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Surrendering to the Void

Today’s blog offers a glimpse and some support as we face this current period of Universal change.  Big changes are coming….but for now…..we must surrender to the VOID!


Entering the Void

In case you haven’t yet noticed, we are in the void.  A time many of my peers are referring to as the “wormhole.”  I like to think of it as the birth canal.  We have planted our seeds.  We have sown our dreams.  We have networked, promoted, advertised, shared all we are and all we hope to be.  We have dreamed the dreams of a world we want to live in and the people we want to be in that world.  Since the beginning of 2015, and most especially the early days of March, we have been busy, freneticly overcome with creative and creating energy.  Then suddenly, everything came to a halt.  Now, there is nothing we can do but WAIT!  Like a seed waiting in the dark soil for the perfect amount of water, sunlight and warmth (and the turning of the year) to coax us out of our shell, we wait.

Nothing and Everything Happens in the Void

The void is a strange time of nothing.  Waiting.  Being.  Resting.  Recuperating.  Recovering.  Restoring.  But while the void often feels like nothing, there is in fact, much going on.  Resting.  Recuperating.  Recovering.  Restoring.  Like the purgatory of Christian-olde (in case you missed the bulletin, the Vatican recently erased purgatory from the books), the void is a time where our past is revisited and every lasting bit of remaining debris is removed.  Anything that is not supportive of the new life that is waiting to be born after the end of the void, is being wiped away.  And yes indeed, we are feeling it!  GRIEF.  ANGER.  RESENTMENT.  Old wounds, old betrayals, past losses and disappointments, are all coming around for one final look.  The void is also a time of healing.

Surrender to the Void

Our task, as we wait here in the void is to SURRENDER.  Don’t try to start any new projects or make any major decisions.  The universe will not support them anyway and if you try, you will only be smashing your head against the brick wall of a world not yet ready for your gifts.  In this state of immobility, be attentive to the anxiety, impatience, and restlessness that will arise because you have nothing “to do.”  If you are bored, read a book, watch a playful movie, return to the mundane – clean the house, do the mending, sweep your basement, rake the yard.  In doing these things, you are clearing the way for the new life that will begin to blossom somewhere around Easter. And if healing opportunities show up, be present to them.  When old pain shows up, be with it and let it move through.  As we show up to our pain, show up to the feelings around that pain – fear, sorrow, rage, etc., – we are allowing that pain to be healed.  Ultimately, our job while hanging out in the void is to take care of ourselves – to love ourselves – to tend to the most vulnerable and fragile parts of our Soul and in doing so, we are creating a solid foundation upon which the new life is coming can take root, mature and bear much fruit.

Hang on…..the new life you have been promised and that you have been waiting for is almost here!




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The Story of the Sunflower Seed

Today’s blog explores the need for time to be in the darkness before new life can sprout and grow.

Peeking Out

I received an email today from a young woman who found this blog through a spiritual community website of which I am an active participant.  She shared with me the spiritual experiences she is having at this time and interestingly, they directly reflect the experiences I have been having.  (I love how we find community when we most need it!)  As I read her narrative, I was reminded of an image that has shown up for me as I have allowed myself this time of retreat….stepping away from my day-to-day obligations of writing, work, family, home, tasks, chores, etc. etc. etc. to DO NOTHING and SIMPLY BE.  Here is what the image looked like:

The Story of the Sunflower Seed

Once upon a time, there was a ripening seed head of a great and majestic sunflower.  Somewhere in the middle of that crowded seedhead, one seed slowly pushed its way past its brothers and sisters.   It was simply getting too crowded with all those plumping seeds being squeezed together.  Before readying herself for THE BIG LEAP, the seed took a deep breath, gathering all her courage around her, and in one final push, shoved her way out from the crowded seedhead and catapulted into the empty air.  Screaming at once with terror and exhilaration, she fell through the light-filled void to the growd below.  PLOP.  She hit the ground with a thud.  And then she realized……”Now what?  Now that I’m free from the seedhead, now what?  Who am I if not a member of the seedhead?  Who am I if I’m not being crowded between my brothers and sisters?  Who am I out here on my own?”  Then a bright red cardinal flew down to the ground beside her and answered her question, “Well, you are a Sunflower of course!” She was startled by his answer as she had only known herself to be a seed among a million other seeds.  The cardinal then scooped her up into his beak, flew to another spot in the field, scraped a little hole in the dirt and plopped her into the ground.  He then covered her with dirt and said, “Now wait right here.  Before you know it, you will no longer be a seed.  You will become the Sunflower that God made you to be.”  And then he flew away.  The seed grew quiet.  And as the cardinal had instructed, she waited.  She waited as she felt the cool dirt around her and the warmth of the sun as it passed over her from dawn til dusk.  She waited as the drank the water that periodically filled the dirt around her.  She waited.  She rested.  She slept.  Then one day, just as suddenly as the crowded feeling that had propelled her from the seedhead of the majestic sunflower, she felt her body begin to quiver and shake, pulse and vibrate.  She felt as if she was being torn in two…..for that is exactly what was happening.  In a fraction of a moment, the seed that she had always known herself to be suddenly fell away and she saw that she was now a bright green stalk, with tiny roots that began to reach deep into the soil, with arms of green that began to reach through the dirt and up toward the sun above.  She was no longer the seed, but the beginnings of that which would soon become the majestic sunflower, just as the cardinal said she would be.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story of the sunflower seed is simple.  We need to remember that often, the greatest growth, the greatest movement, the deepest transformation happens when we are DOING NOTHING!  Like the seed that becomes the sunflower as it is asleep in the dirt, we too need time to rest in the darkness while our DNA, God, the Universe, does whatever it needs to do in the darkness of mystery to create our transformation.  We need do nothing but simply rest as God does the rest.  And like the seed, one day we will suddenly realize that we are no longer who we thought ourselves to be, instead, we are who God made us to be.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries