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Reflections on Ireland

Top O’ the Morning to yah!

It’s been six days since I made my return from a lovely 9 day voyage to Ireland. It was an amazing trip and I still find myself without words to describe the experience.  I will attempt to begin by going backwards.

In January of 2008, after a year of cataclysmic personal tragedies which included making the final decision to leave the Catholic Church, I made a 9 day pilgrimage to Glastonbury, England. To say that the Glastonbury trip was life-altering and earth shattering would be an understatement.  Through this trip, I was ushered into the shadows which resulted in 9 years of deep soul excavation and shadow work – 9 difficult years of working through all my fears, exhuming all my unhealed wounds, leaving an unhealthy marriage, and retrieving all the lost parts of my soul.  To say these 9 years have been a challenge would be an understatement.  My body, my mind and my soul are weary.

Ireland is/was the culmination of and bookend to what was begun in 2007/8. When the opportunity for this trip presented itself and with the ease of its unfolding (including the funds to do it), I knew deep soul work was about to be done.  Specifically, Ireland represents for me the light that is emerging out of the darkness that was begun in Glastonbury.  (btw: England is the Fatherland to me as it is the home of my father’s father.  Ireland is the home of my mother’s mother.)

As has been true of Glastonbury, the total impact of Ireland will not be made known for many years I am sure. The work that was and is being done, is being done in secret, in the deepest recesses of my Soul, on levels that are mostly unconscious, and yet, I have gotten a glimpse into some of what Ireland means and what it will mean for me.

At the risk of being a silly American romanticizing my trip to Ireland, it is truly a magical isle. To begin with, people are not kidding about the green.  Ireland is a color of green that does not exist in any other place that I am aware of – and being there in March, the green we beheld was but a fraction of how green the isle truly is.  Pictures do not do it justice.

I’m not sure if it is the green or something else entirely, but the energy and vibration of Ireland is staggeringly different than any place I have ever been. I don’t know how to quantify the vibration but it felt like the combination of welcome, ease, and wonder.  What people say about the “Irish mile” and the “Irish minute” are absolutely true.  Nothing, it seems, is done in a hurry.  Meals are meant to be taken with ease (ie: you have to ask for your check. In Ireland, it is rude to give it to you before you ask).  Travel is circuitous and meandering, and sheep have the right of way. Road signs are optional and mostly absent, so bring your GPS! (Coordinates are more helpful than street addresses, especially where addresses are optional!)  There is no room for impatience in a country that is mostly rural and where everything happens in its own time.  There is no rushing in Ireland.  (Oh yeah….heat, hot and cold running water, consistent water pressure and internet are all optional….so leave your American expectations behind please!).

What is said about the Irish people is absolutely true. They are warm, welcoming, hospitable and accommodating.  Irish hospitality really is a thing and we had the opportunity to experience it firsthand, most markedly when we had car trouble in “Littleton” a “town” (made up of a gas station, two pubs, and a “take away” café ) literally in the middle of nowhere.  From the lovely ladies out for a walk (in their Adidas track suits – apparently this is a thing!) who directed us to the nearest mechanic, (“go down that way til you see the broken down barn, then turn right, follow that road til you see the three legged sheep, turn left, then down to O’Shannessey’s farm, you know the one with the bull with one horn, then turn left again, you’ll find O”Brien’s shop next to the grotto of Our Lady (crossing themselves while muttering, “bless her holy name”), tell him we sent you),   to the mechanic himself (with hands the size of rawhide gloves!), to the café owners where we waited for our vehicle to be repaired, to the gas station attendants who set us on our way.

Then, there is the Irish wonder. Everything in Ireland has a spark of magic to it, and you can’t not be aware of it!  It is everywhere.  From the landscape to the scenery, to the people, to the place-names (every road sign is in English and Gaelic), to the stories about the places.  The entire country seems to have emerged from out of a fairyland that still exists, yet is somewhat hidden behind the veil.  It’s not all that hidden, however, for those who have eyes to see.  And if you don’t believe me, you need only spend a day at the Giant’s Causeway where the hand of the Creator pushed forth a landscape that exists in only a few other places in this world.

Then there is The Mother. For me, Ireland is literally the Motherland – the home of my mother’s mother’s, mother – the McMahons, O’Connells, Briggs and Inis’. But even more than this, Ireland is the land of The Mother.  Her Presence is everywhere.  In Ireland, the Goddess never died.  Neither the Romans, nor the Church, nor Patrick himself were successful in purging the Emerald Isle of its Mother.  The Mother remains in the earth itself, in the landscape, in the megalithic tombs, stone circles and spiral carvings that litter the landscape.  The Mother stands proud in the shrines to St. Brigid – the Celtic Goddess made Catholic saint.  And the Mother reigns in the shrines to the Blessed Mother Mary who stands in for the Mother who was there before her.  This palpable presence of the Mother translates into a completely different attitude toward women, the role of women, respect toward women, and in this, the importance of family and community that seems not to be present in our so-called enlightened and progressive US.

All of these things, welcome, ease and wonder, and most especially, the presence of The Mother have had an impact on me and I am certain will continue to work their way into and through me as the days, months and years unfold. I’m sure I will be back to revel once again in the magic of Home…..for if there is one thing I can say about Ireland is that it very much felt like home.  Slainte!






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Ode to the Celtic in All of Us

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  In celebration of my Celtic ancestry….and the Irish in all of us, I share with you two poems born out of my Celtic heart!  (both to be included in my upcoming book, Happily Ever After – from co-dependency to the fulfillment of love) For the Celtic in all of us!  Slainte!


Irish sensibility in a single phrase means, “all senses firing.”

A courageous openness and compelling urge to

move toward all things…

Daring to embody the full extent of feelings, sensations, ideas and experiences

Especially those which others might avoid –

Desolation, despair, disease, and death.

Irresistably drawn toward darkness, suffering and pain.

Curiosity for the macabre or raw, unbridled courage?

Perhaps they are one and the same.

Irishness comes with a certain measure of masochism

But not for the sake of one’s own misery,

But for the sake of understanding so that we may be present for another there.

Not as voyeurs, but in an overwhelming out pouring of unconditional support.

We’ve been there.

We know.

Defining Irish hospitality, not by our food, our damp climate, houses smelling of peat, or the aroma of drying wool, but by our ability to be with you in your pain, remaining there until every tear has been spilt, every rage unfurled, and every heartbreak repaired.


Thirteen of the Thirteen


Left foot first, sword in hand

13 of the 13 of the 13

The sword of truth

To think and dream and write

Her pen is her sword.

Of elfin ancestors.

Daughter of the Tuatha de Daanan and Pictish warriors.

Tattooed in woad,

Anointed in lodestone in a time before time.

Consort of the God beneath the Tor

Married to the Son of Light.

Morgaine and Miriam her South and her West.

Druid Priestess and Priest in the henge of stone,

And in the oaken grove of Gaul.

Walking the sacred labyrinth of immortal time

Life from life

Death from death

Dying and reborn

Reborn and dying.

Queen of the fifth dimension

Samantha’s gossamer cape

Rhiannon’s ring

A spoon full of sugar

and Midnight Margaritas.

Awakening the Aquarian Age

A magical purpose and call

To think and dream and love.

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A Myth for the New Awakening

A Myth for the New Awakening

As one of my teachers used to say, “Every story is true, some of them actually happened.”  In the case of A Myth for the New Awakening you decide – is it live or is it Memorex? 


(with gratitude and due credit to Solara who through her book Starborne, first told me about “home.”)

Hail, people of earth.  I am Aniyakah, Chief Ambassador of the Galactic Federation of  Light, along with my male partner, Oniyakah.  While the Galactic Federation represents many stars and star systems, he and I are from the planet Anu, the seventh planet in orbit around the great star Alnilam – the center star of the belt of what you call the constellation of Orion.  You will never “see” our planet from the place of the current earthly vibration as we reside within the thirteenth dimension – one many times beyond the current vibration of Earth.  While you may not be able to see or perceive our ancestral home, this does not prevent you from knowing or knowing of us in this plane.

Thousands of earth years ago, an envoy of interdimensional beings from many star systems was commissioned to journey to Earth, first as explorers, and then as liberators. This is how we first came to be among you.  The envoy from Anu settled in what you now call the British Isles and what you once called Gaul while those from other star systems settled in power centers of the South, the East and the North.  As the children of Anu, we first came to Earth in light form – vibrating at such high frequency that the indigenous humans perceived us as angelic or fairy-like beings.  The indigenous people of what you call Ireland and Wales called us fae folk or thought us to be gods (which we are not).  We henceforth became known as the Tuatha de Danaan and many stories were created about us and our interaction with the indigenous humans.


We lived among these people in peace for many hundreds of your earth years.  As I mentioned, we were initially treated as gods and given due honor and respect for our presence and for the healing and transformational presence we were among them.  What we discovered over time, however, was that the indigenous humans could not be in our presence for long without feeling disturbed.  The pure love and light that lay dormant within them – the love that was their true nature – was continually triggered as the pure love and light that we embodied worked to awaken them to their true nature.  As our love interacted with their forgotten love, they experienced discomfort.  While a few found themselves able to bear this discomfort which then allowed them to awaken to their truer nature, the vast majority did not have the inner tools for bearing the discomfort of love’s awakening.  As such, for more and more, we began to represent the source of this discomfort (which in fact, we were).  Instead of tending to this discomfort, however, they turned toward us in violence, eventually waging war against us as described in the Irish myth of the battle between the Sons of Mile and the Tuatha de Danaan.  Legend says that instead of having the conversation “in that way,” we “turned sideways into the light;” leading people to believe we had retreated to the fairy kingdoms under the hills or that we simply disappeared into another dimension.  While there is truth in both of these interpretations – what we did from the perspective of a three-dimensional, dualistic “reality” was to become like the indigenous humans around us.  We lowered our vibration to meet up with theirs.  In doing so, we experienced the same consequence of the human condition as them – forgetting our true origin and our purpose for arriving on this plane.

The good news is that these higher vibrations – where we are one with our shared God-nature, takes time to forget and can never be completely forgotten.  For several millennia, we functioned as more remembering than forgetting.  You have seen these vibrations of ourselves in your stories of the gods and goddesses of the ancient lands and in the priests and priestesses in what you imagined as the druids, the oracle of Delphi and other holy men and women of the British Isles, Gaul and the Germanic lands (other love beings from other star systems will share with you similar tales of their journey in lands of the East, North and South).  Throughout time, we have made ourselves known through the great spiritual teachers, saints, medicine women and men of Western Europe.  As time wore on, we moved from more remembering to more forgetting and we all collectively fell into a period of great darkness – a time marked by much violence, war, discrimination and hatred among all of humanity.  Fortunately, there were some to pierced through this darkness to be heralds of the light, but even these became fewer and farther between.


As is true of time…..what came from light and moved into darkness will eventually find its way back to the light.  This is where we have been moving and where we find ourselves today.  More and more are awakening to the light and can be recognized in the great heralds of love who have found their way into the collective awareness – Jesus, the Buddha, the teachers of the Kabbalah, the Sufi Masters, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Krishna Muerti, Martin Luther King, Jr., Amma and the Fourteenth Dalai Lama among them.  It is not enough, however, for one great leader to emerge if the collective does not itself awaken.  It is for this reason that I come before you today.  The tide has turned and the time of forgetting has come to an end and that the GREAT REMEMBERING is at hand.

It is time for the children of Anu, the children of the other star systems of Orion, the children of Sirius, the children of the Pleiades, the children of Andromeda, the children of Atlantis and Lemuria and the children of EARTH to awaken!!!!  It is time for us to lay down the cloak of forgetfulness and to take on the mantel of remembrance.  It is time to awaken – to awaken to our true nature as ONE with the great Divine light – one with our true nature as love.

Regardless of the dimension from which you hail, you are beginning to remember – to remember your true origins beyond the third dimensional human plane – origins on other planets, from other star systems, from the angelic plane and from the heavens themselves, – all sent here to help humanity awaken – to help us all move out of our collective sleep – to remember our true origins in love.  In this, there will be no “mothership” to take us home – for we are already home – home on the planet we came to uplift to higher states of consciousness – specifically to move us all beyond a consciousness rooted in fear to one firmly anchored in love.

The time of forgetting has come to an end and now is the time to remember our true nature, and in doing so, helping the rest of humanity do the same.


Yours in all love and light!

Aniyakah, Oniyakah

Chief Ambassadors of Anu of the Galactic Federation of Light

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