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This is Not a Test – Our Divine Mother Speaks


Divine Mother by Nadia King

My beloved children, I speak to you today to right a wrong that has been imposed upon you for the past 5000 years. While it was no fault of their own except the mistake of faulty perceptions, the Hebrew prophets and the Christian apostle, Paul spoke wrongly about me – specifically as it relates to there being some sort of test – some sort of test that you need to undergo and successfully accomplish in order to earn my love.

My heart is deeply saddened for those men, again by no fault of their own, that this is how they came to view Me, influenced as they were by those who brought their god of fear and then forced him down their throat.

To put it plainly, This is Not a Test!

There never was a test and there never will be a test – not imposed upon you or initiated for you by me, anyway. I do not place obstacles in your path to test your love.  I do not cause you suffering or pain to try your love.  I do not give you trials or hardship to see if you are strong enough.  And I certainly don’t have a checklist of trials that you must successfully accomplish to be welcomed back into my loving arms when your time in the earthly adventure is finished.  Where I Am is your home and this is the only home you will return to when the human experiment is over.

The only test, if we can even call it a test, is the human condition. This experience that you chose, and which I gave you freely because you asked for it so that you might learn and grow, is a test, but only in all the ways it tempts you to forget Me, to forget your perfection as a reflection of Me, and to forget the love that you are as a reflection of Me.  This is the only test there is – what you choose to do with the experiences that life gives you….do you allow them to take you away from your true self – your perfect and loving presence, or do you allow it to draw you ever closer to your truth – the truth of the Love that you are and the truth of the Love that you know in Me.  But even in this, it is really not a test…it just feels that way when viewed through the lens of separation.  And the “test” if you want to call it that, only determines how you experience the human condition – not what you will know when the human experiment is complete.  Do you want to know my Love while you live or suffer while you are here, hoping for the heavenly reward?

My desire for you is that you know my Love here, while you still live, because this is for what you were made.

I loved you into being and made you for the purpose of love. The human condition gives you the opportunity to learn this truth.  Some have spoken about being made perfect, gold being tested in fire, etc.  There is nothing to be made perfect because you are already perfect in my eyes because I made you and because you are a part of me.  Would your Divine Mother make anything less than perfect?  Even the platypus is perfectly made for the environment in which it is living.  And so it is for you.

This is not a test and I lovingly invite you to give up believing that it is so that you can simply enjoy the Love I made for you.

Your Loving Divine Mother.