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Authentic and Effective “Authority”

Today’s blog addresses the current stage of our human evolution which is quickly (and not so peacefully) replacing hierarchical, patriarchal authority with something of another sort all together.  As we witness the destruction of all that has been founded on the patriarchal/hierarchical/power-over model, we must ask the question, what will authority look like in the new world?  Well, it is probably already happening right underneath our noses. 

It’s a man’s world, white male privilege, women acting like patriarchal men, and the glass ceiling

Having worked in the patriarchy of all patriarchies and the hierarchy of all hierarchies (the Catholic Church) and having lived 10 years before that as a peon in corporate America, I have first-had knowledge and experience of what DOES NOT work in the form of leadership.  And it goes something like this:

“I’m the boss (most often male, or a woman acting like a man) and you will do what I tell you to do.  Period.  And don’t you dare to question or challenge me or there will be hell (sometimes literally) to pay!”

This is usually followed up with an unspoken, “Do as I say but not as I do” attitude.

Top-down leadership, driven by power and control, most often motivated through intimidation and fear, covered over with a lot of hypocrisy.  Then the “boss” runs off on his pleasure trip of China and the Far East while the peons are left behind making WAY  less than “the boss,” if they are getting paid at all (as often happens in the Church).

As anyone who is not in these positions of power and privilege can attest, this form of leadership DOES NOT WORK.  In short, this is NOT how you get happy, healthy employees, enthusiastically willing to share their gifts and talents in service to the corporate/Church mission.  Instead, you get disgruntled, unhappy, frustrated, anxiety ridden employees, just trying to make ends meet in a dog-eat-dog world, daydreaming about how they might stab you (the boss) in the back.

Times are a changin’

The good news is that this model of leadership is dying….and quickly.  While it may not look like it – as our government ( GUILTY) plunges into more and more corruption, corporations are quickly trying to destroy the world (Monsanto, Military contractors, the Koch brothers, Big Oil, AMA, FDA, APA, and all the other alphabet soup companies) and the Church chases after women religious instead of cleaning up their own act – it IS happening.  The more a new paradigm of authority peeks out its compassionate head, the more tightly those structures built on power and control cling to their power.  This situation is very much like what my mother used to say about cleaning the kitchen, “The kitchen will get dirtier first before it starts getting clean.”


A new model of authority

The new model of authority, is really not so new.  In fact, I believe it is exactly the kind of authority modeled by Jesus.  Instead of a model based on power and control, top-down leadership, driven by intimidation and fear, what Jesus modeled was leadership based in SERVICE and SUPPORT.  Jesus led, not by telling people what to do.  Instead, he showed them through his own actions.  And then, he supported them in doing the same.  Jesus didn’t motivate people through fear.  Instead, he showed them unconditional love and compassion.  He helped them to love themselves in the same way and in doing so, helped them to uncover their unique giftedness, and then through his gentle encouragement and healing presence, helped them to heal the fears that were obstacles to fully utilizing those gifts.  Then, Jesus empowered them to use their gifts in service to the betterment of the world.  Instead of a hierarchical model of leadership, what Jesus modeled was one that doesn’t even have a name – one in which the leader stands beneath those he/she leads, upholding them in becoming a leader in their own right.  And guess what, in Jesus’ model of leadership, women are given the same service and support as men and are empowered to fulfill their own magnificence – while honoring their own way of being female – in other words, in Jesus’ model, women don’t have to become like hierarchical men in order to find success.  Oh yeah….and if we apply Jesus’ model of leadership to our current means of exchange, everyone is getting paid a just wage.

What model of authority would you like to see in the new world?

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If We Want the World to Change – WE Have to Change

government shutdown


Yesterday I discovered the limit of my tolerance for our inept, ineffective and corrupt government and responded through my blog with Government Shutdown? I Would Fire the Lot of You!”  The failure of our Senators and Congressmen to do their jobs is appalling and the government shutdown is just the most recent in a long list of failures. (And, President Obama, as much as I support him, is not innocent in this.)  Healthcare.  Education.  Corporate Greed.  The Oil Cartel. Commercialism run rampant.  Monsanto and their poisoning of our food stock.  International Relations (or the lack thereof).  The constant threat of war.  Poverty.  Hunger.  Homelessness.  Joblessness.  Unemployment and Underemployment.  The staggering about of debt.  Do I need to go on?  I don’t know about you, but I’m FED UP!  I did not sign up for this and this is not the country I want to hand on to my children….if we don’t deserve better, they most certainly do!!!!!   And, they know they deserve better:

They Should All Be Fired!

Yes, if I were in charge, I would fire them all.  But I’m not, and neither are you – in charge, that is.  So, what the heck can we do about an impotent and corrupt government that is controlled, not by the constituents who voted for them, but by the lobbyists who funded their elections and continue to pad their pockets?  Corporate greed funding a corrupt government while we are unemployed, homeless, hungry, made to fight wars we don’t believe in, without access to quality education, medical care or even FOOD for that matter.  Our founding fathers must be turning over in their graves over the direction our government has turned.  So, what DO we do????? 


Yes, in theory, writing our senators and congressmen, signing petitions, marching in the streets (NON VIOLENTLY!!!), might have an impact on how our government responds.  But, in truth, I haven’t seen much change even with the presence of the Occupy Movement.  I’m not an expert in political theory, but I sense that one of the reasons we are not being heard is because the system our founding fathers created has crumbled at its core.  The representative government envisioned by the original leaders of this country has been replaced by corporate greed.  There is no representation as far as I can see, only self-serving motives by the powerful few.  So, while we continue to use our voices to make our needs and opinions known, I believe that enduring and effective change will not take place until we heal the deeper cause(s) of our country’s (and the world’s) ills.

The Bad News/Good News

The bad news, that few, if any of us really want to admit, is that the corruption and greed of our government is, in truth, a reflection of our own corruption and greed.  Yep……and….gulp!  As a microcosm of the macrocosm, our government can only be as good as our collective worst.  A government rooted in fear, power and control only arises out of a populace that is rooted in fear, power and control.  As long as WE continue to allow fear to run our lives and to come out sideways in the compulsive behaviors of gluttony, lust, wrath, envy, greed, sloth and pride, this is what will be reflected in our government.  And, as long as we cling to our fears, there will be those who will have the power to manipulate us through fear (HELLO media!!!!!).  So….in order to change our government (and our world), we have to CHANGE OURSELVES.  This is the good news.  While we may not have the power to affect positive and enduring change from the top down, we DO have the power to affect change from the bottom up…..the bottom being the root of our own fears.  When we stop being afraid, the powerful few will no longer have fear to use against us and what will arise out of the midst of us will be leaders for change – emotionally, mentally and psychologically mature women and men of compassion; working collaboratively toward justice, non-violence and peace; with a pluralistic and global eye.  If we want our government and our world to change, it starts with US.

Watch tomorrow’s blog for how to identify our deepest fears and for effective tools for moving through, healing and releasing these fears.

Lauri Ann Lumby