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Pope Francis Has Failed Us!

Pope Francis has been given the greatest opportunity that could ever be given to the leader of a “great” institution. He has been given the opportunity to root out and rid his home of the evil that has beset it.  Instead, Francis has chosen to side with the forces of evil by stating that the Church has “spared no effort” in resolving the issue of clergy sexual abuse – an “effort” that I find I must question. What exactly have you done about addressing the issue of priest sexual abuse and the culture of clericalism that has allowed this evil to continue for 2000 years? As far as I can tell, the evil continues in spite of the “effort” the Church claims to have put forth (an effort that has for the most part been geared toward preventing the laity from abusing children…a laity that was rarely guilty in the first place!).

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Children are still being abused. Priests are still getting away with it.  Clergy remain in hiding. And the magisterium turns its face in denial of the true source of this evil – a culture of white male, ordained privilege that places priests above the people they were meant to serve.  “Above” us to the point that neither Church, nor Canon, nor even moral law pertains to them.

Pope Francis has failed us. I cannot speak for other Catholics (or former Catholics), but I once had great hope for this pope.  I didn’t expect doctrinal change (though it would be nice if he at least acknowledged that women were deserving of ordination and that historically there is no support for a male-only/celibate only priesthood), but I did expect that the chose leader of the world’s largest religious faith would stand on the side of truth.  With his most recent statements, however, it seems he stands on the side of the hierarchy – specifically, protecting the culture of clericalism that is at the heart of all that is wrong with the Catholic Church, and I might argue, with all of Western society.  I have always said, if you want to see where Western culture is going, look to the Catholic Church.  Where Francis currently stands on the topic of clerical abuse seems right in line with what is happening in the area of sexual abuse in the good ole USA – the men in power standing with the men in power while the rest of the world suffers.  I am ashamed.

I will say it again, Pope Francis, you have failed us. You have been given a chance to acknowledge the horrors of clergy sexual abuse, admit the wrongdoing of your brethren, ask for forgiveness, and then embark on the true work of forgiveness which is to determine the cause of the sin and ROOT IT OUT!  Instead you have done nothing but offer platitudes while brushing clergy sexual abuse off as something that only happened in the past.  Incidents of clergy sexual abuse are still being reported today, but the Church does nothing.  Francis, with your words today, it is clear that nothing else will be done.  Until the cause of the “sin” is identified and transformed, the sin shall remain.  Apparently Pope Francis is ok with this or more would be done.  “We have spared no effort,” are perhaps the most offensive words I have yet to hear out of the mouth of this pope.

Pope Francis you have failed us…and as a 53 year old woman, I can tell you it is not only the youth of the Church who are outraged. The whole entire world is outraged over the ongoing sexual abuse of the vulnerable by the ordained Catholic priesthood….and you should be too!


Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS

Authentic Freedom Academy and Temple of the Magdalene

Please join us Wednesday evening for the inaugural of the Temple of the Magdalene online gathering:

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If Pope Francis Hired Me to Give the Catholic Church a Makeover

In the face of the most recent revelation of the deep culture of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, I wonder what will become of the Church. Ultimately, this may be the beginning of the end of institutional religion which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.  However, in spite of all that is wrong with the Catholic Church, there is some good and if they can heal all that currently ails this 2000 year old institution, the Catholic Church has the potential for being a great force for good in the world.  It will take a miracle to get there, but if Pope Francis (read Pope Francis’ response to the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report HERE) called me today and invited me in as a consultant on how to heal the Church, making it relevant and useful to the modern world, and he was willing to pay me a sh.t-ton of money to do so, I would undoubtedly say yes.  So Pope Francis, in anticipation of your generous offer, 🙂 here are my thoughts on the first order of business in healing and reforming the Catholic Church:

The first order of business would be to get rid of the ridiculous notion of original sin!  If we are made “in the image and likeness of God” and “loved without condition,” then how can we be sinners?  Wounded and in need of healing?  YES.  But not inherently evil.  Eliminating the projection of  Saints Paul and Augustine ‘s unhealed shame will do two things a) eliminate the first source of manipulation used by the Church against its members and b) heal the shame Catholics have been conditioned to feel.

Eliminate the hierarchical priesthood.  Fire them all.  In their place, prepare, equip and empower the most powerful priesthood that the Church has so far only given lip-service to:  THE PRIESTHOOD OF ALL BELIEVERS!  Every single person on this planet (and in the Church) is uniquely gifted to be a vessel of Divine love in the world.  Some are called to be teachers, preachers, facilitators of ritual, healers, counselors, artisans, leaders, pastors, sales people, administrators, financiers, etc. etc. etc.  Support the LAITY is naming, claiming, and cultivating their unique giftedness and then empower them to use these gifts in service to the mission of love and the betterment of the world.

After 1 and 2, my sense is that the rest will simply take care of itself. Absent the shame that imprisons and controls, and empowered in our gifts, Jesus’ mission of love (the mission the Church claims as their own) will naturally and effortlessly be fulfilled.  Scripture will be re-interpreted.  Sacraments re-written.  Liturgy will become vibrant and life-giving.  The Catechism will be tossed out, along with Canon Law.  Religious Education will be replaced with Spiritual Formation – the process through which people become self-actualized. Meditation and Contemplation will be at the center of all that is done. Baptism will become a ritual of celebration and welcome (not for the purpose of removing “the stain of original sin”). Confession will be replaced with Spiritual Counseling so that the unhealed wounds that cause our non-loving behaviors can once and for all be healed.  All people will be ordained in their own gifts and mission. The people of the Church will work for justice and peace in our world and love will lead the way.

Authentic Freedom Academy Leadership Training


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Pope Francis’ “No” to Women’s Ordination – Another Nail in the Coffin

When Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope and took the name of Francis on March, 13, 2013, I held out little hope for any significant doctrinal change, even saying so publicly. Over the course of his reign, I have been alternatively hopeful and dismayed by his actions. In particular, I have found myself frustrated by his attitudes and actions towards women, especially as it relates to the possibility of equal roles for women in a male-dominated (some would say “male only”) institution. Yesterday, his actions inspired not only frustration but outright rage when he affirmed the stance taken by Pope John Paul II, that women would NEVER be ordained in the Catholic Church. (Read original article in the National Catholic Reporter HERE.)


My question for Pope Francis echoes that taken by the Swedish journalist who reported on the matter: “But really forever? Never!?”

Never is a long time and quite a claim to be made by an institution in which “forever” has indeed been rare. In matters of practice for example:

  • Priests were not always celibate.
  • The Holy Days of Obligation have continually changed and now, if they fall on a Monday they are skipped.
  • It used to be you could not eat meat on any Friday, then it changed to only those during Lent, and now, if a Friday in Lent falls on St. Patrick’s Day, consuming corned beef is allowed.
  • Women used to have to cover their head during mass, communion was only taken in the mouth, not by hand, and wine was only offered to the priests.
  • In previous years, only priests could read the scripture or distribute communion.

Even in matters of doctrine, there has rarely been a forever:

  • Jesus was not always the only Son of God.
  • Mary was not always a virgin and her virginity was not always considered perpetual, she was not always immaculately conceived, and she was not believed to have assumed into heaven after her death.
  • Jesus, at one time, was begotten and made.
  • There was once debate about whether Jesus was fully human, fully divine, neither or both.
  • Matrimony, Reconciliation, and Anointing of the Sick were not always considered sacraments.
  • There used to be a purgatory, now there’s not.
  • There used to be a hell, but then Pope John Paul II said if there is one, he couldn’t image anyone is there.

My question to Pope Francis is, “Really, never?” Why, when seemingly every other matter of doctrine has at one time been up for grabs, is the question of women’s ordination not at least a possibility? How, after all we now know about Jesus’ treatment of women, the critical role of women in the Jesus movement and their roles as leaders in the in the early Church, is the ordination of women at least not considered?

When pressed in a similar manner by the Swedish press on this question of the Church never considering women’s ordination Francis replied, “If we read carefully the declaration made by St. John Paul II (in his 1994 apostolic letter, Ordinatio Sacerdotalis.), it goes in that direction.”


I am enormously disappointed in the pope for this evasive, and dare I say “political” response. Instead of taking responsibility for his own position on the matter, he passes the buck, continuing to paint himself as the “good” pope, friend to the gays and advocate of the poor.  I call foul!  In forever barring women from ordination, Pope Francis has turned his back on over half of the human race.  In this, Pope Francis is no longer the “good pope,” he is the personal representative of the cause of sexism in the Western world – the Catholic Church.  Two-thousand years ago, when the Church privileged Peter over Mary Magdalene, ignored Jesus’ equal treatment of women in favor of the hierarchical cultural norm, and then made women the cause of original sin, sexism became the law of Western Culture – a law created by and then enforced through practice by the Church.  With Pope Francis’ affirmation of Pope John Paul II’s ban on women’s ordination, nothing it seems has changed, and nothing ever will.

It’s almost understandable that a man of power would refuse women the right to equal power. This is a typical human response to insecurity and fear.  But, in banning women from ordination, Pope Francis is not exercising his human right to indulge his fear, instead, he has appointed himself God. If the Church believes that the call to ordained priesthood is indeed ordained by God, then who are they to bar a woman who is authentically called to this vocation?  How will the Church ever know if they are not even willing to consider women’s ordination as a possibility and discern for themselves the will of the God they claim to represent?  Again, I call foul!


While I am disgusted and angered by Pope Francis’ ban on women’s ordination, more than this I am sad. I grieve over a Church that continues to reject the amazing gifts that women might bring to fulfilling Jesus’ mission of love. I weep over the women who are authentically called to the ordained priesthood who are forced to seek elsewhere for a place to share their gifts or suffer the consequences of silencing their gifts and their call.  Even more than this I am saddened by a Church that continues to denigrate half of the human race and who by their own example, are making it ok for the rest of the world to forever reject women as unequal to men.

Just when I thought I might go back and give the Church another chance, Pope Francis shows up with his NO to women’s ordination. This just might be the final nail in the coffin.


lauridinas-wedding-2Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS was raised in the Catholic Church, received her call to ministry within the Catholic Church, was educated and trained in the Catholic Church and served as Pastoral Minister and Spiritual Director at the local Catholic Campus Ministry. Called to the priesthood, but not to hierarchy or the culture of clericalism, Lauri sought ordination elsewhere and now serves as spiritual leader of Authentic Freedom Academy and the Temple of the Magdalene where she provides spiritual formation, education, guidance, counsel and support to a mostly Catholic audience of women and men from all over the world in search of a different kind of “church.”  You can learn more about Lauri’s ministry at


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Millennials and Generation Z – Lying in Wait

As part of his recent address to youth in honor of World Youth Day, Pope Francis “issued a rousing and impassioned call to action… saying our unsettled times require them to get off the couch and ‘set out on new and uncharted paths.’( National Catholic Reporter, July 30, 2016)” Whereas the Pope’s address went on to praise the unique gifts of the millennial and Z generations and the ways in which we need them as a world to bring forth positive change (, I found myself insulted (on behalf of all millennials and Generation Z’s) when the Pope accused them of being “couch potatoes” and “confusing happiness with the sofa.”


This “couch potato” accusation is often leveled against millennials and Gen Z’s, I believe unjustly. In my experience “couch potato” could not be farther from the truth.  Instead, the millennials (and the Gen Z’s who are following suit) are one of the hardest working generations that I have ever encountered (at my ripe young age of 51).  The problem is that many choose to view these children and young adults through the lens of their own generations’ values and how they defined work and productivity.  It is completely unfair to view millennials and Gen Z’s through this lens as they have been born into a completely different time with a whole new set of societal problems and ways to meet those problems.  In fact, the millennials are here for the sole purpose of cleaning up the mess created by the generations before them and the Gen Z’s are here to build the world anew.  How would you like to be saddled with this mission?  Think about that next time you are tempted to call the millennials and Gen Z’s lazy!

Who exactly are the millennials? According to Pew Research, the millennials are those who came into adulthood around the year 2000.  Generation Z are those born after 1996/97.  The millennials are already out there working on their mission.  The Generation Z’s are lying in wait as the world around them is dying so that after it has all crumbled around them, they can step into the missions they came here to complete.

Where we have been:

Whereas the past 150 years have been exceptional in what we have accomplished by way of industrial and technological advancements, serious and perhaps irreversible damage has been done to our world, our cultures, the air we breathe, the soil from which we harvest our nourishment, our environment, our water, our people and all other species for the sake of “advancement.” The damage that we have done to the world and to one another has reached a critical level and if we do not do something soon to reverse it, we will destroy ourselves.  The structures we have created to support these systems are in the midst of imploding upon themselves (government, education, healthcare, food production and distribution, energy production, institutional religion, manufacturing, corporations, banking, monetary systems, etc.).  We need only look at the farce the US Presidential election has become to see evidence of this impending collapse.  None of these systems will be able to sustain themselves if they continue along the path they have been traveling, and at this point, it is far too late to do anything to reverse their course…the avalanche is now out of control and on a course towards its own destruction.


This is where the millennials and Gen Z’s come in.

If we would take the time to get to know the millennials and Gen Z’s, we would see the profound gifts they have brought into the world and how they have been lying in wait, itching to do the work they came here to do. For one thing, the millennials and Gen Z’s came into the world with a profoundly different perspective than those before them.  For the majority of this population, there is NO perception of separation – all human beings are valued as equal – male, female, gay, straight, black, white, Christian, atheist, American, Syrian, etc.  While they find their “tribe,” they do not discriminate against those with different interests, beliefs, etc.  They allow and are comfortable with diversity in a way that drastically differs from those before them.  With this lack of separation, they are global thinkers….thinking globally rather than locally, while also privileging local when it comes to their purchasing power.

Secondly, millennials came into the world KNOWING the world they were supposed to be living in. Unfortunately, they quickly learned that THIS world is NOT the world they know in their hearts – the world that feels like home to them.  THIS world does not feel like home, so they find worlds that do feel like home – worlds where there is magic, comradery, cooperation and harmony.  While the world that feels like home does include “conflict,” the conflict is there for the sake of growth, not so as to harm the world or to harm another.  All the time we might be tempted to believe they are just lying around, they are in fact, surrounding themselves with what feels like home.  I believe that this is exactly what millennials and (especially) Gen Z’s are supposed to be doing right now.  It is through these activities that they are preparing for their ultimate mission and purpose.

As I see it, the millennials and Gen Z’s are here for two purposes: the oldest among them are here to be hospice to the dying world, the youngest are here to build something new.

Instead of hurling accusations upon the millennials and Generation Z’s as being couch potatoes, let us welcome them for their profound gifts – gifts they are busy cultivating while others are busy judging. While many are tempted to believe the millennials and Gen Z’s are just lying around playing video games, Snapchatting their friends, watching TV, playing Pokemon-Go, they are in truth, lying in wait – visioning, dreaming, researching and planning how and what they will be doing to build the new world –  once we get our asses (and our judgment) out of the way!

(c) copyright 2016 Lauri Ann Lumby, Authentic Freedom Academy.





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Honoring Mary Magdalene

Today, July 22nd, has been designated The Feast of Mary Magdalene by the Catholic Church.  Please join us in celebrating this amazing woman who became the fulfillment of Jesus’ message of love.  Please join us for the FREE online service which you may participate in anytime between now and July 20th.  Click on the image below to join:

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Click on image to register

Please also enjoy this beautiful reflection on Mary Magdalene and her feast day from my friend and fellow-Magdalene, Kathy Walczyk:

Last month the pope uplifted Mary Magdalene. He officially elevated the day of her memorial to a full Feast Day in the Catholic Church. In making this change, the pope calls her an apostle to the apostles.

In a letter announcing the change, a Vatican secretary wrote, this decision means one “should reflect more deeply on the dignity of women, the New Evangelization, and the greatness of the mystery of Divine Mercy.”

We get a glimpse of Mary Magdalene through the male writers of the gospel. What would women writers have said about her? About Jesus? What would Mary say to us, today, if she could speak?

Mary Magdalene: She walked upright, with dignity when she was with him. She carried her own light as she walked alongside of Jesus. When she was with him she was included and worthy of discipleship. Like others treated as second-class citizens, Jesus uplifted those deemed unworthy by society and by religion. Was she ridiculed and judged? Was she allowed to speak, and did she ask questions?

She followed him to the cross and stayed, when the others had left. She watched him suffer for she knew what it was like to suffer. She watched eyes look upon him in judgment, for she knew the look of judgment herself.

Did she sleep that night, the night after Jesus died? Was she afraid, alone, or in shock? What gave her the courage to risk the journey to the tomb?

At the tomb, was it tears that clouded her vision or was it the heartache of loosing her teacher, her friend, her savior? What was it that made it difficult to recognize his face? Jesus called her by her name, Mary. What if, it were one of us there with Jesus after he had risen? If he called our name, what would awaken inside of us? Would we recognize him?

She went on her way to deliver his message and her testimony. Did the others believe her? Did she run with excitement or walk with trepidation? Did the soldiers try to stop her?

We do not know what became of Mary Magdalene. Without Jesus’s earthly presence, did the others include her, uplift her, and give her responsibility worthy of her calling? Did she continue to walk in dignity and with purpose?

Today we read of Jesus’ choice in Mary. He elevated her not by curing illness but by asking her to serve his people. She is today’s example. She is an inspiration to people called to go the extra mile, to stay when others leave, to go against the grain, to seek out what we cannot yet see and to believe despite our disbelief.


KathyWalczykKathy Walczyk’s specialty is challenging you to see your beauty and potential. She facilitates this discovery by supporting your spiritual growth through one-on-one mentoring and group classes.  The tools she utilizes include Authentic Freedom and creative expression, including photography.  Kathy is also an advocate for spiritual responses to trauma – specifically clergy sexual abuse.  Her undergraduate is in Art and Photography and she hold a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies and Pastoral Ministry.  She has completed extensive study in the areas of spirituality, sexuality, trauma, and healing.  She lives and work in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Kathy can be reached at or (920) 609-2657.  Her website is


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Feast of Mary Magdalene FREE online service

For centuries, the Eastern and Western churches have honored July 22nd as a day dedicated to Mary Magdalene.  In the Catholic Church, this day was designated a memorial.  On June 6, 2016, Pope Francis signed a decree that elevated the memorial of the Magdalene to a feast, raising her status as equal to that of the other apostles.  While this recognition is long overdue, and nowhere near enough in honoring the importance of the Magdalene, it is a cause for celebration!!!

Click on image to register
Click on image to register

Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ closest disciple, is the only one identified to have completed the full course of Jesus’ teachings and was initiated as co-equal partner and Beloved with Christ. It was to Mary whom Jesus first revealed his resurrected/Christed Self and it was Mary he commissioned to share the good new with the other disciples and to continue his work in his stead.

Mary, honored with the title “Magdalene” (meaning “Great Tower”), most fully understood, integrated and then embodied the highest and deepest levels of Jesus’ teachings, becoming fully self-actualized through Jesus’ guidance. In becoming self-actualized, Mary, in the fullness of her humanness, embodied her own Divinity – like Jesus, becoming fully human and fully divine.  Through this level of knowledge, Mary experienced the alchemical, transformative and UNIVERSAL truth inherent in Jesus’ teachings – the truth of Oneness – oneness within one’s self, with the Divine, with others and with all of creation.  It is the truth of this Oneness that Mary then went on to teach, along with the alchemical, initiatory process that Jesus facilitated for her and taught her to facilitate for others.

We celebrate this feast in honor of Mary Magdalene in the hopes that doing so will help awaken the world to the truth of Mary’s role in Jesus’ ministry and life, thereby restoring 2000 years of defamation at the hands of a patriarchal, hierarchical Church, further undoing the harm done to women specifically and the feminine in general.  In restoring the Holy Feminine to the Jesus story, we also create the space in which the Holy Masculine can reclaim its place in our world, thereby supporting the world in the returning to its original nature in oneness, harmony, peace and love.

Thank you for joining us in this celebration!

Register HERE. 

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The Month of the Magdalene – Special Offers

Welcome to the “Month of the Magdalene!” For centuries, the Eastern and Western churches have honored July 22nd as a day dedicated to Mary Magdalene.  In the Catholic Church, this day was designated a memorial.  On Friday, June 3, 2016, Pope Francis signed a decree that elevated the memorial of the Magdalene to a feast, raising her status as equal to that of the other apostles.  While this recognition is long overdue, and nowhere near enough in honoring the importance of the Magdalene, it is a cause for celebration.  In celebration of this honor, I have designated July as the Month of the Magdalene and will be supporting you in honoring the Magdalene through writings, course specials, book discounts and on July 22nd, a FREE service dedicated to the Magdalene.


Click on the images below to learn more about the individual offerings:

REsurrectingtheMagdaleneDiscountCouponSongofBelovedKindle SpecialFeastMagdaleneOnlineService






NOTE:  If you have already taken the Resurrecting the Magdalene course, you are eligible for an $80.00 discount on the full price of any of the individual courses that are part of the Magdalene Priestess Training.  Please contact Lauri Ann Lumby directly to make arrangements.  If you are interested in signing up for the full Priestess Training package, this discount has already been applied to the full price of the program.

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Is Lauri Lumby Still Catholic?

Google Analytics cracks me up. Apparently two different people found my website this morning by typing in the very same question, “Is Lauri Lumby Still Catholic?”  My daughter and I shared a laugh over this.  Really? Who are the two people that felt the need to seek Google for an answer to this question?  I also want to know, is there someone besides me who has an answer to this question?


The answer to this question is of course, multi-layered.

According to official Catholic teaching, of course I am still Catholic. I was baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church, and according to the Church, once a Catholic, always a Catholic.  You can’t be un-Catholicized. (I believe there are exceptions to this rule, such as being accused of the sin of apostasy.  I have been accused of many things, but apostasy is not one – that I’m aware of anyway!)

My blood and my bones tell me I’m Catholic. As much as I have tried, I can’t get the imprint of Catholicism out of my soul.  There is a kind of sensibility that becomes part of your soul when raised Catholic – especially when you have loved the Church in the way that I have.  My life cycles follow the Church calendar.  My favorite architecture is gothic cathedrals.  Stained Glass Windows make my heart sing.  Incense feels like a hug.  And I am ritualistic by nature.  Step into my house and you might even feel like you are in a church….little altars everywhere.

More important than either of the above – Jesus is my teacher. But he is more than my teacher, he is my Beloved.  He is my Beloved in the way he was the Beloved of St. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila.  As a mystic who follows the Spiritual Exercises and Rules of Discernment of St. Ignatius of Loyola, I am Catholic in every sense of the word….except the two that the Institution of the Catholic Church probably counts as valid.

In my eyes I am still Catholic. In the eyes of the Institutional Church, perhaps not.  Of course I cannot speak for the Church, but I do know about a HUGE file with my name on it in the office of a Catholic Bishop who shall not be named, likely reporting every perceived way in which I have broken with Catholic teaching and committed heresy, as reported by the self-appointed local inquisition.  Included in these reports would be:

  • My continued work with Reiki.
  • My mention of the possibility of Jesus having been married.
  • My insistence that Mary Magdalene had a WAY bigger role in Jesus’ life and ministry and in the continuation of his work than we have been led to believe.
  • My call to the priesthood and the ways in which I have found to live out that call, in spite of the Church’s insistence otherwise.
  • My insistence that the Church be held accountable for its sins, especially the long history of discrimination and violence against women, and most especially, the long history of sexual abuse of children, and that it remove the plank from its own eye before pointing out the splinter in our eyes.
  • My prayer, hopes and dreams that the Church return to its original mission of being a force of love, peace, justice and harmony in the world and that it begin by becoming this to its own people. (Thank you Pope Francis for leading this charge!!!!!)
  • My continued decision to fast from the Eucharist. (Read about this decision HERE).

So, while I still consider myself Catholic, perhaps the Church does not. But since inquiring minds want to know… is why I have never jumped ship even when there are a million other ways I could be living out my belief in Jesus and there are a million other denominations who would probably be happy to be the recipients of my gifts:


And not because I haven’t tried.  Three separate times with three separate denominations, I have discerned ordained priesthood, because I was invited to by leaders of said denominations to do so.  Every single time, saying yes to the call of the priesthood ( a call I authentically have), meant denying my Catholicism and officially breaking from the Church so I could become an official member of said denomination.  Every single time, God barred the way.  No matter how hard I tried to NOT be Catholic, through my discernment, I realized I could not.  I could not forsake the faith of my bones.  So while the Catholic Church is not a place in which I can share the fullness of the gifts and the call God has given me, there is no other church to which I can belong.

So, yes, I’m still Catholic – at least in my own eyes and apparently in the eyes of God.

This is good enough for me.



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We Have Arrived in the New World


Brothers and sisters,

We have arrived.  We have arrived in the new world. We have left behind duality (3D) and have stepped fully into Unity Consciousness (5D). It has been a long, hard journey of purging, releasing, cleansing and freeing ourselves of all that is no longer life-giving and not supportive of the world we have dreamed of and the world that has finally come to be.  The past few weeks have been a doozie….solar eclipses, an equinox, tomorrow’s full blood moon and lunar eclipse and WAVE X which reaches out to us all the way from the galactic core as the fullest expression of love.  Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. and his audiences with Congress and the U.N., along with all the minds and hearts he has touched with his unconditional loving presence perfectly reflects what we are really in for.

Our world has changed and there can no longer be any doubt about this.  Our minds and hearts have been broken opened and we see that we are no longer alone (not that we ever were).  We are not the only crazy ones who have dreamed of a more loving world and we are not the only crazy ones who have assumed great risk to follow the vision of our Soul’s and the deep knowing in our hearts.  All of our hard work, all the risks we have taken, the financial gambles we have endured are all paying off as we are allowed to be the first witnesses to the TRUTH – the Truth that the world is made of LOVE and is made for the purpose of LOVE and that we were placed on this earth to carry this vision and see it become real.  The veil of ignorance and fear that has obscured this TRUTH has fallen and now all that remains is LOVE.

This is a time of great celebration – a celebration that will continue to grow as the LOVE that we are continues to find its way into full manifestation and as we bear witness to the new creations that are being born out of this love.

Thank you for holding on to this vision and for being a source of anchoring the reality of this love in the world.  As a partying (parting) gift, I want to share with you a poem that arose out of me yesterday as I completed the first assignment in the “Be the Force” course that I am taking with Lauren Gorgo.  Thank you Lauren for helping us to remember our Magic=Love=Freedom!  XXOOXXO


Freedom is: Love is All there is.

Copyright 2015 Lauri Ann Lumby


Freedom is experiencing life as a dance –

An exuberant celebration of the Love that

dances through me and

tumbles through my fingers,

through my eyes,

and out of my mouth –

like glimmering jewels paving the highways and byways-

sparkling and twinkling

catching humanity’s eye so that they might find their way home –

an easily marked roadway that leads to:

“All Are Happy Here.”

Where gifts are freely shared

Because they are fully known.

Like the Pied Piper whistling his tune,

My dance irresistibly calls the world into

Its own Oneness.

Oneness defined by Love,

Known by Grace,

Experienced as Ease.

Where all find peace, fulfillment and joy;

Where all needs are met in abundance –

Not only that we might survive but so we may also


Creation and manifestation happening as if by Magic

because I know the love that I am and live it freely,

exuberantly, abundantly and with all generosity –

easily treating others with Love because

Love is all there is.


The absence of love (fear) no longer part of my consciousness as

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love is all there is.

The absence of love (fear) is no longer because

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love is all there is.

Love in its fullness and Love in the process of being born.


All is only Love.

Love is all there is.

And in the face of love in the process of being born,

We can only respond with Love.

Freedom is: Love is all there is.




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An Open Letter to Pope Francis

A letter I sent to Pope Francis in yesterday’s mail.  I hope he reads it. 


April 13, 2015

His Holiness Pope Francis

Apostolic Palace

00120 Vatican City


Most Holy Father,

I am writing to you with profound gratitude for the work you are doing to return the Church to its original foundation in Jesus’ message of compassion, mercy and love.  Your presence and your actions give me hope for the future of our Church.

I write this because I am included in the second-largest religious denomination in the United States – a denomination made up of 42.7 million non-practicing Catholics (PEW Research).  While I still call myself Catholic and honor with profound gratitude my Catholic upbringing and the many things I love about the Catholic Church, eight years ago I made the decision to “fast from the Eucharist.”  I have enclosed an essay (HERE) which explains the whys and the hows of this decision.  This decision was made after many years of careful discernment and a decision I believe was guided by God, so that I could be obedient to the fullness of God’s call for me.

I share this essay with you because I know that I am not alone in my experience of feeling no longer welcome or at home in the Catholic Church.  I believe my essay reflects the many reasons others have left.  I find that my ministry has been to these women and men. Above all else, these people are longing to be healed of the false perception of separation between themselves and God (love). My work, firmly rooted in scripture and Ignatian Spirituality, meets this need, and I am both humbled and grateful to have been given the gifts along with the call to meet these needs. I believe this is the work Jesus did and the work he calls us all to do.

Most Holy Father, I am grateful for the way in which you have turned your ears and your heart toward those crying out for God’s unconditional love and mercy.  I believe this was the focus of Jesus’ ministry, the call he imparted upon his disciples, and the call he extends to us all.  I am happy to see the Church returning to its foundation in compassion and it is my hope that all those who once felt separated may once again find the Church to be an unconditionally loving and safe place to be the person God is calling them to be.

Yours in Christ,


Lauri Ann Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

(920) 230-1313