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I Am Who I Am

I Am Who I Am

I AM who I AM

I Am who I Am

The mantra I return to as my mind grasps after fantasies…what-ifs…and hows.

When all I have is this moment now –

But with possibilities and imaginings raging in my mind –

the anxiety of the unknown rising.

I AM who I AM.

I Am who I Am.

Pen gripped between my fingers, dancing across the page.

Prince blaring through my speakers.

Feeling the sensation of ink kissing paper

and paper returning ink’s affection.

The perfect balance of giving and receiving,

Creating and allowing.

A match…rather a coming together made in heaven.

I AM who I AM

I Am who I Am.

Can we escape the anxious imaginings of a possible new creation?

Should we?

I remember the doctoral candidate’s bold proclamation that

“falling in love is a mental illness.”

Or an irrational preoccupation if nothing else.

Doesn’t every new creation involve a kind of falling in love?






Until that new love betrays us:

A novel’s false start

Frozen at 50,000 words

The face turned out lopsided

The stray splash of paint

Damn, that’s the wrong color brown!

The critique that plunges a dagger into our heart

The betrayal that eviscerates our Soul.

I AM who I AM

I Am who I Am

The only think I truly know

(if we can ever truly know anything)

is what is before me in this present moment.

Now.  Only Now.

But when “now” becomes too familiar,

or we long for something more –

The heart becomes anxious.

Is that a bad thing?

Isn’t new life born out of restlessness, boredom and impatience?

Don’t we have to outgrow what is now

so that new life might come into form?

Isn’t growth a journey of perpetual motion

coming forth out of THE VOID –

Something coming forth out of Nothing?

I Am who I Am

And what I shall be remains to be seen.

Copyright:  Lauri Ann Lumby

I call her Joy
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The Promise of New Life in the Darkness

After death is the promise of new life. This is the Easter message and the law that nature teaches us over and over and over again.  A seed it planted.  It germinates and grows.  It matures and bears fruit.  It dies, returning to the earth where it plants the seeds for the next life to begin.

Original drawing by Lauri Ann Lumby

So is the true of our human experience. Even our cells are continually involved in this eternal journey of birthing, growing, maturing, dying, and then being born again.

But this dying and rising is not limited to the growth of our cells. This is the eternal dance of our human experience – if we have the courage to surrender to the journey – especially when it all looks like death.  Like it felt for me on Monday.  Facing the end of our dreams, is one of those moments that feels like death.  For me, this death was palpable.  I felt like death.  I felt the weight of death.  I felt as if my body had become my own tomb made out of lead.

Then yesterday I woke up to the dawn of a new day. Rather, I woke up to the void – the place within the tomb where the life that once was lay in repose.  It was an apt position for the final session of a 5 year journey (for some, longer for others) I had been facilitating – learning as I go.  This was the final session of the Order of Melchizedek training that I have been piloting locally before making it wholly available online.  In this portion of the training we had been studying the Aleph Beis and its connection to the major arcana in the Tarot. Yesterday’s lesson (the final lesson) was on the Hebrew letter “Tav” and The World card in the tarot. You will have to take the class to understand how these two seemingly opposing systems are connected, but as a way to bring the course to a close, I facilitated a shamanic journey for those in attendance, while joining them in my own journey.

In my journey, I was led to every journey I had done before. I was brought to every location, every person, every being, every animal, etc. and in each scene, that which appeared to be outside of me was absorbed into me. All perceived division was absorbed into and became part of me. This absorption continued and continued and continued, until I saw that I had become a black hole. I was the black hole and I was in the black hole, drawing in and absorbing every single aspect of the life I have lived so far. It was all drawn inward toward the center of the black hole – a center that doesn’t really exist. The energies of my whole life were being drawn in and compressed – compressed to the point of nothingness and everything. The depths of the void filled with unlimited potential. All that has been was being compressed, transformed and was becoming “fuel” for the life of the black hole. What I then came to understand is that everything was being compressed – the old life was coming to an end, and was being used as fuel/compost for the new life/new world/new universe that will burst forth out of the other side of the black hole once maximum compression was reached.

Today I sit in the black hole. Nothing more to do. Nothing more to be. This world I have known is done. Complete. I am whole. I sit in the void as the new life is being born in secret. I will know it when it arrives. Until that time. I simply am – Lauri.


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Resting in the Unknown

December 26, 2016, and we are at a powerful place of transition as a culture, as a species, as a world. 2016 is drawing to a close (THANK GOD!), and a new year, a new age, a new world is dawning.


We just don’t yet know what that new world will look like. We can hazard a few guesses – there will be a multitude of changes and many will choose fear in the face of these changes, especially those changes that bring endings and even death.  But in the midst of what some might call “fearful,” there also exists the promise of magnificent and magical things trying to be born into our world.

As change is our greatest fear as human beings (we fear it even more than death), this is a tenuous time, especially as we grasp after the illusion of surety in the face of cataclysmic change. We want to control the journey.  We want to know what is happening, where we are going and our role in all of this.  We want to know how these changes will affect us.  And we want to know all of it NOW!  We are not a patient species.

The thing is, we don’t get to know! We will only know it as it shows up, and even then, we might only get a glimpse.  We will grasp after labels and the illusion of a final decision, only to have it ripped from our clutches.  So, what are we to do in a time of such enormous change?


Yep, you heard it right. To quote a Course in Miracles, “We need do nothing.”  There is literally nothing we can, should or ought to be doing EXCEPT resting in the unknown as the old life comes to an end and the seeds of new life begin to find their roots.  Our job is to rest. To wait. To simply be.  Allowing the old to pass from our sight and the new to step forth into its place.  Here, we are resting in the unknown.

And BOY will we be UNCOMFORTABLE! We have been conditioned to be afraid when we are not in control.  We grow restless, impatient, anxious, worried.  When these emotions arise, it is even more critical that we DO NOTHING.  Acting out of fear only brings more fear, so don’t!  Sit with the discomfort.  Be with your restlessness, boredom, anxiousness, worry and fear.  Discipline yourself to BE not Do and as you are busy doing nothing, that which is coming into being will have the room, the space, the freedom (from your controlling hands) and the safety to come into the world on its own.  Much in the same way that a baby comes into the world on its own (when a birth is difficult, it is not the baby that is the problem), so too will the new life that is coming into the world through us.

Rest in the unknown and you will be thrilled at what comes forth – all on its own!

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Choosing the Life We Want

If these past two weeks in the void (since the Equinox) have been a doozie for you….you are not alone! I know for myself (and many of my colleagues, co-hearts and peers – especially those in the Ascension, 3D, 5D communities) it has been a time of NOTHING. (see more about the VOID in Monday’s post HERE) For me this has manifested as complete lack of motivation or interest in ANYTHING.  Even the things that usually nourish and inspire me (reading, writing, music, movies, nature) have fallen flat.  Speaking of flat – has anyone else been FLATTENED by this time?  EXHAUSTED….needing to sleep….not feeling rested after sleep…even symptoms akin to depression?  Many are also complaining of increased anxiety at this time as we wait for we know not what  (See Aimee Hohn’s post about the anxiety of potentiality!)!

Inadvertently, while wallowing under the heavy weight of the VOID, I may have found the key to finding our way out.  The key – it seems – is CHOOSING WHAT WE WANT.  Last night, ticked off at all the “restrictions” I had placed on myself and the universe seems to have placed on me, I chose something that I wanted instead of what the voices in my head said I “should” choose.  For the first time since entering the void, I had a good night sleep.  I feel rested.  My brain is not filled with sludge.  I feel like myself.  I even have a bit of creative energy back.  (I’m writing this blog, aren’t I?)  Buoyed by this revelation, I sat down and wrote a list of what I want for myself as we move through the void into the new life that is waiting for us – right around the corner (no coincidence that this void to birthing time coincides with EASTER)!  Here is my list… go and write yours!




Soulmate, Twin Flame, True One, Beloved LOVE

Love that sweeps me off my feet, love that is REAL, healthy, interdependent,

Partnership LOVE – mutually honoring, supportive, sacred LOVE.

I want JOY.  Joy and enjoyment.

A life that feels like play because it’s fun and my work is fun.

Work that is joyful, fulfilling and fun so much so that it feels like I’m getting paid to do nothing.

People coming to me in search of my gifts because I’m dang good at what I do and people know it.

I want money – BIG money

Not just for my own enjoyment, but so that I may help others.

Creating a beautiful, fun, and sacred home for myself and my family.

A home that is mine (ours).

To support my children’s education and the education of others.

A cabin in the woods.

Money and time to enjoy and support the arts – theatre, symphony, the ballet, museums – and someone to share it with.

Good health – of course!

I want time for solitude and quiet –

To be with my God

To be with myself

To be with nature

To write

To be with my Beloved

To be with those I love

There’s my list (for now)…….now go write yours! 

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Embracing the Promise of New Life – New Eyes on Easter

Below is an excerpt from this week’s Agape’ Meditation Newsletter, supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church.  To learn more and subscribe, please click HERE. 


Happy Easter! Welcome new life! Welcome Joy! Welcome Peace! Welcome Love! Welcome Freedom!

In dying and rising from the dead, Jesus reconciles us to God. In his human journey, Jesus came to realize the TRUTH that sets us free – the truth of our Oneness with God in love. Jesus died defending this truth and was resurrected to prove that death has no hold over us – that death is in fact, an illusion. In death, we do not simply pass away. Instead, we are simply restored to the fullness of our Oneness with God. There is no hell. No purgatory. No place of eternal punishment – only Oneness with God.

Jesus wasn’t raised from the dead just so that the gates of heaven would be open for us, however. Jesus rose so that we would realize his words were true – that the Kingdom of God is right here in our very midst. We do not have to wait until we die to experience God’s Kingdom. Freedom, Jesus promised, is available to us right here in the midst of the human condition. “As above, so below.” Heaven on earth.

The way to the experience that Jesus fully realized in his human form is to do what Jesus did. Take his teachings seriously. Follow his example.

Pray without ceasing.

Repent (return again and again to God)

Believe in the Good News

The Kingdom of God is at hand.

Feed the hungry.

Clothe the naked.

Heal the sick.

Set captives free.

Love God above all else.

And your neighbor as yourself.

EVERYONE is your neighbor!

Pray for your enemies.

Turn the other cheek.

Judge not (lest ye be judged)

Forgive 70 times 70 times.

Love one another as Jesus loved us.

As we do what Jesus did, we experience new life for ourselves.

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Surrendering to the Void

Today’s blog offers a glimpse and some support as we face this current period of Universal change.  Big changes are coming….but for now…..we must surrender to the VOID!


Entering the Void

In case you haven’t yet noticed, we are in the void.  A time many of my peers are referring to as the “wormhole.”  I like to think of it as the birth canal.  We have planted our seeds.  We have sown our dreams.  We have networked, promoted, advertised, shared all we are and all we hope to be.  We have dreamed the dreams of a world we want to live in and the people we want to be in that world.  Since the beginning of 2015, and most especially the early days of March, we have been busy, freneticly overcome with creative and creating energy.  Then suddenly, everything came to a halt.  Now, there is nothing we can do but WAIT!  Like a seed waiting in the dark soil for the perfect amount of water, sunlight and warmth (and the turning of the year) to coax us out of our shell, we wait.

Nothing and Everything Happens in the Void

The void is a strange time of nothing.  Waiting.  Being.  Resting.  Recuperating.  Recovering.  Restoring.  But while the void often feels like nothing, there is in fact, much going on.  Resting.  Recuperating.  Recovering.  Restoring.  Like the purgatory of Christian-olde (in case you missed the bulletin, the Vatican recently erased purgatory from the books), the void is a time where our past is revisited and every lasting bit of remaining debris is removed.  Anything that is not supportive of the new life that is waiting to be born after the end of the void, is being wiped away.  And yes indeed, we are feeling it!  GRIEF.  ANGER.  RESENTMENT.  Old wounds, old betrayals, past losses and disappointments, are all coming around for one final look.  The void is also a time of healing.

Surrender to the Void

Our task, as we wait here in the void is to SURRENDER.  Don’t try to start any new projects or make any major decisions.  The universe will not support them anyway and if you try, you will only be smashing your head against the brick wall of a world not yet ready for your gifts.  In this state of immobility, be attentive to the anxiety, impatience, and restlessness that will arise because you have nothing “to do.”  If you are bored, read a book, watch a playful movie, return to the mundane – clean the house, do the mending, sweep your basement, rake the yard.  In doing these things, you are clearing the way for the new life that will begin to blossom somewhere around Easter. And if healing opportunities show up, be present to them.  When old pain shows up, be with it and let it move through.  As we show up to our pain, show up to the feelings around that pain – fear, sorrow, rage, etc., – we are allowing that pain to be healed.  Ultimately, our job while hanging out in the void is to take care of ourselves – to love ourselves – to tend to the most vulnerable and fragile parts of our Soul and in doing so, we are creating a solid foundation upon which the new life is coming can take root, mature and bear much fruit.

Hang on…..the new life you have been promised and that you have been waiting for is almost here!




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Mystics and Superheroes

Mystics (or contemplatives, whatever name you call them) are the real-life version of a superhero.  In today’s blog, we explore the innate superhero powers of mystics and how this makes them better than even Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman or Iron Man.



For the past week or so, I’ve been exploring the gift, the call and the journey of the mystic (aka contemplative).  We’ve explored their loneliness, their longing, their mission, their commitment and their call.  Today, I want to explore the greatest strength of the mystic and why I consider them to be the honest-to-god/dess, real-life version of a Superhero.  Superheroes are walking among us and they are housed in the body, mind, spirit and work of the modern-day mystic.


We know who the superheroes are.  BatmanWonder Woman.  Bat Girl. Iron Man. Superman Spiderman.  The Hulk.  Captain America.  Catwoman (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen Dark Knight Rising!)  and one for the kids:  The Powerpuff Girls.  🙂  In the immortal words of Mighty Mouse, superheroes “have come to save the day.”  Superheroes have been gifted with magical powers and/or magical gadgets which allow them to save the world from evil.  Superheroes are cool.  Superheroes rock.  And they have really cool costumes!  But, without their costumes, gadgets and magical powers, superheroes are just ordinary people with names like Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince, Barbara Gordon, Tony Stark, Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Bruce (David) Banner, Steve Rogers and Selina Kyle.

Mystics vs. Superheroes

The difference between mystics and superheroes is that mystics don’t need costumes or gadgets, and their powers aren’t what one might call “magical.”  Mystics weren’t bitten by a radioactive spider, neither do they hail from the Isle of Amazon, and they certainly don’t have the magical crystal which births the Fortress of Solitude where they find guidance and direction from their deceased alien parents.  Instead, the mystic’s magic resides within the innate gifts that they were given at their birth, gifts that could be the possession of each and every human being, should they choose to use them.  But, like superheroes, the mystic’s innate gifts are given so that they might …save the day!

The Mystic’s secret weapon and super power

Mystic’s, while gifted in unique, individual and amazing ways to bring saving into the world, all have ONE GIFT in common.  It is this one gift that allows the mystic to be present to the human condition in such a way as to be a source of support, healing and inspiration for the world.  If I could choose one superhero movie to portray the mystic’s gift, I would choose the most recent Batman release – Dark Knight Rises.    But, it is not outfitted as Batman with all the padding and bionic supports that portrays the mystic’s gift, (warning spoiler alert) it is in the foreign prison where a very human Bruce Wayne, crippled and broken rebuilds his body and his mind, then works and works and works to escape “Hell on Earth,” the inescapable prison and succeeds through a literal leap of faith.  A very human Bruce Wayne used the most important super power of the mystic to accomplish his escape that that power is COURAGE and its sidekick, FAITH.

Courage and Faith

Courage and faith are the innate super powers born into every mystic because the mystic’s job is to dive deeply into the grit and grime of the human experience.  If one is to accomplish the mystic’s mission of saving the world, one needs to be willing to walk into the horrors and struggles of the human condition, one must be willing to experience one’s own pain and to be able to be present for others in their pain.  In this job of saving the day, the mystic has to walk into terrifying situations, to take dangerous leaps of faith and TRUST that all will be well.  And….as every mystic can attest….in the end, it always is.  And if the outcome of the path is likely to be death, the mystic also knows and proves that even in death, there is always new life.  (ahem….another Dark Knight Rises reference. 😉 )

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Eulogy for Obi Wan

Today’s blog is about death. 

The Passing of a Friend

On Monday morning, a dear friend of mine died.  At 44 years young, he was too young to die.  And yet, in his 44 years, he touched the lives and hearts of countless people, not the least of which are the hearts and lives of his wife and children, brothers and sisters, mother, father, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, etc. etc. etc. There are no words that can give expression to or adequately honor the untimely death of a great man.  There are no words that can give reason or explanation to a tragedy such as this.  The sad thing is that quite simply….life….and death….happen.  It was surely NOT “his time.”  Neither could it possibly be God’s will to take such an amazing man from this world…or worse…to deprive his family of his presence and his love.  My God is not that cruel.  There are no words that can comfort his family at this time of devastating loss.  They will miss him and there will always be a hole in their hearts where he dwelt.  And time does not heal all wounds.   I cannot wrap my brain (or my heart) around this death, I can’t imagine the expanse around which the family will have to wrap their minds and their hearts. But the one thing I hold on to during times such as these is the idea of a God who loves and who always holds us in God’s loving embrace and that even in the most ridiculous of deaths…there is the promise of new life.  We don’t know the new life yet….but as we allow ourselves to be present to our grief….as we allow ourselves to mourn, to wail, to keen, to get really angry at an unfair Universe and perhaps even at an unfair God… we allow ourselves to grieve, new life will be revealed.

Eulogy for Obi Wan

I had the fantastic fortune of meeting this great man through a business networking group and in becoming a client, I discovered in him a man of remarkable integrity, honesty, generosity, compassion and humor.  He was passionate about many things and we discovered through our professional relationship, a shared passion for all things GEEK – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Renaissance Festivals and most importantly – STAR WARS.  Because he bore a remarkable resemblance to Ewan McGregor as the young Obi Wan Kenobi, I affectionately called him  “Obi-Wan” and he frequently received from me email, text and phone messages relating to his area of expertise which read “Help us Obi-Wan, you are our only hope!”  As I pen this in honor of my friend, I am still in shock…surely the rumors of his death must be greatly exaggerated.  But sadly, he has indeed passed beyond this world and I know that he is now fully reunited with “The Force” (another word for God)….as the Force was always strong in that one.   While we may no longer experience the physical presence of our friend and while it may seem as if he has retreated to a Galaxy Far Far Away…his Spirit will always be with us and it is our job to look for him…to look for him in the smile of a stranger, to remember him in the generosity of a friend, to know him in the encouraging words of an acquaintance, to look for him in those strange coincidences and synchronicities that let us know that he is right here, walking beside us.  So as we bid adieu to our dear friend, and embrace each other in our grief, let us also remember that Obi-Wan is as near to us as our very breath because in the Love of God, we are never separate…we are always one.  He has not left us, he has simply taken another form….a form that in many ways, is more intimate than life itself.

Obi-wan, we will miss you….I will miss you….and my heart goes out to those you have left behind…especially your wife and children who are also too young to be losing their husband and father.  And my prayer for them is that they know the comfort of family and friends, find consolation in their prayer and that they experience your loving presence in the silent places of their hearts where your love still dwells.

Obi-Wan, as the Force is with you….may it also be with them.


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Why Oneness Matters

You may ask, why does all this talk of Oneness matter?  I sometimes wonder myself as I talk til I’m blue in the face about Oneness, only to be met with blank stares.  I was reminded yesterday afternoon of WHY ONENESS not only matters….but is CRITICAL to our survival as a species.

Makani copyright 2005


Powerpath School of Shamanism released their observations of the fall equinox energies.   I would not share this with you if itdoesn’t state EXACTLY what I have been feeling, sensing, sharing for the past 10 years.  Read post HERE.  In essence…..our world is on the brink of collapse….specifically the collapse of EVERYTHING that has its roots in separation.  Every system, structure, paradigm that is rooted in the false perception of separation is heading for collapse – the separation out of which springs forth what I have identified as the seven core spiritual fears and their resulting deadly compulsions. (For more on the seven fears and their resulting compulsions, read my book, Authentic Freedom.)

The Coming Collapse

Every industry, corporation, institution, system that is rooted in fear, power, control and seeks to gain power through intimidation and manipulation will collapse.  Just to name a few:  Religion.  Medicine.  Government.  Education.  Corporations.  Banking.  Distribution of Food.  Energy.  Transportation.  Got it?  EVERYTHING that is based in separation, fear, power and control is dying….and THANK God/dess!   It is time to end the era of tyranny that we have been experiencing as a species for 5000+ years!  The good news is that the end of tyranny is going to lead to the era of COLLABORATION  COMPASSION and LOVE…….if we choose it.  In other words, the results of the collapse are dependent on you and me.  We decide how we will respond to the collapse.  Will we collapse into fear and tear each apart in order to meet our selfish needs?  Or…..will we step into our spiritual adulthood and learn to SHARE…..HONOR…..RESPECT and most importantly  LOVE?

Where Oneness Comes In

If we are to move through this transition with grace, we have to step into our spiritual adulthood.  We have to learn how to love.  We need to choose love over fear, understanding over hate, unity over separation.  And, it has to be a two-pronged approach.  We no longer have the luxury of living alone on the mountain silently doing our own inner work.  We have to bring this work into the world.  We have to help each other learn to transcend our fears, our judgments, our separation, our ignorance, our prejudice.   We have to learn that as human beings, all we really want is to love and to be loved in return.  PERIOD.    This journey toward love is the path of Oneness that I have been talking about all along.   (One of the ways of getting off your mountain is to become an Authentic Freedom Facilitator….bringing the tools of Oneness to your sphere of influence!)

My Own Field of Influence

Dominican priest, Albert Nolan, reminds us that the role of the prophet is to speak within their own personal field of influence.  As such, I cannot speak to the path of Oneness as it needs to unfold within the fields of medicine, education, banking, etc.  I can, however speak to this path as it relates to our religious and spiritual journeys.  It is to this journey that I have written my books, pen this blog, facilitate classes and lead workshops.  In essence, in order to embrace the path of Oneness that leads us toward LOVE, we need to do the work of Authentic Freedom.  Whether you choose the path that has been revealed through me or through other modern-day spiritual teachers (Julie Tallard Johnson, the Dalai Lama, Neale Donald Walsch, The Kabbalah, Swami Rama, Yogananda, The Course in Miracles, etc. etc. etc. ), the message is the same – transcend our fears, let go of separation, BE LOVE.  And we all provide effective tools through which we can move through the fears that will face us each and every day and which seem to be accelerating and increasing their impact even as we speak.

The Hope in the Midst of the Collapse

While we stand face to face with the pending collapse and the fears within ourselves which may be triggered, we may feel a little like the Universe is saying to us what  Dumbledore once said to Harry Potter, “Once again, I must ask too much of you Harry.”  But, just like Harry, we will rise again from this perceived death.  We have the courage, the resilience, the strength to survive the ordeal.  We have the compassion, the mercy and the vision to create a new world for ourselves out of the rubble and ash.  But more importantly, we do not have to do this alone!  As PowerPath reminds, there are benevolent, Divine forces at work, wanting to help us to receive the new world that is trying to be born.  This new world promises to be one of beauty, magnificence, peaceful harmony and joy…..if we have the humility to let God help us and courage to do the tough work of setting aside our separations and working toward LOVE.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Entering the Silence

Dear Readers,

This has been a week (ok, actually 6 months!) of profound spiritual labor.  Being drawn deeply into the black hole, squeezed through the transition, pushed into the ring of fire and then the crowning (with full-on accompaniment of breathing, screaming, ranting, “GET THIS THING OUT OF ME!!!!!)….and finally,  yesterday’s announcement (see I Am the Magdalene post ).   I feel as if the “baby” has been born.  And now, I feel called to do what every “new mother” must do…….enter into the SILENCE.  It is time to hold, protect, rock, nourish, comfort, tend, support, listen to, nurse, hold and hold some more that tender new life until it is safe to show it to the world.  As such, I am honoring this sacred and vulnerable time of new life, new hopes, new dreams and hopefully new opportunities with a RETREAT.  As such, I will be taking a break from this blog and from Facebook for the next week, if not two.  Please keep me, and this “vulnerable new life” in your thoughts and prayers as we wait to see exactly what and how it wants to be in the world.  In the meantime, I will be tending my STARVING creative spirit and doing NOTHING but taking in as much beauty, art, literature, culture and nature as I can in Minneapolis – the city where my heart lives.

Thank you for your on-going support of Authentic Freedom Ministries and for reading these words.  I trust they sometimes bring you comfort, inspiration, guidance, validation and support for that is my intention.  Also know that as always, you, the readers, are in my thoughts and prayers too!

In loving gratitude,

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries