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Making Love with Kat Von D



Making Love with Kat Von D

Matt Sorum Presents The Darling Stillettos on July 16, 2009, Cinespace, Hollywood, California, USA

Dreams are such amazing things.  Odd.  Nebulous.  Confusing and Symbolic.  And yet sometimes, palpably real.  Like the other night when I was making love with Kat Von D.  Perhaps the fact that I’m really only attracted to men is what made these sensations (I’ll spare you the details) even more real.  But even so – this dream felt REAL. Real as in the vivid colors, the tastes and textures, the real physical nature of Kat, herself and the surroundings.  More real than watching a movie.  Real as if we were actually there.

Then perhaps we were.  Real in the sense of something tangible being accomplished.  Something that could perhaps be measured in the 3D world of waking consciousness.  Real in the sense of the outward manifestation of the inward experience of lovemaking.  For lovemaking, as we all know, has its ultimate expression in the bringing forth of new life.


So, what kind of new life might be brought forth from making love with Kat Von D?  As my ultimate girl crush (after Stevie Nicks of course), I adore her.  To me, Kat is the quintessential representation of the fulfillment of creative expression.  With her Rockstar clothes, hair, makeup and nearly fully tattooed body, I see all the ways I would like to be dressed if my heart was completely in charge.  Her look says, “I’m confident in who I am and in what I believe and if you don’t like it, I don’t give a f… “  In fact, tattooed on her arm is her personal epitaph, “DILLIGAF” – Do I look like I give a f…?  Beyond her look, is the way in which she has surrounded herself with all things beautiful – and her style is again, just how I would decorate if my heart was completely in charge – Victorian Gothic ala Edgar Allen Poe (I’d probably skip the taxidermy collection though – I’m not really into dead things).

But it’s not just Kat’s outward appearance or the way she decorates her shop and her home – it is the way she openly reveals her heart.  Through her writing, her art, her personal relationships, the intimate connections she has fostered with her family and her professional team which she boldly displays on her “family tree.”  (see more on this in her book, “Go Big or Go Home!” ) And her life is her art – tattooing, playing piano, drawing, painting, decorating (herself and her home), writing, composing and now (I hear) singing.  She has made a life and a success of creating.


THIS is the child I want to be born out of my dreamtime coupling with Kat Von D – to make a life and a success of creating and for that creating to drip off of me like paint on a canvas for all the world to see – not for my own glory – but so that the rest of the world may be inspired to do the same – as my love of Kat Von D has done for me.

Kat, if you are reading,  THANK YOU!

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