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The Lost Treasures of Christianity

Sunday morning for my meditation practice, I decided to journey around a specific question that I am currently discerning.  What came through the journey ended up being much more for the world than for myself specifically.  As such, I am sharing it here.  The message is about the lost treasures of Christianity and our invitation to reclaim them.


Sleeping Jesus

In the journey, I entered into the world I go to when looking for answers.  Jesus met me there and as soon as I arrived, he collapsed to the ground and was in a deep, deep sleep,  I tried to wake him, shaking him, calling out his name.  I looked up and Mary Magdalene was sitting beside him with her hand on his shoulder.  She shook her head as if to say, “He will not be awakened.  I will stay with him here while you seek the answer to your question.”  So I reluctantly left, worried about why Jesus would be sleeping and unable to be awakened.

The Search

As I began my journey, I found myself in a dark and terrifying forest.  I felt myself surrounded by fear, evil creatures and terrifying spirits.  I wanted to run, but found I had to search.  I walked and walked and walked until I was drawn to the base of an ancient tree.  I was guided to dig.  I dug at the base of the tree and buried deep within the earth in a tangle of rotting wood was the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  I picked it up and next found myself scaling a rock wall – a ninety degree, sheer faced wall of a high cliff.  I climbed until I reached the top where I discovered an enormous bald eagle’s nest.  The mother eagle was there with her young and in her talon, she clutched a solid gold skeleton key.  She handed me the key, then took me up in her wings and flew me to the nearest ocean where she dropped me.  I swam to the deepest part of the ocean where a blue whale held out her fin to me.  She took me deeper into the sea and led me to an enormous oyster, wide open to reveal a glimmering pearl.  She instructed me to take the pearl.  I was now carrying the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a solid gold key and a glimmering pearl.  Whale swam me up to the surface of the sea and to the nearest beach.  On the beach, there were a myriad of couples making love.  “Sacred Sexuality” was the word that I heard.  Before I could blink, I immediately found myself in the center of a glorious, lush and vividly green garden.  In the center of the garden was one single rose in a soft and delicate shade of pink.  When I glanced down into my hands, I found the rose was there.  I then found myself guided to return to Mary Magdalene and Jesus.  I approached Jesus, still sleeping, with my treasures – his Sacred Heart, the solid gold key, the glimmering pearl, the rose and the term, sacred sexuality. As I placed the treasures before him, he awakened and looked up at me with a smile of gratitude.  He reached up and we embraced.  He then gently kissed me, took Mary Magdalene by the hand, and together they walked away.

The Lost Treasures

I exited the journey feeling confused and unsure what to make of what transpired.  I brought these questions into my prayer, and over the course of the day, the deeper meaning of the journey was revealed.

Jesus Asleep

A Jesus that is asleep and unable to be awakened represents what has happened to Jesus and his true message over the course of the past 2000 years.  The Jesus that walked this earth, who set captives free, gave sight to the blind, fed the hungry, clothed the naked, healed the sick, welcomed sinners, prayed, preached, judged not, loved without condition, and taught others to do the same has been put to sleep. Instead, we are left with a Jesus of someone else’s making.

The terrifying forest and the Sacred Heart

The terrifying forest represents the fears of man that have tainted Jesus’ message and twisted his word to meet someone else’s agenda for power and control.  The unconditional love that Jesus knew in God, came to know within himself and tried to share with others, represented by Jesus’ Sacred Heart has been buried and left for dead.

The solid gold key

The solid gold key is the key to the kingdom –  the authentic teachings of Jesus that showed human beings how to REMEMBER the love that they are in union with God.  It is in remembering this love – the love of God that dwells within them and seeks to be known through them – that human beings discover heaven on earth and understand Jesus’ reminder that the kingdom of God is here, in our very midst, if we but have eyes to see and ears to hear.

The glimmering pearl

The pearl represents wisdom.  Wisdom – knowledge and understanding arising out of a direct experience of God found in contemplation and prayer and and informed by observing the Presence and Action of God in the unfolding of the human condition.  Wisdom, the knowledge that compels obedience to God because through wisdom we know that God’s way is better than any way we could have chosen for ourselves – if we but take the time to listen and hear God’s guidance for our lives.

The Rose

The rose is the feminine principle and how it is manifest in the Divine Feminine in the Hebrew tradition, and lived out in the holy women of scripture.  In the Christian tradition, the feminine principle was lived out in the persons of Mother Mary, Martha, Mary of Bethany, Mary of Magdala, Salome, the Samaritan woman, the Syrophoenician woman, the woman caught in adultery, and many others and then quickly left behind in favor of the hierarchical and patriarchical.

Sacred Sexuality

The human body and sexuality – both created as sacred by God and demonized by fearful humans.  Supplanted, repressed, and coming out sideways in the Church in sins against the weak and the vulnerable – especially women and children.

Reclaiming the Treasures

It is time to reclaim the treasures of Christianity – unconditional love and compassion, the authentic and original teachings of Jesus, wisdom uncovered through contemplation and prayer and exercised through discernment, the feminine principle and sacred sexuality.  And when we reclaim these sacred treasures, the true Jesus will be awakened and not only the Church but the world will be made anew.



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Dreams: The Guiding Hand of God

Today’s blog explores dreams as a vehicle for Divine revelation.  How is God speaking to you through your dreams?

How God Communicates Truth

In my book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy, I explain the infinite number of ways in which God seeks to guide, comfort, inspire, educate and reveal truth to us.  God communicates truth to us through our life experiences, opportunities for learning, physical and spiritual vision, imagination, intuition and dreams.  It is through these vehicles that we come to know our purpose, our path, to find meaning in our life and to discern truth.  Today, I want to talk specifically about dreams.


Dreams are one of the often forgotten ways in which God reveals truth to us.  The challenge with dreams is that few, if any, can be taken as prophetic or accepted as literal.  Because our dreams come to us through the creative centers of our mind, dreams can only understood to be a symbol or metaphor for a larger, deeper, broader truth.  But how do we understand the symbolic images in our dreams?  My writing mentor and teacher, Julie Tallard Johnson has the answer to that quandary.  She says that “We are the meaning makers.”  In other words, we decide what the symbols in our dreams mean through our own personal association with those objects.  This perspective is right in line with the Existential school of Psychology that would have us interpret the objects in our dreams according to the way in which we would describe the object to someone who was visiting from another planet.  For example, I once had a dream in which I had lost my purse and was trying to find it.  When interpreting the purse from an Existential perspective, I described it as “that which carries my identity.”  We interpret the items through the lens of our own personal experience and I had my purse stolen once and the most challenging part of the process was proving my identity to the bank when trying to cancel checks, credit cards, etc, hence “that which carries my identity.”  Another person might interpret a purse as “something that carries a means of exchange” or “that which carries the things that keep me beautiful.”

Dreams and Animal Totems

Beyond inatimate objects, other images in our dreams may be those of animals.  Every indigeneous culture has a tradition of meanings associated with the animals that appear in our dreams or cross our paths.   In the Native American tradition, these messenger animals are often referred to as totems.  One of my favorite books for researching the meaning of the animals that appear in our dreams is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  Ted provides, through the lens of Native American spirituality, the significance of hundreds of animals, birds and insects.   It is important, however, to weigh Ted’s interpretion along with our own personal associate with that animal, because once again, WE are the meaning makers and there is no one outside of us that knows our own personal truth better than we do.

Interpreting Dreams

If we wish to be open to the truth that God may be revealing to us, it is important to pay attention to our dreams.  When you awake from a meaningful dream, write it down.  Then, go back to the individual objects in the dream and assign a meaning to them based on your own personal understanding of that object.  If animals appear in your dream, consult Animal Speak and weigh that interpretation with your own experience of that animal.  Pay special attention to the emotions that come out of your dreams.  Were you excited, tittilated, happy, sorrowful, terrified?  How are these emotions reflective of something that might be going on in your own journey?  Finally, take the time to simply rest in the silence after the dream and the reflection to be open to what else God might be trying to say.  You might be surprised!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries