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Standing Rock – a Herald of What is to Come

Yesterday, our local Authentic Freedom community held its weekly gathering and we welcomed home three (now four) of our members who had just returned from Standing Rock.  We held space for them to share their (literally) 48 hour experience.  They were onsite at Standing Rock for all of two days and what they experienced was profound.  And just as they were about to depart, and thanks to some Divine intervention, one of the members was able to hear the announcement that the easement was denied (for now).  There is not enough space here to describe all they experienced, but a few things stood out for me as critical for us as we move into the new world.


1) PRAYER WORKS.  1/3 of the Standing Rock settlement is dedicated to ritual and prayer.  Hundreds (if not thousands) of people, led by the elders and the children are in a constant state of prayer and ritual for peace and in protection of the water.  Silent prayer. Ritual. Drumming. Dance.  All for a single intention – a peaceful resolution to the problem.

2) Commitment to non-violence.  Every person who arrives at Standing Rock has to attend the non-violence training.  They are directed as to what they can and cannot do (under the law).  How to respond to conflict.  How to form a peaceful barrier.  How to help people who might be injured.  How to manage one of the peacemakers who might become aggressive.  At all times – to defer EVERYTHING to the guidance and wisdom of the Elders.  The elders are the authority in all that is happening at Standing Rock.  They received the vision and the prophecy and how to respond to it.  The Elders are the guides and have the final say.

3) Self-sustaining.  MONEY is not given or received at Standing Rock as a means of exchange.  Every service is offered free of charge, with the understanding that you will work in exchange for what you have received.  In this, Standing Rock has become self-sustaining.  (Donations of food, winter clothing, firewood, medical supplies, etc. are still welcome and desperately needed as the peaceful protest continues!)

4) Order comes out of chaos.  Without the “help” of the Army Corps of Engineers or the National Guard, Standing Rock has become a city unto itself.  The Native people have guided its construction, based on centuries of living a nomadic lifestyle.  While it may look chaotic to white people, to the Native’s it has order and there are guidelines and rules.  It works.

5) When in Native lands, follow their rules, their guidelines, their wisdom.  Do not impose white man’s ideas on thousands of centuries of wisdom and experience.  Native time is the rule at Standing Rock.  Put away your watches, your electronics and simply show up where you are needed in the time you are needed.  Let things unfold as they need to.  Show up when it works for you and stay until you are done.

As these experiences were unfolded before us, I saw a vision.  I saw that Standing Rock is the microcosm for the macrocosm and a herald of what is to come.  As the 3D world falls into chaos, these are the principles we will need to know and embrace in building the new world.  Order will come out of chaos, and we will need to employ Native wisdom to support its unfolding.  And finally……the two biggest take-aways for me: The critical importance of prayer (1/3 of the village!) and the importance of a commitment to non-violence and that non-violence does work!

Learn how you can support the ongoing peaceful protest at Standing Rock HERE. 

Watch this blog for more reflections from the Authentic Freedom community on Standing Rock!

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Nothing Good to Say

I wish I had something good to say about the events that are unfolding in our world, but I don’t. The military and law-enforcement response to the peaceful protest at Standing Rock is beyond repulsive.  The team that our  president-elect is gathering around him, quite frankly, frightens me.  The ongoing violence in Syria, the millions who have been killed and the millions who are now displaced is inexcusable.  The political tensions arising throughout the world is palpable.  And the teetering global financial markets are enough to disturb any rational human being.  As an empath and a highly sensitive person, I have been feeling the disturbance of all of this in increased anxiety, vertigo, and today, I’m on day 6 of a migraine headache.  To say that what is going on in our world “sucks” is an understatement.

But as a “spiritual teacher” I’m supposed to have something good to say about all this suck-i-ness, right?! I’m supposed to give us something to be hopeful about, right?  I’m supposed to shed some whoo whoo light on this, right?!  Please, Lauri, Please, give us something good to feel about all this yuk!!!  But the bottom line is, there is nothing good about any of this.  There is nothing good because it is all rooted in BAD!

For a very long time, our political system has sucked! No longer is it “by the people for the people,” it is for those who hold the gold, who pad the pockets of our lawmakers to satisfy their own greedy and selfish needs…..hence the protests at Standing Rock!

For a very long time, the United States has been one of the biggest assholes in the world. Waving the banner of our consumeristic, capitalistic, white, privileged, affluent society (with our spokespersons, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!), while the rest of the world struggles just to feed themselves and keep a roof over their head.  No wonder other countries hate us!

For a very long time, we have not cared for our earth. We have raped it (after raping and killing the First Nation peoples who treated our planet as sacred) and pillaged it for our own selfish means.  And then, when some people got smart and pointed out the damage we were doing to our planet and secured safeguards for keeping our air and water clean, “those who hold the gold” picked up their manufacturing facilities and deported their toxic manufacturing practices to developing countries so they could destroy the environments there (now we’re back to being the assholes).

Then there’s the whole money and banking thing. To begin with, our money isn’t even real!  It’s no longer based in gold.  It isn’t even based in oil.  Our money is based in DEBT!  Do you understand what that means?  The American dollar is worth LESS THAN ZERO!  LESS THAN ZERO!  This doesn’t even make sense!  Sure, it would make sense if we stood any chance of getting back even some of the money the United States has loaned out with interest.  But since the whole rest of the world’s money is also based in debt…..good luck with that!  In short, we all owe each other a shit-ton of money, with no chance whatsoever of any of it every being paid back.  EVER!  There is only ONE possible outcome to this financial debacle and that is COMPLETE GLOBAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE.  Duh!


Why are we not hearing more about this – any of this? Because the media is doing a damn good job of keeping us distracted, and they are using glamour, affluence, greed, and fear to distract us.  While we are busy “keeping up with the Kardashians,” the world around us is falling apart – and that is not just in Syria, it is happening right here in our own country if we would take the time to look around.

In case you missed it, these are just a few of the systems that are on the brink of complete collapse:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Governance
  • Banking and Finance
  • Religion (I’m not sure how many bankruptcies the Catholic Church can handle without completely disintegrating)

Since these are the systems on which the rest of our culture is based, there is only one possible outcome: collapse.   And at the deepest parts of our souls, when we are woefully honest with ourselves, we know this.

So, what are we going to do about this? What can we do about this? In short….NOTHING. There is nothing we can do to save these systems as they barrel toward collapse, nor should we.  These are the systems that were based in a fear, power and control model and if we are going to survive as a species, these models HAVE TO GO!  So, in the immortal words of Princess Elsa, “Let it go!”


There is something we can do, however. And it is something we should do, and must do, if we are going to survive the collapse, and support the new world as it is born out of the ash of the old:


It has never been more important, critically important, that we learn how to care for ourselves in the face of a collapsing world. Being hospice to the old world as it lays dying and midwifing the birth of the new world means taking care of ourselves.  Helping the world as it simultaneously goes through its death throes and birth pains, starts with ourselves.  As one wise teacher once said to me:

“The most loving thing you can do for those you love is to what is most loving for yourself.”

Self-care begins with self-knowledge. Asking ourselves what is life-giving for ourselves and what is not and setting boundaries around that.  We need to create a space in our own lives in which we can feel safe – saying yes to what is life-giving and no to what is not.  This saying no so that we can say yes includes rooting out those relationships that are life-sucking and letting them go.

We must find/create/deepen our commitment to SOMETHING in our life that helps us to know peace, love, even joy. What that something is from person to person will vary, but we need this something….and we need it daily.  For me, it is my daily spiritual practice of ritual, meditating with scripture, mantra, and journaling.  Yours might be your daily run, or knitting your grandchild a sweater.  Whatever that something is…DO IT.  And make it a priority.  What we give to ourselves comes back one hundred fold!

DETACH. I cannot say this enough.  Detach from anything and everything that causes you upset or pain.  If the news disturbs you, turn it off!  (That does not mean stop being informed, it means be VERY CHOOSEY about what news sources you read/watch and take EVERYTHING they say with a grain of salt.  Today, most news is meant not to inform, but to manipulate.  Be discerning!).  If you find yourself jealous or distracted by news stories of the “rich and famous,” go to your local soup kitchen and remind yourself of how MOST OF THE WORLD really lives!  Stop listening to your “friends” and family members who want to scare you into believing their fears.  And when you find yourself triggered……DO that thing that gives you peace.  Let go of the fear and come back to peace. Again, it boils down to caring for ourselves.  If we do not care for ourselves in a world facing collapse, we will get sucked down with the collapse and experience our own demise.

It is as grave as this. What are you going to choose?  Life or (spiritual) death?

To help support yourself in the face of pending global collapse, and to experience that support in the context of like-minded community, check out the two offerings of the Authentic Freedom Spiritual Community:

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