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Divine Manifestation, Alchemy and Magic – 6D Consciousness

Lessons on Magic


Today I launch my classes on Divine Alchemy and Manifestation – accessing and utilizing the technology of sixth dimension consciousness to co-create with God in rebuilding our world from fear into love.  The sixth dimension is the layer of consciousness beyond unity consciousness (5D) where we access Divine Guidance in how we are called through our own unique giftedness to make our world anew – or rather, to restore our world to its original nature in LOVE.  What I have learned about the sixth dimension is that the tools will appear to our mortal selves to be nothing short of magical and the results nothing short of miraculous.  Here we manifest miracles because it is no longer WE who are doing the work, but God doing the work THROUGH us.

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Momentary Doubt

This morning, as I sank into a brief moment of doubt around the miraculous and REAL nature of 6D, I was blatantly reminded that with God all things are possible.  Part of my daily spiritual practice is to read and reflect on the daily scripture (according to the Catholic lectionary).  TWICE in this morning’s readings, the following line came up:

“You are a priest forever in the line of Melchizedek.”

I realize that doctrinally, this line is referring to Jesus, but if we take Jesus’ call seriously, that we are to continue to do his work of making the world into love, then these words are for us as well.  It is also not a coincidence that Melchizedek has been showing up in my meditation for years as a teacher and guide, along with his co-teacher and companion, Anna.  So, I took these words as a direct reminder that I am a priest (and so are you) and that it is my call to bring forth the fullness of the Divine teachings as they are revealed to me.  I believe that the Melchizedek priesthood encompasses magic within its teachings and that Jesus was able to manifest miracles because of his connection with this layer of knowledge.  In this I am reminded of Jesus’ own words,

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do.”

John 14: 12


If you live in the Fox Valley, WI area, please join the Superhero Academy gatherings as we enter into lessons on Divine Manifestation (magic).  Click HERE for more info.

If you are not able to attend, please subscribe to our weekly newsletter where you will received a report on the class session, along with the virtual church service and meditation newsletter:

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God, Not in the Temple or in Shiny Objects

Today’s blog examines our human temptation to look for that “magic object” outside of ourselves that is going to heal us or bring us closer to God.

Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?   If any man destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God, which you are is holy.

1 Corinthians 3: 16

The Temple of God is YOU!

In the Authentic Freedom process, we remember our Oneness with God and that God dwells within us and seeks to be known in the world through us.  Paul reflects on this truth in his letter to the Corinthians above.  Paul wrote this letter because he observed the Corinthians in their struggle to know God.  Instead of embracing the truth that Christ taught to them through Paul, they were looking outside of themselves for God.  God, they hoped, would be found in the shiny objects that had been part of their upbringing.  They looked for God in the temple.  They looked for God in statues.  They looked for God in empty rituals.  They looked for God in “magic” objects that promised to bring them healing, wealth, status, power, success.  As Paul reminds, they were looking in the wrong places.  They had forgotten that God resides within them and that all they could ever need was available to them through their connection with God.  They need look no further than in their own intimate connection with God for the peace, fulfillment, contentment, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, love and healing that they desired.

Beware of Shiny Objects

We are not unlike the Corinthians.  We too forget that God dwells within us and seeks to be known through us.  We forget that God, and thereby God expressing God’s self through us, is THE source of our peace, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, contentment, fulfillment, love, joy and healing.  As such, we will not find God in human structures.  We will not find God in statues.  We will not find God in shiny objects or those things which promise “magical, miraculous healing” or which promise to “increase our connection with Divine energy/God.”  God is God…period and the exact same amount of God exists in every single atom, molecule, electron and proton of creation.  There is nothing on this earth that contains more God than another and there is nothing that can “increase” God – not a special crystal, not a monstrance, not an amulet or religious medal, not a statue or figurine, not a piece of cloth or a pile of ash, NOTHING.  God is God….period.

When We Are Tempted

When we find ourselves drawn to shiny objects or urged by someone else to purchase or “buy into” a shiny object, it is helpful to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Where have I forgotten my intimate connection with God and that I am already one with God and there is nothing that can change that and that God gives me everything I need?
  • Where have I forgotten that I am a temple of God and that God dwells in me and seeks to be known through me?
  • Where have I forgotten my own power as a vessel of God through which God works to bring love, healing, peace into the world?
  • Where have I forgotten to trust my own inner knowledge, wisdom and understanding that is available to me through my Oneness with God and where have I forgotten to trust God?
  • What is the fear within me that is causing me to forget my Oneness with God?
  • Where have I given my own power away by believing that someone else has more information or knowledge than I have access to in my Oneness with God?

And in those situations where we have used shiny objects and it seems as if they are facilitating some miracle, it is important to recognize that it IS NOT the shiny object that is causing the miracle.  It is not the object that is doing the work, but the power of our intention combined with God’s working through us.  No object is needed because we really are the temple in which God dwells and through which God does God’s work in the world.  And when we are having an incredible experience of God in conjunction with the use of a shiny object….again, it is not the shiny object that is the cause of the experience of God….it is GRACE for in that moment we have REMEMBERED our truth and in that remembering, EXPERIENCED God.  No objects are necessary!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Thank You For Participating in This Miracle

Today’s blog offers gratitude for miracles and for a newly claimed lens of wonder and invites you to participate in this miracle! 

Experimenting with Miracles

For the past month, I have been participating in a miracle experiment.  Of course, like upon a star and birthday candle wishes, I cannot divulge the exact nature of the miracle experiment, lest it not come true.  Let me just say that I made a special wish and for the past four weeks, the wish continues to come true.  What this little experiment has done for me is deepened and broadened the lens of WONDER and AWE that I decided to embrace last month.  And everytime something shows up in reflection of this miracle experiment, I do a little celebration dance and shout in glee, “THANK YOU FOR THIS MIRACLE!”

Mentors and Miracles

This morning through my emails, I received affirmation, validation and a possible explanation for this sudden manifestation of miracles.  Lauren Gorgo is one of my favorite writers and has become a great teacher and guide as we move through these strange changing times.  While some might find her blog a little “new-agey,”  I LOVE IT!  It is filled to the top with all the magic wands, angels, stardust and celestial events that this Aquarian Age girl loves.  Besides, as I have discovered, there is really NOTHING “New” about “New Age.”  Anyway…..Lauren shared with her subscribers (thereby me), that this IS the age of miracles and that WE DO have the power to make magic happen in our lives…….We just need to see it, believe it and be it.  “I do believe in fairies…I do…I do…I do believe in fairies…I do….I do….”  (PS This is the line that saved Tinkerbell from death in Peter Pan… case you didn’t know that.)

Won’t you Join Me in the Miracle?

In light of this little miracle experiment, and all the other miracles that are currently sparking up all over my life, I am offering to myself and to you a MANTRA and an INVITATION.  First, the invitation.  Starting today, I invite YOU to participate in the Miracle Experiment.  Set down your lens of woe, worry, fear, disbelief and confusion.  Then, Pick up the lens of WONDER.  Starting today, begin to look at the world through the lens of wonder:  Where is God in this?  How is this a miracle?  What is amazing, wonderful, fabulous in this?  What is the gift here?  etc. etc. etc.   EXPECT EVERYTHING to be a miracle…to be magical.  Look for the fairies and the pumpkin turned coach, pick up your magic wand, your fairy dust, your pixie stick and MAKE EVERYTHING a miracle.  Then, with everything you receive and to everyone that is part of your miracle say:

Thank you for participating in this miracle!

Everything around us is magic……do we have the eyes to see it and the faith to believe?

I do believe in magic, I do I do!

Lauri Lumby

Believer in Magic!

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God in Priest’s Clothing and other Miracles

In today’s blog I share with you the TRUTH of miracles and how many times they come when we least expect them and in the most unexpected packaging.

The Week in Miracles

This has been the week of miracles.  It all began with the meeting of my self-appointed Board of Directors and me getting out of my Catholic-agenda, ego-driven way to allow the Holy Spirit to breath universal life into my vision and my mission.  The next miracle came in the form of a BOOK – Alephby Paulo Coelho.  It is the story of an author who is stuck spiritually and professionally and his teacher “J” tells him to step out of his comfort zone and to take his show on the road.  BOING….right between the eyes I got that one.   The third miracle showed up as I was struggling to GET OUT of the COMPULSIVE grieving I was still being plagued with regarding the loss of love.  In swoops my angel and teacher, Julie Tallard Johnson with a link  to David Whyte’s upcoming release, When the Heart Breaks – a journey through requited and unrequited love.  When I read the liner notes, I started bawling and didn’t stop until I slept.  I wept, not only over the loss of love, but more so, over Julie’s gift of hearing the truth beyond my words and responding in generous compassion.  I felt humbled, grateful, held in love.  I love you Julie!  Then came the night of dreams……beautiful, magnificent, generous dreams of love.  I awakened with a HUGE layer of grief shed along with a newfound hope and the restoration of my belief that love is possible.

In Walks the Priest

Then came the priest.  I have not hidden the fact that my relationship with the Catholic Church has been troubling.  There are things I passionately adore about the tradition in which I was raised and there are things that tear at my heart and compel me to speak out in frustration and sometimes rage.  The greatest challenge since I left professional work in the Church has been to find my place in a Church that doesn’t seem to want me, but from which I can’t seem to leave.  (Yep, I see the pattern here!)   But, before I tell you the story of this priest, I have to share my history of how God, at major crossroads in my life always seems to send a priest.

God in Priest’s Clothing

I have had the fabulous experience of knowing many great and wonderful priests in my life.  Attending Catholic schools probably increased the probability of this…..but regardless, I am grateful for all the priests who have played a significant role in my life.  In particular – Fr. Jeff Vanden Heuvel for being the voice of God that called me into active ministry formation in the first place and the unknown priest who kept me on the path.  Back in 1990 something, upon Fr. Jeff’s invitation, I was attending training to become an RCIA facilitator for the Newman Center.  I was attending one of the lectures when one of those crossroads came up and slapped me in the face.  The lecturer began to tell us that if we had an RCIA candidate who was living with their boy/girl friend without being married, that we were to expel them from the program and deny them entrance into the Catholic Church.  Being the disobedient brat and sh…t disturber that I am, I immediately stood up and challenged the lecturer.  “Jesus said, ‘judge not lest ye be judged.  Who are we to judge another person’s behavior and therefore, who are we to deny them the sacraments?  Isn’t that God’s job…not ours?”  I was essentially told to sit down, shut up, and do what I was told.  I left the lecture certain that if this is what I was being asked to do, I could not continue this training and could not minister in a Church that insisted on denying the sacraments.  I was frightened, devastated and heart-broken.  “God, how can I do this with integrity when these rules go against every fiber of my being and against how I believe Jesus would respond?”  The answer came in the form of a priest.  As I was walking the path having my internal discussion with God, a man ran up to me on the path and tugged at my sleeve.  “Excuse me.  I was in that lecture with you and heard what you said.  I am a priest, so I could not respond in front of the group.  But I have to tell you, you are right and they are wrong.  It is not our place to judge and it certainly not our place to deny the sacraments.  We cannot know how God works in the hearts of people.  Honor what God has shown you in your heart and please don’t leave.  The Church needs more women like you.”  And then he ran off.  Needless to say, I continued my training and went on to lead the RCIA for eight years and used that formation to craft my own curriculum in Adult Spiritual Formation.

Yesterday’s Priest

Then came yesterday’s priest.  If this time in my life is not a crossroad, I don’t know what is!  It is not a secret the struggle the past two years have been between a divorce, trying to make a living in secular ministry, raising two kids through divorce, falling in love, having my heart-broken, and still trying to make a living in secular ministry.  Everyday I ask the question, “Is today the day I throw my hands up in surrender and get a ‘real’ job?”  This time,  the answer showed up in the form of a priest.  This priest shows up, sits down in my office and as soon as he sits down, I start to well up with tears.  I felt something BIG was about to happen.  For the next two hours we talked and shared and stumbled through our similar stories of adoration and frustration, trying to find our mutual places in a very human Church.  At the end of our time together, I felt as if we had both found affirmation, validation, support and a new companion on this strange journey of ministry.  I cannot say the graces that he received, but for me, I felt renewed, refreshed and strengthened enough to continue this ministerial journey in faith. I also received validation for a bold ministry step that has recently entered my bowl of discernment.  All in all, I felt gratitude and wonder at how God showed up today in priest’s clothing and I considered this to be nothing less than miraculous.

Who are the people who have been the voice of God for you in your own path?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Excuses and Meditation Time Magic

Today’s blog, in anticipation of the Agape’ Project launch on Thursday, March 15, 2012, explores the number one reason people give for NOT meditation or engaging in a spiritual practice…..TIME!

The Number One Excuse

The number one reason/excuse people give for not starting, continuing, cultivating a spiritual practice (meditation, contemplation, prayer, body prayer, mantra, chant, etc. etc. etc. ) is TIME!   “I don’t have time.” “I’m too busy.”  “My work is all-consuming.”  “My family needs me.”  “I don’t have time….I don’t have time….I don’t have time.”  Right here….and right now….I am going to kick this excuse to the curb….and show you that not only DO you have time…… can’t afford NOT to do it!  And know that I am not going to give you the self-righteous, “If I can find time….you can too” reason.  The reason I will give you is nothing short of miraculous and magical.  So, feel free to imagine that as I share this reason with you, I am waving my magic wand and the showering light of fairydust and Divine magic is floating your way.  😉

Meditation is MAGIC!

All those people out there who use TIME (or lack thereof) as their excuse for not starting or continuing a mediation practice do not know about the magical power of meditation.  In short, here is how it works:

When you give the first 10-30 minutes of your day to God, you get it back a hundred fold!

And I can tell you from personal experience, and from the feedback of experienced meditators…..This is ABSOLUTELY true!  I can’t explain why or how this works, but it does!  When we set time aside out of our “busy” lives in dedication to our spiritual practice, we get it back in droves!   Even more than that…..miraculous things begin to occur.  For example:

  • Solutions to problems fall into your lap
  • Creative ideas spark
  • The things that you need to be the person God made you to be miraculously show up
  • Synchronicities (aka God-cidences) start to show up… meet people that help you in your professional and personal journey, seemingly without any effort on your part and other such coincidences.
  • The opportunities for learning that you need in support of your life’s work come to you…again without much if any effort on your part.
  • You find the information you need to meet a challenge….again miraculously
  • You have more time in your life for the things you love
  • Time takes on a new quality and what used to take a long time to accomplish happens quickly and effortlessly
  • Life’s challenges become easier to handle and are accomplished more quickly

Again, I don’t know how this all happens…but it does.  It’s kind of like God says, “Ok, you’re going to give me part of yourself and part of your day……here is an extra 1000 minutes.”

Try it, You will Like it!

The great news is that you don’t have to take my word for it.   Try it yourself and see what happens.  Set aside 10-30 minutes out of your day to just be with God.  I like first thing in the morning, but honor your own bio-rhythms.  Choose a meditation practice to try (from the list I shared with you the other day, or from your own arsenal) and DO IT!  Listen to music.  Pray.  Meditation.  Contemplate.  Read and reflect on scripture, the sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, Rumi, Hafiz, etc.  Chant.  Write your own prayers.  Hold others in prayer.  The activity itself does not matter….what matters is the intent.  KNOW that whatever you are doing in those 10-30 minutes is your personal time with God.  (And for mothers with infants and toddlers, congratulations, you get two loopholes:  holding and loving your children counts as “meditation” when you offer that time to God…..and even better…..if you can get your husband to agree to watch the kids so you can pray… get that time back 1 million fold!!!!!   YAY……and here’s the frosting on the cake……if your husband helps to support your spiritual practice, he gets that time back 1 million fold too!!!!)

So, what are you waiting for?  Set aside some time for God and watch the magic unfold!  AMEN!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Magic, Miracles and the Truth of Abundance

Today’s blog explores the truth of an abundant Universe and the magic and miracles that happen when we believe this to be true.

The First Spiritual Fear

In my book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy, I reveal the Seven Spiritual Fears that prevent us from living a life of contentment and joy.  The first fear that I reveal is the fear that there is not enough. This fear arises out of our survival needs for food, clothing and shelter, but becomes distorted and irrational, causing us to constantly live in a state of anxiety over money, food, clothing, time, material possessions, money, money, money.  The truth that is the remedy to this fear and also revealed in my book is that the Divine meets all of our needs in abundance.  For most of us, it is a significant leap of faith to even consider the possibility that there is a Divine Source, let alone one who cares enough about us to make sure our needs are being met.  Then when faced with the reality of unemployment, a declining economy, world hunger and poverty, we really doubt this truth.  What we learn, however, is at the highest and deepest levels, this truth ultimately has nothing to do with our material world and has everything to do with our inner terrain.  Our original nature is peaceful and content and that inner state of peacefulness is independent of our external life circumstances.  In other words, even if we are dying of starvation and exposure in a Nazi prison camp, we can still know peace.  A tough pill to swallow to be sure, but this is the peace that God invites us into, invites us to remember and cultivate.  And, it is this deep well of inner peace that will give us comfort no matter what life throws at us.

Practicing What I Preach

Two years ago when it became obvious that divorce was inevitable, one of my teachers prophetically stated, “Well, now you will have an opportunity to practice what you preach.  You will be living the words written in your book.”  As the past 24 months unfolded, I can tell you there were many times I wish I had never written this dang book as I found myself choking on my own words.  Every fear that I teach about in Authentic Freedom came to bite me in the butt and I had to return again and again and again to what I had written.  The fear there is not enough was most certainly the most frequent visitor….and I still struggle with that fear from time to time and sometimes on a daily basis.  I guess the adage is true that we teach what we need to learn!

Proof in the Pudding

I do have to say, however, that everything I wrote in my book proved to be true.  In the face of all of my fears, through adherence to the principles of Authentic Freedom and engagement of the spiritual practices outlined in my book, I have found abundance, my own unique giftedness, empowerment, love, the freedom to generously share my gifts, insight and direction and most importantly the peace of remembering my Oneness with God and with all the Universe.  Specific to the fear there is not enough, the past week has been a glorious reminder of how truly abundant our God is and how our needs are abundantly met when we have faith and believe.  I want to share with you a few examples:

  • When I began this journey 24 months ago, a vision of a house appeared in my prayers – the house that would meet all the needs of myself and my children and my fledgling business.  I found what I thought was “the house” and lost it in a bidding war.  Later, I had a dream of a friend “giving” me a house.  This served as a reminder that the house that was in our highest good would come in some magical and miraculous way.  A month or so later, this is exactly what happened.  My children and I now live in a magical, amazing home that also houses my business and I am head over heels in love with this house!
  • When struggling with the fear there is not enough  last week, I brought it to prayer and in my prayer, I saw a vision of two fish and five loaves of bread.  Duh…..loaves and fishes.  God was giving me a message.  I was smart enough to hear the message and believe it.  I then paid my bills and found I had more than enough money to cover the bills and may have even discovered a $300 error, in my favor, in my bank account.  (still waiting for verification of that error)
  • I have a suggested fee that is in the reach of many of my clients, but out of the reach for some.  My commitment to God has been to offer my gifts without regard to people’s ability (or lack thereof) to pay.  As a result, I have worked out discounts, trades and barters with several clients.  One of my standing “jokes” around my trade and bartering is “Now I just need to find a farmer who will give me food in exchange for Reiki.”  Yesterday it showed up in an even bigger package than what I had asked for.  One client brought produce from her own garden and venison that her husband had hunted.  Another client brought a bag of organic groceries from my favorite Co-op in Madison.  When it rains it pours!
  • In an effort to meet my client goal for the week, I posted a message on Facebook, inviting past and current clients and friends to send people my way.  That very day, I got three new clients….completely unrelated to the Facebook request.

So, I guess the moral of the story is that God really does meet our needs when we have faith and believe.  And in those moments when I find I am unable to believe or trust in an abundant God, this is the prayer that gives me comfort:

Lord, Help me in my unbelief.

Because I have also found that all the praying in the world sometimes doesn’t calm our fears….and in those moments I know that only God can help me to believe.

Where do you struggle with the fear “there is not enough?”

What tools do you have for moving through that fear into belief in abundance?

Where do you turn to God for help when you are afraid?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Following the Threads

There comes a time in our lives when we have no idea where we are going or who we are supposed to be.  During these times, all we can do is follow the threads and trust that they will lead somewhere, even if not to the place they originally seemed to be leading.  It is here that miracles can happen, and often do!


Getting a “real” job????

I’m taking a deep breath before I even utter this……….in this process of divorce, I have had to ask the REALLY hard question about whether I will have to find a “real” job (you know, something 9-5 ish with a regular salary, insurance, etc.) in order to support the needs of my family.  I shudder to even think of this because I LOVE what I do and I don’t think I spent seven + years studying theology, spirituality and energy medicine to go work in an office doing something administrative or corporate, business world related.  Not to mention, I’m damn good at what I do and have seen the results in the people with whom I have worked.  Call me naive, or a starry dreamer, but I can’t stop believing that God is creating some way in which sharing my gifts will bring financial benefit to my family.  At the same time, there are people in my life who haunt me with their words, “You need to get a real job.”  SIGH!  All that being said, I’m not so naive as to think I don’t need to explore EVERY option.  So, yesterday I followed the thread of “looking for a real job,” and met with a professional career counselor.  Here is where the miracles began.

Unexpected miracles

So, I enter into this meeting thinking I have to uncover “what the heck kind of job could I even pursue with nearly 20 years of ministry experience and past experience in the corporate world that was, shall we say, yuk!?”  What do old ministers do when the ministry work isn’t paying the bills?  And, how in the heck do I explain to a business guy what I do so that he can sculpt it into something marketable in the business world.  ARGH!  In the end, I decided honesty is the best policy.  So, here’s how the meeting unfolded:

Career Counseling Dude: “Lauri, what do you want to do when you grow up?”

ME: (deep breath)  “I want to do exactly what I’m doing right now.  I love what I do.”

CCD: Excellent.  Now, let’s figure out how to grow your business so you don’t have to get a “real” job.

WHAT???  SERIOUSLY??   Then here’s the best part.  This Career Counseling Dude TOTALLY GETS what I do.  He even got the Reiki part!  I didn’t have to explain a thing.  Then we got to work on the task of growing my Spiritual Direction practice.  YEA!  Hope!  Light!  Miracles!

The First Task

So, the first task toward the goal of growing my business is to create what the CCDude called a “sell sheet.”  On the sell sheet, I’m supposed to explain what Spiritual Direction is and how it benefits others.  Now, herein lies the challenge!!!!!  How in the heck do you define Spiritual Direction.  It is kind of like counseling, but not really.  It looks and feels like counseling and sometimes counseling-like issues come up, but the intention and the goal is completely different from counseling.  And, how do you put words to that in a way that people will understand?  I was at a loss.  So, I decided to enlist the help of some of my past and current clients and asked them the question, “In ONE sentence, describe how working with me has benefited you.”  Here are some of their answers:

  • Lauri helped me bring balance and awareness into my life.
  • Lauri has helped me realize that I am loved and not alone.
  • Lauri has helped me realize that my feelings are real and deserve
  • Lauri has helped me realize that I do have a “higher power” who cares
    about me and who is there for me.
  • Lauri has taught me that I have a “truth”, and that I owe it to myself
    to find my “truth” and to live my “truth”.
  • Lauri helped me to trust the voice of God within me.
  • I had been to counselors on and off for 10 years and Lauri hit the bulls eye during our first session; after our second session, the grief that plagued me for over 10 years was gone.
  • As a result of working with Lauri, my soul found recognition and healing. Now, I am me again.  I am whole, and I embrace life.

While this doesn’t give me a clear definition of Spiritual Direction, it gives me a place from which to start.  In addition, another miracle showed up.  Seeking assistance from my clients has provided relief for some of the self-doubt that has arisen in this time of transition and has diffused the effect of the external voices of the nay-sayers.  So, I still don’t know if I will have to get a “real” job, but (to borrow the words of St. Francis) where there was despair, there is now hope, and where there was sadness, joy.  🙂

What are the strings, strands and threads you have followed in your life and what unexpected outcomes did they lead to?

Where have you experienced unexpected miracles in your life?

Where are you being invited to trust in miracles and dreams?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Moses, Madness and Miracles

Traversing the Divinely revealed path to our highest truth can certainly look from the outside like madness.  Were Moses, Abraham, Mother Mary insane or did they take that leap of faith….and now stand as examples and inspiration for the rest of us as we search for spiritual freedom in our lives.

This has been a week defined by Divine madness, miracles and dreams of Moses.  This whole Moses thing started months (in fact years) ago as the truth became more and more evident that my husband and I were being called out of the familiarity of married life into the unknown desert of divorce.  I could not even begin to attempt an explanation as to how this was revealed to us (not that it is anyone’s business), and even if I did attempt an explanation, from the outside it would quite simply look like madness.

Here is where Moses comes in…..poor Moses….he was living a delightfully contented life in the desert of Midian with his wife, her family and their children, quietly tending sheep.  But then that darn burning bush had to show up and startle him out of the familiarity of his desert life and remind him that while he was enjoying a peaceful life in the desert, his people (the Hebrew people) were suffering under the harsh rule of the Pharoah in Egypt.  Now here is the crazy part….God told Moses it was his job to go to Egypt and lead the Hebrews out of slavery into “a good and gracious land flowing with milk and honey.”  Did Moses jump to it and run off the Egypt to rescue the Jews?  NO WAY JOSE’!  He whined, complained, bargained and came up with every excuse in the book as to why he could not go.  In the end (as is usually the case), God won the argument and Moses went off on a journey through which he was required to leave behind everything familiar, place his blind trust in God and convince a nation that they should do the same…trudging through desert and plain with no map, no compass and absolutely no destination in mind.  They eventually ended up in “the promised land”, but as history proves, the drama didn’t end there.

So, I’ve been feeling a little Moses-ish these days.  Of course, I have no illusions about leading a nation or crossing the “Red Sea” of Lake Winnebago, but the message that I have received that invited me on this journey is no less insane than claiming that a burning bush talked to me.  All I can do is trust, and hope that God is going to show me things along the way that tell me where to go, what to do and will provide for my needs along the way.  I keep looking for the fiery column by night and the cloud of smoke by day….but alas, it seems the signs of God’s guidance are a little more subtle.  This is where I feel compelled to share a few miracles that I am claiming as my own personal column of smoke.  And this week in particular has been a week of miracles.

Here are the miracles in a nutshell:  a house within a budget that I set for myself (the current “buyers market” has helped with this!), a newly ordained contractor who is generously allowing the house that I hope to purchase to be his portfolio project which includes a HUGE discount on labor costs, approval on my loan application (this quite frankly might be the most significant of miracles!), a house inspection at a very reasonable cost, a marketing consultant that is helping me to take my business to the next level, thus providing me with the means to obtain my current income goals, a publisher that is enthusiastically taking my book, Authentic Freedom to market.  I could go on, but I won’t bore you with the details.  In the end, I am completely in awe over the manifestation of these miracles…most of them completely unexpected and some of them so generously given that I can only sit back in stunned silence at the magnitude of the gifts being presented to me in this journey of entering into a new life.

I am fully aware that as I leap into the abyss of unknown, that this is not only my journey.  Each and every one of us at some time is invited to step more fully into our most authentic truth and into a life that is in our highest good.  Most frequently, this requires a leaving behind, a letting go and a LEAP OF FAITH.  We are invited to trust the message whether it is presented in the tiny whisperings of our heart….or more dramatically through our own burning bush.  The good news…is that when we allow ourselves to surrender to this path AND MOST IMPORTANTLY….let go of our compulsion to control the process…..miracles, signs and wonders come to us along the way.  These signs and miracles are what give us affirmation of our truth and provide for us the resources, guidance and comfort we need along the way.  God doesn’t simply throw us out into the desert to figure it out for ourselves…God is always right there, leading, comforting, guiding, strengthening and even carrying us when we think we could not possibly take one more step.

So today, I invite you to examine your life for your own messages of truth:

  • Where are you being invited to step more fully into your highest truth?
  • How are you being led to a life that is in your highest good?
  • What are the things you will need to leave behind?
  • How can you be open to your own column of fire or column of smoke?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/YourSpiritualTruth

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Monkey Mind and Miracles

Monkey Mind:  The universe must be in a state of dynamic change as my mind is awhirl with creative thoughts, ideas, visions, etc.  My brain is busy fixing, repairing and redecorating the house I do not even yet possess, nor are the funds currently available to pursue purchase of said house.  I’m busy planning, plotting, exploring, imagining, dreaming up ideas for my business, website, book release, etc. etc. etc.   As a meditator, this constant activity in my mind can serve as a cause for frustration and restlessness as I find meditation to be nearly impossible.  Yes, I’m setting aside the time, listening to my Kirtan music and trying to enter into the silence.  Silence?????  YEA!  Right!  Apparently there is no room for silence in this highly creative time of transformation and change.  Rather than fight against this current flow of creativity, I am reminded today of the invitation to indulge.  When our interior and universal energies are in a place of creativity and transformation, sometimes all we can do is indulge this drive.  Dance.  Sing.  Draw.  Cook. Garden.  Drum.  In whatever form, the energy of transformation sometimes just needs to be engaged.  So… I will look for the ways I can engage in rather than resist this dynamic energy of change. 

Now that I have given voice to the monkey that is chattering away in my brain….now I turn to talk of Miracles… 


Miracles:   As I have entered into this opportunity to stand more fully in my truth (through this process of divorce), I have been ever-mindful of the many miracles that are happening and continue to happen.  The easiest thing in this process is to doubt – doubt the decision, doubt the process, doubt the outcome.  It is very easy to fall into fear – fear about money, are we making the right choice, how will it all turn out, will I be able to support my family, how will the kids be, etc. etc. etc.  It is the miracles that have surfaced through this process that have kept me hopeful and have served as reminders that in this journey I am not alone, in fact, it seems that I am being Divinely guided, protected and watched out for.  Today, I give thanks for the miracles!  And… is a small sampling of the miracles that have surfaced since agreeing to stand more fully in my truth and embrace the divorce that seems necessary to this process:

  • intuitive guidance about when and how to enter into the divorce process including the decision to go against the guidance and directions of the local pro-se office (and thank God we followed ourt intuition, otherwise we would not have access to any of our money to even consider looking for and buying another home.)
  • A good friend who is a mortgage broker and who is working fearlessly and furiously to help us access these funds.
  • Creative inspiration about how to finance a new home
  • Prayerful consolations during times of fear and overwhelm
  • My first international client which led to a whole new expansive vision about how to grow my business
  • The grace to complete technological advances to help facilitate this professional expansion  (Please note that I am not technologically inclined)
  • The courage to finally pursue professional assistance through a marketing consultant and the startling news that it would not cost me anywhere near the $3500.00 I had planned for this support. 
  • Along the same line…..the gratitude for the intuitive awareness that hit me YEARS ago that the consultant I am currently working with would be the perfect fit for me…..AND SHE IS!  AMEN!  Alleluia!
  • Intuitively followed a trail to seek backup support for the legal process of divorce and found this path to be not only supportive, but compassionate, kind, gentle, understanding and most importantly (in my book anyway) EMPOWERING!
  • The securing of a professional contract that will guarantee I will be able to pay my mortgage each month! 
  • The grace to allow myself to receive all these VERY GENEROUS gifts
  • The inner release of a stubborn stance I had taken in regards to joint financial obligations.


There are many more miracles….but I have one final one I want to share since it happened only yesterday: 

I was informed that a dear friend and client is a certified home inspector and handyman who is strongly gifted in remodeling.  NOW I have an avenue through which I can get the house inspected that I am currently dreaming about and get an idea of what it will cost for repairs BEFORE I decide to put in an offer.  AND, this friend is offering the inspection service to me pro-bono!  GOD IS AMAZING!!!!! 

So, today I will explore ways to indulge my monkey mind while keeping my eyes open for the abundant miracles that have surfaced and will continue to arrive as I have embraced the path of my highest truth and attempt to live the principles that I willingly share with others.  My hope is that this can serve as a source of inspiration for others who are seeking to stand more fully in their own truth.  This path is not absent of fear or trepidation, but the rewards and miracles are there to provide the support and guidance we need along the way.  To this I offer a huge AMEN! 

Lauri Lumby 

Authentic Freedom Ministries