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Making Love with Kat Von D



Making Love with Kat Von D

Matt Sorum Presents The Darling Stillettos on July 16, 2009, Cinespace, Hollywood, California, USA

Dreams are such amazing things.  Odd.  Nebulous.  Confusing and Symbolic.  And yet sometimes, palpably real.  Like the other night when I was making love with Kat Von D.  Perhaps the fact that I’m really only attracted to men is what made these sensations (I’ll spare you the details) even more real.  But even so – this dream felt REAL. Real as in the vivid colors, the tastes and textures, the real physical nature of Kat, herself and the surroundings.  More real than watching a movie.  Real as if we were actually there.

Then perhaps we were.  Real in the sense of something tangible being accomplished.  Something that could perhaps be measured in the 3D world of waking consciousness.  Real in the sense of the outward manifestation of the inward experience of lovemaking.  For lovemaking, as we all know, has its ultimate expression in the bringing forth of new life.


So, what kind of new life might be brought forth from making love with Kat Von D?  As my ultimate girl crush (after Stevie Nicks of course), I adore her.  To me, Kat is the quintessential representation of the fulfillment of creative expression.  With her Rockstar clothes, hair, makeup and nearly fully tattooed body, I see all the ways I would like to be dressed if my heart was completely in charge.  Her look says, “I’m confident in who I am and in what I believe and if you don’t like it, I don’t give a f… “  In fact, tattooed on her arm is her personal epitaph, “DILLIGAF” – Do I look like I give a f…?  Beyond her look, is the way in which she has surrounded herself with all things beautiful – and her style is again, just how I would decorate if my heart was completely in charge – Victorian Gothic ala Edgar Allen Poe (I’d probably skip the taxidermy collection though – I’m not really into dead things).

But it’s not just Kat’s outward appearance or the way she decorates her shop and her home – it is the way she openly reveals her heart.  Through her writing, her art, her personal relationships, the intimate connections she has fostered with her family and her professional team which she boldly displays on her “family tree.”  (see more on this in her book, “Go Big or Go Home!” ) And her life is her art – tattooing, playing piano, drawing, painting, decorating (herself and her home), writing, composing and now (I hear) singing.  She has made a life and a success of creating.


THIS is the child I want to be born out of my dreamtime coupling with Kat Von D – to make a life and a success of creating and for that creating to drip off of me like paint on a canvas for all the world to see – not for my own glory – but so that the rest of the world may be inspired to do the same – as my love of Kat Von D has done for me.

Kat, if you are reading,  THANK YOU!

Learn more about Kat Von D here:

Find Kat’s books on!

Enjoy Kat’s beauty line at

Who inspires you to be more of who you are really meant to be? 


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Author Week and Blog Tour

From now until somewhere around March 29th, and then sometime in May, I am participating in a BLOG tour in support of the newly published book, Pearls of Wisdom from lead author Jack Canfield (the Chicken Soup for the Soul dude).  This book features the inspirational writings of 32 up and coming authors, including my friend, Asia Voight.   

Here is a link to the Pearls of Wisdom schedule in which I am participating, along with background on all authors and bloggers involved.   Please take the time to check out this link and see if there are any blogs, authors, etc. who may be of interest to you. 

I promise the upcoming week will be filled with inspiring writings and food for thought. 

Thank you for your participation!!!!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


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Listening to our Soul

Within each of us resides the voice of truth…the voice of “God,” the voice of the “Higher Self,” whatever you want to call it.  It is the voice that leads us to our truth, our destiny, to expansiveness and love.  It is the Voice of the Soul

Switching Gears

I has been a busy week at the Lumby house.  Clients.  Preparation for the January birth.  And, my kids have been here for 8 straight days, going on 11 as their father enjoys a week of retreat after a busy art season.  (Their father is a really talented artist…check out his site:  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being busy, making preparations and I especially love soaking up the presence of my children (even when they are fighting over the lamp that is causing a glare in Wil’s tv vision. )   And, I suddenly realized this morning that my Extrovert is spent and my inner Introvert is SCREAMING for attention, nurturing and pampering.  Not only that, but the truest voice of my soul – my writer, poet and artist is moaning out of sheer neglect.  As I listen to the voices of my soul, I hear a clear command:  “Time to switch gears.”  So, instead of indulging my normal Thursday morning ritual of sharing mass with the amazing retired nuns at the local Franciscan convent, I will be tending my soul.  I will drag out my Sarah McLaughlin CD’s and by myself, allow her angelic voice carry my soul to where it needs to be to muse, be inspired, create and write.  My introvert will be happy as will my inner muse.  YAY!

An Invitation

My invitation for you today is to do the same.  What is your SOUL saying to you?  How have your nurtured or neglected the voice within that speaks from your heart and speaks to your heart? The voice that leads you to inspiration, comfort, expansiveness, indulgence?  What is your soul asking of you?  Time?  Attention?  To simply be heard?  The good news is that the first step is an easy one…and that is to simply listen.  Pause for a moment and REALLY listen.  What does your heart want?  What does your joy want?  What does your comfort want?  What does your soul LONG for?  And the second step….DO IT!

And if that isn’t enough, listen to this song and watch the video and if that doesn’t inspire you…call me and we’ll set up an appointment for some emergency intervention for your soul!!!!!

Have an A-Musing day!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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We Are God’s Hands

For today’s blog, let me offer a song that perfectly describes the inspiration and motivation for what I do and why I do it!  I am forever humbled and grateful to be able to be a vessel through which the healing love of God can be shared in the world…….MORE IMPORTANTLY…….I am honored to remind you and to assist you in realizing that you are invited to do the same!  We are all God’s hands for one another and for the world!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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A Thank You to My Readers

Today I feel compelled to send out a deep prayer of gratitude to all those people who have stumbled upon this blog and have taken the time to read it, perhaps finding comfort, inspiration, support, nurturing and from time to time a bit of a challenge.  I don’t know what happened, but suddenly, the traffic to this blog has QUADRUPLED and I probably have YOU to thank for that!  Yesterday there were nearly 400 visits to this site and as of 6am today,  there were already nearly 200 visits.  HOLY COW!  The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways and all I can do is be humbled, awed and grateful.  So, thank you for reading.  Thank you for sharing.  And more importantly, thank you for being the source of inspiration for this blog in the first place!  I am deeply humbled to be able to be a source of support and comfort for anyone seeking support in their own journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment!

In much gratitude,

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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God on a Harley

Wisdom and inspiration from the book God on a Harley by Joan Brady, RN.

Yesterday, one of my clients gifted me with the book, God on a Harley by Joan Brady.  It was perfect timing as I have been looking for something heartwarming and inspirational…and this book sure fit the bill!  I read it in one sitting.  If you have not yet read this book, I highly recommend it.  Until that time, I will share with you a few nuggets of wisdom given to the protagonist, Christine, by God.  These are the personal commandments/lessons God gave to Christine and I think they hold wisdom for all of us:

  • Do not build walls, for they are dangerous.  Learn to transcend them.
  • Live in the moment, for each one is precious and not to be squandered.
  • Tare care of yourself, first and foremost!
  • Drop the ego.  Be real.  And watch what happens.
  • All things are possible all of the time.
  • Maintain Universal Flow.  When someone gives, it is an act of generosity to receive.   For in the giving, there is something gained.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Bibbity Bobbity Boo

Exploring dreams, imagination, magic and mantra prayers.  What does Disney’s Cinderella teach us about ourselves?



Ok, so apparently we are having a Disney Princess theme this week.  Yesterday is was Mary Poppins (yea, I know, she’s not a princess….), today Cinderella, tomorrow …. who knows? 


While I’m not a big fan of the typical thematic interpretation of the Disney Princess genre (you know, lonely girl longs to find her prince, she enters into some sort of journey, then finds her prince and lives happily ever after), I will attempt to look past the “happily ever after dependent upon finding your prince,”  to find the universal message for those of us in the real world!  Today, I feel called to spend some time with Cinderella.

As the firstborn child in a typical American middle class family of moderate dysfunction, I could totally relate to the Cinderella theme of “how come I have to do all the work?”  I recall as a child identifying with the Disney interpretation of the child forced into drudgery by her cruel stepmother.  Yep, I loved cultivating my inner victim and longed for the “prince” that would rescue me from the responsibilities of the firstborn.  Today all I can do is say, “Sorry mom.”  I was a huge brat and in many ways lazy (as I guess most teens are) and I admittedly loved nurturing the illusion of entitlement.  Again, sorry mom! 

Now, looking beyond my inner victim, I ask, what does Cinderella have to teach me (us) today?   The answer to this question seems to be hidden within the Cinderella soundtrack.  One of the things I love about Disney films is that they are great at creating standout soundtracks to accompany their films and within these soundtracks are usually one or two (or in the case of Mary Poppins – MANY) songs that totally make the movie.  This is no less the case for Cinderella.  There are two songs from this film that stand out to me and it is these songs that illuminate the universal message within Disney’s Cinderella.   


A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes –

If you don’t want to take the time to click on the YouTube link and watch the video, here is what the song says:

A dream is a wish your heart makes…

In dreams you will lose your heartaches…

Have faith in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through.

No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.

Not being a huge fan of the pop-culture spirituality that says, “Ask and you will receive” coupled with “You create your own reality and what you think you will have,”  I’m not inclined to give a literal interpretation to the Cinderella soliloquy.  Instead, let’s look at it from a Divine-centered perspective.  Here is my current working theory (right or wrong):

  • God plants within our heart our highest truth and knowledge of the path that will lead us to our highest good.
  • We have access to this knowledge through active attention to the Divine through our hearts, intuition, dreams, imagination, insight, learning, knowledge, physical and spiritual vision.
  • We are invited to be open to receiving God’s vision for our life and when we act upon this vision, our life unfolds in a magnificent way far beyond what we ever could have imagined (manifested) for ourselves. 

The Cinderella dream song reminds us of this truth.  When we tend to the dreams and visions within our hearts – those guided by the Divine within us, then whatever “we wish for” will come true.  This is not magic….this is REAL!  But in truth, when we actually do this, it feels nothing less than magical. But how do we allow ourselves to be open to receiving the Divine vision of our highest truth and greatest path?  The answer is in the second great song from Disney’s Cinderella:

Bibbity Bobbity Boo!

Now I have to give credit to my (now deceased) mother-in-law, Deanna Schmidt, for what you will now read.  Bibbity Bobbity Boo, while presented as a magical incantation invoked by Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, it is nothing less than (thanks to Dee) a mantra prayer.  Mantra prayer is one of the infinite ways in which we can allow ourselves to be open to receiving Divine guidance, insight and comfort in our lives.  Through mantra prayer, we repeat a sacred word or phrase over and over and over, allowing the rhythm and repetition to lull us into a peaceful, meditative state.  Bibbity Bobbity Boo is a fantastic form of mantra prayer (and was used by my mother-in-law when she felt anxious or scared – in fact, it is the prayer she used when fighting breast cancer). 

And….I suddenly realized there is one more VERY IMPORTANT lesson for us in Disney’s Cinderella…….WE ARE NEVER ALONE in our spiritual journeys.  This is the role of the Fairy Godmother – to remind us that the Divine places people into our lives (or we draw them to ourselves, or both) that act as a vessel through which the Divine is able to unfold the miracle in our lives.  And isn’t Fairy Godmother a great title for these amazing, magical people? 

So the invitation today is to:

Reflect on the dreams your heart is revealing to you.  How might they be leading you to your highest truth?

What tools are you currently using to be open to Divine guidance and inspiration in your life?

Who are the Fairy Godmothers and Godfathers in your own life who have acted as vehicles for the Divine in your life?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/Your Spiritual Truth

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The Wisdom of Mary Poppins

Exploring the profound wisdom of Mary Poppins – lessons in parenting, social justice, compassion, play, spiritual beliefs, mystery and magic.  Mary Poppins continues to inform and inspire.

The Walt Disney Movie, Mary Poppins (based on the children’s book series by P.L. Travers) is my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE movie.  As a child, I simply found it fun with all the great music and a fantastical story about magic, mystery and wonder.  As an adult, I can still call this my all-time favorite movie and through older (and hopefully wiser) eyes, I can appreciate the timeless and ageless wisdom of this amazing tale.  In the movie as well as in the book, there are lessons aplenty about parenting, embracing enjoyment, creativity,  caring for others, surrendering to Divine timing, etc. etc. etc.   Today we will explore the lessons that Mary Poppins invites us to embrace:

1) When you neglect, ignore, forget to spend time with your children….THEY WILL BE NAUGHTY In one of the early scenes in the film, we get to see all the naughty deeds performed by the Banks children against their nanny(s), and learn the history of their bad behavior.  It is their shenanigans that compels their current nanny to leave and places the Banks in the position of having to hire a new nanny – here comes Mary Poppins!

2) When you ask for something from place of sincerity, deep within your heart, directed by your highest self – the universe provides. The Banks children argue with their father about what they want in a nanny and in one of the most poignant songs in the film, express their deepest heart desires of what they want (in a nanny, but even more so, in a parent).  Their father rips up their request and tosses it into the fire considering their requests frivolous and impractical.  Oh….will he be surprised! (HERE’S the link: )

3) When you believe in magic and mystery, your needs are provided for in ABUNDANCE – Mary Poppins’ Magic Carpetbag – need I say more?  (PS Shout out to my friend Jen who has one of those amazing bottomless purses!)

4) A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. – In other words, find the joy in life, grab on to the sweetness, life can be hard and there are things we can embrace to lighten the load, help it taste a little sweeter, ease the burden.

5) Make time for play – In the movie we are invited to join Mary Poppins, Burt, Jane and Michael Banks on a day of playful imagination where chalk drawings come to life and where we can enter into a world of playful fantasy where merry go round horses can fly and race and where penguins dance and sing.  FUN FUN FUN  Imagination !

6) LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH – Remember Mary’s crazy uncle who loved to laugh and when they laughed they found themselves enjoying a tea party in the air?  How fun is that???  Never forget to make time for laughter!

7) Pay attention to those who have less than you and freely and openly share your resources – In a word:  Feed the Birds.  On a trip to their father’s office at the bank, Mary points out to the Banks children a woman who has less than they and yet gives from all that SHE has to those (the birds) who have even less than she.  In this encounter with the Birdwoman, the children learn compassion and generosity and are compelled to seek out ways to exercise this kind of generosity in their own lives.  And if you don’t cry when you hear this song….(I’m just saying) :

8) Money and work to earn money are not the most important things in life. Michael Banks is encouraged (bullied might be a better word) to deposit his money into his father’s bank so that it can make him more money, instead, he runs away to give his money to the Birdwoman.  He learned from Mary Poppins that freely and openly sharing our resources is more rewarding than hoarding and withholding our resources.  He experiences the enjoyment of helping another….and still trusts that all he needs will still be provided for.  (a lesson we can all learn!)

9) Life is full of changes – and we are invited to surrender to them: When the direction of the wind changes, Mary Poppins must depart the Banks’ household for places unknown.  Rather than resisting the change, she unfurls her umbrella (the one with the talking parrot head) and simply lets the wind take her to her next destination.

10) In every death is the promise of new life (and would you go fly a kite already?) – The loss of Mary Poppins could have been a devastating moment for Jane and Michael (and they were sad), but it also created the opportunity for a new life to begin for the Banks family.  Thanks to Mary’s (and Burt’s) help, Jane and Michael’s parents realized the value of spending time as a family, that work and money are not the pathway to happiness and that play can be fulfilling, nurturing and life-giving.  The closing scene – the Banks family at the park flying a kite.

The invitation today is to examine the wisdom of Mary Poppins for the lessons that might be speaking to you and to explore ways in which you can embrace this wisdom in your everyday life.  For in every life we need to make time for laughter, play and imagination, we are invited to seek the sweetness in the struggles of the human experience, freely and openly share our gifts, help others, spend time with our parents and our children, fly kites, sing songs, dance, ride a merry go round, create, trust in abundance, magic, mystery and surrender to the changes of life.  And in the end, we are reminded that in every loss, change, transition, death is the promise of new life.  What is the new life you are being invited to embrace today?????

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/Your Spiritual Truth

PS If you enjoyed this blog, share it with others or make a donation that will continue to help make this blog possible.  I offer a heartfelt prayer of gratitude for your support.

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From Biomedical Engineering to Writer and Author? Who Knew?

In today’s blog I examine the labyrinthine path of self-awareness and the invitation to look for Divine guidance along the way!

Thursday, I received via email the proof copy of my upcoming book, Authentic Freedom – A holistic approach to the teachings of Christ.  As such, this will be a weekend of proofing, editing and more proofing.  Then on Tuesday I meet with my local editor, Sara Eliasen and hand over the proof copy for a second set of eyes and for her to engage her expertise in creating the index.  HOLY CRAP!  This labor of love might actually be in the bookstores before year’s end!  Whoo hoo!

Speaking of Whoo hoo…..WHO KNEW??????   Who knew that I would grow up and at the ripe old age of 40-something discover that I have a passion and gift for writing and that someone might actually want to publish and read what I have to say……WHO KNEW?????  This question of WHO KNEW has me reflecting on the long and winding road that I have traveled and that ultimately each of us must travel to connect with our highest truth, our most authentic self and our own unique giftedness – the way in which each of us is uniquely called to reveal Divine love, compassion, joy, truth and peace in the world.   If it can happen to me… can certainly happen to you!!!!!

So here is the funny thing, a little factoid about Lauri Lumby that probably few of you are aware of.  Did you know that I entered college at the University of Iowa with the declared major of Biomedical Engineering????   I know, hilarious, right!  Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) my dreams to grow up and build better body parts through Medtronics Laboratory in Minneapolis were soon shattered by the sudden realization that I possess ABSOLUTELY NO Spatial skills whatsoever!  Engineering Drawing 101 was my Waterloo!  So began my meandering path to where I am today –  a woman with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing, plus 7 years of post-undergrad work in Theology and Spirituality, along with certificates in Pastoral Ministry, Spiritual Direction and Reiki Master-Teacher certification.  You will note……there is ABSOLUTELY NO education or training in English or Writing.   But, here I am blogging, writing and miracle of miracles….getting published.  Apparently, God can work through us to get us to the path of our highest good regardless of education, training, etc.  WHO KNEW????

This is ultimately the point of today’s blog…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD! As I reflect on this journey to published author…I am amazed at the little God nuggets that fell into my lap along the way to set me on this path.  Of course, I had to be open to perceiving AND receiving these nuggets….but they were there for the taking if I was willing.

This is true for you as well!!!! Our Divine Parent knows that path that is in our highest good and gives us the guidance to this path – if we are open to perceiving, receiving and accepting this path.  The fun part is that the path that is in our highest good includes the realization that we are uniquely gifted and called to reveal God in the world through our own creative magnificence.  Whether you are gifted to be a writer, painter, singer, mother, teacher, manager, counselor, minister, chef, gardener, visionary, coach, etc. etc. etc. – it is through our unique gifts that God desires to be revealed in the world through peace, joy, love, compassion, mercy, justice, etc. etc. etc.  YOU ARE CALLED to be the face of God in the world through your own UNIQUE GIFTS!!!!!    And…..the  Divine, when we take time to listen and hear, provides us with exactly what we need to be this face of God in the timing that is perfectly in our highest good and in the highest good of those who are in need of the unique gift that we have to offer.

So, my invitation to you today is to reflect on your own call to be the face of God in the world:

What are your gifts?

What are your passions?

How are you taking time to listen to and watch for the guiding hand of the Divine?

What are your sources of support in exploring, pursuing, cultivating your own unique giftedness?

In being open to the path the Divine has in store for you….you just might be surprised!  Enter the labyrinth!  (PS Thank you again to David Bowie for being a source of inspiration today!!!   LAUGH!)

Lauri Lumby

Your Spiritual Truth