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The Work of Non-Violence: Rules of Engagement

In the work of non-violence, it is important to set forth standards of engagement. As a Love Warrior member, doing the work of non-violence, you will be held to a standard of accountability.  As the moderator, it is my job to uphold these standards (and I ask you to do the same for me).  If you are committed to the work of non-violence, the rules of engagement are simple, and yet through our own woundedness are easily broken:

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Be kind: Treat yourself and your fellow Love Warriors with honor and respect. No name calling, blaming, shaming, criticizing or condemning. Honor the other person’s perspective.  If you don’t understand it, ask questions.  A little inquiry goes a long way toward building understanding.

Be compassionate: Remember that every single human being is wounded and has their own unique set of fears.  Be mindful of your own fears when triggered and listen carefully for the fears of your brothers and sisters.  Listen with an open heart.

Radical Personal Accountability: Check yourself!  KNOW when your own fears or past woundings are being triggered.  Are you feeling defensive?  Angry?  Impatient?  Resentful?  Judgmental?  Before you react, give yourself a time out and figure out what in you is asking to be healed.  Do the healing work, and then return to the discussion.

Communication and Conflict Resolution:  Follow the guidelines provided in this course. You will be held accountable to them.

A few additional reminders as it relates to the world of non-violence:

Gandhi’s Principles of Non-Violence

  • All life is one.
  • We each have a piece of the truth and the un-truth.
  • Human beings are more than the evil they sometimes commit.
  • The means must be consistent with the ends.
  • We are called to celebrate both our differences and our fundamental unity with others.
  • We reaffirm our unity with others when we transform “us” versus “them” thinking and doing.
  • Our oneness calls us to want, and to work for, the well-being of all.
  • The nonviolent journey is a process of becoming increasingly free from fear.

Gandhi’s ten principles of nonviolence: 

  • Humiliating or deliberately provoking your opponent invites violence.
  • Knowing your facts and arguments well helps avoid violence.
  • If you are open about your cause your opponent is less likely to be violent.
  • Look for common ground between you and your opponents to promote trust and understanding.
  • Do not judge others.
  • Trust your opponent. They will sense this trust.
  • Compromise on inessential items to promote resolution.
  • Sincerity helps convert your opponent.
  • By making personal sacrifice you show your sincerity.
  • Avoid exploiting weakness in your opponent. Aim for integrity, not simply to win.

Gandhi Global Center for Peace.

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Become an Agent of Non-Violent Social Change

Become an agent of non-violent social change.  Connect with a community of women, men and young people who are seeking to make a positive change in our culture and in our world. Be supported in making positive and effective change through civility practices. Learn how to support yourself and others in the practice of radical personal accountability. Discover and practice effective methods for conflict resolution. Explore effective methods for non-violent discussion and activism.  Be the change you want to see in the world. Be empowered in the use of your own unique gifts to change the world by healing the world.

Love Warriors – Agents of Non-Violent Social Change

Love Warriors is the fulfillment of the mission of Authentic Freedom Academy. After supporting the spiritual awakening and self-actualization of change agents, we empower you in fulfilling your personal mission of being a vessel through which Divine Love is made manifest in our world through your unique giftedness, specifically as an agent of positive, non-violent social change.

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Love Warriors Provides Support through:

  • Guidance and support through our online Love Warriors Basic Training course.
  • Ongoing inspiration and support through our Authentic Freedom Weekly newsletter.
  • Ongoing education through our online courses.
  • One-on-one mentoring/spiritual counseling.
  • An online community where we can connect, network with, and support each other.
  • Local and online Love Warrior events.

Love Warriors know:

  • Who they are.
  • Their place in the world.
  • What their gifts are and how they are being called to use these gifts for the sake of their own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of our world. 

Love Warriors is made up of:

  • Graduates of the Authentic Freedom Mastery Program and the Magdalene Priest/Priestess Training.
  • Women and Men from all educational and spiritually formative backgrounds who are committed to working for love and peace in our world using civil, non-violent means.
  • Young people who are looking for a place to explore their own calling, share their voice, and who may be looking for support in their own desire to work for positive change.
  • Anyone who feels called to support the efforts of non-violent social change.

Membership includes:

  • The Love Warrior online Basic Training course.
  • FREE access to the Authentic Freedom weekly newsletter.
  • Savings on individual online courses. (Authentic Freedom Mastery Program and the Magdalene Priest/Priestess Training are excluded from this offer.)
  • Exclusive Love Warrior content.
  • Access to the Private online community.
  • Ongoing resources and guidance as it becomes available.
  • Local and online Love Warrior gatherings and events.

Become a Love Warrior Today!

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Why “warrior?”  Beyond military conflict, warrior is a word that represents courage, strength, persistence, tenacity and the willingness to take a risk – all qualities that are necessary in the work of peace and in helping to bring about positive, non-violent change.  YOU are a warrior for saying yes to this work and more importantly, for saying yes to the cause of love – the very purpose of your SOUL.