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Not to Frighten but to Invite Hope

Today’s blog is in response to some of the comments I received after Friday’s Blog, Why Oneness Matters.  Apparently, some were frightened by my words.  Please know this was not my intent.  My intent was to offer a path of hope that we can follow as we move through the coming world changes.

It’s the End of the World As We Know it….and I Feel Fine

I don’t think there is a single human being that does not recognize that as a species, we are facing a crossroads.  With the economic, environmental and political issues that are going on in the world it often feels like a “make it or break it” situation.  While it may not feel as if we have any control over what is and what will happen….this is far from the truth.  In fact, the end result is up to us.  We decide if we are going to allow these situations to destroy us….or make us better.  I, for one, am choosing MAKE US BETTER.

Walking in a Spiderweb

We have the power to choose the outcome because we wove the web that brought us here.  We are the ones who made choices based in fear that have led to the behaviors that got us into this mess.  We chose gluttony, greed, power and control, vengeance, envy, sloth and pride.  We created the systems that are built on the greedy getting greedier at the expense of the health of the planet and the welfare of everyone else.  We made this mess…..and it is our job to un-make it.

We Are…One

The root cause of all this mess, as I have said before, is the false perception of separation.  We have forgotten that we are not an island unto ourselves.  We have neglected the intimate connections we have with each other, the planet, the universe.  We have forgotten that we are ALL children of God…..precious, glorious, made in the image and likeness of, and DEEPLY LOVED.  But most importantly, we have forgotten within our own hearts that we are a magnificent, glorious, amazing, AWESOME expression of God in the world.  God is expressing God’s self in and through us.  When we know these truths, we experience love, joy and peace.  When we forget these truths, we experience fear and indulge fear’s resulting compulsive and harmful behaviors.

Shining Stars and Fireworks

So, my point of Friday’s message was to remind us that even in the midst of seemingly insurmountable odds, THERE IS HOPE…..and WE are that hope.  We are the hope when we embrace our magnificence….remember the love that we are…..embrace the truth of ONENESS and LIVE IT.  When we reach across the chasm of perceived separation and embrace each other as magnificent expressions of God’s love, when we become the stewards of the earth that God asked us to be, when we share our resources instead of hoarding them all to ourselves, when we seek out our similarities and celebrate our differences….then we are the Shining Stars and the Fireworks that will create our world anew.  This is the message I offer as we move through this time of great change…..and GREAT HOPE!

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Lauri Lumby

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