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Returning: Another Review

Thank you to poet, author, psychotherapist and healer, Jay Ramsay for his beautiful review of my soon to be released book:  Returning – A Woman’s Midlife Journey to Herself.  And just a little personal note about Jay, his book, Crucible of Love, was instrumental in my own search for authenticity within relationship.  His book The Poet in You provide a structure through which I could nurture my inner poet.  And his book Gita awakened me to my own longing for intimate, honest and enduring connection.  Thank you Jay!

Jay Ramsay
Jay Ramsay

Lauri’s lucid talent for teaching and facilitation is combined with a personal poetic journey as a woman, and as a Christian woman, at a time when the church is in crisis, reaping the bleak harvest of its own male-dominated narrow-mindedness. Mid-life is psychologically all about inclusion in pursuit of authentic wholeness, and Lauri covers the ground with passionate honesty, inviting you to do the same both spiritually and creatively in your own voice. We need her !

Jay Ramsay, author of The Poet in You (O Books, 2009) and Crucible of Love—the alchemy of passionate relationships (O Books, 2004/2012)

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Beyond Connecticut – a Poet’s Invitation

Today’s blog is contributed by my dear friend – poet, author and healer – Jay Ramsay.  Thank you Jay for your heartfelt invitation for us to see beyond the violence to the changes we are ALL invited to make.  May we open our eyes, see and act so that this violence can finally stop.  You can learn more about Jay through his website:

Jay Ramsay
Jay Ramsay

The Sacrifice


They give their lives so that we can see

because we don’t have the courage of our own.

He died in Totnes High St, frozen, only 40

to the horror of the whole community.

His friend sleeps out three nights

to raise the money to buy him a cardboard coffin

when all he had was cardboard.

Homelessness, the disgrace of our affluent society

as we gaze towards stardom, tanning our egos

in its sunlamp…fame plays with fame at facing pianos.


A line of screaming children emerging from the school

guided by a terrified teacher’s hand.

The sociopath in black is angry with his mother

using her own gun to kill for good measure.

The President wipes a teary eye, while Neil Young

is blasting through the chords of ‘Throw your weapons down’.


We are a living sacrifice: slaves, Jews, Palestinians,

ME sufferers, dissidents, displaced refugees…

and the girl who camped under a big leaning tree

that the flooding rains brought down on her head.

She had nothing anyway

we are nothing anyway

until our hearts are open and our eyes begin to see.

Oh crucified ones of this Everywhere Coming

that is now our reality.

– Jay Ramsay; December 16, 2012

The Holy Cow of War

She’s not beautiful and honey-brown on an Indian street

she’s the front end of a bus covered in khaki

(and weapons advertisements) randomly leaving the road

to mow down pedestrians as the radiator becomes a mouth

a maw, then a tank phallus emerges—

before she backs off ready to charge: her eyes

full of hate-filled street faces fuelled

on an eye for an eye, retaliation at any price

rage denying grief, and more rage, and if she

ever had a just cause she’s a runaway whore

that needs lampooning, and more, and more

no space for any posturing or the lie of justification

the endless excuse that leads to the death of more innocence

more fractured ruined lives the world over,

SHE MUST BE OUTLAWED—so we have to

find another way, to talk like human beings

not calculating monsters, sociopaths

legitimate squaddies on a psychotic pub-crawl

called defence of any realm—Hell—indefensible;

SHE HAS TO BE STOPPED like a ranting patient

reaching his end-sentence while everybody waits

holding the space, more more glorification

no more retro nostalgia dressed up as poetry either,

Ms Ostrich…imagine Bob Marley being right

and not just dreaming off the end of a spliff:

NO MORE WAR between nations or neighbours,

but the far harder labour of loving peace

that goes on everywhere unreported

and climbs on my podium to take gold

for thousands of years, and an age to come.

– Jay Ramsay; December 4, 2012

Jay Ramsay is an internationally recognized poet and author of over 30 books including Crucible of Love, The Poet in You and Gita – a dialogue of love and freedom.  As a psychotherapist, Jay’s speciality is to help his clients uncover and express their true feelings, emotionally and creatively, and to find ways of translating that authenticity into action. He works with people of all backgrounds and at all stages of our life journey. Jay has 15 years in private practice, and has been accredited with UKCP and APP since 2004. Jay also works energetically as an experienced spiritual healer and is a full healer member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (MNFSH, since 1998).  Jay lives in Stroud, England and can be reached through his website:

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Author Tour: Jay Ramsay

I first met Jay Ramsay through his book, Crucible of Love   which I found on the library shelf at Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England where I was staying while on pilgrimage.  I devoured Jay’s book and found that his perspectives on love deeply resonated with me.  I took copious notes and found that some of his quotes ended up in my own book, Authentic Freedom.  When it was time to seek out author endorsements for my book, Jay was a natural choice.  He generously agreed and since then we have become friends.  I have found in Jay not only a friend but a teacher and a mentor and most importantly, a spiritual brother.  I am honored and gifted to know him as would be anyone who might find themselves in his company as either a student, client, companion or friend.  Jay’s “professional bio” is noted below….but without further ado….some of his AMAZING poetry!!!!!    Thank you Jay for being part of this week’s Author Tour!

Poetry selections from Jay Ramsay’s book: Gita – a dialogue of love and freedom

– 46

Your silence is my guide

the centre I need to find

and the one place where I know

the feeling is right.

painful as it may be

and where emotion breaks free

and is everywhere exposed

boiling over, unsafe

this is the placeless place

of loneliness and aching…

Breathe back, soothe yourself in

at home with myself again

the only way I can find you

where we meet, in truth, within.

– 147

But before you can

I have to be ready

returned to myself

in all I am

knowing that I am

You within

above, below

Love within

without needing anyone,

not even you…

Then you can come close

without fear of drowning

your body knowing

this man is whole.


And raging frustrated

the fire rising

is this returning

of potency, deep within

goaded by you, this

impossible situation

your resistance

your refusal to let us be

an absolute measure

of this inner alchemy;

your self-preservation

a higher intention

as secretly revealing

your destiny.

 Jay Ramsay is an internationally recognized poet and author of over 30 books including Crucible of Love, The Poet in You and Gita – a dialogue of love and freedom.  As a psychotherapist, Jay’s speciality is to help his clients uncover and express their true feelings, emotionally and creatively, and to find ways of translating that authenticity into action. He works with people of all backgrounds and at all stages of our life journey. Jay has 15 years in private practice, and has been accredited with UKCP and APP since 2004. Jay also works energetically as an experienced spiritual healer and is a full healer member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (MNFSH, since 1998).  Jay lives in Stroud, England and can be reached through his website:

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Authentic Freedom – Endorsement

Here is another endorsement for my upcoming book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy. This endorsement is from author and poet, Jay Ramsay. Following the endorsement is one of Jay’s poems.  Thank you Jay!

Lauri Lumby’s timely book is radiant, a still point in a currently crazy transitional world, a well of crystal…reading it has literally given me shivers…it’s a homecoming for me personally, and for all Christians who wondered where the true undiluted teaching disappeared. A teaching grounded in theology, but totally free of repressive (and patriarchal) morality. She also writes with a vajra in her hand, with superb measured clarity…Authentic Freedom is as fiercely intelligent as it is uncompromisingly the thing itself. ‘You shall know the truth, and truth shall set you free’ – yes indeed. A truth we can vibrationally feel that tells us about the Mystery of Love and why it matters so much to us now.

— Jay Ramsay, author of Crucible of Love – the alchemy of passionate relationships, and Out of Time – Poems 1998-2008



I love you – sleep.
I love you to the core of your being, sleep.
Little one, sleep.

Listen to the wind.
The wind in the leaves, sleep.
Let the wind breathe, sleep.

Let these arms hold you.
The everlasting arms. Beneath.

And all that the air is, loves you
and all that the wind breathes
whispers to you…

Beloved, child of the spirit, sleep.
Beloved, queen of your heartbeat, sleep.
Beloved, from your head to feet –

Let your mind be sleep.

Jay Ramsay 2003

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Today is a day of gratitude.  As such, I want to take a moment and thank my clients, students and blog readers for their on-going and generous financial contributions to this ministry.  It is only because of these contributions that I am able to continue this work.  I am humbled and honored to be able to be a vessel through which healing and maybe a little light can be brought into our world.  Thank you!

Invitation to Gratitude

In my blog today, I want to share with you the invitation to gratitude.  Yesterday proved to be a strange day that in many cases might have put me over the stress edge, but instead, I found myself in a state of peaceful contentment.  When I pondered this on Facebook, I was reminded by a friend that perhaps the reason I was at peace was because of my on-going commitment to my spiritual practice.  HHHMMM….she just might have something there!  So here is what happened:

Like Any Other Day

The day started off as any other Thursday.  I got up, tended to my “morning pages” (a spiritual writing practice), had breakfast, coffee, read the paper (yes, I still read the hard-copy!), got my kids up, practiced meditation, got the kids off for school, took a shower and prepared for my day.  I had a glorious two hours at the local coffee shop with a dear friend, then went to a local store to do some shopping.


Here is where the day went haywire!  I went to my car after doing a little shopping and it would not start.  My car was broken down and that meant that I would have to cancel all my plans for the remainder of the day to tend to my car and deal with being without transportation.  For the old Lauri (before meditation), this might have sent me over the brink.  I would have experienced enormous stress, anger, frustration, impatience, etc.  And in truth, the after meditation Lauri might experience all this as well.  But instead, I found myself peaceful, calm and in gratitude.  GRATITUDE?  Who feels gratitude over a broken down car?  I know, weird!  But here are the things that happened to support this feeling of gratitude:

  • I had a warm place to stay and make all the necessary calls about my broken down car (Scot, AAA, the mechanic, my afternoon appointments) and since a friend owned the business, I was welcome to stay as long as I needed (which ended up being over an hour)
  • I HAVE AAA!!!!!!   If you do not have AAA, you need to get it!  They handled everything….calling the tow truck, paying for the tow, etc.  I LOVE AAA!!!!  (PS  If you are a single woman….AAA is a MUST!)
  • The tow truck operator was SUPER nice and a gentleman…he even opened the car door to let me in!
  • I LOVE Jacobsen Auto in Oshkosh!!!!!   Lori and Alisa were warm and welcoming when I arrived and made sure I had a way to get home until my car is done.
  • I know that whatever is wrong with my car is a quick, cheap and easy fix.  (Do you hear me Lance?)
  • While I missed not being able to keep my afternoon appointments, I was able to accomplish equally satisfying work at home.
  • I got to finish the novel I’m reading (Dead Sexy by Tate Halloway)
  • I found inspiration for a novel that I am working on and had time to put it to laptop!

In the old days, I might have responded to this unexpected turn of events in a much different way.  So, I am grateful for the spiritual practices that have allowed me to be more open to surprises, more trusting in favorable outcomes and more peaceful in the face of stress and conflict.  YEA!

The Bonus

Then here is the bonus…..because I had to sit home all day, I had time to follow up with some authors that I am hoping will read and provide and endorsement for my book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy. And guess what….gratitude of gratitude, I went to my email this morning and found they had all responded and I now have three more authors who are happy to read and endorse my book!  YEA !!!  So, here is a shout out of thanks to the authors who will be endorsing my book:  Julie Tallard Johnson, Darren Main, Richard Smoley, Jay Ramsay, Tau Malachi, William Rand, and Michael Mirdad.  Thanks!

Where are you being invited to find gratitude today?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

Oshkosh, WI