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Parts and Parcels of Me

The Spiritual Journey in the end is about self-recovery, gathering the parts and parcels of our fragmented selves and bringing them into an integrated whole.  What are the parts and parcels of you waiting to be called home?



Fascinated by the secret innards,

multi-colored, interwoven strands

tucked neatly within

the pristine white shell


What is the magic inside?

The fragmented parts and parcels of me

Called home.

Integrated, harmonious, whole.


Needing nothing but what is within


Perfect systems in perfect harmony

The big blue marble.

copyright 2010  Lauri Ann Lumby


As we began the Wild Boar Poetry workshop at the Calliope Center on Friday, we were each invited to draw a word that would be our word for the day and a word that we would write to and eventually compose a poem around.  I drew the word, synthesis. The above poem is the fruit of the morning’s labors.

Synthesis is an interesting word and in my opinion, is the ultimate destination of the human spiritual journey (if we can say there is a destination!).  I suggest that synthesis is the destination as the spiritual journey is ultimately about gathering all the fragmented parts of ourselves and bringing them into a harmoniously, integrated whole.  And, this is not just about gathering the “good” parts of ourselves, it is about full and complete self-recovery which includes all those parts of ourselves that we hide, fear or that repulse us.  As we come to name and claim ALL the parts of ourselves and welcome them home, we experience healing and a profound sense of inner freedom – I am home!

The invitation today is to open wide the door of your inner closet and seek out all the parts of yourself that are hiding there while at the same time, naming the parts of yourself that you have already claimed and are proud to show to the world:

The liar, the whore, the thief, the husband, the wife, the daughter, the son, the mother, the father, the friend, the enemy, the lover, the bully, the boss, the demon, the saint, the priest, the mistress, the coach, the student, etc. etc. etc.

Name these parts, and welcome them back home.  (And…don’t be afraid to seek out support for this through Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Counseling or Professional Therapy… is not always easy to name and claim the parts of ourselves that we had previously rejected or hidden.)


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/yourspiritualtruth

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Please Press Pause

Today, I will discuss the necessity of taking time out in our personal and spiritual journey’s to allow the learning, growth, healing and transformation to take root and become fully integrated within us.  It is in this place of rest that the Holy Spirit does her magic! 

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.  Looking at houses, getting contractor bids, trying to figure out how to finance a home on a stay-at-home mom, Spiritual Director’s salary, etc. etc. etc.  In the midst of all this there seems to be deep spiritual work going on as I am forced to face my own inner demons of fear, impatience, control, compulsive planning, lack of trust, and, did I say fear?  My monkey mind cannot find peace as it restlessly plans our new life and decorates the house I do not yet have and adds up all the costs in my head and tries to look for creative financing options.  Oh yea….and I still have a business to run, a family to tend to and the regular duties of a mother – grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, yardwork, tending to basement floods, etc.  I know where this kind of frenetic activity usually leads me and I tried my darnedest to maintain some semblance of balance.  Alas, I found that the monkey won as I fell under a pile of commitments and collapsed in a pool of overwhelm.  Unable to handle one more piece of information or one more commitment, I did the only think I knew to do in that kind of overwhelm – I took a nap. 

Now, I have to tell you, I am not usually a person who naps.  In fact, I really suck at napping.  I don’t sleep well during a nap and I rarely come out refreshed.  Instead, I’m usually more crabby and feeling more like crap than before the nap.  Not to mention, the perfectionistic worker bee in me tends to feel guilty for napping because if I nap, how will the work get done?  While I still haven’t quite made peace with the nap thing, I have come to recognize that there are times in the day and in our lives when we have to PRESS PAUSE! 

In our work-oriented world, we have forgotten the necessity of doing nothing.  While we are oriented toward doing, it is important to know that we are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS.  In this, we are reminded that it is a crucial part of our human and spiritual development to take time to simply BE.  It is important to take time daily and sometimes for extended periods of time to DO NOTHING.  While we are busy measuring our life by the things we do, what we tend to forget is that the deepest and most profound healing, growth and transformation takes place in the silence.  Whether we are sleeping, meditating, or simply taking a break from our usual busy-ness, it is in this time of PAUSE that the deepest and most profound work takes place in the dark, silent places within.  It is in these places of PAUSE that the Divine works its invisible magic.  It is through this invisible magic that all the things we have observed, thought about, read, prayed about, contemplated, learned, become fully integrated within us.  It is also in these places of PAUSE that the Divine works its miracles.  It is in the PAUSE where the answers to our questions resolve themselves, where the things we need come forth and where direction is given and answers received.  It is also in the place of PAUSE where we are open to hearing and seeing through the eyes of the Divine, rather than through the eyes of our ego or false selves. 

So for myself, I am embracing the Divine reminder to press PAUSE and take a break from all the activities of the monkey mind (ok, at least to the best of my ability).  I’m taking a break from the house questions and starting Wednesday of next week, I am officially ON VACATION!!!!  And, I welcome the Spirit-led naps that provide me with the much needed rest to allow the integration of all the learning, transformation and healing to take place.  I embrace this new spiritual practice that I now call “Slintegration” (sleeping-integration). 

My invitation to you this week is to look at your own life and ask the question, Where do you need to PRESS PAUSE?



Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries