Pentecost, Holy Spirit, Kundalini Awakening

The Holy Spirit is the Kundalini energy referred to in the Eastern Spiritual traditions.  The Holy Spirit is the in-dwelling presence of the Divine and the seed of our human potential.  In Eastern Energy medicine the Holy Spirit/Kundalini is imagined as a seed, a lotus, a flame or a serpent that lies dormant in the … Read morePentecost, Holy Spirit, Kundalini Awakening

Second Most Common Reason Relationships Fail

Last week I wrote about the number one reason relationships fail.  (Read that post HERE). Today, I am writing about the second more common reason for relationship failure: Unmanaged Anxiety Anxiety is Normal! First of all….anxiety is normal and we all have it!  Anxiety can be mild as in the case of “butterflies” before an … Read moreSecond Most Common Reason Relationships Fail

Authentic Freedom Virtual Church – Meditation Supplement

This week’s Authentic Freedom Virtual Church meditation supplement explores the Pentecost event and the “coming down” of the Holy Spirit.  In the Hindu and Yogic traditions, they describe a similar experience in the kundalini awakening.  I often wonder if the Holy Spirit and Kundalini are in fact, one and the same.   Sunday, June 8, … Read moreAuthentic Freedom Virtual Church – Meditation Supplement

Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Holy Cow!

Today I offer some thoughts on the Holy Spirit.  How can we come to understand this third-person of the Trinity? Before getting to the blog stuff, I want to thank you, blog readers!  I am nearly half-way to my goal of getting 200 blog subscribers by November 1!  Thanks for reading, subscribing and spreading the … Read moreHoly Spirit, Holy Ghost, Holy Cow!

Kundalini and the Holy Spirit

In the Western Spiritual Tradition one of the names give to the Divine is Holy Spirit.  How do we understand this concept and come to embody it more fully? Growing up Catholic, one of the first things I learned as part of worship and prayer was to make the sign of the cross: “In the … Read moreKundalini and the Holy Spirit

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