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Wake Up People!

A prophet arrives on the scene when it is time for humanity to make a change.  Well, it is LONG PAST time to make a change!  It is time to WAKE UP people!  No more fighting.  No more war.  No more hunger.  No more racism.  No more sexism.  NO MORE WAR!  No more destruction of the vital planet that feeds, clothes and shelters us!  No more hatred.  No more ignorance.  No more fear.


I don’t care what side of the political fence you are on….you can’t possibly be interested in the continuation of violence, hatred and war in our world, and if you are, then I have great compassion for the fear that lives in your heart that makes you believe violence is the only answer.

Violence is not the answer.  LOVE is.  And I’m not the first to know and believe this.  Neither am I the only one.  In fact, I believe that we who believe in the power of love have now reached critical mass and there are more who believe in love than those who believe in fear.

If you are one who believes in love, then now is the time to SHOW YOUR LOVE.  Raise your voice.  Speak the love that you know in your heart.  BE THE LOVE.  Use the amazing and powerful gifts God/dess gave you to help build the new world….

BECAUSE THE TIME IS NOW!  Wake up from your sleep.  Wake up from your silence and SING the love that wants to be born in the world.

And here’s a little help from one of my generation’s greatest prophets.