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Become an Agent of Non-Violent Social Change

Love Warriors Basic Training Course

The Love Warriors Basic Training Course provides you with the basic knowledge and skills needed for being an agent of non-violent social change.  Gathering from the work of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the field of social psychology and human development, you will be empowered to enter into the full use of your gifts as an agent of Peace and  Love in the world.

With the proper foundation of non-violent philosophy, along with the tools for non-violence and peaceful conflict resolution, we can take our first steps in waging a “war” for peace.  A war, not fought with guns or bombs, but a war won through deep listening with the purpose of understanding, with an eye toward the greater good of the all.  Here compassion and union are our guides while ignorance and separation fall away.

Make the small investment of $25.00 toward your commitment to non-violence and then if after this course you want to do more, please consider joining our “Beloved Community.

Enroll in the Love Warrior’s Basic Training HERE.


In the Love Warriors Basic Training Course, your studies will include:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Gandhi’s principles of non-violence
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. and his vision of non-violent action
  • Martin Luther King, Jr’s vision of the Beloved Community
  • The Triple Evils as identified by MLK
  • Dr. King’s principles of non-violence
  • The Six Steps of Non-Violent Social Change
  • The Non-Violent Pledge
  • Practices for Harmonious Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • The Importance of Personal and Spiritual Development
  • Historical Models of Non-Violent Social Action
  • Rules for Engagement within a Beloved Community
  • Invitation to join our Beloved Community

Enroll in the Love Warrior’s Basic Training HERE.


Love Warriors is the fulfillment of the mission of Authentic Freedom Academy.  Love Warriors empowers you in fulfilling your personal mission of being a vessel of peace and love  in our world through your unique giftedness, specifically by being an agent of positive, non-violent social change.


Love Warriors know:

Who they are.

Their place in the world.

What their gifts are and how they are being called to use these gifts for the sake of their own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of our world.


Love Warriors Provides Support through:

Love Warriors Basic Training

With the option of becoming a part of our Beloved Community – a membership which includes:

  • Ongoing inspiration and support through our Authentic Freedom Weekly newsletter.
  • Ongoing education through our online courses.
  • One-on-one mentoring/spiritual counseling
  • A private, safe and secure social network.
  • Monthly “Teacher’s Circle”


Love Warriors is made up of:

Women and Men from all educational and spiritually formative backgrounds who are committed to working for love and peace in our world using civil, non-violent means.

Young people who are looking for a place to explore their own calling, share their voice,  and who may be looking for support in their own desire to work for positive change.


Enroll HERE. 

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Standing Rock – a Herald of What is to Come

Yesterday, our local Authentic Freedom community held its weekly gathering and we welcomed home three (now four) of our members who had just returned from Standing Rock.  We held space for them to share their (literally) 48 hour experience.  They were onsite at Standing Rock for all of two days and what they experienced was profound.  And just as they were about to depart, and thanks to some Divine intervention, one of the members was able to hear the announcement that the easement was denied (for now).  There is not enough space here to describe all they experienced, but a few things stood out for me as critical for us as we move into the new world.


1) PRAYER WORKS.  1/3 of the Standing Rock settlement is dedicated to ritual and prayer.  Hundreds (if not thousands) of people, led by the elders and the children are in a constant state of prayer and ritual for peace and in protection of the water.  Silent prayer. Ritual. Drumming. Dance.  All for a single intention – a peaceful resolution to the problem.

2) Commitment to non-violence.  Every person who arrives at Standing Rock has to attend the non-violence training.  They are directed as to what they can and cannot do (under the law).  How to respond to conflict.  How to form a peaceful barrier.  How to help people who might be injured.  How to manage one of the peacemakers who might become aggressive.  At all times – to defer EVERYTHING to the guidance and wisdom of the Elders.  The elders are the authority in all that is happening at Standing Rock.  They received the vision and the prophecy and how to respond to it.  The Elders are the guides and have the final say.

3) Self-sustaining.  MONEY is not given or received at Standing Rock as a means of exchange.  Every service is offered free of charge, with the understanding that you will work in exchange for what you have received.  In this, Standing Rock has become self-sustaining.  (Donations of food, winter clothing, firewood, medical supplies, etc. are still welcome and desperately needed as the peaceful protest continues!)

4) Order comes out of chaos.  Without the “help” of the Army Corps of Engineers or the National Guard, Standing Rock has become a city unto itself.  The Native people have guided its construction, based on centuries of living a nomadic lifestyle.  While it may look chaotic to white people, to the Native’s it has order and there are guidelines and rules.  It works.

5) When in Native lands, follow their rules, their guidelines, their wisdom.  Do not impose white man’s ideas on thousands of centuries of wisdom and experience.  Native time is the rule at Standing Rock.  Put away your watches, your electronics and simply show up where you are needed in the time you are needed.  Let things unfold as they need to.  Show up when it works for you and stay until you are done.

As these experiences were unfolded before us, I saw a vision.  I saw that Standing Rock is the microcosm for the macrocosm and a herald of what is to come.  As the 3D world falls into chaos, these are the principles we will need to know and embrace in building the new world.  Order will come out of chaos, and we will need to employ Native wisdom to support its unfolding.  And finally……the two biggest take-aways for me: The critical importance of prayer (1/3 of the village!) and the importance of a commitment to non-violence and that non-violence does work!

Learn how you can support the ongoing peaceful protest at Standing Rock HERE. 

Watch this blog for more reflections from the Authentic Freedom community on Standing Rock!