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Mother God Speaks

The following is a love letter from Mother God that came through for me during a recent writing retreat.  I re-read the letter today and discovered SHE is speaking to all of us! 


My dearest, dearest love (insert your name here),

My precious, precious daughter/son,

The light of my life.

The gleam of my soul.

I saw you before time began and called you into being.

Woven from light, stitched from magic,

animated through starlight, and grown on moonbeams…

I breathed MY BREATH into you,

and nourished you at my breast.

My beloved son/daughter, my precious child.

Your footsteps I numbered,

And I picked you up when you fell.

I kept you safer than you could keep yourself…

through the meandering pathways of life.

I kept my light burning so that you could





And, you have arrived…arrived at your destination.

To be the light to the world I imagined before you were born.

To be

My light.

My eyes.

My love.

My truth.

For in weaving you together, I wove myself into the world.

Since before time began, I could not wait to be


Through You.

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