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Magdalene at the Front Door – The Dream that Started it All

Today’s blog continues my experiment with Hildegard of Bingen medicine – sharing my visions in the hopes of supporting the healing and release of 9 months of migraines, panic attacks, vertigo and other things! In today’s blog, I share the dream that started it all….the dream in which Mary Magdalene came knocking at my front door.

Mary Magdalene by Dana Lumby
Mary Magdalene by Dana Lumby

It’s been so many years since I was visited upon by “the dream that started it all”… that I can’t even be sure of the exact date, or even the year, but I know that it was when my children were quite young – 2 and 4 years old respectively, I think, and it was when their father and I were still together. The dream took place in the home in which we were living – a lavender, story-and-a-half  Victorian cottage with a wrap-around front porch and two “front” doors – one on the front of the house that entered directly into the formal living room and the other on the side of the house which entered into the sitting room.  The latter was the door we used to enter and exit the home and the door we thought of as “the front door.”

In the dream, I dreamed that I was sleeping beside my husband in our second floor bedroom and our children were fast asleep in their respective rooms, only feet away from our own. I was “awakened” from my sleep (in the dream) by a knocking at the front door of the house.  I “woke up” (while still in the dream) and got out of bed.  I walked out of our bedroom and down the hall to the stairs.  I descended the stairs which emptied into the sitting room.  The room was dimly lit and as I gazed across the room at the front door, I could see a hooded figure standing on the other side of the curtained window of the front door, standing just beneath the brightly lit porch light.  I “heard” a voice say, “Open the door.” Strangely unafraid, I went to the door and opened it as I had been asked.  Standing on the other side was a woman about my height – or maybe a little taller – with long, dark, curling hair, wearing a dark red hooded cloak.  The hood of the cloak was pulled up over the crown of her head casting a shadow over her face so I couldn’t quite make out her features. Her face was gazing down toward something she held in her hands.  I followed her gaze and saw that in her hands she held a smallish wooden chest crafted in dark, weathered wood.  The wooden chest looked ancient, but well cared-for.  She held the wooden chest out toward me and as my hands reached out to receive it, the curved lid of the box opened.

Inside the box, lying on a bed of purple velvet, was my own heart. As I took the box with my heart in it from her hands, a rush of images filled my mind – images of Snow White, the evil queen, the box that was to contain Snow White’s heart, a half-bitten apple, the Son of a King, and the kiss that awakened the sleeping princess.

Then I looked into the eyes of the woman in the red cloak and saw that the woman looking back at me was me. In silent words I heard her say, “I Am the Magdalene,” strangely something I had known all along.



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Lessons I Learned from the Seven Dwarfs

Lessons for our Spiritual Growth and Development can really come from any source.  Today I share the lessons I have learned from the Seven Dwarfs from Disney’s Snow White.


The other day I received a writing prompt from my writing mentor, Prudence Tippins.  I was invited to write on the word “dig.”  As I sat with this word, the only thing that showed up was the Work Song from Disney’s Snow White (see link above).  In the song the seven dwarfs chant, “We’re going to dig dig dig dig … the whole day through.”  I sat with this song and asked myself the question, “What would Snow White have learned from the seven dwarfs, specifically in their job as miners?”  The following is what showed up.  Spiritual lessons show up in surprising locations!

Lessons I learned from the Seven Dwarfs, by Snow White

  • If you are afraid of the dark, bring a lantern
  • Take only one step at a time (it’s really all you can see anyway)
  • Don’t be bothered by the beasts and creepy-crawly things that hide in the shadows, the light will hold them at-bay
  • Don’t worry about what is around the corner until you get there and can shine your light upon it
  • You are safe as long as you remain in the light
  • Wear sturdy shoes and warm woolens to put off the chill
  • Pack a hearty lunch and bring something hot to drink
  • Diamonds and other gems are buried deep
  • The deeper you go, the greater the treasure
  • Bring a canary or two to test the air
  • Secret and magnificent wonders are found in the deepest and darkest places and they do not need light to survive
  • You can forge your own path
  • Your heart will guide the way

What spiritual lessons have you gathered from unexpected places?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries