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Into the Tomb

Exploring the tomb stage of the spiritual journey.

In order to become the magnificent butterfly, the caterpillar must first die to the life it has known as a caterpillar and surrender into the chrysalis stage of metamorphosis.  So too are we invited at times in our spiritual journeys to die to what we have come to know about ourselves and about our lives and enter into the tomb of spiritual transformation.

This is the stage in which I find myself at this point in my own spiritual journey.  I have been invited to enter into the tomb of transformation and into the tomb I have been invited to bring everything I have come to know about myself, about my life, my hopes, dreams, visions, illusions, attachments, false perceptions, fears, etc. etc. etc.  Into the tomb I have also been invited to bring everything I think I know about myself and my life.  I have been invited to bring all this into the tomb knowing that much of what I bring with me has to die or at least come to an end.  This is a challenging time knowing that much of what I have known will now be coming to an end.  At the same time, there is great hope knowing that on the other side of the tomb is the promise of new life.  As the chrysalis heralds the birth of the butterfly, the tomb heralds the resurrection of a new life, yet to be revealed.  As I enter into the tomb, I share with you this poem offered to me by my dear friend, Linda in celebration of what is yet to come:

Skin and sinew, bone and dust

Offering my Emptiness into Hands I trust

Illumine and comfort, receive what is Thine

Bring forth my heart, renewed and aligned.


Into Your cave of Silence I find I have wandered

Layers of illusion, surrender I’ve pondered

Wrap me in your great Love so complete

Oneness we are, deep calls unto deep.


Smoke arises from my funeral pyre

Peace inhabits Your smoke of desire

All that I am, all that I will be

I humble release into all of Thee.


Holy Love asleep in my tomb

Prepares me for rebirth in your Loving womb

Your Arms enlighten me in a sacred embrace

Ashes of mourning into joy filled grace.

copyright 2011 Linda Johnson-Sailer


When have you been invited to enter into the tomb of transformation?

What did you find you needed to shed?

What was the new life you found on the other side?


Lauri Lumby