A Far Reaching Vision

Are you looking for meaning, purpose or connectedness in your life?  Are you desiring to know yourself, to discover your unique gifts and your contribution in the world?  Do you seek to know your Source, your Origin, where you came from, who made you, how you got here and why?  This blogs for you! Churches … Read moreA Far Reaching Vision

Why Does Spiritual Formation Matter?

Why Spiritual Formation is not the same as Religious Formation and why this distinction matters! Spiritual Formation vs. Religious Formation One of the most important lessons I learned during 10 years of ministering within the Catholic Church is the distinction between Spiritual Formation and Faith Formation.  My mentor and friend, Sr. Judy Miller was the first … Read moreWhy Does Spiritual Formation Matter?

Resurrecting the church of the Magdalene Part VII

Today’s blog explores the gifts of both the Institutional/orthodox Church and the mystical, contemplative, interior church that I refer to as “the church of the Magdalene.”  Continuing Yesterday’s Discussion Apparently yesterday’s blog stirred the ire of some readers.  I will say it again, I am sorry if any readers took yesterday’s blog personally or thought … Read moreResurrecting the church of the Magdalene Part VII

Resurrecting the church of the Magdalene Part V

Today’s blog is a repeat of one posted on October 14, 2011.  This blog explores the topic of sound spiritual formation.  I believe that the church of the Magdalene was centered on sound spiritual formation in contrast to the religious formation that drives orthodoxy.  Part of resurrecting the inner, interior, intuitive church is reclaiming spiritual … Read moreResurrecting the church of the Magdalene Part V

The Proof in the Pudding

I have been of the contention that it is only through sound spiritual formation (not to be confused with religious formation) that people can be empowered to become spiritually mature and through which we can bear witness to the effortlessness of authentic discipleship.  Now I have proof that it works.   Discipleship by Accident (but … Read moreThe Proof in the Pudding

What Religion is Missing

Today’s blog explores what I have learned (in my humble opinion) is missing is most expressions of institutional religion.  Where are we given tools through which we can have a personal encounter with the Divine, come to know the Divine in our hearts, discover who we are, what our gifts are and how we are … Read moreWhat Religion is Missing

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