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Showing Others the Way

A friend recently shared something on Facebook about the 12 signs of the Zodiac and our purpose in 2020.  The message for my sign of Capricorn said something like this:

Accomplishing the mission of your Soul and showing others how to do the same.

BOOM!  As I find myself at the place of choosing and committing myself to embracing the calling of my Soul to live a monastic-styled life, this is exactly what I feel like I am doing.

I did it.  I got here.  After nearly 55 years, I feel like I am home.  I feel at home within myself and I feel at home within the rhythm and movement of my own style of monasticism.  I feel content and whole after shedding myself of the fears, false perceptions and societal conditioning that stood in the way of my own inner arrival. I doggedly, persistently and tenaciously followed the yearning of my Soul and in doing so, I have found my way home.

I am absolutely certain that I am not the only one who shares this longing.  It may in fact be the universal longing.  Yet few follow the promptings, let alone follow its pursuit.  Fewer still have the resources or tools for helping them get there.  This is where I come in. As I have discovered, the journey to our Soul’s fulfillment is really as simple as choice.  But choice, as we all know, is not so simple.  In order to choose we must:

  • Know what we want (actually, not what WE want, but what our Soul wants).
  • Identify and move through every single resistance to living that truth.
  • Heal the wounds and overcome the past conditioning that says we “can’t” live that truth.

And we must do this over and over and over and over again.

Piece by piece, step by step, we have to peel back the layers of resistance, fear, attachment, societal conditioning, etc. that stand in the way of us living our truth. Understanding what our Soul wants is a journey in an of itself.  But that is nothing compared to the number one reason people either choose not to or quit this journey:

Because of what they might have to GIVE UP!

I can’t tell you how many people enthusiastically enter this journey toward their truth only to run the other way at the first sign of having to give something up.  I can’t really blame them.  I know what I have given up on this journey and it hasn’t been easy:

  • A marriage.
  • My church.
  • The promises of fame.
  • A Steady income.
  • The home in which I was comfortable.
  • A Retirement fund.
  • The Western idea of success.

Embarking on the journey of our Soul is never an easy one and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with any pop culture “Secret,” “Law of Attraction,” or “The Color of Your Parachute.”  (Have you noticed how Eckhart Tolle is no longer one of Oprah’s gurus of the week……I wonder why?????  ? ? ?  ) The journey to our Soul does not guarantee riches, fame or the Western idea of success.  The purpose of our Soul is not necessarily something that can be commoditized, neither will we necessarily make a living doing it (GASP!!!!!).

The journey to our Soul has nothing to do with anything “out there” and everything to do with what is “In HERE.” For each person in each lifetime, the Soul has specific needs and wants and this varies from person to person.  For me it is quite specific and is reflective of my INFJ (Myers-Briggs) personality and Enneagram Type 1 temperament.  It is also related to my passion, my interests and reflective of my unique giftedness.  It is also reflective of my Catholic upbringing and my Irish ancestry and temperament.  Your Soul’s desires will be similarly unique to you and reflective of who you are an where you’ve been.  While you may not be drawn to an interior, introverted, quiet, private yet transparent monastic life, your Soul will (and already is) guiding you to the place within you that feels like home.

The good news is that you do not need to do this journey alone.  I am forever grateful for the resources that came to me in support of my own journey “Home.”  I have then taken these resources and put them into a format that others can use and apply in their own journey.  Additionally, I am available as a one-on-one guide should you need one.  And there is always our online community – a gathering of women and men who have made a similar commitment to their Soul’s calling and who are finding encouragement and support from their sisters and brothers on the journey.

If you are looking for support in the journey of your Soul, check out all the resources Authentic Freedom provides!  All are welcome here.   



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Emptying Some More

There are many times throughout our journey home to ourselves (self-actualization) where our lives are completely re-aligned.  This re-alignment begins on the day we are born in the moment we are expelled from the comfort of our mother’s womb into the cold, often cruel, world.  No longer are all our needs continually met unbidden, we have to make people aware of our needs with no words to express them.  As we find our way through infancy and childhood, every moment is a re-alignment – a constant exploration and learning of how to be and who to be in this world.  The re-alignments continue as we graduate childhood and become students, when we move from the routine of grade school into the hormone infested chaos of middle school, and from there into the segmented atmosphere of high school – defined by social groups and activities.  From there we move to the job world or college, to love and marriage, parenthood, etc. etc. etc.  At certain steps along the journey a complete overhaul is required.

Finding our way home to ourselves is no different. The past several years for me has been one letting go and emptying after another.  Just as I think I have emptied enough, the Universe presents another opportunity/invitation/command.  (It’s really more of a command.  I have discovered in this journey toward Self that we really don’t have a choice.  If we are serious about our commitment to Self/Soul, freewill isn’t really an option.  It’s more of a do or die.)  I find that I am facing another one of these commands.

When I proclaimed to the world my commitment to my monastic self, I thought (how silly of me) “Ok we’re good.”  I figured it was simply a matter of living into the monastic-ish lifestyle that has been beckoning me.  Hah!  Just as we think we have things figured out, God/Goddess laughs.  Instead, I find that not only am I living into the question of what a monastic life looks like to me, I am also witnessing the further falling away of everything I thought myself to be and every role/offering I thought I had to share with the world.   For the past several months, my students have been falling away left and right. I have few clients to speak of.  The membership options I launched on my site are not thriving in the way I hoped they would.  Etc. etc. etc.

To add insult to injury, as a normally prolific writer and creator, my creative inspiration seems to be dried up.  I have four creative projects staring me in the face – one with somewhat of a deadline.  They are all standing there looking at me waiting for some movement but I got nothin.  Zilch.  Nadda.  Nothin.  Not one spark of inspiration to get these things done and bring them into fruition.  Nothin.

Old Lauri would have worried and fretted about the “looming deadlines” and the (seemingly) ever-decreasing income stream.  Even more, I would have worried about having nothing “to do.”  Instead, I know this is simply more of the movement toward Self.  As Jesus modeled for us and the ancient mystics further demonstrated, the intent and purpose of the spiritual journey is to be made empty so that we might be filled by God.  The journey home to ourselves, is ultimately about returning to Source – God, Love, Truth, Ain-Sof (No-thing), the Void, Allah, Brahma, Sophia, Shekinah, Abba, Amma,  – whatever name/image/form/formlessness you want to give it.  The human journey is all about Source calling us home to our true nature which can only be accomplished in an emptying of ourselves.

At this point in my journey I know better than to resist the call of the Soul.  Those things that are falling away are doing so to create space for something even more amazing, life-giving and fulfilling.  I have absolutely no idea what that might be, but I am open to receive and getting out of my own way so the Divine can make its home in me.



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Eve’s Serpent – the Voice of the Soul

When Eve appeared to me in the early hours of Saturday morning, she arrived with her companion. This companion, I was told, represented the tools of her trade.

If Eve’s true nature is that of Awakener,

then the tools of her trade are all the ways in which the Soul seeks to be known.

In scriptural literature, this companion was given the form of the serpent and has been cast into the role of demon for luring the original humans into disobedience, thereby causing the “original sin” which forever cast human beings into a life of suffering.

The story of humanity’s “fall” is a myth. Plain and simple, it is a story which attempts to explain the nature of the human condition, while also acknowledging a deep, ancient memory of something more. It is unfortunate that when forming its doctrine, the Christian church chose to use this story as a weapon against humanity – shaming us into believing there is something inherently disordered about us and that life was about seeking approval and forgiveness for “sins” that are not even our own.  Even Jesus, it seemed, could not undo the cause of this “original sin.”  Sigh!

Let’s return to the serpent. In yesterday’s lesson, I spoke of the true nature of Eve as a metaphor for the human calling to awaken – to awaken out of our fearful nature and into the truth of our Soul.  This is what Eve metaphorically did when she chose to eat of the tree of knowledge – her eyes were open and now she could see as the “gods” and was given the ability to reason, discern and exercise her truth.  But before she could awaken, Eve had to hear the voice of her Soul.  The serpent represents that voice.

As I have described in many lessons in both my local and online courses:

Soul is the uniquely creative way in which you have been gifted to find meaning and purpose in your life and the way in which you are called to find fulfillment in service to the betterment of the world. Soul is our true self – the part of us that knows our gift and our call, and is that which compels us to seek out, discover, cultivate and nurture these gifts and this call, empowering us to share our gifts in service to the world.

-Lauri Ann Lumby


It is the voice of the Soul that we are here to hear and abide. It is only in listening to the voice of our Soul that we are able to fulfill our purpose for being on this human plane.  It is through the Soul that we are able to discover our unique giftedness, nurture and cultivate these gifts and then find out how we are called to share these gifts – first for the sake of our own fulfillment and second in service to the betterment of the world.  This is why we are here and it is the gentle (and sometimes forceful) whisperings of the Soul that set us forth on that journey.

The Serpent is that voice. The ancients knew this and honored the serpent as the image of the human journey toward self-actualization.  The serpent was representative of knowledge and wisdom and called humanity into its fullness.  It was only the patriarchy who stripped the serpent of its rightful place as teacher and guide – because in order to rule, authority had to be placed outside of us and in the hands of the hierarchy.  With the serpent, authority resides within – as is attested by all the ancient traditions that use the serpent as the symbol of humanity’s journey of awakening to Soul and bringing that Soul into form – the Kabbalah, the Chakra system, the Kundalini of the Yoga traditions, the ancient alchemical symbol of the caduceus – and even Moses’ staff.

The serpent has long been a symbol for human awakening and a representation of the voice and force of the Soul. Isn’t it time we reclaim it as such?


For support in awakening to and fulfilling the path of your Soul, check out our Magdalene Priestess Training and the Authentic Freedom Leadership Training for Men.


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The Soul’s One True Longing

The Soul’s One True Longing


The Soul has but one longing:

That longing is to love,

and to have that love returned.

Returning found when

The Soul’s fullest expression of love is received;

For it is only in receiving

That one can truly give.

Here, the Soul is fulfilled.

Lauricurtsie.jpgLauri Ann Lumby’s mission is to support you in finding the fulfillment to your Soul’s longing.  This fulfillment begins with the radical journey of self-discovery – coming to know every single piece of who you are – your gifts, your shadow, your unhealed wounds and unacknowledged fears and bringing them all into the light of love so that you may learn to love yourself.  When we know the LOVE that we are, then we have no choice but to be this LOVE in the world.  In being this love, our Soul’s longing is fulfilled.  To learn more, call or email Lauri at (920) 230-1313 or…or peruse this website for all the ways in which your Soul is supported in its hunger to be fulfilled. 

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The Soul Knows – Finding Our Way in Life

If there isn’t a “God out there” to guide us (Read Parts I and Parts II of this week’s series “God Does Not Save”), then where do we find the guidance we need to navigate this thing called life? (cue Prince….   )

When leaving behind the idea of the “old man in the sky God” who is out there, puppet mastering our lives, or mostly leaving us on our own to suffer the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” there is no longer someone “out there” to turn to for guidance, support, direction, comfort and healing. The most frightening thing about leaving behind the “old man in the sky God” is the fear that we really are alone as atheists or nihilists might suggest. This is absolutely not true. Instead of looking to the “God out there,” we turn within and look toward ourselves.  Specifically, we look to our SOUL…..the Divine within us that is seeking to be known in the world through us….the part of us that is guided by FREEDOM and by LOVE. The Soul is the Divine within showing us our path and helping us to see and to know what is showing up in support of the path the Soul has chosen for itself in this life – the life it chose to live and experience through us.


I think of the Soul as our “truth barometer” or as our inner compass. This is the voice that speaks to us of love, of freedom, of joy, peace, harmony, and expansiveness.  But more than speaking, the Soul recognizes. As St. Ignatius of Loyola observed, the Soul’s recognition is known through physical and emotional sensations that like a magnet of sorts, help us to know what is and is not in support of our Soul’s purpose or desire.  That which is not in our Soul’s purpose feels “bad.”  That which is in our Soul’s purpose feels “good.”  But this is not the same kind of good and bad we normally think of…but is more accurately known through subtle sensations that St. Ignatius identified as consolation or desolation. Consolation is the feeling of expansiveness, helping us to feel peaceful, content, whole, joyful and which leads us toward love.  Desolation is known by feelings of limitation, confusion, doubt, worry and fear.  Discernment is the process we use to identify which voice is speaking….desolation (not consistent with our Soul’s purpose) or consolation (consistent with our Soul’s purpose), and then to choose which voice we will listen to.

The Soul is the Divine living in us and trying to be itself through us and the Soul is guiding us toward its own purpose if we would only listen to it. In every moment of every day, the Soul is speaking and it is telling us through subtle and sometime obvious cues if we are following its true path or not.  Everything that happens in our daily life is there to serve the purpose of the Soul and in every encounter the Soul tells us where we are on the path by how we are feeling in the encounter and by how we choose to respond.  If the encounter is challenging, the Soul will guide us toward a response that is life-giving, compassionate, loving, non-violent.  The ego/false-self will guide us to respond from a place of fear, anxiety, worry, the need to control.  The Soul helps us to recognize those who will be a source of support in our Soul’s path and those who will be a hindrance.  The Soul tells us which opportunities to pursue, which jobs will suit its purpose, what environments will support it and where we are called to live and how we are called to spend our time.  Again, we need simply listen to this inner compass, this truth barometer to know where we are going and how to get there.  The challenge is that for most of us, we have been taught to listen to everything else BUT our Soul.


We have been taught to listen to the outside perceived (and often self-appointed) authorities for guidance and it is their voices who often become the voice of our false-self. These are the voices that govern through fear and who use guilt to manipulate.  These are the voices that become our inner critic and who speak to us in “shoulds.”

For Jesus, these voices were those of the religious authorities who questioned his methods, his motivation and his “God.” These were the voices of “Satan” who tempted him in the desert and in the Garden of Gethsemane.  These were the voices of Peter and the other disciples who wanted him to be their Warrior King, instead of their teacher of love.  These were the voices of his family who demanded him to stop embarrassing them through his teachings.  These were the voices of all those who tried to tempt him from his path of knowing the LOVE that he was and in knowing the God that dwelled within him, and the voices of all those who wanted to stop him from sharing this “secret” with others.  Instead of listening to these outside (and inner) voices of fear, doubt, critique, condemnation, etc., he chose to listen to the voice of his Soul – the voice of the Divine that lived in him and found its purpose through him.

The same will be true for us when we listen to the voice of the Soul. No one said it would be easy (and Jesus demonstrated), but it is the voice that leads us toward our truth and to a life of freedom where our life has meaning and purpose and where we are fulfilled in living this life for our own sake and in support of the betterment of the world.

For support in listening to the voice of your Soul, Lauri Ann Lumby is available for one-on-one mentoring.  Call or email today  (920) 230-1313 or








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Hearing the Voice of My Soul

Today I find that I am faced with an invitation to make a complete and dramatic change in my life – one that is absolutely critical to my own wellbeing. This change will move me away from 50 years of a life defined by DOING and into a new life centered on ALLOWING.  As I open the door to this 180 degree change, I realize that there is nothing I can “do” to make this change happen – as it would absolutely defeat the whole point of the change:

To move away from DOING and toward a life of ALLOWING.

But what does that even look like? A life of Allowing is so outside my current paradigm that I can’t even imagine it (though I have experienced glimpses of it along the way). What I do know is that the journey from doing to allowing begins by listening to my Soul, which means turning away from the voice that has heretofore ruled my life – the voice of my mind.  Until my mind is in service to my Soul, it does not serve my highest good as the mind, whose number one task is to secure our survival, when functioning on its own, is ruled by fear.  When in service to the Soul (the voice of God within us), however, the mind does the work of bringing forth the vision of the Soul. When the Soul is allowed to guide, we are safe, and the mind can lay down its sword, allowing it to rest in the calm peacefulness of the Soul’s guidance, simply waiting for its directives from the Soul, which the mind then gladly carries out.


The mind was never meant to lead, only to support. And for 50 years, I have had it all backwards.  Yes, there have been times when the Soul has stepped forth in spite of myself and led me to magical and miraculous things, but always, the mind has tried to intrude.  It is time for this to change.

What I find by entering into this invitation to change, is that the journey from DOING to ALLOWING has absolutely nothing to do with something “out there.” Instead, it is an inside job.  It is about moving beyond the tattered forest of the thought-filled mind, to hearing the voice of the Soul, allowing for myself what I allow for my clients – hearing the truth beyond the words, or more specifically, hearing the truth beyond the thoughts.

Now to tune into the voice of my Soul so that I might hear what it has to say.




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The Number One Cause of Violence in Our World

Before I answer the question about the number one cause of violence in our world, let me ask you a question:  Have you had enough of the violence yet? If your answer is YES, then please read on.  If you are excited about continuing the cycle of violence in our world by contemplating retaliation and retribution, then don’t bother reading this blog, you won’t get it anyway.  Today’s blog is for those who have ears to hear and for those who have hearts that yearn for an end to the violence and who want to play a role in bringing this violence to an end….once and for all! 

Short Answer: The number one cause of violence in our world is rage over a world that is too small, and feeling powerless to change it.


Longer Answer: This is not about a world that is literally too small – as in size, shape, volume, etc. Neither is this about a world that doesn’t have enough resources to feed, clothe and house every single human being on this planet (because we DO have enough resources).  This isn’t even about the systems of distribution that have failed in their duty to care for even the simplest needs of the beings on this planet.

No, this is about a deep inner knowing of the SOUL that the lives we are living are WAY TOO SMALL!

Even Longer Answer: The Soul knows who we are, the reason we were put on this planet and the mission we are here to accomplish.  Throughout our life, the Soul tries to communicate this truth to us and draws into our presence opportunities to nurture, cultivate and ultimately live out this call.  The problem is that we don’t know how to listen and the world doesn’t know how to support us in the fulfillment of our Soul’s mission.  When we feel thwarted in the fulfillment of our Soul, RAGE erupts and if we don’t have proper tools for processing our deep-seated anger at not being able to fulfill our Soul’s duty, we either do violence to ourselves or to others.

Perhaps the violence we do to ourselves is internal through all the voices that tell us:

  • You have nothing significant to contribute to this world.
  • Who are you do think you can do/be/…xyz?
  • Good girls/good boys don’t do that.
  • Your family, friends, tribe, church, won’t understand/love you if you choose this path.
  • If you follow the path of your Soul, something in your life will have to change.

Maybe the violence we do to ourselves is the cultivating of resentment, or the suppression, repression, wholesale rejection of our anger – the very voice that is trying to help us understand our Soul’s calling.

The violence we do to others has many faces:

  • Seething resentment
  • Blame
  • Cultivating inner anger or hatred.
  • Making someone else the cause of our world being too small.
  • Physical, emotional, mental, sexual acts of violence.

When enough individuals are unsupported in the fulfillment of their Soul’s purpose, the rage that we hold within us individually becomes a collective rage where pretty much everyone on the planet is pissed off because their Soul is being ignored.  Yes, we have all sorts of coping mechanisms that self-medicate the pain of a meaningless and unfulfilling life (consumerism, materialism, money, power, achievement, fame, status, drugs, alcohol, sex, war after war after war after war), but there are not enough of any of these things, especially war, to satisfy the ache of a soul unfulfilled.  Until we tend to the deeper call of the Soul, we will never be satisfied and will be forever looking outside of ourselves for the satisfaction of that longing.  When we find that none of those things satisfy, we either turn toward more violence, or we WAKE UP and turn within to the ONLY source of the satisfaction that we seek.  This is as true for the young, dark-skinned men who turn to terrorism, hoping it will satisfy a life unfulfilled, as it is for the pasty white guys gathering piles of wealth as the rest of the world is starving.


Longest Answer: Our world is a mess and it is a mess because for lifetimes, we have not supported ourselves or each other in the QUEST FOR OUR SOUL.  Instead, we have turned to outside perceived authority as the author of our lives and have allowed them to create structures while crafting rules, regulations, expectations, etc. that tell us who we are and the roles we will play in THEIR games.  (hmmmmm…..sounds like Hunger Games).  We have followed their rules because, quite frankly, it is easier.  It is way easier to do what we are told and to follow the 10 rules for “happiness” than it is to take the time to BE STILL and listen for the voice of our Soul.  It is also easier to follow the herd of sheeple than it is to follow our own inner voice and calling.  Listening to the voice of our Soul takes work and it takes, COURAGE.  This is not a journey for the faint of heart, especially in a society that mostly wants us to follow the rules – or at the very least, to follow the crowd.  “Don’t rock the boat.”  “Don’t disturb the status quo.”  “Don’t question, challenge, turn away from what WE want you to hear, know, do.”  These commands are then followed up with the biggest threat in their arsenal – “Do what we tell you or LEAVE.”  And in some places, “leave” means “die”….literally.


The Solution: As much as we would like to cure the world of its violence, the solution to the problem will not be exacted on a global scale (yet).  Instead, it starts with ONE person – YOU deciding to make a CHANGE.

  1. It starts by turning away from the violence in the world – turn off the TV. Stop watching Fox News. Don’t read (or believe) the newspapers. Find sources of information that are not influenced by the institution of violence and propaganda. If you aren’t sure which ones those are….LISTEN TO YOUR GUT! Your intuition will guide you. (Turning away from the violence doesn’t mean we aren’t informed. Neither does it mean we don’t care, or pray, or hope for a different outcome. We are just choosing not to participate, not to add to it, and not to allow it to harm or influence us toward fear or violence).
  2. The second step is all about SELF CARE! Turn into your SOUL. Listen as it tries to communicate truth to you, your mission, your gifts, your purpose and your call. Learn how to manage your anxiety, anger, frustration, impatience, sense of powerlessness. Find support in overcoming your fears and resistance to your SOUL and in moving through the societal constructs that week to keep you from the path of your SOUL. Find support for living the path of your SOUL. (PS THIS is what I do for a living….if you want support call (920) 230-1313 or email
  3. Find community. You are NOT ALONE in the desire to be free of a world of violence and to live in a world where all people are supported in finding wholeness, meaning, purpose, fulfillment, peace, love, and joy. Find others like you who have had enough of the violence and who are willing to do the HARD WORK of extracting yourself from the herd of mindless sheeple blindly following the voice of fear and who desire instead, to create a new wave – a wave of love that will one day grow large enough to wash the world clean of fear and restore it to the world of love that it was meant to be.










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The Harm We Do to Ourselves- Listening to Our Souls

The Harm We Do to Ourselves – Listening to Our Souls

This past weekend I had a meltdown. Perhaps it was the prednisone I was taking for an ear infection.  More likely, it was a part of my SOUL communicating a deep truth.  The truth was about all the ways in which I have ignored the deep longings of my Soul, ignored the truth of my Soul and ignored the voice of my Soul, in favor of what society says we “should” be doing.  The meltdown was unique to me and my own unique temperament and gifts, while being deeply reflective of the harm we have done to ourselves by putting on what is not authentically ours.

For me, the harm arises out of all the ways in which I have denied the feminine within me in favor of the masculine.  At some point in my journey, I came to (falsely) believe the feminine to be weak, powerless, frivolous and silly and put on the qualities of the masculine – assertive, self-sufficient, independent, aloof, active, striving after achievement, success (as it is defined by Western culture), and doing so by driving and striving.  I was the pain in the ass Type-A overachiever, straight A, National Honor society snob who was hell bent on making my own way in the world and becoming rich and famous doing so.

While there is nothing wrong with being achievement oriented and striving after success, for me, it has been a journey that has proved fruitless and has cost me my health and my Soul. The past two weeks on the couch have shown me that – and the meltdown this weekend showed me why.  This pattern has shown up over and over and over in my life – every time I’m burning the candle on both ends and through the middle, I CRASH.  In high school it was mono and strep throat that got me down. In my adult years, a chronic illness coming out of remission.  Now….a viral ear infection with vertigo that has left me couch bound for the past two weeks.  After fifty years of the same repeating pattern, I think I got it.  I got the how, now to repair the why.

St. Mary Magdalene Crucified by Giedrius Plioplys. Used with permission.
St. Mary Magdalene Crucified by Giedrius Plioplys. Used with permission.

Repairing the why begins with listening DEEPLY to my Soul. What does my Soul really want?  How do I really want to operate in the world?  What does my Soul need to feel nurtured, supported and fulfilled?  For me, it starts with asking questions about what has proven harmful to my Soul:

  • Thinking I can and should be able to do it by myself. (THIS IS A BIGGIE!)
  • Believing success is defined by money, fame, reputation, power.
  • Listening to so-called experts about how success is obtained and trying to follow them even when their ways feel counter-intuitive to me.
  • Judging myself and my decision by societal “shoulds” (ie: debt is bad, public speaking and networking are the roads to success, you are valued by how hard and how much you work, if you work hard you will be rewarded, if you think the right thoughts you will get what you want.).
  • Comparing myself to others in my field.

After sorting out what is NOT life-giving and nurturing to my Soul, I ask my Soul what it really needs from me. Her answers were not surprising in the least because at the deepest part of who I am….this is what I long for:

My Soul, more than anything in the world, wants to be nurtured and cared for… she can be the source of nurturing and support for others I am called to be. My Soul feels nurtured when I:

  • Feed my body through healthy, beautiful, nourishing foods I enjoy.
  • Move my body gently through yoga, dance, walking, stretching.
  • Take regular time for meditation, prayer, self-reflection.
  • Write – simply for the sake of writing, especially when it is creative.
  • Read – for enjoyment and for learning.
  • Create a home that is beautiful to me and feels like a sanctuary for myself and my loved ones.
  • Take time with those I love.
  • Spend time with dear friends.
  • Take time for creating.
  • Spend time in the woods.
  • Take time to enjoy the arts.
  • Honor my introvert with alone-time and with activities that feel supportive of an introverted personality.
  • Enjoy ease in the allowing – taking a wait and watch attitude and trusting that what I need to support myself, my well-being and my Soul’s longing and purpose will show itself when I am quiet enough to perceive its arrival.
  • Exercise the unique gifts I have been given to share with the world – and sharing them.

As I sat in deep listening to the call of my Soul, I also heard her speak about the true role of the Sacred Feminine and along with this an invitation to allow more of this into my life:

The Sacred Feminine

  • Creates and tends to the nest.
  • She nurtures, supports and guides, often by example, those under her care.
  • She cares for those in her care when they need caring for.
  • She watches for the readiness of those in her care to go out into the world on their own and she sends them forth with encouragement, support and empowerment.
  • She sees, hears and feels deeply – often seeing what needs to be seen in another before they can see it themselves. She sees the promise in another and supports them in becoming that.
  • The work of the feminine is sacred and holy and is honored by the Holy Masculine who protects her and provides for her so she can do her great work.
  • The sacred feminine surrenders into the arms of this support.

And more than all of this my Soul has one fervent plea, “I’m tired of seeking….I want to be found.”


How have you taken time to listen deeply to the needs of your Soul?

How might you be ignoring the voice of your Soul in favor of what society says you “should” be doing?

How have you been doing harm to yourself in ignoring the voice of your Soul?

What does your Soul really need and want from you?




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Crossing the Threshold into the New World!

As I recline into reflection on this past week’s (years) galactic events (solar eclipse, equinox, full blood moon lunar eclipse, Wave X, etc.) I am acutely aware of having crossed a major threshold – and the rest of the world with me. Like the people of Who-ville screaming out to Horton, the only being who could hear, the collective “we” chanting/shouting/proclaiming/declaring/celebrating:

We are here! We are here! We are here!

And like the people of Who-ville, I feel as if we have not arrived at some place new, but instead, that the rest of the world finally knows we are here. Rather, the world has finally caught up with what we have known and imagined all along.


But, where exactly are we? My experience of where we are is exactly where we have always been but were unable to see/experience/know/BELIEVE. The place we are IS HOME.

What in the world does that mean? What does it mean to be home? First, what home is NOT!

Speaking only for myself (though I suspect many of you as well), I have known – from a very early age – that I was not born to live in the 3D world (the world of duality), but that I was born to live in a different kind of world – one that for many years I could not name – but I certainly had known. I was confirmed in this knowledge through all the things of the 3D world that made absolutely NO SENSE to me. Things like – fear, power, control, competition, deceit, doing harm to another, violence, hatred, war, prejudice, selfishness, narcissism, abuse, waste, conspicuous consumption, unbridled consumerism, etc. etc. etc.

I was also confirmed in the knowledge that I was not made to live in the 3D world when ALL the ways of manifesting in the 3D world eluded me. NOTHING came to me through the “tried and true” 3D methods for achieving success and every time I tried to do things the way “the experts” say it is done, I FAILED – and I failed miserably – and then I died from the trying – suffering exhaustion, sickness, anxiety, panic and even depression as I tried to fit my 5D (unity-directed) Spirit into a 3D (separation-directed) world. But, the things that I truly needed in my life, those things that were expressly for my Soul’s highest good, all came into my life through no effort on my own but through SHEER MAGIC – along with my ability to hear/see Magic when it showed up and then saying YES to it.


Which brings me to the discussion of what home IS:

Home is the manifestation of all that we know in our hearts to be true and the fulfillment of our Soul’s deepest inner knowing/desire.

Let me give you some examples:

For my whole entire life, there are certain things I have known to be true.

  • I have known of a place where all my needs were being abundantly met in a way that allows me to live simply, comfortably, in a place of beauty and safety that makes me feel at home but does not deprives others of this same human right.
  • I have known that I am uniquely gifted and that my life has meaning and a purpose – both for my own fulfillment and for the sake of the betterment of the world.
  • I have known that there is nothing (but myself) holding me back from being my most authentic self (except perhaps the Soul’s timing).
  • I have known that I am here for the purpose of love – to love and to be loved and to enjoy the fruits of BELOVED PARTNERSHIP. I have carried within me a deep knowing of what Beloved Partnership is and what it feels like and I that my Soul would tell me when I was straying from the kind of relationship my Soul was destined to experience.
  • I have known the inner experience of withholding my truth and that only in expressing my truth would I find freedom.
  • I have known myself to be my own authority and that my Soul desires for me to know my truth and communicates truth to me through deep inner knowing, dreams, intuition, learning, life experiences, people with whom I come in contact, prayer and my creative imagination.
  • I have known that I was never alone and that I could not walk this path alone and that I am ultimately One with God in Love.

Finally, I have known in the deepest places of my Soul that the way all of the above comes into being is as if by MAGIC. The manifestation of our Soul’s deepest knowing and desires is meant to be effortless and to be experienced through the greatest of ease – like Samantha Stevens wiggling her cute little nose or waving her gossamer-draped arms in the air – POOF- all we are meant to be will be made real and present in our world.

SamanthaStevens black

Welcome Home!

I know that if you are reading this blog, what has been true for me has also been true for you – for many, many years, your great big SOUL trying to fit into a too-small world. Well……..this time is OVER and the world is finally big enough for your magnificent, glowing, MAGICAL SOUL! You are here! You are here! You are here! Welcome home and bask in the knowledge of your Soul at rest and all the things you need for the sake of your Soul coming to you in magical and miraculous ways! I can’t wait to see all the things our True Home has in store for us! Bibbity! Bobbity! Boo!

If you want to hear more about the new world and practices to help us fully receive the new world, check out yesterday’s Sunday Service HERE. 




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Beyond “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction”

The Law of Attraction is OUT!

Since the release of The Secret, and other books and videos of a similar vein, the magic formula for manifesting has been credited to the Law of Attraction – giving our thoughts credit for manifesting what we want:  “Think the right thoughts and you will get what you want.”  Even though I will ruffle the feathers of many, especially those who are attached to the law of attraction as the proven method for getting what they want, (or who have made their millions selling books, videos and products predicated on this belief) I must boldly go where no woman has gone before me.  As we evolve to the next stage of our spiritual evolution, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IS OUT – if it ever was in at all. Here’s why:


3D Duality-based perceptions

The Law of Attraction arose out of a 3D (duality based) construct – emerging out of the separation between faith and belief.  Faith is a natural and effortless outpouring of the Soul’s knowing of what we need in our life while effortlessly leading us toward it and drawing it toward us.  The voice of the Soul, which arises out of faith, provides the inspiration we need and the energy and motivation required when action is called for.  Faith is effortless…it is a deep inner knowing of our truest nature and the path of our Soul.  Faith is constant, persistent, grounded, sure and unwavering.  Belief, on the other hand, is of the mind and requires effort.  Belief is inconsistent, ungrounded, unsure and wavering as it is driven by the fearful nature of the human condition.  We might think of the distinction between belief and faith, as the difference between knowing in the mind and knowing in the heart.

Three grave falsehoods

In 3D where duality exists and fear reigns, the Law of Attraction may have proven to be effective for some (though maybe they simply mistook the voice of the Soul for thought).  It is important to acknowledge, however, that the Law of Attraction – the idea that “thinking the right thoughts will get us what we want”, is founded on three grave falsehoods:

  1. That what we want is in our highest good.
  2. That thoughts guide manifestation.
  3. That we have control over our thoughts.


Beginning with number three:

Thoughts, in and of themselves, are a function of our lower self – and are mostly based on past experiences and future fantasies, never arising out of a state of pure being.  Thoughts are rooted in fears that arise out of our false perception of separation (from ourselves, God, the universe), and are therefore illusory.  Thoughts arise of their own volition and while we can still them and quiet them through mindfulness based, creativity and movement practices, mostly the movement of our thoughts is beyond our control.  We can, however, distinguish thought from faith.  Faith is the voice of the Soul which speaks to us through insight, inspiration, true knowledge, deep knowing, and understanding.  All of these arise out of a state of pure being – those states of consciousness where thought has ceased – where we are one within ourselves,  one with God, one with all of creation.  The mind is still and here the Soul can speak.


#2 Contrary to what is believed, taught, and sold by many, thoughts do not guide manifestation.  Instead, it is the guidance of the Soul that empowers manifestation – when we allow it to speak – when we accept its guidance, when we still the thoughts (usually fearful or anxiety-ridden) that tell us all the reasons we should not follow the Soul’s guidance, and then take action where appropriate (if action is needed).

#1 What we want is not always in our highest good.   Want arises out of the ego and out of our false perception of separation.  Want arises out of fear, especially out of our egoic perception of lack.  The mind (the origin of want) does not know what is in our highest good…it only knows what it wants.  The voice of the Soul, in contrast. does not speak in the language of want. The Soul knows what is in our highest good and what we need to fulfill our life’s purpose.  What we need arises effortlessly out of an unconditionally loving Source of support who has only our highest good in mind.  When we operate out of the place of faith (Soul), we want for nothing because we understand that wherever we are at this place in our lives is exactly where we need to be for the sake of our Soul’s unfolding. When we function out of a duality based set of perceptions, no matter what we have, it is never enough.

As we evolve and grow as a species and work together to usher in a new world rooted in love instead of fear, the Law of Attraction is one idea that we are being invited to set aside.  In its place is the pure knowledge of Faith – Faith that is the effortless and unbidden guidance of the Soul – if we would only take the time to quiet the mind (and its thoughts) so that we might hear it speak.

In short:

The Law of Attraction requires that we DO something (think the right thoughts).

In the world of Faith – we need only BE.  Our Soul will “do” the rest.

Authentic Freedom Academy provides programs, products (books) and services to assist you in distinguishing the voice of the Soul from fear-based thoughts. Contact Lauri Ann Lumby at (920) 230-1313 or, to learn more.