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Truth Potpourri

Today’s blog is a melange of “insight” that showed up as I meandered through my Sunday.  The first, my own personal creed as inspired by a friend’s questions about God.  The second, a poem that was the result of our Sunday meditation gathering while reflecting on the story of Jesus healing the man who was deaf and mute.  Ephphatha!

If I Could Write My Own Creed:

I believe in One God….by whatever name or experience you call it.

God is love.

God is known in the world through all of creation (including humanity) when we have the eyes to see it and a heart open to experience it.

We are here to be human (warts and all) and the vehicle for transcending the inherent suffering of the human condition is to remember our original nature in Oneness with God/Love.

There have been many teachers who have come to the full recollection of that love – ones we might call enlightened, bodhisattva, Christ, etc. These teachers are the light that draws us toward awareness of our own Love and they have left behind teachings and practices that help us to remember that Love.

Jesus was one of those teachers and the one I look to for guidance while honoring the truths expressed by other such enlightened masters.

Reflections on Truth:

God’s truth is that which finds its way to the top.

As we shake out the sand of confusion and fear,

This truth is the jewel that remains.

Priceless.  Perfect.  Precious to Behold.

The jewel that bears light,

glowing the vibrant fuschia of Divine Love.

It uplifts and upholds us –

Nourishes and sustains us –

Fills us with joy

Leads us to peace

God’s truth reflects our truth

and is the way in which God loves us.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries