Falling in Love with Ourselves

Whether it is the midlife journey, the ascension journey or the just plain human journey, it seems to me that the goal is really one and the same.  The goal, is to fall in love with ourselves. Falling in love with ourselves, is referenced in one of my favorite prayers from one of my favorite … Read moreFalling in Love with Ourselves

Curly Haired Women are Rarely Well-Behaved

Exploring the genetic gift/curse of curly hair and its likely connection to creativity and an inability to conform (aka behave).  🙂    The spiritual journey toward embracing how God made us and who Goddess made us to be…creative, passionate, pioneers. Marsha Brady is the Devil Marsha….Marsha….Marsha…..the immortal lament of Jan Brady and all other curly haired women … Read moreCurly Haired Women are Rarely Well-Behaved

I Create Therefore I Am

Exploring “made in the image of God” and “be fruitful and multiply.”  Our innate drive toward creativity is what makes us uniquely human and is as much a part of, if not the purpose of, our spiritual journey.  God.  Creativity.  Spiritual Journey.  Healing. Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…. In the beginning….God created……..human beings and … Read moreI Create Therefore I Am

Birthing Ourselves – my new favorite book

Today’s blog explores the midlife (for most anyway), journey of birthing the soul, becoming our true self, finding the unique gift within us which is our gift to the world and which gives us a sense of fulfillment, joy, meaning and purpose.  And…apparently I’m not the only one writing about it. My New Favorite Book … Read moreBirthing Ourselves – my new favorite book

Seeking the Beloved – Guest Blogger Bob Russo

Today’s blog comes from reader, Bob Russo.  Raised Catholic and bothered with a soul that is discontent, Bob has found peace in the contemplative journey and the life of a mystic.  Thank you Bob for your inspiring words and humble witness.  (See Bob’s personal bio below) Where does one begin to discuss a spiritual journey … Read moreSeeking the Beloved – Guest Blogger Bob Russo

Finding What We Need Within

As we grow spiritually, we are invited to turn our gaze from the outside world and draw it inward…letting go of our temptation to seek fulfillment, peace, love and joy outside of ourselves and remembering that the Source of all that we seek is within.    Out there….out there…out there In our human journey, we … Read moreFinding What We Need Within

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

As we move and grow along our spiritual path, we are invited to examine and release for healing all those things inside of us that we want to put on somebody else – shame, blame, guilt, anger, frustration, impatience, distrust, etc.  When we are tempted to project our stuff “out there” we are invited to … Read moreMirror Mirror on the Wall

Apparently it is Catholic Week

Apparently it is Catholic week at Authentic Freedom/Your Spiritual Truth.  So, in the spirit of the last few blogs, I am re-running my letter to my Catholic brothers and sisters…..support for those seeking fulfillment in their spiritual journey.   While Authentic Freedom Ministries is open to people of  all spiritual traditions, I have come to … Read moreApparently it is Catholic Week

The Mystery of Allowing

One of the things we learn on the spiritual path is the invitation to non-work.  Today’s blog explores this counter-cultural movement and how is solidifies our call to live a peaceful life.   Making Things Happen I know I don’t have to tell you this….but we live in a culture that expects us to “DO.”  … Read moreThe Mystery of Allowing

“I Receive Everything as Love” – Revisiting the Wheel

In her book, The Wheel of Initiation, Julie Tallard Johnson invites the reader to get in touch with their “pain story,” the agreements that we have embraced in support of this pain story and work toward naming and claiming and embodying the intention that will help to facilitate healing and release of that pain story, … Read more“I Receive Everything as Love” – Revisiting the Wheel

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