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Order of Melchizedek

Reclaiming the Ancient and Secret Tradition of Christian Magic

 In the days of his flesh, Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears, to the one who was able to save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission. Although he was a Son, he learned obedience through what he suffered; and having been made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him, having been designated by God a high priest  according to the Order of Melchizedek.

Hebrews 5: 7-10


Ever since I was a little girl, I knew magic was real. Samantha Stevens was my hero and I knew it was my mission to grow up and be just like her – smart, sassy, independent, a little bit sneaky, a devoted wife and mother, active in my own creative endeavors, and magic.  Like Samantha, I knew that life was a little boring without a splash of magic.  Magic made the mundane interesting and gave color to the drab.


Samantha was just the beginning. As I grew up, I found myself drawn to the mystical and magical – the rituals, smells, and bells of the Catholic Church in which I was raised, fairytales of Fairy Godmothers, witches and warlocks, the tales of King Arthur and Morgan LeFay, The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, the gothic classics of Shelley, Stoker, Wilke, Bronte and Hawthorne; the music of Stevie Nicks, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Practical Magic, Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, and most recently, The OA.

All of this became inspiration and fodder for my own mystical quest. Specifically, to locate and then harness the magic that I knew dwelled within me – the magic that I also knew existed within every human being, if we would only take the time to find it and overcome the socialization that has caused us to fear our magic – based mostly on the ecclesial ban condemning magic as “the work of the devil.”

The great irony is that it was not in Wicca, Neo-Paganism, neo-Shamanism, the reclamation of Native American practices, or even in the Golden Dawn or the Goddess movement that I found my magic. Instead, it was right there in the depths of the Catholic Christian tradition in which I was raised.  It was right there in the person of Jesus and in his most devoted disciple, co-minister and beloved partner, Mary Magdalene that I found my magic.


This is not the magic that turns bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, neither is it the magic of doing spells for the sake of “getting what we want.” Instead, this is the magic that arises naturally out of each and every one of us when we remember our Oneness with the Divine and offer ourselves in service to the Divine mission of Love. This is the magic that empowered Jesus to feed the hungry, give sight to the blind, heal the sick and set captives free. It is the magic that allowed Mary Magdalene to bear witness to the risen Christ.  Not everyone will be able to walk on water or raise another from the dead(because if it isn’t in our Soul’s purpose, these skills will elude us), but each, in their own unique giftedness will be able to perform miracles in their mission of being and bringing Love into the world.

This is the magic that was embodied in Jesus, fulfilled in Mary Magdalene and which has been part of the Christian tradition since its inception. This is also the magic that has been rejected, demonized and condemned since the Christian movement sold out to patriarchy.  Millions of women and men have died at the hands of the Institution for practicing the very arts that Jesus himself modeled and then taught his disciples.  The witch hunt continues as the Catholic Church issued its prohibition against Reiki (2009), a form of hands-on-healing similar in form and effect to what Jesus himself practiced.

My mission with the Order of Melchizedek is to restore the magic of the Christian tradition to its rightful place – in the hands of the women and men who are called to fulfill Jesus’ mission of being Love in the world and who feel called to complete this mission with the support of rituals and practices that support their journey of and on behalf of Love.

Union is the goal of true magic – union with the Divine, union within ourselves, union with each other and union with all of creation. The Order of Melchizedek provides the tools and resources to support you in experiencing this Union.  Here is where the miracles and magic happen!


Lauri Ann Lumby, High Priestess of the Order of Melchizedek


Click HERE too learn more about the Order of Melchizedek.

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Crossing the Threshold into the New World!

As I recline into reflection on this past week’s (years) galactic events (solar eclipse, equinox, full blood moon lunar eclipse, Wave X, etc.) I am acutely aware of having crossed a major threshold – and the rest of the world with me. Like the people of Who-ville screaming out to Horton, the only being who could hear, the collective “we” chanting/shouting/proclaiming/declaring/celebrating:

We are here! We are here! We are here!

And like the people of Who-ville, I feel as if we have not arrived at some place new, but instead, that the rest of the world finally knows we are here. Rather, the world has finally caught up with what we have known and imagined all along.


But, where exactly are we? My experience of where we are is exactly where we have always been but were unable to see/experience/know/BELIEVE. The place we are IS HOME.

What in the world does that mean? What does it mean to be home? First, what home is NOT!

Speaking only for myself (though I suspect many of you as well), I have known – from a very early age – that I was not born to live in the 3D world (the world of duality), but that I was born to live in a different kind of world – one that for many years I could not name – but I certainly had known. I was confirmed in this knowledge through all the things of the 3D world that made absolutely NO SENSE to me. Things like – fear, power, control, competition, deceit, doing harm to another, violence, hatred, war, prejudice, selfishness, narcissism, abuse, waste, conspicuous consumption, unbridled consumerism, etc. etc. etc.

I was also confirmed in the knowledge that I was not made to live in the 3D world when ALL the ways of manifesting in the 3D world eluded me. NOTHING came to me through the “tried and true” 3D methods for achieving success and every time I tried to do things the way “the experts” say it is done, I FAILED – and I failed miserably – and then I died from the trying – suffering exhaustion, sickness, anxiety, panic and even depression as I tried to fit my 5D (unity-directed) Spirit into a 3D (separation-directed) world. But, the things that I truly needed in my life, those things that were expressly for my Soul’s highest good, all came into my life through no effort on my own but through SHEER MAGIC – along with my ability to hear/see Magic when it showed up and then saying YES to it.


Which brings me to the discussion of what home IS:

Home is the manifestation of all that we know in our hearts to be true and the fulfillment of our Soul’s deepest inner knowing/desire.

Let me give you some examples:

For my whole entire life, there are certain things I have known to be true.

  • I have known of a place where all my needs were being abundantly met in a way that allows me to live simply, comfortably, in a place of beauty and safety that makes me feel at home but does not deprives others of this same human right.
  • I have known that I am uniquely gifted and that my life has meaning and a purpose – both for my own fulfillment and for the sake of the betterment of the world.
  • I have known that there is nothing (but myself) holding me back from being my most authentic self (except perhaps the Soul’s timing).
  • I have known that I am here for the purpose of love – to love and to be loved and to enjoy the fruits of BELOVED PARTNERSHIP. I have carried within me a deep knowing of what Beloved Partnership is and what it feels like and I that my Soul would tell me when I was straying from the kind of relationship my Soul was destined to experience.
  • I have known the inner experience of withholding my truth and that only in expressing my truth would I find freedom.
  • I have known myself to be my own authority and that my Soul desires for me to know my truth and communicates truth to me through deep inner knowing, dreams, intuition, learning, life experiences, people with whom I come in contact, prayer and my creative imagination.
  • I have known that I was never alone and that I could not walk this path alone and that I am ultimately One with God in Love.

Finally, I have known in the deepest places of my Soul that the way all of the above comes into being is as if by MAGIC. The manifestation of our Soul’s deepest knowing and desires is meant to be effortless and to be experienced through the greatest of ease – like Samantha Stevens wiggling her cute little nose or waving her gossamer-draped arms in the air – POOF- all we are meant to be will be made real and present in our world.

SamanthaStevens black

Welcome Home!

I know that if you are reading this blog, what has been true for me has also been true for you – for many, many years, your great big SOUL trying to fit into a too-small world. Well……..this time is OVER and the world is finally big enough for your magnificent, glowing, MAGICAL SOUL! You are here! You are here! You are here! Welcome home and bask in the knowledge of your Soul at rest and all the things you need for the sake of your Soul coming to you in magical and miraculous ways! I can’t wait to see all the things our True Home has in store for us! Bibbity! Bobbity! Boo!

If you want to hear more about the new world and practices to help us fully receive the new world, check out yesterday’s Sunday Service HERE. 




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Can I Get an AMEN!?

Today’s blog explores the much used, abused and in truth, neglected word, “AMEN.”  What do we mean when we say this and what can it really mean? 

Exposing my Geekdom

I have a confession to make.  I am a geek!  I pretty much meet all of the qualifications for certifiable “Geekdom.”  And maybe this isn’t a surprise, but  one thing I bet you didn’t know about my Geekdom is my complete fascination with ancient and dead languages – in particular, Sanskrit, Aramaic, Hebrew and Latin.  I have said if I had all the money and time in the world, I would go back to school and study these languages.  But here’s the real Geek confession….it is not the languages per se that fascinates me, it is the letters, the root sounds and their magical, mystical, healing, transformative powers.  Because in case you didn’t know this…..these languages ARE MAGIC!  And that goes back to my first true fantasy and first touch of geekdom – to be able to wiggle my nose, ala Samantha Stevens,  and poof make things happen.  And in case you didn’t know this….Samantha Stevens is QUEEN of the geeks!

Magical Hebrew Letters

So my dream to be able to study ancient and dead languages has begun taking root.  On a recent search, I found this fabulous book, The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet by Rabbi Michael L. Munk.  In this book, he takes each letter of the Aleph-Beis (Hebrew Alphabet) and explores the hidden, mystical, magical, spiritual significance of each letter and their connection to Jewish deed and thought.  It is a beautiful book and it is quenching my thirst for a deeper comprehension of ancient languages and their spiritual roots.

Can I Get an Amen?

Now….to the point of today’s blog!  Rabbi Munk shares his thoughts on a tiny little word that is common among the prayers of both the Hebrew and Christian traditions, and that word is AMEN.  Having been raised Catholic, I was quite familiar with this little word – it acted as a period at the end of every uttered prayer.  Whether a rote, memorized prayer like the Lord’s Prayer or the Hail Mary, sung at the end of the Doxology, or at the end of the intercessory prayers, Amen was the word that marked the end of our prayer intentions.  I recall being told in religious ed that “Amen” meant something like, “So be it.”  Rabbi Munk reveals a deeper, more expansive understanding of the word AMEN that has totally altered the way I will use this word in the future:

The word Amen, stems from faith or belief.  When responding, “Amen,” we must bear in mind that we are acknowledging our belief in the manifestation of God described in the blessing we have just heard.”

(The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet pg 152)

When we say, “Amen” we are saying that we BELIEVE that God is doing what the words say God is doing!  We are saying that we BELIEVE that God is answering and taking action on our prayers.   We are saying that we BELIEVE the words we are saying or the words that God is saying to us.  Amen = I BELIEVE.  To me, this is HUGE!  It is one thing to put a period or an exclamation at the end of a blessing or a prayer, but to say, “Yep, I believe this,” is not just HUGE…it is EARTH SHATTERING!   Now…let me give you some examples.

God’s Words to Me

Throughout the past year and a half of blogging, I have shared with you several mantras and words of comfort that God has given me in my prayer and in my yoga practice.  Here are some of those words:

  • You are my beloved daughter and with you I am well pleased
  • You are precious and glorious in my eyes and I love you
  • I know well the plans I have for you, plans for prosperity and not for woe
  • Say yes to what God gives you
  • You are a vessel through which love is known in this place
  • You are worthy of love and belonging
  • The word is CHOOSE
  • Grow up
  • You know who you are, you know what you want
  • Be open to receive all the love the universe wants to give you 

I have taken these words to heart…..and they have been a profound source of comfort and help when I needed them.  But upon reading Rabbi Munk’s words, these words take on a whole new meaning.  To all of the above……I now add a big, huge AMEN!  In other words, I don’t just hear these words, I am being invited to BELIEVE them……to believe in prosperity, in love, in abundance, in openness, to belonging, to knowing, to receiving, etc. etc. etc. and to know that God is actually DOING what all of these words of comfort and support suggest.   So to prosperity…I say AMEN!  To knowing all my needs are abundantly met….I say AMEN!  To all the love of the universe, I say Amen…..You get the idea! And indulging my geek fantasies, when I say AMEN, I imagine God as Samantha Stevens, wiggling her nose and making it so!  Now it is your turn:

To what are you being invited to say AMEN?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries