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Only God

a personal reflection by Lauri Ann Lumby

This morning’s blog is coming from a deeply personal place and arising out of a place of fragmented vulnerability….so apologies ahead of time for momentary incoherence. 😉

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2017 has been quite an interesting year so far. The most exciting things have been my soul-discovering trip to Ireland and the “new” things that are beginning to be birthed in my world including a promising business partnership and a burgeoning Magdalene Priestess Training program!

Playing a much more central role in 2017, however, has been the ever deepening and every widening journey of LETTING GO! It seems everywhere I turn I am being invited to let go of that which I used to turn to as a source of familiarity, routine, surety, security and support.  It seems I can’t take a single step without being confronted with something asking for release.  This release has included the need to redefine relationships (the nature of, my expectations or hopes around, boundaries, etc.), to let go of certain hopes and dreams; and more materially, facing the need to find new housing and buy a new car.  The whispering threat under all of this letting go is, “And HOW are you going to pay for that?????”  UGH!

As it all came to a head this past weekend with the resurfacing of my deepest core wound and its source, I knew that the letting go was not about letting go, but was in fact about letting in. Specifically – letting God in.

In this realization, I must give credit and gratitude to my experience as a Spiritual Director (and a mystic). If I did not have the awareness of what the Divine call looks like, I would have been in much more despair than I have been (believe me, I’ve spent many hours on the couch wallowing in my grief, despair and perceived helplessness) and not known where to turn or how to make sense of every rug being pulled out from beneath my feet.  God isn’t an asshole (though sometimes it feels like “He” is.).  When we are being invited to let go….it is always for the purpose of letting in.

So, what does it mean when life is inviting us to release EVERYTHING upon which we have previously based our lives and EVERYTHING we formerly turned to as a source of hope and support? It means that life is supporting us in knowing that in the end, there is ONLY God.  Everything that we know of in our human experience is fleeting and temporary – relationships, jobs, homes, cars, money, belongings, our health and wellbeing, life itself.  It is all temporary and in the end, it all passes away.  When all has passed away….what is left is God.  Me and God.  God and me.  And when Lauri Ann Lumby is no longer, there is only God.

I am also grateful for my spiritual director, Leanore, who supported me yesterday in verbalizing my awareness and affirming the invitation. The purpose of all this letting go is so that I can let God in – to let God in on an even deeper level than I have ever done before.  To let God in so that I might know a deeper experience of God’s love.  To know God as my source of support.  To surrender into God’s hands knowing and trusting that God is carrying me to exactly where I need to be.  Most importantly of all….to do what I tell everyone of my students to do – to make God the number one priority of my life, to give all my energy and attention to God, to be open to receiving and being compelled and empowered by God’s love.  It is not about the temporary and fleeting things of this world, it is about God…..and only about God.

In closing, I want to share these words from Stephanie Azaria’s daily post (quoting one of her writers, Marie DesRoches at  If this isn’t God speaking to me, I don’t know what is:

In 3D I used to “think” of surrender as giving up my way and “doing” what God wanted.  In 5D I Align WITH the God That I Am and allow myself to BE all that I AM – expressing, moving, choosing, loving, breathing, WITH and IN that Presence.” 


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Before Psychotherapy

Today’s blog explores the ancient mentoring practices that preceded modern-day psychotherapy, still exist today and in many ways are more effective than traditional therapy.


Life before Freud

I know it is hard to believe, but psychology was not born with Sigmund Freud.  Neither did it only come to exist thanks in part to Greek philosophers.  I know this is what is what academia teaches as the roots of psychology, but there have been psychologists throughout human history – perhaps as far back as our human origins.  Before Freud, however, these remarkable women and men were not called psychologists, instead, they were called such things as spiritual director, teacher, abbott, abbess, priestess, priest, elder, medicine woman, medicine man, guru, oracle, and shaman.  Throughout human history there have been powerful women and men gifted and then trained to assist people in becoming their truest self and helping individuals to find healing and transformation from their inner ills.  Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, worry, grief, loss, vocational discernment, even physical maladies were tended to through these wise and gifted teachers.  These women and men held places of honor within their communities and their needs were provided for by the community in exchange for the generous sharing of their gifts.

What Happened?

In a person – Descartes.  With his masterful separation of God from reason and matter, mystery was divorced from science – so much so that anything of mystery came to be set aside or disregarded as something only for the ignorant and foolish.  With near surgical precision, the transcendent was excised from the treatment of the human person and in the Western world, the spiritual director, shaman, medicine woman and man lost their place and psychotherapy stepped in.

It All Comes Back Around

Not anymore.  People have grown frustrated with the limitations of traditional psychotherapy – and the medical model in general.  People are tired of being reduced to something that must be “scientifically verifiable.”  Women and men are looking for depth, meaning, fulfillment and wholeness and this can only be accomplished by reconnecting with mystery. While there is still an important place in our world for traditional psychotherapy, many are searching for more.

Authentic Freedom Mentoring

This is where Authentic Freedom mentoring comes in.  As a trained spiritual director and Reiki master, I have honed the necessary skills for leading people through the mystery and for empowering them to become self-actualized.  In doing this work, many of the everyday issues of anxiety, depression, panic attack, the effects of trauma and grief, are healed and released so that the individual is free to be their original self – the person God made them to be.  As there is no talk of God or mystery in traditional psychotherapy, this might not be the path for all – but it is an effective path for many – even those who consider themselves to be atheist – for even in atheism – the mystery remains.

Lauri Lumby is available for one-on-one mentoring over the phone, via Skype  and in person. To schedule a session call (920) 230-1313 or email 

Click HERE to learn about being trained as an Authentic Freedom Facilitator or Mentor.



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Awaken Equip Empower

The greatest professional challenge I have faced is trying to explain to people what I do for a living.  When I offer titles like, Spiritual Director, Spiritual Counselor, Hands-on-Healer, Human Development Expert, Teacher, Interfaith Minister, I mostly get met with a blank stare.  When I boldly proclaim Author, people mostly cringe.  So…in today’s blog, I will try to explain what I, Lauri Ann Lumby, actually do for a living and WHY the services I provide might be of benefit to you! 

Midwife to your Soul


This is the part of my job that is completely invisible, intangible, defies measurement or explanation, and yet, it is a gift I have that is intimately part of my call, and one I can no longer deny.  In my presence, people wake up.  They wake up to their own longing, the creative call within them, the desire to know peace, love, joy and the hunger to use their gifts in service to the betterment of the world.  Under my gaze and simply by being in my presence, people wake up.  Now….with that, there are one of two responses – they either stay and grow, or they run away screaming in fear.  The stay and grow part is really cool as I then have the opportunity to be witness to the excitement that happens in the other in the discovery of their gift and their call.  The running away in fear piece – that’s a weird one.  Fortunately, I no longer take it personally, but it is only a little unsettling when I suddenly become the “enemy” as a projection of their own unacknowledged fear.


Here’s the fun part.  When people awaken and they stay, they get to go on a treasure hunt, and I have the profound gift of being their guide.  I get to help them uncover their gifts, identify their passions and explore the call of their soul – the uniquely creative way in which they have been gifted to find meaning and purpose in the world and to find fulfillment in sharing this gift in service to the betterment of the world. How fun is that?  There are many tools I use to help people in this search – mindfulness and creativity practices, temperament and personality assessments, one-on-one counseling and mentoring.


This is the stage where things get a little messy.  The closer we get to our gifts and our call, the harder the ego (our false self) tries to work against us.  The ego likes same, status quo, and the harnessing of our gifts almost always means SIGNIFICANT change.  So as we approach our gifts, the ego throws all kinds of obstacles in our path – fear, anxiety, past hurts, the unhealed and unrealized parts of ourselves, the inner critic, the negative messages we subconsciously or consciously took on from others, the parts of ourselves we have rejected, suppressed, repressed, etc.  The ego does this both from within us and from outside of us.  My job is to help my clients and students identify the false self at work and to offer sound practices for freeing themselves from these obstacles.  These practices include movement, mindfulness, meditation, shamanic soul retrieval practices, hands-on-healing, the Authentic Freedom protocol which I developed, and others.  The goal of the Empower stage of the process is to do just that – EMPOWER.  I firmly believe and have come to see that my job is to make TEACHERS, not enable followers.  As such, my greatest joy is when one of my clients or students is ready to leave the nest and fly on their own….it is in this moment that I know I have accomplished my task, and that they have fully and freely birthed their own soul.  This, indeed, is my greatest joy!

Lauri Ann Lumby is available to AWAKE, EQUIP and EMPOWER you.  To set up a one-on-one consultation, call (920) 230-1313 or email

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The Meaning and Purpose of Life

Yesterday, while working with a client, I heard the following words fly out of my mouth:

The goal of our spiritual journey is to believe what we’ve known all along.

Who knew?  While I had not previously thought this thought, as I heard these words come out of my mouth, I knew them to be true. And my client concurred.  The truth of who we are and who we are called to be already lives within us and is just waiting for us to be quiet enough to listen for it, hear it, and most importantly, believe it.  It is only in believing the truth that speaks softly (and sometimes loudly) that we can allow our truth to come into reality and to be fully realized in our life.  Each of us is uniquely gifted to find meaning, purpose and fulfillment in our lives and the truth of this gift lives within us waiting to be known.

As a spiritual director, my job is to help my clients:

1) Learn how to take time to listen for the voice of their truth.

2) Learn effective tools for hearing that truth.

3) Help them believe in that truth.

4) Provide them with the tools and support needed to be empowered in that truth.

What is the truth that you have known all along?

Lauri Ann LumbyLauri Ann Lumby is a professional spiritual director trained in the Ignatian tradition.  For support in listening, hearing, believing and living the truths that you have known all along, call (920) 230-1313 or email .

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What is Your Magic? Part 2

Each and every one of us has been uniquely and creatively gifted to be a vessel through which LOVE is made manifest in our world.   In service to this unique giftedness, we have also been blessed with a certain kind of magic which allows these gifts to be used in service to the betterment of the world and in ways that are no less than miraculous.  In the Catholic tradition in which I was raised, this magic is referred to as charisms, known in other traditions as spiritual gifts or in the yogic tradition as siddhis. This post continues the conversation from February 17th and will continue the exploration of the spiritual gifts or charisms of Discernment of Spirits, Encouragement and Evangelism.

the results of evangelism
the results of evangelism

Discernment of Spirits

The charism of discernment of spirits is not to be confused with discernment in a general sense.  Discernment is the responsibility of each and every person to take time to distinguish the voice of God vs. the voice of the ego in seeking guidance for the direction of ones life.  Discernment in a general sense is a kind of informed decision making.  Discernment of Spirits as a charism is the immediate and intuitive ability to capture the spiritual source of certain behaviors or ideas or to grasp the nature of the spiritual presence in people, places or things (Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory, Weddell, 1997, p. 27). Traditionally, it might be thought of being able to detect “the devil in the room,”  I think of it more as being able to see the truth beyond the illusion and to hear the truth beyond the words.  What distinguished discernment of spirits from being able to “sense” the energy of a space or person is the powerful and immediate way in which this sense is received.


The charism of encouragement is traditionally present within spiritual directors, counselors, psycho-therapists, life-coaches, pastoral ministers.  Encouragement allows you to be a channel of God’s love by nurturing others with your presence and words of comfort, encouragement and counsel.  Encouragers are more apt to be found working with people one-on-one than in a group and the charism is measured by the results expressed by those receiving your gift of encouragement. I will quote Sherry Weddell (creator of the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory) in offering affirmation to those who may possess the gift of discernment:

“If you receive strong, continuous feedback that new freedom, well-being, or personal growth is the result of your time (listening, comforting, encouraging, counseling) with others, you may have been given this charism. (1997, p. 28)”


Traditionally, evangelism is thought of as one who is powerfully compelled to share their Christian faith and to invite others to become disciples of Christ.  Personally, I tend to believe that this definition of evangelism is too limited.  Christians are not the only possessors of the spiritual gifts and these gifts are often used in ways not directly related to the church.  Instead, I like to believe that we are all uniquely gifted to reveal God’s love in the world and we often do this through unexpected ways.  The hallmark of a charism in this respect is that which helps us to be a channel of God’s love by helping to contribute to the betterment of the world – by whatever means is at our disposal.  For the gift of Evangelism, I think of those who are overwhelmingly passionate about something they are involved in and are highly gifted in enthusiastic invitation.  I have to use my friends Derek Toshner (with the support of Shannon Toshner) and Melissa Schmidt, all from TNT Fitness Results and TNT Adventure Obstacle Course and AdvoCare representatives, as examples of this charism.  Both Derek and Melissa possess the spiritual charism of evangelism and have done so through their mutual business ventures and have produced nothing short of miraculous results in providing enthusiastic invitation and welcome, motivation, encouragement and support for their clients’  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and they are all doing so in service to God.  If that isn’t evangelism, I don’t know what is!



Lauri Ann LumbyIf you are looking to understand how you are uniquely gifted to find meaning, fulfillment and purpose in your life Lauri Ann Lumby is available for one-on-one mentoring in person, over the phone or via Skype.  To schedule an appointment, call (920) 230-1313 or email

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“Mischief Managed” – Book Review for Wild Mind by Bill Plotkin

I’ve recently been enjoying the books of Bill Plotkin, psychologist, author, wilderness guide and cultural visionary.  I just completed his latest book, Wild Mind, and I LOVE IT!  Wild Mind provides a map for the journey of birthing our Soul, offering tools for spiritual and psychological healing and growth.  I love this book! 


Assuming the guise of modern-day wizard, Bill Plotkin is his latest release, Wild Mind, presents readers with a gift akin to the Marauder’s Map of Harry Potter fame.  The Marauder’s Map is gifted to only the bravest of wizards and can solely be opened by those clever enough to uncover the incantation for its opening, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”  Upon opening the map, the wizard discovers insight into the potential obstacles and dangers along the path of their quest.  The Map of the Human Psyche serves this very purpose in the human quest for the Soul – defined by Plotkin as “a person’s unique purpose or identity.”

With Plotkin’s guidance, readers are invited to plunge into the depths of their psyche so that they may uncover and then transform all of the ego-constructs, defense mechanisms, and inner obstacles to living their Soul’s purpose.  With a breadth and depth akin to the Enneagram, Plotkin presents a comprehensive approach to spiritual and psychological growth that speaks in images and symbols that are universal and fully grounded in our indigenous spirit.  In his nature-based map of the psyche, Plotkin gives readers the tools and support they need to face all that they have hidden in the darkness so that they might bring them to the light in service to their unique identity and purpose.  In freeing their imprisoned Souls and enjoying the contentment, fulfillment and joy that this brings, readers can then confidently close the map, tapping it with their wand while proudly proclaiming, “Mischief Managed.”

Wild Mind is perfect for psychologist, therapists, counselors, ministers, and spiritual directors; for self-directed seekers of spiritual and psychological growth and would be well suited for an intentional group gathered around this same intention.

billPlotkinBill Plotkin, PhD, describes himself as a “psychologist gone wild.”  A cultural visionary, author and wilderness guide, he’s been blazing new trails for decades.  His ecocentric re-visioning of psychology invites us into a conscious and embodied relationship with soul and with the natural world.  His previous books are Soulcraft and Nature and the Human Soul.  He lives in southwestern Colorado.  You can learn more about Bill, his programs and services at

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Tested in Fire

Once we step onto the path of awakening, enlightenment, spiritual growth, consciousness, self-awareness (or whatever you want to call it), we are forever changed.  And, it is not a journey for the faint of heart!


Who will endure the day of his coming?

Who can stand when he appears?

For he is like the refiner’s fire,

or like the fuller’s lye.

He will sit refining and purifying silver,

And he will purify the sons of Levi,

Refining them like gold or like silver…

Malachi 3: 3-4a

Defining the “God Path”

Some people call it the path of enlightenment, others awakening, others being saved, others consciousness, others self-awareness.  I call it the God Path.  When we heed the restlessness and longing in our soul and begin the search for its remedy, we are on the God Path.  For most, the search for the remedy to this inner restlessness, longing and impatience begins outside … looking for the perfect job, partner, house, STUFF, that will quell this longing.  Eventually, we find that the external search produces NOTHING or worse, more longing and restlessness.  At some point, some give up and surrender to a life of quiet desperation.  The courageous, however, continue the search which eventually leads them WITHIN…to the only place where that longing might be satisfied.  I call this the God Path because it is God (consciousness, higher self, highest truth, Presence, Being) that we find within.  And it is God who is the source of our longing…..calling us HOME.

The God Path Requires ENDURANCE

As the prophet Malachi observed, the God Path is not for the faint of heart and requires a tremendous amount of endurance.   Endurance is required because on the God Path, every fear, ego-attachment, false perception reveals itself and asks for our attention so that it can be healed, transcended and released.  If money is one of our attachments, it will show up.  If we cling to power, status or fame, it will be IN OUR FACE.  If we do not believe we are worthy of love, our unworthiness will show up again and again and again until we remember that we are already LOVE, that love does not have to be earned, neither does it have to be taken away. If we have forgotten that we are uniquely gifted to reveal God in the world and if we have withheld these gifts from the world, we will be confronted by anxiety, depression, rage.  If we have harbored resentment toward another, forgiveness will elude us.  Again and again and again our fears and attachments will show themselves so that we can face them and do the work of moving through them so that we can be the WHOLE person God created us to be.

Help Along the Path

Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy provides tools to help you along the God Path.  It does so by illuminating the seven core fears that you will face along the path and presenting tools to help you heal and transcend these fears.  Through Authetic Freedom, we discover that forewarned is forearmed and we enter into the God Path armed with the resources we need to confront the fears, ego attachments and false perceptions as they present themselves to us.  Authentic Freedom presents the same tools used by our greatest spiritual teachers in their own journey along the God Path – Jesus, Moses, The Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and others.

Personal Support

Because the God Path requires endurance and will test us like gold tested in fire, it is  helpful to have a personal guide along the path.  This personal guidance is the role of a Spiritual Director.  It is a Spiritual Director’s job to be a source of support for us along the path, to provide encouragement and also an objective presence to help us to see those things that may be lurking in the darkness – our unresolved ego attachments, the way we project our fears and attachments on to others, our resistance to the path that God may be laying out for us.  It is the responsibility of a Spiritual Director to help us hear the truth beyond our words and to see the light that is shining where we might see only darkness.  The role of a Spiritual Director is at once listener, coach and spiritual butt-kicker.

Rewarded for our Endurance

While the journey is not easy, the rewards are terrific.  For those who choose the God path and stick with it, there is fulfillment, contentment, love, joy and peace and the ability to endure the ups and downs of the human condition without being destroyed.  The God path provides for us the tools to transcend the fears, false perceptions and suffering of the human condition and to find the peace that resides in the midst of it all.  In choosing the God path, we find that heaven, nirvana, the kingdom of God is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and not on some planet light years away.

For support along the God Path, contact Lauri Lumby at (920) 230-1313 or lauri@yourspiritualtruth.  Or click on Services to learn more.

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No More Apologies

Today’s blog boldly goes where no woman has gone before……naming and claiming who I am and what I do without apologies!!!!!

Apologies, Back peddling, Explaining, Rationalizing

A very important mirror was held up for me yesterday.  It is the mirror that showed me the ways in which I diminish, devalue, brush off as insignificant or incomprehensible the work that I do in the world in service to humanity and in service to God.  I was reminded of the tremendous value of what I do and that I need to give the work and myself more credit.  In short, I need to stop apologizing for what I do or shying away from explaining what I do because it is so dang hard to explain, because I’m afraid people will think I’m weird (which I already know that I am), or because I think they won’t “get it.”  So, today, for those who have ears to hear, I offer no more apologies…..this is who I am and the work that I do in the world!

I am a Spiritual Director

  • I help you find new life in the losses and disappointments of your life
  • I help you move through the fears that hold you back from finding meaning or enjoyment in life
  • I help you live the life of your dreams

I am a Reiki Master/Practitioner

  • I help you release the energies in your body that cause spiritual, emotional, mental and physical dis-ease
  • I help you release the clutter in your mind
  • I help you experience deep inner peace and harmony

I am a Spiritual Teacher

  • I help you find the practices that move you through fear and lead you to inner peace and joy
  • Through the classes that I have developed and the programs I offer, I guide you in the journey of moving through your fears and living the life of your dreams

I am a writer and author

  • Through my writing, I provide spiritual inspiration, support and guidance.

I am a Contemplative, Progressive, Catholic Christian

  • Jesus is my teacher and guru
  • Through contemplative prayer practices, I find wisdom, guidance and comfort in scripture
  • I embrace ritual, mystery, mysticism, art, architecture, nature, music, commmunity and sacrament as vehicles of God’s grace
  • I was raised Catholic and recognize this as my “tribe” while feeling free to embrace what speaks truth to me and setting aside what does not
  • I am “catholic” in the sense of being universal – seeking to find the unity in the perceived separations between doctrine, beliefs and religious practice and honoring everything that leads us toward Love as grace-filled and sacred
  • I embrace love as the truth Jesus came to reveal
  • I believe in the truth of our Oneness with God in love and that this is the truth that sets us free
  • I believe that all paths lead us to God – that which is our Source and Origin in love
  •  I honor all holy men and women, regardless of their chosen beliefs, who have followed the law of love
  • I find more meaning in the search and in asking the questions than in the perceived certainties of doctrine or law.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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God in the Nada and Why Spiritual Directors ROCK!

The title says it all – Finding God in the Nada (Nothing) and why a Spiritual Director is the BEST gift we can give to ourselves!

Ok, so you have heard my moaning, groaning, bemoaning, wailing, complaining and crying over not getting  the house I wanted and how I feel like God has pulled the rug out from underneath me.  WEEELLLLL…..I was meeting  MY Spiritual Director (yes, even Spiritual Director’s need a Spiritual Director) and dumping the same pile of victim on top of her wise head.  I told her I was tired of sitting in this place of limbo, unable to move forward with my plans.  I want a house and I want it now, I want this divorce to move forward, I want my book to be released, I want more paid writing gigs, I want more clients and I want to start creating my new life.  I’m tired of sitting here with NOTHING happening – NO house, NO book, No divorce, No clients (literally….my calendar suddenly became TOTALLY empty!), No paid writing gigs, NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!  And this is why I LOVE my Spiritual Director – she followed up my temper tantrum over hating this place of nada with the following question:

“Lauri, can you find God in the nothing?”

SCREEEEEECH!   I felt like those hysterical women in the 1940’s dramas who are startled out of their hysteria when the “big strong man” slaps them across the face (which, by the way, I do not recommend).  What?  Finding God in the nothing?  Well…….I know it is easy to find God in the miracles – the pink sink, the affordable home, the eager contractor…..   AND  it is easy to find God in pain – God as our source of comfort, God as our source of healing, God as our source of inspiration.  But….How do I find God in the nada?

The image that surfaced when she asked me this question was one of a caterpillar resting snugly within the chrysalis WAITING to emerge as a butterfly.  To the naked eye, it appears that nothing is happening.  It appears that the caterpillar is simply taking a nap and that it will someday emerge….as a caterpillar.  AH…..but in truth, there is DEEP and PROFOUND transformation taking place….IN  THE  NADA!  Nothing is happening…..and yet…..PROFOUND change is taking place….and not just any sort of change…but a change that is MAGNIFICENT and DEFIES LOGIC.

So…..How can I find God in the Nada?  It seems that this is perhaps the biggest leap of faith that I have ever been invited to take.  Can I find God in this space of seemingly nothing?  Can I trust that God is at work in a deep, silent, profound place where it appears that nothing is happening….but perhaps something is?  HHHHMMMMM  I don’t know.  But then the answer came……How can I find God in the nada?  The answer in a nutshell is:  IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

Duh….God is present in one place and one place only – THE PRESENT MOMENT.  Can I get out of my list of grievances from the past and out of my daydreaming and planning about the future and BE HERE NOW?  Can I enjoy the presence of my children?  Can I appreciate the beauty of autumn?  Can I be grateful for a time to pause, reflect, pray, meditate.  Can I be present to my own need for healing, comfort, silence?  Can I recognize that perhaps my clients disappeared because I don’t have the emotional energy to be present to others in that way (right now anyway) as I face my own grief, fear, etc.  Can I just be here now and find the peace of God, the compassion of God and the embrace of God in this time of NADA?  Well, all I can do is try.

So today, I thank my Spiritual Director for metaphorically slapping me across the face and startling me out of my victim tirade to be present to the more important question at hand – Can I find God in the Nada?

To whom do you turn for support, guidance, presence in your own Spiritual Journey?

What is your typical response to times of Nothing, Limbo, when there is seemingly nothing happening?

How do you find God in the Nada?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/YourSpiritualTruth