Recovering Catholics – 42.7 Million Strong

The Second Largest Religious Denomination A few years back, I learned that the second largest religious denomination in the United States (reported by PEW Research, second only to the Roman Catholic Church), is made up of non-practicing Catholics.  I sat down and did the math and the number of people who still call themselves Catholic, … Read moreRecovering Catholics – 42.7 Million Strong

My Magic is This……What is Yours?

Each and every one of us is uniquely gifted to be LOVE in the world. When we came into this world, we knew what our unique gifts were, but through societal conditioning (“writers are a dime a dozen,” “you can’t make a living doing that,” “what you think you are seeing or hearing is only … Read moreMy Magic is This……What is Yours?

Last Chance for 50% off!

This is your last chance to register for the “What’s Your Magic” online course and receive 50% off the regular price.  $195.00 for 13 in-depth lessons (usually $390.00).  Register HERE. What is Your Magic?, created by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS  was created to support you in knowing the truth that YOU are uniquely gifted … Read moreLast Chance for 50% off!

When Life’s Purpose is Struggle and Pain

When Life’s Purpose is Struggle and Pain No one said life would be easy. In fact, most of the time it is hard.  This is true even when we have found our life’s meaning, purpose and mission.  Look at Jesus for example, or Martin Luther King, Jr.  Even the Dalai Lama has faced his fair … Read moreWhen Life’s Purpose is Struggle and Pain

Your Mission in Life

Your Mission in Life Each and every one of us is uniquely gifted to find meaning, purpose and fulfillment in our lives – for our own sake, and ultimately for the betterment of the world. Every prophet who has gone before us heralded this message – first about themselves, then about the audience to whom … Read moreYour Mission in Life

What is Authentic Freedom?

Authentic Freedom Academy, founded by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS, provides empowerment training through: Local, on-line and e-courses Workshops and Retreats One-on-one mentoring and consulting Writing and Publishing What is Empowerment Training? Empowerment training arises out of the deepest longing of the human Soul to find meaning and purpose  in our lives through our own unique … Read moreWhat is Authentic Freedom?

The Number One Cause of Violence in Our World

Before I answer the question about the number one cause of violence in our world, let me ask you a question:  Have you had enough of the violence yet? If your answer is YES, then please read on.  If you are excited about continuing the cycle of violence in our world by contemplating retaliation and … Read moreThe Number One Cause of Violence in Our World

Catching Up with Ourselves

If you are reading this blog, chances are you feel in your heart a deep burning to be part of making the world a better place. You have carried within yourself a vision of a different world than the one in which we have been living. You know that as a species we are capable … Read moreCatching Up with Ourselves

What is Your Magic?

Authentic Freedom Academy 8 week special series: Weeks of July 13 – August 31, 2015 (as part of our regular Superhero Gatherings) Choose from two options: Mondays 6:30 – 8:30 pm or Tuesdays 9:00 – 11:00 am Facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby Authentic Freedom Academy 1103 School Ave.  Oshkosh, WI Suggested Fee:  $20.00 per session Each … Read moreWhat is Your Magic?

Birthing Announcement!

I’m excited and proud to announce the birth of Authentic Freedom Academy!  It only took us 20 years to get here….but here we are.  Finally understanding what we are here for. Authentic Freedom Academy – Transformational Education and Empowerment since 1995! Nothing really has changed – only a more focused mission using a more universal … Read moreBirthing Announcement!

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