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The Rise of the Priestess

Priestess (definition):  A woman who has been called, through her own unique gifts, to be in service to the healing and betterment of the world and its inhabitants.

We are living in and through a critical time of human evolution.  The world we have known, that is rooted in oppression, is imploding upon itself.  As the old world is dying, a new world is being born to take its place.  In support of this transformation, the ancient order of the priestess has been called forth as thousands (perhaps millions) of women (and men) come forward to be of service to this simultaneous dying and rising.

As in the days of old, the priestess serves her local community and the world by BEING a vessel through which this transformation is taking place.   As gold is tested in fire, the priestess is literally the fire in which the dying world is purged of its impurities and made into something new.  The priestess does this through her own unique giftedness and Divine calling.  Depending on her calling the priestess’ task may include one or more of the following:

  • Healing
  • Education
  • Communicator
  • Translator
  • Discernment
  • Counselor
  • Wisdom Keeper
  • Knowledge Keeper
  • Facilitator of Ritual
  • Prophecy
  • Midwives of Birthing and Dying

Priestesses have always existed in our world, but it has been several thousand years since priestesses of this magnitude have been called forth.  More pointedly, it has been several thousand years since women (and men) have had the freedom to step into and share their gifts in the world without having to fear being burned at the stake.

Owning the priestess calling, is still no easy task.  We still live in a world where women’s powers are considered at the least suspect, and at the worst, demonic.  Women who commune with the Divine, who have the uncanny ability of knowing things, or who have demonstrated the power to heal, continued to be labeled witch, heretic, or in league with the devil.  None of this is true, but that does not prevent others from treating the emerging priestess with condemnation and scorn.

Every priestess who has come forth for the sake of the current transformation has experienced profound suffering – if not at the hands of others, then because of the obstacles she has had to overcome in heeding, cultivating and living out her calling. Unlike the days of old, or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter lore, there are no formal academies for teaching a priestess how to 1) identify her calling, 2) discover and develop her gifts, and 3) learn how to share them in the world.  Furthermore, there are no schools where one is supported in learning how to move through and transform both the inner obstacles and past conditioning that would otherwise prevent a priestess from sharing her gifts.  (or are there????  Wink wink).

In ancient times, the priestess was the center of the community/clan or tribe.  She and her fellow priestesses (also known by titles such as shaman, medicine woman, etc.) were responsible for the wellbeing and wholeness of the community.  The priestess read the signs of the weather, healed the sick, educated the young, mediated conflict, presided over planting and harvesting, acted as midwife at both birthings and dyings.  The priestess ensured harmony and balance within the community and in their relationship to the natural world.  For their service to the tribe, the priestesses’ needs were provided for so that they could focus their energy and attention on their calling.  The priestesses’ services were valued and the provision for and protection of the priestesses was of utmost importance to the communities they served.

In the world in which we are living, this is unfortunately, not the case.  But soon this will no longer be the case.  When the dying world realizes the critical role of the priestess in helping to restore order, balance and harmony in our world, the priestess will once again be held in high regard and cared for as such. In the meantime, we do the best we can to share our visible and often invisible gifts and trust we will be supported as together we find our way through this unprecedented transformation of our world and our species.


Caring for the Priestess: returning to the original model of support

I am very passionate about the programs and services I provide through Authentic Freedom Academy.   These services and programs have proven for many to be life-changing.  I know this has been true for me. (Before sharing these resources, I first had to master them myself).

While the sharing of these programs and services is how I provide for myself and my family, I do not want those called to this level of support to be prevented from participation because of financial limitations.  This is especially true as we move through these troubling times and as many are suffering financial hardship due to Covid-19.  I do not want this time of financial hardship to prevent you from receiving the support you need during these difficult times.

In light of this I am initiating a new pricing policy:  PAY WHAT YOU ARE ABLE.  If you are feeling a strong pull toward my online courses, training programs or the need for personal support through spiritual counseling or Reiki, but are struggling financially, please reach out to me directly.

Email me at and together we will work out a financial arrangement that works for you.  Payment plans, deferred payments, discounted fees and even full scholarships are possible depending on your unique situation.  Please do not hesitate to reach out.  I want as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of the programs and services that have helped me and the hundreds of women and men who have enjoyed them through my support.

And if you are financially blessed and would like to provide support for those who are struggling financially, I welcome your generous donation on behalf of those who might not have the means to pay.  Donations can be made directly through my website using the “Donate” button at the bottom of the sidebar menu to the right.

I look forward to supporting you in finding peace, in discovering and living as your true self, and in learning the tools that will help you to stay centered in the middle of a world in crisis.


With love,



















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Reclaiming the Esoteric Priesthood

The Patriarchal/Hierarchical Priestess?

Until this moment, we have only been able to define, express and understand the calling of priestess (or priest) within the context of the hierarchical and patriarchal worldview.  As a result, those who have discerned and accepted this calling have done so within the only framework Western culture knowns – that of presider.  In this expression, the priest or priestess is charged with the task of performing and facilitating ritual – first for herself and then for those who are called into community around her.  She is called to honor the lunar phases and the turning of the year with proper rituals, offerings and intentions and to do so in a (somewhat) public way.  Beyond presiding, some priestesses are also called to be healers, to counsel, and in some traditions – to be an oracle through card reading, throwing runes, reading palms or speaking with the dead.  All of these external, exoteric, outward expressions of priestess are critical to the priestly calling, but in interpreting the priestly calling through the hierarchical/patriarchal worldview, we have missed a critically important task of the priestess – that of transformer.

(I am choosing the word transformer to describe the forgotten task of the priestess because I don’t know what else to call it!  If you come up with a better word, please let me know! )

Trying to Remember What Has Been Forgotten

This is where things are going to get a bit sticky as I try to describe something for which we have no historical context and therefore no conscious memory.  This forgotten task of the priest/priestess is one we have not seen in our patriarchal world for over 5000 years.  This hidden/esoteric/secret and mostly silent task of the priestess was left in the dust when the hierarchical/patriarchal hoards conquered the peaceful and egalitarian communities that preceded them.  What was left was an external model of priest – one who has power over the people and who is the intermediary between the people and their god.  This is not as it was before.

The Exoteric: Prior to patriarchal rule, the spiritual needs of the community were supported by women and men who played a wide variety of roles.  Some led ritual, made offerings to the gods, counseled, and healed.  Some read the stars and the earth for signs of impending change. Some were teachers. These were the exoteric (meaning outward or external) priestly roles.

The Esoteric: Alongside the exoteric, however, was the esoteric – the priestly role that was internal, quiet, and mostly done in separation or secret.  These were the women and men who spent their day communing with Spirit (praying), and who took into their bodies that which needed to be transformed/healed/released on behalf of the tribe and for the sake of the world and then transformed/healed and released it.  These were the transformers of ancient times and the task of the priest and priestess that is reemerging today.

The above is an excerpt from Authentic Freedom weekly lesson.  Full content reserved for Plus, Premium and Premium-Plus Members. Click here to learn more on how you can become a member and enjoy the tools that have helped me in my own journey.  Find an example of what is available in the full content HERE.

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Confessions of a Catholic Witch

I have always known I was a witch. For 364 days a year, however, I simply pretended I was not.   Only on Halloween as I donned my black robe, black pointy boots and a black did I feel completely at home.  For the remaining days of the year, I felt like a fake….sort of….for if there is one place where a witch is at home (until she is found out that is), it is in the Catholic Church.


Nowhere else, among all of the western religions, is magic as prevalent as it is within Catholicism. Where else can a man utter the phrase “hocus pocus” (hoc est corpus meum) and turn the simple elements of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, or through the imposition of hands release a person from “the devil’s” grip?

The smells, the bells, the little altars everywhere, the haunting strains of Latin chant, the saints to whom I could pray to remedy any struggle or ill, and the votive candles that I lit to solidify my intentions bring my dreams to fruition – all spoke to the witch inside of me who knew the world was magic and that magic could be brought forth in the world. Magic in its truest sense – the Divine working through us in support of the love within that is seeking its place in the world.

The Goddess knew what she was doing when I was born into a devout Catholic family – one that had been Catholic for many generations. She knew what she was doing when she planted me within the single western religion that honors the worship of both a male and a female God. (While Jesus’ mother, Mary, is not officially recognized as a goddess by the Catholic Church, people sure treat her as if she were.  Wouldn’t one have to be a goddess to be the “Mother of God?”)  She knew what she was doing when she placed me within the only western tradition that recognizes the use of amulets (saint medals, scapulars and rosaries), magical potions (holy water and anointing oils), incense and salt for keeping evil at bay.


Being a Catholic witch has not been easy, however, which is why I have hid my truth for all these fifty-one years. While I was drawn to everything that speaks magic within the Catholic Church, in being a witch, I also saw through the lies, the deception, and the subtle ways in which the Church manipulated people through fear.  At a very early age, I became aware of the hypocrisy within the Church and was not afraid to call it out.  As an adult, I have maintained this practice and there is a big file in our local Catholic diocese with my name on it to prove it.  Apparently the Church is not interested in those who see through the mask of piety and the illusion of holiness.

It was ultimately this hypocrisy that caused me to leave the Church I once adored – all because I dared to study and practice Reiki. It is apparently ok for a priest to practice laying on of hands in support of a person’s desire for healing, but Goddess-forbid a lay person, OR WORSE, a woman should do the same.  By a Church that claims it is not doing magic in turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, or in healing the sick through the imposition of hands, it was of witchcraft and sorcery I was accused and then condemned for doing “the work of the devil.”  Me thinkest they protesteth too much!

Because I no longer feel welcome in the local Church which has effectively burned me at the stake, I have chosen for the past eight years to fast from the Eucharist. This does not mean, however, that I ever stopped being Catholic – more importantly, a Catholic witch.  I heal the sick through the imposition of hands.  I ordain women and men into their own giftedness (magic) and send them forth into the world where their magic can be shared.  I baptize people into the love that they are and confirm them into being that love in the world.  I hear people’s confessions – and absolve them of their “sin” by helping them to heal the deeper inner fears that cause their addictive and non-loving behaviors.  I sit with people in the pain of grief and prepare them for their death.  I preside over weddings and funerals.  I provide spiritual nourishment through the Eucharist that is within each and every one of us when we allow ourselves to BE the Body and Blood of Christ.

For living out my call in this way, you could call me priest, or priestess, but as it was in the most ancient traditions, and in response to the accusations against me, I prefer to be called a witch.


 lauriprofilecroppedLauri Ann Lumby has been called many things: mother, daughter, sister, friend, wife, lover, writer, author, poet, teacher, counselor, healer, priest, shit-disturber, heretic and witch. It is “witch” which is her favorite. Lauri lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with her two teenage children and is the owner of Authentic Freedom Academy where she helps her students and clients turn their world from fear into love.  Learn more about Lauri at


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The Proof in the Pudding

I have been of the contention that it is only through sound spiritual formation (not to be confused with religious formation) that people can be empowered to become spiritually mature and through which we can bear witness to the effortlessness of authentic discipleship.  Now I have proof that it works.


Discipleship by Accident (but not really)

My first “official” role at the Newman Center (Catholic Campus Ministry) and my first “official” foray into lay ministry was as the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) Coordinator.  My job was to provide the process through which interested adults could become formal members of the Catholic Church.  From the beginning….I accomplished this task in a non-traditional way (go figure!).  Instead of providing a program grounded in religious formation (doctrine, dogma, catechism), I provided a program firmly rooted in spiritual formation.  My reasoning was that if you didn’t know God and you didn’t know yourself, what good was a bunch of knowledge about rules?  As such, the focus of this process was the rich tradition of spiritual practices that were part of the Christian tradition – Lectio Divina, Imagination/Contemplation, Mantra prayer, etc. etc. etc.  What we ended up with at the end of the 9 month process was a group of empowered individuals, excited and enthusiastically ready to use their gifts in service to God and to the world.   They had come to know God intimately and personally, in coming to know God they had come to know themselves, and in doing so, had come to identify their own unique gifts and how they were being called to share them in the world.  In a process that nationally has an abysmal retention rate of only 30%, the Newman Center’s 70% retention rate showed me that the approach we had chosen worked.  Today I thank my experience with the RCIA (and Fr. Jeff VandenHeuvel for assigning me to this ministry) for being the foundation upon which I have established my post-Institutional ministry work, and I am continually awed by the results.

The Ministry Team has Already been Formed

So, as I stand on the brink of accepting more fully my call to be “priest/ess” and to acknowledging that what I have been doing (since leaving professional employment in the Catholic Church) is and always has been “church” and wondering exactly what that might mean and what that might look like, I find that the “ministry team” has already been formed.  Standing ready and right in front of my eyes is a group of men and women who have courageously followed the path of sound spiritual formation, and who are apparently chomping at the bit to put their formation to work.  (who knew?!)  When I first dared to share this discernment in the world, my email inbox was full of inquiries, “How can I help?  You will need children’s programs and that is my gift.  We would like to offer relationship classes. Can I help with presiding?”   YIKES!  I hadn’t even mentioned the word “church” and I have a mob of people who have been fully formed ( in my opinion) and are ready to step into their own unique giftedness to help others find the peaceful contentment, joy, compassion and personal empowerment that they have all found through a 3-4 year process of sound spiritual formation.  Ha…..I knew it….this stuff works!

What tools have you discovered to help you know God, to know yourself and to empower you to share your gifts in service to love for the betterman of humankind?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Coming Out of the Closet

In today’s blog, I come out of the closet in regards to the “secret” I have been discerning and where it seems God’s is calling me.  In the end, God has a sick sense of humor and is telling me it is time to GROW UP already!

Will God be the Death of Me?

On October 1st, I penned a blog entitled, God will be the Death of me, in which I shared a vision that had come to me and the journey that I was embarking upon to determine if this vision was authentically from God and therefore to be obeyed, or something out of my ego to be ignored and set aside.  Well, today, I am coming out of the closet as to the nature of that vision and what it seems to be saying to me.  The funny thing is that after posting that blog, I got a text message from one of my friends who had apparently already figured out the nature of the vision – without me offering any details.  Her text said it all, “When are you starting the new church?”  ARGH!

The Vision

In the middle of yoga practice, after stating my intention for direction and clarity and while chanting scripture in my mind (“Lord, I’m not worthy to receive you” …… and  “Let it be done to me according to your word”), I was interrupted by the following vision:  I saw an image of myself, dressed in a white robe, with a wide, red mantle hanging over my shoulders (like a stole, only wider).  I was standing behind an altar, presumably presiding over mass and before me sat a multitude of people also dressed in white, participating in this ritual.  NO NO NO I shouted at God as this vision presented itself.  “Been there (discerning priestood), Done that (participated in an off-shoot eucharistic community along with several other “alternative” projects)  NOPE NOPE NOPE  not doing it!  God, you will be the death of me. ”

And God Laughed

Now here I am, several weeks into this discernment and God is laughing at me.  “Silly girl, it is time for you to GROW UP!”  (these words came to me from God via my Spiritual Director).  And I recognize that this is true.  And….I realize that what God is calling me to is what I have already been doing.  I have been priest/ess and what I have been doing for the past 20 years is church!  God isn’t calling me to something I don’t already know or to something I haven’t already been doing.  And, God is not calling me to leave the home of my childhood(Catholicism) in search of ordination elsewhere.  In a sense, I have already been ordained and now it just might be time to actually name, claim and own who I am and what I have been doing all along.

Coming out of the Closet

So, growing up for me apparently means no longer hiding in the closet.  It seems God is calling to own my vocation as priest and my call to be church.  (NOTICE – “small c” church!!!!!).  What the details of that will mean I’m not quite sure….but there are some things about this call of which I can be sure:

  •  It will be founded upon the compassion teachings of Jesus of Nazareth
  • It will provide contemplative worship and tools for sound spiritual formation and spiritual healing
  • It will recognize that all paths lead to the same destination – recollection of the Source of compassion, contentment and joy – that which some call “God.”
  • It will be open to people of all spiritual or religious beliefs
  • It will empower people to name,claim and freely share their own unique giftedness in service to love and for the betterment of our world

Ok God, I’m listening and as I have been praying all along, “Let it be done to me according to your word.” and “I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed.”  Time to grow up Lauri!


What closet is God calling you out of?

How have you resisted that call?

What tools do you need to step more fully into the person God has made you to be?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries