Making Love with Kat Von D

    Making Love with Kat Von D Dreams are such amazing things.  Odd.  Nebulous.  Confusing and Symbolic.  And yet sometimes, palpably real.  Like the other night when I was making love with Kat Von D.  Perhaps the fact that I’m really only attracted to men is what made these sensations (I’ll spare you the … Read moreMaking Love with Kat Von D

Author Week and Blog Tour

From now until somewhere around March 29th, and then sometime in May, I am participating in a BLOG tour in support of the newly published book, Pearls of Wisdom from lead author Jack Canfield (the Chicken Soup for the Soul dude).  This book features the inspirational writings of 32 up and coming authors, including my … Read moreAuthor Week and Blog Tour

Listening to our Soul

Within each of us resides the voice of truth…the voice of “God,” the voice of the “Higher Self,” whatever you want to call it.  It is the voice that leads us to our truth, our destiny, to expansiveness and love.  It is the Voice of the Soul Switching Gears I has been a busy … Read moreListening to our Soul

We Are God’s Hands

For today’s blog, let me offer a song that perfectly describes the inspiration and motivation for what I do and why I do it!  I am forever humbled and grateful to be able to be a vessel through which the healing love of God can be shared in the world…….MORE IMPORTANTLY…….I am honored to remind you … Read moreWe Are God’s Hands

A Thank You to My Readers

Today I feel compelled to send out a deep prayer of gratitude to all those people who have stumbled upon this blog and have taken the time to read it, perhaps finding comfort, inspiration, support, nurturing and from time to time a bit of a challenge.  I don’t know what happened, but suddenly, the traffic … Read moreA Thank You to My Readers

God on a Harley

Wisdom and inspiration from the book God on a Harley by Joan Brady, RN. Yesterday, one of my clients gifted me with the book, God on a Harley by Joan Brady.  It was perfect timing as I have been looking for something heartwarming and inspirational…and this book sure fit the bill!  I read it in … Read moreGod on a Harley

Bibbity Bobbity Boo

Exploring dreams, imagination, magic and mantra prayers.  What does Disney’s Cinderella teach us about ourselves?     Ok, so apparently we are having a Disney Princess theme this week.  Yesterday is was Mary Poppins (yea, I know, she’s not a princess….), today Cinderella, tomorrow …. who knows?    While I’m not a big fan of the … Read moreBibbity Bobbity Boo

The Wisdom of Mary Poppins

Exploring the profound wisdom of Mary Poppins – lessons in parenting, social justice, compassion, play, spiritual beliefs, mystery and magic.  Mary Poppins continues to inform and inspire. The Walt Disney Movie, Mary Poppins (based on the children’s book series by P.L. Travers) is my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE movie.  As a child, I simply … Read moreThe Wisdom of Mary Poppins

From Biomedical Engineering to Writer and Author? Who Knew?

In today’s blog I examine the labyrinthine path of self-awareness and the invitation to look for Divine guidance along the way! Thursday, I received via email the proof copy of my upcoming book, Authentic Freedom – A holistic approach to the teachings of Christ.  As such, this will be a weekend of proofing, editing and … Read moreFrom Biomedical Engineering to Writer and Author? Who Knew?

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