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Letting Go

For many, the past year has been a continual journey of release – of letting go that which no longer serves and letting go of what we thought served, but the Universe had something else in mind.  I first discovered the work of today’s blog contributor through my friend, poet and author, Jay Ramsay.  This poem spoke to my heart and I knew it would speak to the hearts of others.  So thank you to Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB for sharing her work with us.  Today’s poem, The Sacrament of Letting Go, comes from her book Seasons of Your Heart (Harper Collins).


Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB

The Sacrament of Letting Go


She celebrated the sacrament of

Letting Go…

First she surrendered her Green

Then the Orange, yellow, and Red…

Finally she let go of her Brown…

Shedding her last leaf

She stood empty and silent, stripped bare

Leaning against the sky she began her vigil of trust…

Shedding her last leaf

She watched its journey to the ground…

She stood in silence,

Wearing the color of emptiness

Her branches wondering:

How do you give shade, with so much gone?

And then, the sacrament of waiting began

The sunrise and sunset watched with

Tenderness, clothing her with silhouettes

They kept her hope alive.

They helped her understand that

her vulnerability

her dependence and need

her emptiness

her readiness to receive

were giving her a new kind of beauty.

Every morning and every evening she stood in silence and celebrated

the sacrament of waiting.

Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB is a Benedictine Sister from St. Scholastica Monastery in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  She is well-known for her creative writing and retreat ministry.  Monastic spirituality has had a great influence in her writing and retreat ministry.

She has authored eight books: Seasons of Your Heart, A Tree Full of Angels,  The Song of the Seed, published by HarperCollins;  Seven Sacred Pauses: living mindfully through the hours, Gold in Your Memories,  Behold Your Life and The Circle of Life (co-authored with Joyce Rupp) published by Ave Maria Press.  Abide:  keeping vigil with the Word of God is her latest work, published by Liturgical Press.

Visit her blog:

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Letting Go

Letting go, shedding, releasing,’tis the season.

Toni Carmine Salerno

A Common Theme

While I tend to take so-called prophecies with a grain of salt, knowing that ultimately, we determine how we respond to the changes in our lives and in our world, I cannot ignore that every “spiritual” “new age” “ascension” “new earth” blog that I subscribe to seems to be saying the same thing.  More importantly, I cannot refute the cold hard truth that my own life seems to be following these “prophecies” to a T.  For me, the past several months have been a time of shedding, releasing, revisiting, reassessing, reevaluating, doors closing, opportunities elusive, and this is exactly what these sites say is supposed to be happening.  Then, when I look around at my spiritual companions and friends, it seems their lives too are reflecting the same process of release and letting go.  The frustration is that while all this letting go and door closing is happening, the new and open doors have not yet revealed themselves.  The response to this frustration is a collective ARGH followed by the sheer terror of “NOW WHAT?”  and “How am I going to pay my bills?”  YIKES.

Not another one!

Just when I thought I had let go of everything that I could let go of, the Universe provided one more opportunity.  “Thank you sir, may I have another?”  Seriously, I’m kinda done being stripped of everything I care about, that has provided a source of support, structure, predictability, security, etc. and that I wanted to give my energy to.  Apparently I’m not done yet (but God, I hope this is the final shedding and I sure hope those new doors start opening soon!)

Support and Encouragement from the Great Beyond

The funny thing is I knew this one was coming.  I had saw the warning signs and felt the energy changing around it, and when I brought these awarenesses to prayer the answer was, “Release it with love.”  I then turned to one of my inspirational card decks and pulled the Purgatory card, and this is what it read:

The emotional ups and downs you are experiencing are part of a healing process through which all that no longer serves you is being transformed and released.  Though it might not seem like it, this is a positive time for you.  Trust in the process.  All you surrender will automatically be healed or replaced with something more suitable. 

Sigh.  I guess what I really wanted to do in writing this post is to share these words with those of you who may be going through a similar process of letting go and releasing.  All that you surrender will be healed or replaced with something more suitable.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries