Authentic Freedom Academy – Our History

The seeds of Authentic Freedom Academy took root when its founder, Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS, was invited to facilitate a program in Christian initiation.  Through this opportunity, Lauri realized that the true hunger of every human being is not for intellectual (or in that case, religious) knowledge or belonging, but to know themselves.  At … Read moreAuthentic Freedom Academy – Our History

The Meaning and Purpose of Life

Yesterday, while working with a client, I heard the following words fly out of my mouth: The goal of our spiritual journey is to believe what we’ve known all along. Who knew?  While I had not previously thought this thought, as I heard these words come out of my mouth, I knew them to be … Read moreThe Meaning and Purpose of Life

Midlife and Dark Night of the Relationship – Part 3

Part 3 of a series on the Dark Night of the Relationship, what it looks like, why it often shows up during midlife, and some resources to support you in moving through this critical stage of your intimate relationship.  Read Part 2 HERE   and Part 1 HERE.  Today I will share my own experience … Read moreMidlife and Dark Night of the Relationship – Part 3

What is Spiritual Formation?

Lauri Ann Lumby sharing and enjoying the fruits of her own spiritual formation What is Spiritual Formation? Spiritual Formation is the process through which we come to uncover the answer to the following questions: Who Am I? What is my Source and where do I obtain Inner Guidance and Peace? What are my unique gifts … Read moreWhat is Spiritual Formation?

Our Greatest Desire and Deepest Fear

Today’s blog explores the greatest desire of human beings, which is at the same time our deepest fear.  My looking ripens things and they come toward me, to meet and be met. – Rilke Our Greatest Desire and our Deepest Fear The deepest desire of the human heart is TO BE KNOWN….to be seen for who … Read moreOur Greatest Desire and Deepest Fear

Spiritual Direction – Lauri Style Part III

When people ask me what I do for a living, I often wonder how to respond.  As my friend Derek says, “It’s……just…..Lauri.  She’s awesome and you have to try her classes and services.”  Thank you Derek, and as we have both observed, this is usually not enough to get people to make the call or show … Read moreSpiritual Direction – Lauri Style Part III

Spiritual Direction Lauri Style Part II

Are You: Feeling Restless, Impatient, Unfulfilled? Grieving  a loss (death, diagnosis, divorce, job change, unemployment, empty-nest)? Facing a life transition? Longing for connection or healthy intimacy? Suffering anxiety, depression, panic, worry? Searching for answers? Seeking balance? Learning to name and claim your needs? Recovering from abuse, addictions, loss? Yearning for clarity? Healing from childhood wounds? … Read moreSpiritual Direction Lauri Style Part II

Longing for Purpose and Direction

Each of us long for meaning, purpose, direction and connectedness in our lives.  Today’s blog continues to explore how Authentic Freedom Ministries serves to help you find the fulfillment of this longing, specifically as it relates to your search for purpose and direction. Call or email Lauri today if you are interested in setting up … Read moreLonging for Purpose and Direction

Summer Specials

Through compassionate listening and attentive presence, I partner with those longing to find meaning, purpose and connectedness in their lives.  – Mission Statement of Authentic Freedom Ministries I am running a summer special on personal, one-on-one sessions in Spiritual Direction – a 33.3% discount off of normal fees.  To schedule your in-person, phone or Skype … Read moreSummer Specials

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