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Praying for Peace in Syria

Dear Subscribers,

Being an empath has its gifts and challenges.  It is a gift because it helps me to support the healing journey of others.  It is a curse when you are forced to feel the energies of something over which you have no control.  Today….actually this whole week….is one of those times.   The world is currently in a state of chaos (when is it not)….and this morning, I felt it more acutely and more directly that any other time this week.  While in yoga this morning, I felt an enormous pressure descending on me….it felt tight, constricting, fearful and violent.  And then I saw an image in my mind of Syria and heard the country of Syria calling out for help in its distress.  I felt the burden of the crisis, the fear, the seeming lack of resolution and the tension of the conflict.  Then, I found myself overcome with tears at the likely response to the Syrian crisis.  And then I prayed:

I pleaded with God for peace in Syria and in other areas in the Middle East facing crisis (including Egypt). I begged God to intervene on behalf of the entire world.  I pleaded for a peaceful resolution and a harmonious end to this conflict.  I begged that the United States NOT be compelled to decide that violence will end violence, knowing the likely result would be WWIII.  I prayed for all the people of Syria, for our government and other world leaders, I prayed for us….and I prayed for our children – they deserve a better world than the one that is being created for them.

If you feel so called, I am inviting you to join me in this prayer.  To pray for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria and that love be planted in the hearts of all involved in the conflict.  To pray for an end to violence as a response to ignorance and fear and to pray for an outpouring of love for our broken and fearful world.  I do believe in the power of prayer and I invite you to join with me in believing and hoping in a better world.

Thank you!


Peace Dove