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Introvert’s Lament


 I long for a world free from extroverted privilege and pressure –

A place set apart from the hustle and bustle of an achievement-driven world.

Where we are free to do what we do best –

Watch, wait, listen and feel…..deeply.

With quiet and thoughtful observance –

Seeing what other eyes cannot see

Hearing what other ears cannot hear.

Our quiet wisdom honored and recognized

As precious, priceless and more valuable than the rarest jewel.

I long for a world where the vulnerable seeds of life’s new creations are safe.

Where their need to be known is not threatened

By a world intent on “making things happen.”

Where growth is supported in the simple act of allowing

And where the need of the seed is heard

Before imposing our own agenda upon it.

Where instead of having to put ourselves out there –

Forced to make ourselves seen

And having to scream in order to be heard,

I long for a world that would come to us…


… and then to their homes return

So that we can be left again to the world that we prefer –

A world that is quiet, peaceful and still.

Where we can hear the dandelion seeds giggle as they dance across the breeze,

The caterpillar’s heart beating soft against the earth beckoning its own transformation,

And the slurping of bees quietly sipping their nectar.

If introverts ruled the world,

This is how it would be.

copyright 2016  Lauri Ann Lumby


Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS, founder and director or Authentic Freedom Academy is an introvert, an outgoing introvert as her friends will attest, but an introvert nonetheless.  Lauri relishes in her time spent alone meditating, reading, writing, cooking, creating and enjoying an all-too rare walk in the woods.  It is in these alone times that Lauri has found her truth and has been made aware of her mission in this world – to help others know themselves so that they may truly live!  Learn more about the mission of Authentic Freedom Academy HERE.

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Ten Ways Introverts Succeed in Business Where Others Have Failed

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been negatively judged (which then tempts me to judge myself) for the way I do business.  As an introvert who also happens to be a business owner, I do not and cannot function in business using the methods promoted by our achievement and image driven, extroverted society.  “Just get out there and sell yourself,” is easier said than done for an introvert.  As much as I hate to admit it, Susan Lockridge was right in 1990 when she questioned if I would be able to succeed in the sales position I held with AT&T.  I did not and could not – not because I didn’t try hard enough (for the record, I made 10,0000 cold calls in 18 months!!!), but because every single cold call sucked out a part of my soul.  The job was killing me and if I had known then what I know now, I would have requested a transfer into another position more suited to an introvert – something that was perhaps more akin to relationship-building than shine, impress, sell and scoot.


Introverts, you see, are not “get out there and sell yourself” people, and when we try to fit into the mold of the “million ways to succeed” (ala Tony Robbins, etc.), we die from the trying.  I’m happy that “proven formulas for success” work for some people, but for introverts, it requires so much effort to simply show up for these tasks that our true gifts and the reasons people want to do business with us end up collapsing under the weight of the “show” we are trying to put on.  Weighed down by the show, our message then falls flat and we leave the experience exhausted from the trying and usually sick from the lack of exchange (we just gave our heart and soul and everything we had just to show up and ended up getting nothing in return).

While the “million ways to succeed” formulas don’t usually work for introverts (they might work….but they are killing us in the process), that does not mean that introverts cannot be successful in business.  In fact, introverts can be some of the most successful business people because of the unique gifts that introverts bring to the table.  Here are ten ways that introverts succeed in business where other people have failed:

  1. Many people do not like to be “sold” or pushed into making a decision.  Introverts by nature are not pushy.  Instead, they quietly provide the information necessary for making a decision, then make themselves available to answer any questions the prospective client/customer might have, and then they stand back as the decision unfolds on its own. This creates an environment of ease instead of one where the client might feel manipulated or pushed into making a decision.
  2. Because they are not putting on a show or trying to convince someone of something, introverts are more easily trusted and approachable.
  3. Introverts who are also “feelers” are gifted in the ability of “standing in another’s shoes.”  They are attentive to how their customers/clients might be feeling and adjust their actions accordingly, thereby making the client/customer feel more comfortable and at-ease which leads to a relationship of trust – a quality necessary in any long-term business relationship.
  4. Introverts who are also “intuitive” are gifted in the ability to anticipate how people might respond to their offerings.  This allows them to “hear” the hidden truth beyond their client/customers words which then helps them to reflect these truths back, again building relational trust.
  5. As the temperament that prefers a few intimate relationships to an army of acquaintances, introverts thrive in the art of relationship building.  This lends itself well to positions and jobs where relationship building is valued and critical to the success of the business.
  6. Introverts tend to be careful listeners and are able to hear the deeper meaning and intent behind words.
  7. Because of their quiet and introspective nature, introverts are able to apply these skills toward their clients and customers – being able to “read” their clients and customers, thus gauging their deeper needs.
  8. Introverts thrive in positions where long-term relationships are critical to the success of the business and appeal to those looking for a long-term, trusting business interaction.
  9. While their extroverted counterparts might burst forth from the gate, introverts prefer a slow and steady pace.  Introverts excel in building businesses that develop slowly while establishing deep and lasting roots.  While the “get yourself out there and make it happen” approach to business might be wildly successful in the beginning they require constant effort and force to sustain themselves. Introverts, on the other hand, tend toward businesses that are slow growing, but ones that remain in the long-term without the need of constant effort to sustain them, becoming almost self-sustaining because of the deep relationships formed by the introvert; relationships that then provide the best and most cost-effective advertising around – WORD OF MOUTH!

And finally, #10 – As deep thinkers, introverts excel at dreaming up new ways of doing and making things.  Like their businesses, an introvert’s new ideas may take time to fully form and to be accepted by the general populace – but their ideas help to make us a more compassionate and gentle world.


 copyright 2015  Lauri Ann Lumby

Lauri Ann Lumby is the owner and director of Authentic Freedom Academy, providing transformational education and empowerment since 1995. Contact Lauri at (920) 230-1313 or email