and ridiculous events going on in the political world?
  • Are you worried or wondering about the dramatic and often violent weather patterns?


If any of the above resonate as true for you, you are observing what I have come to call, “Earth changes.”  Some refer to these “symptoms” as part of the current human evolutionary journey of ascension.  Whatever you call it, it is difficult to deny that SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT is happening.  There are a million and one websites that can give you the scoop in intimate detail (My favorites are Think With Your Heart, Power Path, Solara and Spirit Library).  I will leave them to the details.  Here is the message I want to share with you today as a source of support for you as you navigate these interesting waters!

INTENSE INTENSE INTENSE is the word that Power Path gave to the month of April, and I could not agree more.  Holy cow!  ENORMOUS transformational opportunities (for me it seems to be all about bats, priesthood and shamanism – who ever heard of a Catholic Woman Shamanistic Priest?????….more on that later!).  But I digress.  The energy this month is INTENSE and it is firmly anchored in its intensity by a plethora of powerfully significant astrological events!  (again, I’ll leave the details to the experts).  While all of this intensity is going on and I’m watching it come out sideways in my children, and hearing about the chaos from my clients, I am actually feeling pretty calm, cool and collected (except for the tiny matter of bats who keep finding their way into my house….sigh!).  Of course, as soon as I say this, my Irish is looking over her shoulder for the shoe to drop.  Mind you, it is not as if I haven’t been tempted by fear, doubts, concerns over money, work, school, etc., and I am concerned about the ridiculous political events going on in the world, and I’m worried about the death and destruction brought on by the currently violent weather patterns.  But, I am feeling surprisingly peaceful in the midst of it.  I sat down this morning to ponder this….wondering what I am doing that is helping me to feel calm in the midst of the chaos and intensity of April and I identified a few things that I think might provide you with some inspiration and support as you too try to navigate this INTENSITY.  So….here is what I have found to be helpful and supportive in helping me stay peaceful in the midst of the insanity:

1) My spiritual practice.  I can’t say enough about this!  The first thing I do every day is give time to my spiritual practice.  Scripture.  Meditation practice.  Some sacred music. Journaling if I feel so called. I have found that what I give to God in my practice, I receive back a hundred-fold.

2) BOUNDARIES. I have become diligent and somewhat militant about identifying and setting boundaries for myself and around inter-personal relationships.  I listen to my gut and if there is a “disturbance in the force,” I find out what that is and respond to it.  I say no when I mean no and yes, only when I am certain of the yes.  And for me, “maybe” means no (or not yet). I have learned time and time again the truth of the advice my spiritual once gave to me, “The most loving thing you can do for those you love, is to do what is most loving for yourself!”

3) Making room for EASE.  As a type-A, overachiever, workaholic, recovering perfectionist, my life has been defined by my work.  In this time of intensity, I am finding it supportive to MAKE ROOM FOR EASE.  Doing things simply for the sake of enjoyment.  Taking a nap when so-called.  Sitting and simply being and doing nothing.  Ceasing from striving.  In this, I feel my life opening up, the time around me becoming more expansive and in this space, I CAN BREATHE!

4) GET OUTSIDE!  For me, this has meant making the best of the late arrival of spring to get in the gardens, and to make my yard a sacred space (more on that later too!).  Getting my hands in the soil (no gloves for me….I love the feel of dirt!), planting seeds, making my yard a beautiful space, all has helped me to feel grounded and whole.  And, there is an enormous feeling of satisfaction after accomplishing a job well-done, that just happens to also be creative and joyful!

5) Be with the people you love.  And finally, setting time aside to be with the people I love and making this a priority.  I am suddenly finding myself wanting to meet more friends for coffee, having friends over for dinner, meet friends out at fundraisers and philanthropic events.  Friends friends friends and lots of love.  In the end, I think this piece is all about surrounding ourselves with love and through this magnifying its effects.  After all…..if these earth changes are about anything, they are about TURNING THE WORLD TO LOVE.


Hang on to your hat as we ride the waves of intensity which are helping to support the birth of a new earth and a new experience of life on this planet.  And in the meantime, I hope some of the above help you to find the calm in the midst of the storm.


All love,


Lauri Lumby

Catholic Woman Shamanic Priest 😉