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The Deadly Compulsion of Sloth – Virtual Church Supplement

The theme of this week’s Authentic Freedom Virtual Church meditation newsletter is the spiritual compulsion of sloth.  When engaging in sloth, we refuse to use the brain God gave us to reason, discern and exercise truth.  Learn more below:

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Twenty-sixth Sunday Ordinary Time


Agape’ Meditation Practices Newsletter

Supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church Service



Scripture Reading:


R/ (6a) Remember your mercies, O Lord. Your ways, O LORD, make known to me; teach me your paths, guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my savior. R/ Remember your mercies, O Lord. Remember that your compassion, O LORD, and your love are from of old. The sins of my youth and my frailties remember not; in your kindness remember me, because of your goodness, O LORD. R/ Remember your mercies, O Lord. Good and upright is the LORD; thus he shows sinners the way. He guides the humble to justice, and teaches the humble his way. R/ Remember your mercies, O Lord.


Ps 25: 4-5, 8-9, 10, 14


Additional Readings:


Ez 18: 25-28

Phil 2: 1-11

Mt 21: 28-32


God is our Teacher


If we desire a life of peace and contentment where we experience meaning and our life has a sense of purpose, then we need go no further than to God. God is our teacher when we allow ourselves to turn from our own desires to control, to think we know the answers and to strive after what we want. God, on the other hand, knows what we need and knows the path that would be in our highest good – that which leads us to meaning, purpose and fulfillment. The answers are not in our minds, but are in the intimate connection between ourselves and God.


When are you tempted to believe you know what is best for you.


When are you tempted to strive after what you want instead of asking God for what you need?


Where are you turning to God for guidance and direction in your life?





Spiritual Practices – Turning to God for Answers


Lectio-Divina is a spiritual practice through which we allow ourselves to be open to God’s nourishment, support, guidance and inspiration in our lives. You are invited to apply Lectio-Divina to the above scripture as a way of opening yourself to God.


READ the above scripture slowly and prayerfully, looking for a word that jumps out at you. Receive that word or phrase as God’s guidance for you today.


MEDITATE on that word or phrase. Chew on it. Take it in. Reflect on what God might be saying to you through this word or phrase.


RESPOND to God’s guidance. Through either speaking or writing, express your thoughts and feelings about God’s guidance.


BE WITH your meditation experience. Either rest in silence and allow the meditation experience to find a deeper root within you, or carry it with you as you go about your day, allowing it to further inform your life.




Authentic Freedom


Sloth is the spiritual compulsion through which we refuse to use the brain God gave us to reason, discern and exercise truth. Sloth arises out of the fear that we do not know our truth or our path and that we do not have access to knowledge of this truth. Sloth causes us to defer to outside perceived authorities/institutions for decisions in our lives and through sloth we are disempowered. Authentic Freedom reminds us that God alone is the foremost source of authority and that we have access to knowledge of our truth and our path through our intimate connection with God. To access knowledge of our truth and our path, we need only turn to God. believe what God is revealing to us, and then act accordingly. The key is remembering that God reveals our truth to us in the time that is in our highest good….and remembering that God’s time is not always our time.


Where are you tempted to defer to outside perceived authorities for guidance and direction?


When you do turn to God for guidance, what prevents you from acting on that guidance?


How can you risk believing what God is revealing to you for the sake of contentment and joy in your life?



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For the Poor Souls in Purgatory

As a young child, I formulated a specific and personal prayer that became the preamble to all my prayers – my prayers upon waking, before going to sleep, and the prayers I said every Sunday before attending the Catholic mass.  I’m not sure where I came up with these words, though I suspect they were influenced by my mother, who first taught me how to pray, and perhaps by my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Hodgson, who was especially devout.  The prayer goes like this:

Dear Lord, I offer everything I have to you and to the poor souls in purgatory.


I no longer believe in purgatory in the way that I did as a child as “the place where we go after we die to be purged of our sin so we can one day enter heaven.”  Instead, I often consider our human experience to be a kind of purgatory – a place we come to learn how to be human, and then, if we are paying attention, the place where we have an opportunity to learn ways of transcending our suffering, thereby discovering in the human condition a kind of heaven on earth.  While my beliefs about purgatory have changed, I still find myself drawn to this prayer, “Lord, I offer everything I have to you and to the poor souls in purgatory.”  Who are the “poor souls in purgatory?”  All of humanity, especially those who are suffering.  (Here’s a great YouTube clip which illustrates what purgatory feels like! From the movie What Dreams May Come:

Looking to Birth our Soul

Since embarking upon this work, that I call for lack of a better word, ministry, a common theme has been revealed about those drawn toward my service.  In essence, those who find themselves drawn to my ministry are those in search for their Soul (you might also call that, true self, higher self, most authentic self, truth, path, etc.).  They might not know that it is the Soul for which they are seeking, but in the end, this is always at the root of the longing; suffering; restlessness; grief; relationship issues; physical, emotional or mental pain; that brought them to my doorstep in the first place.  I’m never quite sure about how they find me in the first place, and oftentimes neither are they.  As such, I can only give credit to God – that something in their Soul that reaches out for the remedy to its longing, and in the Soul’s search, it somehow finds me.  I am always humbled and in awe over the work, and over what transpires once it is begun.  The miracles that occur, the truths that break through, the healing that occurs, is way beyond me and my tiny human capabilities and I am reminded over and over and over that it is not me doing the work, but God working through me.  And I know that it is God working through me because of the beyond-human experiences that transpire.

Who is your Soul Calling you to Serve and How?

Ultimately, I believe that the birth of the Soul is about each and every one of us discovering how we are uniquely called to serve “the poor souls in purgatory.”  Each of us have been uniquely and creatively gifted to find fulfillment, peace, joy and love and to serve the betterment of humankind.  Who is your Soul calling you to serve and how?

Lauri Lumby offers one-on-one mentoring in support of the birth of your Soul.  Call (920) 230-1313 or email to schedule a private session.

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Hearing the Truth Beyond the Words

Today’s blog explains what I mean by “Attentive Presence” in my mission statement and to inform you of a little gift I have that just might help YOU in your own journey.

You Cannot Lie to Me!

One of the things my children have learned about their mother (ME!) is that they CANNOT LIE to me.  Fortunately, they have not had to learn this the hard way because I have been preparing them their whole lives to understand this truth.  It seems that I possess a truth barometer that sniffs out even the most subtle of lies and forms of deceit  – when I am smart enough to listen to it, that is!  I first became aware of this gift somewhere around the age of seven when we had a houseguest that was trying to pull one over on my parents.  Fortunately, a grown up also thought something was rotten in Denmark and uncovered the guest’s dastardly plan.  While this gift has served me well in my personal life in uncovering liars and deceivers (again, when I bother to listen), the true strength in this gift is the ability to feel, see, hear, sense the TRUTH that is seeking to make itself known.  This aspect of my truth barometer not only helps me, but serves as a terrific resource in the work that I do as a Spiritual Director, Teacher and Healer.

If you are looking for support in naming, claiming and living your truth, call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email to set up a personal session. 

Adaptive Strategies or Spiritual Gifts

I’m not exactly sure how this gift came to be developed.  It certainly could have arisen as a sort of adaptive strategy in response to my childhood.  Being able to sense the energy of a room or to feel other people’s emotions are great ways to assess how to engage in certain situations.  I also understand this ability to read energy as an invitation to be a source of love and support where needed.  From this perspective, some would argue this is a gift from God.  I do believe the origin of this gift is the Holy Spirit but strengthened through attention and lived experience.

If you are looking for support in naming, claiming and living your truth, call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email to set up a personal session. 

Where Truth Hides

It has been in my professional life that I have witnessed the greatest expression and benefit of this gift of sensing, hearing, seeing, feeling, the truth beyond the words.  Our truth, our life’s purpose, the meaning of our life experiences, knowledge of the path of our highest good and knowledge of our own unique giftedness….are all available to us AT ALL TIMES.  The problem is that we cover up the knowledge of this truth through our fears, our resistance, our addictions, our compulsions and our false perceptions.  On some level, we really DON’T want to know our truth.  Why?  Because we know that acknowledging our truth means we have to DO SOMETHING about it….and usually that involves change…..something none of us are really too keen on embracing.  But, as Jesus reminded his disciples, it is only in acknowledging and living our truth that we shall ever be free.  “The truth shall set you free.”

If you are looking for support in naming, claiming and living your truth, call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email to set up a personal session. 

The Gift in Practice

Here is where I come in.  Because of this strange gift that God gave me and life has strengthened, I can see, hear, feel, sense the truth beyond your words.  And the funny thing is that often, your truth is right there in your words… just haven’t heard it.  Like the man who protested that he was a “red blooded American male” yet only found fulfillment in the company of another man.  Like the businesswoman who told me that her financial investments started to go south when she allowed someone else to make decisions for her instead of making her own decisions where she had been successful in the past.  Or, the man who told me (without knowing he told me) that he thought he needed to leave his wife.  More often than through the spoken word, however, your truths will be revealed to me in even subtler ways – a shift in your posture, a tone in the voice, an energy of fear or resistance that arises out of you.  Sometimes the truth is revealed in what you aren’t saying as opposed to what you are saying.  And the strange thing I have discovered is that this truth barometer is just as strong in phone or Skype sessions as it is face-to-face.  The bottom line is that your truth might be able to hide from you……but it can’t hide from me.

If you are looking for support in naming, claiming and living your truth, call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email to set up a personal session. 

Compassion Steps In

But here is the really cool thing.  I am not going to hold space for you to identify your truth and then leave the truth to hang you out to dry.  Identifying, claiming and living in our truth is hard.  As Gloria Steinem says, “it will kick your ass.”  AND… do not need to make this journey alone.  In addition to helping you identify your truth, I am here to help you identify the fears and resistances to living that truth and will walk beside you, giving you tools to help you as you move through the fears to the life of freedom that is your DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT!  And while the journey can be challenging, the reward is GREAT.  When we embrace and live in our truth, we know a life of contentment, joy, love and fulfillment.  And in the end, isn’t this what we are all looking for?

If you are looking for support in naming, claiming and living your truth, call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email to set up a personal session. 

Lauri Lumby

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The Path of Our Highest Good

Today’s blog invites us to believe that the Divine has our highest good in mind and wants us to know it….and the tools for receiving that information.

I, the Lord, your God,

teach you what is for your good,

and lead you on the way you should go.

If you would hearken to my commandments,

your prosperity would be like a river.

Isaiah 48: 17

 The Path of Our Highest Good

Finally, the scripture passage that supports my theory…the theory I intend and attempt to live by every day of my life.  God knows the path that is in our highest good and wants to reveal that path to us.  And when we take the time to discern the knowledge of God regarding the path of our highest good, we are guaranteed “prosperity.”  And before we jump on the pop-culture theology of prosperity bandwagon….God’s prosperity is measured differently than ours.  God’s prosperity is about abundance and fruitfulness….it is a path that feels free, expansive and is that which leads us toward inner fulfillment, peace, contentment, love, joy, compassion, mercy and justice.  It is the path that allows us to name, claim, cultivate and generously share our own unique giftedness in service to humankind.  Let me put it plainly, the “prosperity” spoken of in this reading is an interior quality and is independent of our external life experiences.  Might God’s path lead us to financial abundance…perhaps, but only if that is in our highest good and we deem to share that abundance in service to humankind.

But How Do We Know?

The reading above tells us that God will teach us the path and we will know that path if we follow God’s commandments.  I don’t think that Isaiah is specifically speaking about “The 10 Commandments” here, but the commandments that God would reveal in our hearts as to the path that we are invited to walk.  The vehicle through which we receive these “commandments” is our spiritual practice.  God reveals God’s self to us in the quiet of our hearts when we go to God in prayer, meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, etc.  If we want to know the path that God would teach us to be in our highest good, this is where we will learn that path.  (In my book, Authetic Freedom, you are given specific tools for learning and practicing these spiritual practices as well as some elementary tools for discernment….determining the difference between the guidance that comes from our False-Self or Ego and the guidance that comes from God.)

What Are You Waiting For?

Do you want to know the path that is in your highest good?  Do you desire a life of peace, contentment, fulfillment, expansiveness, joy, compassion, love, mercy and justice?  Do you want to know what your gifts are and how you are called to use them in the world for your own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world?  If the answer is yes, I ask you, “What are you waiting for?”  Embrace a spiritual practice.  Deepen your existing practice.  Employ the tools of spiritual discernment.  Accept the support of outside resources to help you in your discernment process.  Then….LIVE A LIFE OF JOY!!!!!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Seeking Clarity on our Path

Discernment is the spiritual process through which we determine our life path – specifically, what path will be in our highest good and is God’s intention and desire for us and what path is not.  Discernment is a tricky process and not to be entered into lightly and we are invited to be cautious of the danger signs along the way as we seek the path of light.


Identifying the Path of our Highest Good

“God’s will” might be a phrase some would use in describing the path that is in our “Highest good.”  The idea of pre-destination notwithstanding, this phrase may cause philosophical issues for most, if not many people.  I think of it this way…..the Source of the Universe (which some might call God), knows the path that is in our highest good and wants us to discover and follow that path because it is the best thing for us and it is the best thing for the world.  I understand the path of our highest good to be that which leads us towards the discovery of our highest and most authentic selves, heals us of our false-perceptions and ego-attachments, assists us in transcending our fears and leads us toward the discovery, cultivation and eventual sharing of our unique giftedness….in service to Love/God and in service to the world, thereby bringing the world to a greater state of peace, freedom, joy and harmony.  Cool, right?!  The good news is that the discovery/awareness of this path is available and accessibly to us RIGHT NOW if we but have the eyes to see, and the faith to trust in Divine Timing!  (ie: letting go of our need to “make” things happen, manipulate and control outcomes!)  This path is also recognized by some very significant markers/signposts/identifying characteristics.  Here are those markers:

  • The path of our highest good leads us toward freedom.
  • The path of our highest good leads us toward peace, contentment, joy, love, compassion, justice.
  • The path of our highest good is expansive, liberating, moves of its own volition
  • The path of our highest good is life-giving
  • The path of our highest good makes the best use of our gifts as well as our perceived weaknesses or imperfections


Beware of Grandiosity

So, let me give you an example of how one might begin to seek clarity in our path to our highest good.  I shared with you a few weeks ago the vision that I received that was given in response to my prayer for “direction and clarity.”  The image was of me in white robes, wearing a red stole, presumably presiding over mass/liturgy in front of a multitude of people also dressed in white.  My initial reaction to this vision was, “NO WAY…NO HOW….YOU MUST BE NUTS….GO AWAY GOD!”  Well, I know better than to question or challenge what might be God’s “call” for me, so for the past several weeks, I have been seeking clarity about what this vision might mean.  At first it seemed it was God calling me to the priesthood.  Then I came to understand that I am already priest in the work that I have been doing and will continue to do.  Then it seemed it was God calling me to “build a new church.”  ARGH!  Certainly the furthest thing from my mind, but an idea I could not at least examine, question, challenge and think about pursuing.  Somewhere in the mix of these ideas, potential calls, etc. came thoughts of  “Well, at least someone might finally get this ‘church’ thing right.   It is about time someone considers reforming the priesthood.  To heck with the stupid black shirt and collar, I will be a priest that dresses as the people dress.”  Is there a need for reform in the church?  You betcha.  Are there changes that could be made around our ideas of priest!  YUP!  And, as I have been discerning this call and wrapped up in thoughts such as these, it all felt big, daunting, a bit overwhelming, and dare I say “important” and “grandiose.”  How cool is it that God would call ME to reform the Church and the Priesthood.  HA!!!!!   Today, it seems, God is laughing ….. again….. at little Lauri as she tries to find her way in the world.


KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid!

Somewhere along this path of discernment, I had forgotten the #1 rule on Don Lumby’s “Rules of Project Management.”  (for those that don’t know, Don is my dad….and one of my greatest teachers!!!).  The rule is: “KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid!”   So after much discernment, consultation with my Spiritual Direction and local advisors and spiritual brothers and sisters, it seems the BIG VISION I received might not be so big.  In fact, it might be as simple as gently expanding on what I have already been doing and empowering certain individuals to do the same.  HMMMMM   Still not sure exactly how it will all play out…..but it feels good to know that it is not my job to CHANGE THE WORLD.  (ok, it is all of our jobs to change the world……I just don’t have to do it single-handedly as a priest in a newly formed church of my own making.  YAY!)


Where are you tempted to give into gradiose or big plans for yourself?

How do you recognize the path of your highest good?

How has formal discernment played a role in your own life?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Writing as a Tool for Discernment

Today’s blog explores writing as a viable tool in the process of discernment – opening us up to our truth and showing us the way.



Defining Discernment

Discernment, in the context of the spiritual journey, is a formal process through which we allow ourselves to be open to determining the Divine call in our life.  In other words, it is through discernment that we test if something is “of God” (life-giving, freeing, leading us toward peace, contentment and joy) or of the “false-self” or “ego” (constricting, rooted in fear, leading us toward struggle, futility, sorrow, etc.).  Discernment is a tricky process because the ego likes to give us ideas, opportunities, etc. that seem shiny, glittering and appealing to our vanity.  God, however, only gives us that which is in our highest good, that which will help us to identify and make use of our spiritual gifts and that which will lead us toward a sense of fulfillment and peace.  My preference is the God-path, which is why I try to enter into careful discernment before making any major life decisions.

Tools for the Journey

When entering into a process of discernment, I have found several tools to be helpful:

  • The company and help of my Spiritual Director and other close spiritual friends who I know can be objective and honest with me
  • My spiritual practices:  meditation (which often includes scripture), prayer, contemplation, yoga
  • Writing

These are the tools I employ on a regular basis anyway, but most importantly when discerning major life decisions.  Today I want to speak specifically about writing as a tool for discernment.

Divine Revealing Truth

As I discuss in chapter eight of Authentic Freedom, the Divine knows what is in our highest good and desires for us to know this as well…AND….there are an infinite number of ways in which the Divine reveals our truth and our path to us:  intuition, dreams, knowledge, learning, life circumstances, nature, relationships, coincidences, creative imagination, physical and spiritual sight, etc. etc. etc.  Spiritual Writing/Journaling is one of the ways that the Divine can reveal truth to us and one of the tools that I have found helpful and supportive in my own journey.  (I’m sure it helps that I am a writer by nature).  There are many ways to approach writing as a tool that can be used in the process of discernment.  (Spiritual Journaling by Julie Tallard Johnson is a great resource to get you started on the path of utilizing writing as a spiritual tool.)   Below are a few examples of how you might use writing as a tool for discernment in your own journey:

  • Imagination Contemplation:  Read a scripture narrative, a work of mythology or a fairytale, looking for a character that jumps out at you.  Re-read the story from the perspective of that character, then spend 15-20 minutes imagining the story as it unfolds from the perspective of your chosen character.  Let your imagination run wild, allowing all the details to flow into the story.  Now write what surfaced in your imagination.  Read what you wrote, asking yourself how that showed up might be reflective of things going on in your own journey.  What might God be revealing to you in the story that showed up in your imagination.
  • Automatic writing:  At the top of your page, write a question or direction you are pondering.  Take a few moments in silence to allow yourself to come to a place of peaceful calm, then putting pen to paper, allow the Divine to reveal the answer to your question through your writing.  Just let your pen go, not censoring, second-guessing, etc.  Then go back and read the answer.
  • Choose a Word: Choose a word that is part of your life at the moment:  loss, pain, love, joy, green, landscape, stones, sand, water, sunshine, broken glass, then write TO that word.  (not about it….TO it).  See what shows up.  You might be surprised.

You Never Know What Might Show Up

Writing as a tool for discernment has become part of my everyday life….but sometimes it shows up in amazing, strange and enlightening ways.  I have recently been working with creative writing teacher, Prudence Tippins, to help me move through some blocks that have surfaced related to the current book I am writing (more about that later!).  The assignments she has been giving me have been mostly related to things going on in my life that have been part of our weekly consultations…relationships, work, new life, etc.  But last week she threw me a prompt that seemingly  came out of nowhere: “Write about the Duties of the High Priestess.”  WHAT?  Where did that come from?  But here’s what showed up:

The High Priestess

Hearing truth beyond words

Seeing truth beyond illusion

Speaking truth beyond falsehood

Being truth beyond fear

Reaching beyond the veil

Grasping what seeks to be born

Bringing it forth into the world

Midwife to new life

Channel of the Divine

Showing others the way

And now I have to wonder, what might God be trying to tell me?

How might writing be a tool that you can begin to explore in your own spiritual journey?

How has God revealed truth to you through your writing?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Testing God

Part II of exploring the path of Spiritual Discernment.  How do we determine if our life-decisions are God-directed of Ego/Self-directed?  In a word…..PEACE.



An invitation to discernment

As I mentioned in Saturday’s blog, I had a money awakening that I now suspect might have  nothing to do with money….and everything to do about being invited into a life-direction that will seriously expand not only the naming and claiming of my gifts, but may be inviting me into stepping more fully into something God(or my ego…we’re not done discerning yet!) has been dangling in my face for YEARS!  This discernment began with fear and was followed by several days of anxiousness, compulsive thinking and “planning.”  “What am I supposed to do with this?”  I wondered.  It finally became clear that maybe the money panic was nothing more than a red flag waving and presenting an opportunity to enter into serious discernment about certain professional/vocational choices.  As such, I am TRYING to remain calm and allow God’s plan to clearly reveal itself.  Ha….easier said than done!


Overwhelmed by anxiety

In spite of my best efforts to remain calm, patient,  and surrender to the process of spiritual discernment, I found myself overwhelmed by anxiety.  Money anxiety.  Work anxiety.  Parenting anxiety.  Relationship anxiety….the normal things.  Then of course this anxiety expanded into every aspect of my life:  the over-abundance of weeds in the garden, the grease that needs to be cleaned off the stove hood, windows that need caulking, the shower curtain that is disgusting with mineral deposits and mold.  ARGH!!!!!!   Come on already!  But then something really strange happened this morning during my daily meditation period.  While my brain is flying off into all the directions my anxious thoughts could carry me, it suddenly shifted into thoughts of this “new” opportunity.  My anxiety and restlessness relaxed and my brain became quiet as images, thoughts, processes, structures, presented themselves related to the piece I am currently discerning.  It was as if I was being presented with the foundations and roadmap of what this direction might look like (if I determine it to be authentically God-directed and decide to say “yes” to this path).  And as I sat in meditation and allowed these thoughts and images to present themselves, I found myself falling into a state of deep and peaceful calm, and all the afore-mentioned obsessive worries simply fell away.  HMMMMM… this a clue along the discernment path?

God = Peace

St. Paul says it really well when it comes to testing whether something is “of God” or not.  In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul says it this way:  “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”  “Freedom” as it is used in the context of discernment means – peace, love, joy, mercy, compassion, expansiveness.  These are the qualities we are invited to look for when scrutinizing opportunities to determine if they are authentically God-driven or instead, something coming out of our own egos or fears.  Peace, I have found, is the final test.  Does a certain path give you peace?  If so, it may be from God.  Now, peace does not mean that we are free of the anxiety that comes out of resistance.  Resistance is the ego fighting against the path of our highest good.  Resistance is the voice within me that offered the initial response to this opportunity of:  “No way.  No how.  You must be nuts!  Pick someone else.  I won’t do it!”  But, when I sit with this morning’s meditation and the deep peace that presented itself in the face of the “foundation and structure” of this possible path, I have no choice but to consider that it may authentically be coming from God and may in truth be the path of my highest good.


Fools rush in

And….having made rash decisions in regards to this vocational choice in the past, I know better than to make my decision today.  The good news is that God is patient and that through experience, I know that there is more testing yet to be done.  So, I continue in this path of discernment, open to what God may continue to reveal, placing today’s meditation in the discernment bucket and pray for clarity of discernment and the courage to say “yes” if indeed this proves to be “of God.”

Where have you found freedom (peace, joy, love, expansiveness) in your own journey?

How do you test your life opportunities to determine if they are coming from God or out of your own ego?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries