The Seed of Happiness

One of the ways that Authentic Freedom Academy supports self-actualization and personal empowerment is by providing nourishment and support for psycho-spiritual development.  The Authentic Freedom Virtual Church and accompanying Agape’ Meditation newsletter is one way we accomplish this goal.  Each week, subscribers receive access to the meditation newsletter and video lesson – centered on the … Read moreThe Seed of Happiness

You Are the Temple of God’s Love

“The temple of the Lord, which you are, is holy.”  This week’s Agape Meditation Newsletter, supplement to the Authentic Freedom virtual church, explores the love of God that dwells within us.  What are the implications for our lives if we really believe that it is GOD living within us?   Agape’ Meditation Practices Newsletter Supplement … Read moreYou Are the Temple of God’s Love

Authentic Freedom 2013 Christmas Message As I write the Authentic Freedom Christmas message of hope for 2013, all I feel is love.  And isn’t this appropriate?  Why else could we possibly be here in these flesh suits if not for the purpose of learning how to BE love and for learning how to LOVE?  And isn’t this the very … Read moreAuthentic Freedom 2013 Christmas Message

Strange Days and a Vision of a New World

A message on the strange times we are in and on the hope of birthing a new world.  I dedicate this to my children and the other young people who will ultimately bear the consequences of this current transition. Strange Days These are strange times with all the conflicts going on in our world, most … Read moreStrange Days and a Vision of a New World

Direct and To The Point

Today’s blog says it all…..there is not much else we need to know about the Jesus message than this!    Jesus came to Galilee proclaiming the Gospel of God: “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the Gospel.” Mark 1: 15 Pretty much says it all.  … Read moreDirect and To The Point

Living Inside Out, Experiencing Heaven on Earth

We are spiritual beings living a human experience….what happens when we actually believe this and allow it to be true?  We just might experience heaven on earth! Heaven Can’t Wait! What is your idea of heaven?  If you are like most raised in the Western spiritual traditions, heaven is some place “up there” in a … Read moreLiving Inside Out, Experiencing Heaven on Earth

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