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The New World Beckons

The New World Beckons

The new world beckons

Inviting us to listen.

To hear the subtle depth of our Soul calling us home.

Home to ourselves.


Piercing through the cacophony of the dying world,

Drawing aside the veil of our fear-based conditioning.

All the ways “the world” distracts us from ourselves:

Temptations of fame, power, control, status and wealth.

Shiny objects begging for attention

pushing us toward the capitalistic lie:

“Hard work = Success”

(as it is measured by how much money we have, the clothes we wear

And whether or not we have our own “reality” show.)


Reality my ass!

It’s lies.  All lies.

That which we seek,

which compels the actions of every human being

cannot be found outside of ourselves

but can only be found within

in all the darkened places where our truth resides:

Beneath and behind our conditioning.

Within our fears.

Beyond the uncountable times our heart has been broken

By a “world” that rejects who we are…

A “world” that demands obedience, compliance, subservience…

And silence.


The New World beckons.

Our original world beckons.

Calling us out of the hell in which we’ve been living –

To the “heaven” that has been here all along –

for those with eyes to see, ears to hear,

and the courage to set their Soul free

To be who and how it was always meant to be.


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Finding our Purpose and Sharing it

The common search of the human experience is the search for meaning and purpose.  Why am I here?  What am I supposed to do?  We are driven through restlessness and discontent to seek the answers to these questions until we find them.  Once we find the answer to these questions, we have no choice but to share it.   So….here goes!


A Thorn in Your Side

For as long as I can consciously remember, I have been searching.  Troubled by the suffering of the human condition, and confused by the ways in which humans keep waging war, injustice, poverty, etc. I was compelled to ask the difficult questions and urged to want to do something about it.  This search has caused me to be a thorn in the side of parents, educators, religious authorities, employers, friends and even myself.   “Why can’t you just put up and shut up,” seemed to be the collective response to all my seeking.  Alas, no matter how I tried to just be content with what is, I found I could not.  So, I kept seeking.  Along the way, I thought I had found my purpose – first to just make money in corporate America, then to lead people to God, then to reform the Catholic Church, then to write a best-selling spiritual self-help book.   Ha….none of these “purposes” proved to be quite right.  But I kept searching.  Then last week, I was hit between the eyes with a vision that showed me in the simplest words why I was put on this ball of mud in the first place.  And it could not be any simpler.


Finding Purpose

So, the words that were spoken to me in vision and in the silence of my heart:

“Lauri, you are here to help people remember the love that they are.”

Wow….it could not be any simpler than that!  These words encompass my greatest desire, my highest hopes for humanity and enfold and embrace all the work I have done in the past 46+ years on this planet.  This is all I have ever wanted….for each and every human being to know they are love and to act accordingly.  PERIOD!

 Sharing it

So, on this day that we set aside for giving Thanks… is my prayer for you.  My hope, my dream, my desire, my prayer for you is that you REMEMBER that you are love.  That you KNOW that you are love.  And that you know this love so profoundly that you have no choice but to live that out in the world….and in doing so, that you are reminding others of the love that they are.


The Truth We Used to Know

And here’s the funny thing about this wish.  Each and every one of us were born into the world KNOWING this truth.  We knew that we were love and could do nothing but reflect that love out into the world.  But then something happened.  Somehow that love got taught out of us – starting with the trauma of birth, then through unwitting parents who had forgotten their own love, then through teachers, other human beings, religious authorities, the world in general, we forgot this love.  But, no matter how bad our childhoods might have been, we never totally forgot this love….it shined like a sparkling star somewhere deep in our heart calling out to us, “Remember…Remember”.  This sparkling star is what sends us on this search in the first place – through restlessness and discontent, through questioning and seeking, we are compelled to find, reclaim and remember this love.  So, I am here to remind you….YOU ARE LOVE……you never stopped being love and nobody can take that love away from you….NO EVEN GOD!  So, if you don’t yet remember this love….KEEP SEEKING…..Ask the difficult questions, grieve the losses and disappointments, allow your broken heart to be healed, be loving toward yourself, treat yourself as you are love and sooner or later, you will start to remember….and when you do MIRACLES will start to happen!  I promise!

Happy Thanksgiving

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Finding What We Need Within

As we grow spiritually, we are invited to turn our gaze from the outside world and draw it inward…letting go of our temptation to seek fulfillment, peace, love and joy outside of ourselves and remembering that the Source of all that we seek is within. 


Out there….out there…out there

In our human journey, we are continually looking outside of ourselves for the things we need:  direction, guidance, love, fulfillment, satisfaction, peace, joy, abundance, etc.  When we want to know what we should do with our lives, we ask our friends, co-workers, family members, trusted advisors, “What do you think?”  We consult the advise of professionals and experts and even so-called experts, “What do you think?”  We look for the sign along the road, the flashing lights, the lightening bolt, the symbolic animal or coincidence that tell us what we are supposed to be doing.  When we want love, we seek the person outside of us that we think will make us happy.  When we want fulfillment, we seek “the perfect” job.  When we want money, we look outside of us for the thing that will give us what we need.  While there is a time and a place for those things outside of us …. a time when the exterior conditions and experiences and people in our lives do act as a vehicle of Divine guidance, support, fulfillment, love, etc… is the relentless search outside of us that gets us into trouble.

Big Remedy for Big Trouble

What this relentless outside search does to us is create and solidify an inner terrain of fear, anxiety and worry.  When we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for the answers, direction, fulfillment, validation, etc. we are forgetting that the only true source of peace is our intimate connection with what some might call “God.”  Whether you think of it as “God”, “Higher Power”, “Higher Self”, “True Self”, or some other name, there is a Source of guidance and fulfillment that resides deep within us.  Connecting with this inner Source of peace is how we find contentment, joy, love, guidance and it is in connecting with this inner Source that our lives take on meaning, flow and a sense of effortlessness.  While our outside search may provide some information, it is the inner journey that gives us the truest, surest, most profound guidance and fulfillment.

Coming Home

So, next time you find yourself on that relentless outside search for answers, guidance, fulfillment, money, time, love, etc. and you find the anxiety and worry within you rising in response to this relentless search….STOP.  BREATHE.  PRAY.  Take all the energy that you have been directing outward and point it toward yourself.  Point it toward your own heart, toward that peaceful, loving, joyfilled place within where God dwells.  Then, REST in that peaceful connection that what some might call God and WAIT.  It will be out of this peaceful connection that everything you need will show itself – guidance, abundance, opportunities to nurture and share your gifts, love, empowerment and most importantly….PEACE.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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When Do We Stop Looking?

The process of spiritual growth and development is ultimately about the search for contentment.  How do we find contentment and when do we stop looking?

Today’s post is inspired by a discussion I had with Heather at the local health food store (Nutrition Discount Center) regarding the benefits of raw food.  I described to her the feeling I had after enjoying my first exclusively raw foods meal.  I felt completely and utterly satisfied, and I was not hungry for many hours after the nutritious and lovingly prepared meal.  This was her response to my observations:

“When the body gets what it needs, it stops looking.

This is a PROFOUND statement and it struck me that this is true on a universal level.  When we get what we need physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, creatively, we stop looking.  This, I believe is the definition of contentment.  We are content when we no longer feel compelled to seek and can simply rest in the knowledge that all of our needs are being met.  HHHMMMMM   An interesting idea to consider.

So, for today, I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you need physically to feel satisfied?
  • What do you need emotionally?
  • What do you need spiritually?
  • What do you need mentally?
  • What do you need creatively?

Are these needs being met?  If not, how can you be open to allowing them to be met?  Here are just a few examples of how I have been open to allowing these needs to be met within myself:

  • Physically: Planning, preparing and eating healthy meals, exercising on a regular basis
  • Emotionally:  Being open to healthy, intimate friendships and supporting the growth of these relationships
  • Mentally:  Reading books that are stimulating, interesting, entertaining, discussing these books with others of like-mind
  • Spiritually: Daily meditation and prayer
  • Creatively: Writing, writing, writing, cooking, listening to and playing music, singing,

Now it is your turn!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries