Spiritual Initiation: Standing at the Crossroads

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The journey toward self-actualization is in fact, one spiritual initiation after another. Spiritual initiation takes place every time we are faced with an opportunity to remain in the perceived safety and security of what we have known or take another step toward the fulfillment of our life purpose.  The spiritual initiation is successful when we … Read moreSpiritual Initiation: Standing at the Crossroads

Spiritual Development – Surviving a Freefall

spiritual development, self actualization, freefalling, freel falling, spiritual awakening, defining spiritual development,

I define spiritual development as: the process through which we uncover the answer to the following questions: Who am I? Whose am I? (Where do I find peace and belonging?) What are my gifts and how am I called to use them for the sake of my own fulfillment and in service to the betterment … Read moreSpiritual Development – Surviving a Freefall

Authentic Freedom – Our Mission

Authentic Freedom Academy Leadership Training

Authentic Freedom Academy supports the spiritual awakening and self-actualization of change agents. As a center for experiential education, we support the transformation of human consciousness through the integration of Western psychology and Western Spirituality, equipping students to be agents of positive, non-violent change in the world. We accomplish this mission through: writing and publishing one-on-one mentoring … Read moreAuthentic Freedom – Our Mission

The Call of the Prophet and the Prophet’s Revenge

The call of the prophet is to change the world. As prophets we are gifted with the ability to see what in our world is in need of healing and transformation and how to support that transformation.  Prophets come in all shapes and sizes and walk among us within all sectors of our culture.  Prophets … Read moreThe Call of the Prophet and the Prophet’s Revenge

Existential Rage, Appropriation and Sheeple

Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks: Existential Rage – the energy of my mission, purpose and calling seeking its fulfillment coming up against the brick wall of perceived obstacles to its fulfillment.  It was another one of those days where I felt like a voice crying out in the wilderness speaking only … Read moreExistential Rage, Appropriation and Sheeple

Self-Actualization – The Journey of Finding Ourselves

Lauri Ann Lumby, self-actualization, finding ourselves, finding meaning, finding purpose, personal mission

Self-Actualization is the process of  finding ourselves. The purpose of the human experience is finding ourselves. I was recently asked to describe my mission and how my spiritual awakening and journey toward self-actualization informed that mission.  Here is my response: Finding Ourselves You ask me the question of mission. Concisely naming and identifying my mission … Read moreSelf-Actualization – The Journey of Finding Ourselves

Seeking the Inner Gem – from Perfectionist to the Muse

Practically Perfect in Every Way! For the first 45 years of my life, I tried to be perfect.  Apparently the next 45 are about learning to be human.  My innate, inner perfectionist offers a sigh of resignation and frustration over this awareness.  SIGH.  While a student in the Commissioned Lay Ministry program I was introduced … Read moreSeeking the Inner Gem – from Perfectionist to the Muse

The God’s Have Spoken

Last Friday, I put God and my God Squad on notice.  Yesterday, I got their response.  A Humbling reminder for one who claims to assist others on the path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The God’s Have Spoken! Last Friday, I shared with you my Rantings on the Divine.  In essence, I told my God-Squad … Read moreThe God’s Have Spoken

Jesus and Shaktipat

Shaktipat is a word in the Hindu tradition to represent spiritual awakening – in particular, spiritual awakening that is facilitated or initiated by a guru/teacher and conferred upon his or her students.  Did Jesus confer Shaktipat and can we still be recipients of this Divine energy today? I am currently reading Where Are You Going? … Read moreJesus and Shaktipat

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