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Change the World to Love Day

Please share.  Please share.  Please share.  Please share.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 is “Change the World to Love” day. 


Join us!

“Change the World to Love” day is a collective and worldwide effort to come together in meditation and prayer with one intention, and this intention is LOVE.  In Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we are celebrating this event and joining in this intention of LOVE through a Flash Mob meditation event at a local coffee house.  You are invited to join us in this intention through your live or virtual presence (details are shown below) and to invite your friends and family and everyone you know by sharing this Blog post.  Our desire is for the awareness of this event to go viral!


Host your own event!

Even better than joining us virtually, we encourage you to organize and plan your own meditation event in a public venue near you (with the permission of the venue, of course), inviting your own community to join.  Again, our intention is for this event to go viral and for the whole world to join us in Changing the World to LOVE.  Thank you for your generous sharing of this event, and thank you for joining with us in the intention of LOVE.



Sehme Aniyahkah Sehme Oniyahkah

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What We Have Is To Be Shared

Today’s blog examines the idea that if we want to receive, we have to give. 

Conversations with God

Yesterday I was listening to a talk given by author Neale Donald Walsch of Conversations with God fame.  I have been a fan of Neale’s work since his first book was released.  I love his writing, the philosophy that emerges out of him and his humble and gentle nature.  Neale said something in yesterday’s talk that hit me right between the eyes.  He said that if we want to receive something in our life, we first need to give that same something to another.  In other words, if we want hospitality, welcome, friendship, compassion, love, humility, acceptance, understanding, tolerance; we need to be hospitable, welcoming, friendly, etc. to another.  Then he extrapolated on this idea to the field of money…an issue around which I have recently been struggling…..and my brain exploded.  My attitude about money, prosperity, abundance, wealth was all wrong.  Actually, my attitude isn’t really wrong, I was just thinking about it the wrong way.  Of course, I don’t want money for my own sake…..I want the freedom that prosperity gives us to support others.  I don’t want money for myself, I want money to give it away – exactly the attitude Neale says we need in order that we may receive.  I am now thinking about money in a different way……who do I want to and who can I help?  I think of the amazing editor who has journeyed with me through three books and who I want to provide with a living wage.  I think of the graphic designer who charges me WAY TOO LITTLE for the cover art she has provided me for my books.  I think of the graphic designer who is doing the interior of my next two books in trade for classes.  I think of the orthodontist who will be equipping my son with braces, the heating and electric company who provides comfort for my home, the farmers who grew my food, the physicians who help to keep us well, the men and women who work on the oil rigs providing fuel for my car.  Every penny I make is to help support the life and well-being of a whole slew of people.  And….I’m glad to play a role in the care and feeding of others.  And in the spirit of this little tweek in my personal intention around prosperity, abundance and money…..this is the Psalm that I wrote while sharing my gifts with the small group of people that gather for contemplative prayer and discussion every Sunday night:

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Abundant are God’s gifts and I am grateful.

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

I see before me all who hunger and thirst for God.

I offer what God has given me that all may be fed.

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

As the smallest seed produces abundant yield,

So shall the word of God that goes forth from my lips.

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

Though I am too young and slow of speech,

A cracked pot and a broken vessel,

The Lord can work the good in me.

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

Full of wonder and awe in the Lord

I take not for myself, but so others may live.

R:  All the Lord gives me is gift to be shared.

What are you being invited to give so that you may receive?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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You Are Loved

In today’s blog I share with you the words that came to me during my yoga practice yesterday morning.  I believe these are words for all of us!

Worthiness and Love

Of late, I have been reflecting on worthiness – specifically worthiness of being loved.  This love is of course about our intimate human relationships, AND I know at the deepest core of my being, that this worthiness is ultimately about Divine Love and our ability to believe we are loved unconditionally, infinitely and beyond measure.  As in worthiness of human love, we might hear that God loves us, but do we actually believe it?  Most of the time and for most human beings, I would say the answer is “NO.”  And what I have learned is that until we not only hear this love, but believe in it….with our whole hearts and souls, we are without peace, joy, compassion, mercy and fulfillment.  In other words, it is in REMEMBERING the LOVE that WE ARE…..that we find peace, contentment and joy.

God Speaks

So I showed up for yoga class yesterday morning with these thoughts wrapped around my aura.  Before beginning class, our instructor usually invites us to state within ourselves an intention for our practice.  I didn’t have a specific intention for the morning, so I simply sat in silence, waiting.  Then, clear as a bell, I hear God speak.  And this is what God said to me, “You are my beloved daughter, and with you I am well pleased.”  Yeah, Yeah….I know this is scriptural….and that it comes from the scriptural narratives about Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan by John.  And…..I also believe these are not only God’s words for Jesus….but are God’s words for us as well.  And…..hearing these words yesterday made me wonder, “Is this the truth Jesus had to hear, know, embrace and embody before he could embark upon his own healing ministry?”  I think perhaps it is!  So I used these words as a mantra during my yoga practice and allowed myself to not only hear these words, but begin to believe them.   And in being present to these words, I felt peaceful, joyful, grounded and secure.

My Prayer for You

So, here is my prayer/invitation for you today – that you take these words, You Are my Beloved Daughter/Son, and with You I am Well Pleased – imagine that God is saying these words directly to and about you……and believe that God is addressing you in this way.  Then, let your heart be open to hearing, believing, embracing and embodying this truth…..BECAUSE…….YOU ARE LOVE…..YOU ARE LOVED…..YOU ARE WORTHY….And the quicker you know this….the quicker you will know peace, contentment, fulfillment and joy!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Resolutions, Intentions and Vows

As a rule, I do not make New Year’s resolutions.  Resolutions can be broken and are too easily bargained away.  I do, however set intentions and goals for the coming year and this year, in addition to my intentions and goals, I felt called to make a Spiritual Vow.  A vow, is a promise that we make to ourselves and to that which is beyond us, what I call “God.”  A vow is like an intention, but in my mind, is more binding, more permanent, has more bang for the buck.  Through our Spiritual Vow, we enter into a covenant relationship in regards to our life’s vocation which is related to the unique way we are called to reveal Love in the world, to be a source of healing and comfort for others and to be of service to the world for the betterment of humankind.  This is my vow for 2012 (and beyond):

Under the blessing and guidance of my teachers,

Jesus, called Christ and Miriam, called Magdalene,

I, Lauri Ann Lumby, allow myself through my own

unique giftedness to freely, humbly and generously

be a vessel through which Divine Love (Agape’)

is known in this world.  

What spiritual vow are you feeling called to make for the coming year?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Casting the Spell

As we move and grow along our spiritual path, we frequently come to forks in the road…places where we are invited to accept a new call, re-direct our focus, embrace an intention.  Ritualizing this moment of transition through prayer, statements of intention, ritual, even “casting a spell” can help to solidify our intentions and assist their manifestation in our lives.


Do you believe in Magic?

Last Friday, I attended a writer’s retreat facilitated by author and teacher, Julie Tallard Johnson.  The retreat culminated in a closing ritual in which each participant was invited to write for themselves a prayer, a statement of intention, a “spell,” that invited spiritual support, clearly expressed our intention for the next leg in our life’s path, and set that intention to go out into the world.  While “spell” might not be the language of some people, what we were reminded was that a spell in nothing more than a prayer or a statement of intention.  By whatever word we call it, calling in Divine assistance, clearly stating our intentions and giving public witness to these intentions through ritual and words can be a powerful tool for making our intentions real.  Having been raised Catholic, “spells” are quite familiar to me and language I understand and can believe in.  If the priest can make the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ through the invocation of a few “magic” words, why would the results of my own prayer be any less magical?  (Did you know the words “hocus pocus” actually came from the latin mass, “HOC EST ENIM CORPUS MEUM” and is part of the Eucharistic prayer?)

Giving Magic its Voice

Knowing how powerful public witness can be to the realization of our intentions, hopes and dreams, I humbly beg your audience, while I share with you my ritual, my spell, my prayer and intention for this next leg of my life’s path:

I welcome the loving support of Yeshua, the Christ and his beloved companion, Miriam, called Magdalene as I humbly accept the red mantel of manifested truth.  With this mantel of truth, I boldly allow the full realization of the Divine Passion that finds its expression through me in my ministry, my writing, my life and my love.  I say yes to the abundant and generous author’s life and to the passionate fulfillment of love.

Thank you for giving witness to this “spell casting” and for your support in the fulfillment of this intention.


Exercise:  I would invite you to spend some time in quiet reflection, allowing yourself to be open to the Divine intention for your own journey.  Where is God calling you to freely and openly share your gifts and what is the direction of your life that the Divine might reveal as in your highest good?  After allowing this to be revealed, write your own “spell” or statement of intention and prayer…asking for the Divine assistance you might need to help make this happen.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


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“I Receive Everything as Love” – Revisiting the Wheel

In her book, The Wheel of Initiation, Julie Tallard Johnson invites the reader to get in touch with their “pain story,” the agreements that we have embraced in support of this pain story and work toward naming and claiming and embodying the intention that will help to facilitate healing and release of that pain story, and assist us in our path of spiritual growth.  Today’s blog explores and opportunity to revisit the Wheel and the gifts that it provides.




As I have shared in the past, I have been working through the Wheel of Initiation as outlined in Julie Tallard Johnson’s book of the same name.  The pain story that revealed itself to me as the one in search of healing is “rejection.”  I learned through this process that rejection has been the lens through which I frequently view my life.  Integrating the practices presented in Julie’s book with the practices of Authentic Freedom, I have come a long way in recognizing when this story rears its ugly head and have done much work toward allowing this pain story to be healed and released.  Apparently I’m not done yet.


Sparing You the Details

I will spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that the old, familiar pain story recently made its appearance…not once…but three times.  UM….probably time to pay attention.  Three significant situations that could easily have been viewed as some form of rejection, and three situations that opened up the door for my inner victim to feel wounded, betrayed, hurt, deceived, rejected.  The good news is that I am still human and have allowed space for my victim to be sad, to feel alone, to lick her wounds, to scream and to cry (all important parts of the grieving process).  The even better news is that because of the work I have done on the pain story and my fear of rejection (Chapter 6 of  Authentic Freedom), my inner victim did not have to retreat into days, weeks, and/or months of cultivated self-loathing.  Instead, I have tools I can turn to that allow the rejection to be transformed into love.


The Trick and the Question

The intention that I have been invited to embrace as a tool for healing the pain story of rejection is “I receive everything as love.”  What I have learned about employing this intention is that it is a bit of a trick.  It is about shifting my perspective and asking a question.  The question is, “Where is the love in this?”  Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say that I discovered through this work that the three situations were really not about rejection at all…but it was only my perception that made it about rejection.  They were ALL THREE really and truly situations of someone saying “no” to me….I was not welcomed, I was not wanted, I was turned down and set aside.  It is how I internalize these three situations that determines if “I am rejected” or if I can instead receive these “rejections” as love.  That is the trick!  Do I allow the “rejection” to reach deep into me and destroy me (as I would have done in the past) or do I look at the situations from a different vantage point and see that what I might perceive as rejection is really and truly about love.  HHHMMM   It does require a bit of spiritual gymnastics….but this tactic really does work. 


Receiving and Believing in the Love

So, when I look at these situations from the vantage point of love, a whole new picture begins to emerge.  It is no longer about personal rejection, instead doors are open to seeing all kinds of hidden truths: another person’s pain story, validation of my own intuitive knowings, a reflection of what no longer supports the love I know myself to be, an invitation to leave behind what is no longer life-giving and supportive and permission to move toward something that is more in harmony with who I know myself to be today.  The love, I found, is hidden behind the mask that I would initially perceive as rejection.  Then here is the really cool part, when approached in this way, the “rejection” is transformed and becomes an affirming, nurturing, supportive gift that says, “See how far you have come….here is the way to love and thank you to persons X, Y and Z that showed you the path to more and more fully embracing your truth and more and more freely embracing the love and healthy intimacy you know to be true in your own heart”.  Now that is one cool trick!

What is your relationship with rejection?

How might you begin to perceive rejection in another way?

What are the gifts that past “rejection” have given you?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Creating Change

Today’s blog explores the question of how we are called to respond to things in the world we perceive as needing change.  This seems especially relevant as we observe the current political, religious and economic unrest.

The Question:

The following question was posed to a great spiritual teacher:

“How can we best encourage change on this planet?  Do you think we should fight or oppose old organizations which are resisting change?”

The Response:

“Be aware that whenever you fight something, you are focusing on it and giving it energy.  If you wish to remove something from manifestation, it is better to focus on its opposite:  give that good quality or organization energy, and watch it flourish and grow, knowing that the old will wither away in its on time.” (question and response from the book, Power of the Magdalene by Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis)


This is a profound question with an even more profound answer.  As I have been witnessing the political events unfolding in Madison (Wisconsin), around the country and around the world, and watching both sides duke it out, I have been wondering what the most compassionate, loving and peaceful response would really be.  I had a sense of what felt right for me, but I could not give it words until I found the above dialogue.  When I read these words, it resonated on such a deep level, that I knew I had to share it.  So, there it is!  Reflect.  Ponder.  Discern.  Does this feel like truth for you?

What change do you want to see in the world?

How are you being called to hold the vision of positive change in your consciousness, prayer, meditation, etc?

Where are you tempted to “fight against”, how can you entertain, indulge in its opposite instead?

Where are you being called to put your energy toward compassion, peace, joy?

PS:  One of the practices I enjoy for creating change is sacred chant.  Chanting the names of the Divine works to alter our own vibration along with the vibrations of the universe and the vibration of the loving intentions we hold in our hearts and in our minds.  Here is an example of one chant that helps to raise our vibration to more closely reflect Divine compassion and love, try it on for size!

Sita Ram Chant/Kirtan with Ragani

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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I Receive Everything as Love

This weekend, I attended the Wheel of Initiation workshop created and facilitated by author, Julie Tallard Johnson who I am humbled to call my teacher, mentor and friend. The workshop provided an introduction to the process that Julie has shared with hundreds of people through her year-long initiation course, and is now available through her book, Wheel of Initiation published this fall through Inner Traditions.  Along with the other workshop participants, I had the opportunity to name what Julie would call my “pain story,” and be open to claiming a specific intention for healing and releasing this story as a process of spiritual initiation and transformation.  I share this with you in today’s blog.

Pain Story

Since I have made a vow to be as transparent and open as possible through this blog (without infringing upon your boundaries!), I have to make a confession.  I have a pain story and it has taken me until the ripe old age of 46 to truly name, claim and be willing to let it go.  My pain story is rejection. I don’t know exactly how, where, when or why it happened, but somewhere in my journey, I agreed to perceive and receive my life experience through the lens of rejection. By entering into this agreement, I got to receive every word said to me, every action done to me, every encounter as some form of possible rejection.

The Payoff

Here are a few examples of how this lens of rejection has operated for me:  If a teacher did not call on me, it meant he was rejecting me.  When it became obvious that I was not good at sports it meant I was no longer loved by my classmates.  If someone acknowledged changes to my teenage body, it meant they were rejecting me.  If someone questioned by theology or religious beliefs and it was determined that we differed in our beliefs, then I was being rejected by them.  Living in the lens of rejection has allowed me to be the victim and to cultivate a “me and them” defense mechanism where those I have perceived as rejecting me become the enemy and I become the misunderstood martyr.

The drawbacks

While agreeing to the pain story of rejection has served me on some level, I also have to acknowledge the ways in which it has held me back in my journey.  As a teenager and young adult, living from this perspective seriously limited my ability to enter into healthy, intimate relationships.  Living from this lens caused me to be rigid in my beliefs, opinionated and frankly, obnoxious.  I spent most of my time living in the tension of some sort of defensive anger, always on the lookout for the next person or opportunity where I would be rejected.  In truth, while this perception of rejection served me on some level and kept me safe from something… the end, it has only hurt me.  The good news is that I now get to make another choice.

Setting my intention

The focus of the workshop I attended this weekend allowed me the opportunity to name this pain story and to be open to making a new agreement.  We were invited to let go of our pain story and embrace a new agreement, an intention that will prove to bring healing and release to our pain stories, while opening us up to a life that is a freer expression of our most authentic selves.   The intention presented itself to me is the following:

I Receive Everything as Love


Transformation through Intention

Just sitting in the energy of this intention has been a powerful thing for me.   For me, this intention changes EVERYTHING!  It changes how I have seen the world.  It changes all those things I have perceived as hurtful, rejecting, etc.  It opens me up to seeing life through a different lens.  So, today, I enter into the Wheel of Initiation and allow myself to be open to all the ways in which this new agreement will transform me and my experience of life.  And I offer a profound prayer of gratitude to Julie Tallard Johnson for facilitating this intention and for providing through her course and her book the vehicle through which this intention can take root and grow into my life!


What has been your pain story?

What agreement have you entered into that my no longer be serving you?

How might you be open to allowing that to be transformed?

What might be the intention that can heal your pain story and allow you to live more freely?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


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Forgiveness is God’s Work

Today I explore the topic of forgiveness and ask the question….whose job is it really?

Each day that I come to my yoga mat at Inner Sun Yoga Studio in Oshkosh, we are invited to silently state an intention for our yoga practice.  Perhaps our intention is something for ourselves, a prayer of sorts, or maybe it is an intention for somebody else, or for the world at large.  I love this part of the practice because it reminds me that yoga (for me anyway) is prayer through movement and in participating in this movement, good things are being made manifest in my own life and in the lives of others.  I am grateful for Deb and the other teachers at Inner Sun for inviting us into this practice.

One day last week when Deb invited us to silently state our intention for our yoga practice, I closed my eyes and holding my hands in prayer position, began to explore the inner recesses of my mind for the intention of the day.  I was surprised by what showed up because I can most certainly say that this was not an intention of my own making.  As I was flipping through the cerebral file cabinet, there suddenly appeared, floating through conscious space the word FORGIVE! “Forgive” had quietly pushed its way past the files of other potential intentions and now stood up loud and proud, front and center, not willing to be ignored.  “Really?”  I asked.  “Yep!  FORGIVE,” is what she said.

Now, as a card-carrying Irish Catholic, forgiveness has never been an easy task.  Like my ancestors before me, I have made the cultivation of resentment and the harboring of ill-will an artform.  In developing this artform, I can now  completely understand why a dear Irish woman of my acquaintance (who is now deceased and who by the way is a second-generation immigrant), contributed funds, until the day of her death to the IRA.  For her entire life, she harbored ill-will against the British with whom she has never even had direct contact, but who have “done harm” (in her words) to her family of origin.   I can honestly say that I have never felt compelled to fund military interests due to my harbored resentments, but I know the power of those feelings and how they may drive you to do strange and irrational things.

So, when the invitation arrived to accept forgiveness as my intention for my yoga practice, I heard my ego scream at the top of her lungs, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”  To make matters worse, along with the invitation to FORGIVE, came the image of the person to whom I was to direct this forgiveness.  With this awareness, my ego screamed even louder.  The good news is that no matter how much my ego thinks she is in charge…..SHE IS NOT!  Following close upon the heels of my ego came the still small voice of the true self.  Peeking around the giant of my ego, the small and vulnerable true self whispered in humility, “I can’t forgive this person.  They have hurt me too much.  I do not have it in me to accept this task.”   Then she offered a prayerful plea to the Divine, “God, I know that I do not have the power within me to forgive this person.  As such, I give it back to you.”  I then saw the small, wounded part of myself gather the intention for forgiveness into her hands and give it to God.  It was only in surrendering this invitation to FORGIVE into the hands of the Divine that I was able to agree to this intention and hold it in my mind and my heart during my yoga practice, knowing that God could accomplish what I alone could not.

This experience provided me with a powerful lesson.  There are intentions in our lives that we are invited to accept so that we can grow spiritually and sometimes these intentions are beyond our capability.  Forgiveness is often one of those intentions that are simply too difficult to accomplish on our own.  It is here that the awareness of a loving, caring and nurturing Divine Source becomes helpful.  When we surrender our journey into the hands of the Divine……ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  So today, I offer the intention of Forgiveness and surrender all those past hurts, betrayals, disappointments, etc. into the hands of God and trust that God will work forgiveness on my behalf.

  • What are you being invited to Forgive?
  • What invitations to forgiveness are beyond your personal capabilities?
  • What intentions are you being invited to surrender to the Divine for assistance and accomplishment?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/YourSpiritualTruth